Unsatisfied wife fucked wildly With Old Man | Wife Sex Stories Part-2

Unsatisfied wife fucked wildly With Old Man | Wife Sex Stories Part-2

Hello Guys I am Rituji, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Unsatisfied wife fucked wildly With Old Man | Wife Sex Story Part-2“. I am sure you all will love it. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “wildfantasystory.com

He was murmuring, ” kritika Beti, Aaaaah! Get ready. I will fill your cunts with my seed. “I am going to make your mother my baby, Aaaaah.” (Wife Sex Stories)

Surprised! Manpreet fantasized about me masturbating. Before he could ejaculate, I quickly shut the door and stepped back. I sipped a glass of water, and then sat down in my living room, breathing fast. Manpreet’s bedroom was the first thing I remembered. Manpreet’s powerful penis made my vagina tingle. Ten minutes passed before Manpreet opened his door and he emerged.

He said he wanted me to succeed. I couldn’t look into his eyes because it was embarrassing. My eyes were downcast and I wished him a happy birthday. I informed him that breakfast was being served at the dining room table, and then ran to get out. (Wife Sex Stories)

I went back to my home and continued my housework. I was still captivated by the thought of Manpreet and his imposing penis. It caused my vagina to become constantly wet, and it made me feel sticky between my legs all day.

We had dinner with my husband when I returned home in the evening. He seemed still exaggerated by the memory of the night before. He jumped on me almost immediately after my son and the baby went to sleep. He then pumped all of his semen into me and laid down beside me, tired. He had ejaculated fast, so I didn’t get my orgasm. (Wife Sex Stories)

After some time, my husband said to me, ” Jaspreet. I want to tell your something.” Manpreet didn’t come out of his bedroom for a while in the morning. I was eager to get to the market so I opened his door slightly and peeked inside. What I saw was unbelievable! (Unsatisfied Wife Sex Stories)

My husband turned to me and asked: “What did kritika see?”

I blushed and said “Manpreet was naked on his bed.” He was masturbating and calling my name. Oh, Jaspreet! His penis was unbelievable. I got so frightened! I ran back to my living room and quickly shut the door. (Wife Sex Stories)

My husband looked at me, blushing. He reached into my vagina and pushed his fingers in. He could clearly see that my vagina was full with his sperms. However, it was still moist from the thought of Manpreet’s mammoth penis. (Unsatisfied Wife Sex Stories)

He began to poke his fingers into my vagina and asked me: “Oh I see!” kritika, tell Darling, why do you blush so much at the thought of Manpreet’s oversized cock? (Wife Sex Stories)

His question made me ashamed and I replied, Jaspreet, “Don’t be silly. You are the reason my vagina is dripping. Your sperms have filled it. (Unsatisfied Wife Sex Stories)

He asked me: “kritika, was Manpreet’s cock larger than mine?” (Wife Sex Stories)

I remained silent. I remained silent. Please be open with me

I whispered softly, “Yes, Jaspreet. It was unbelievable in size. It was extraordinary long and thick. Absolute mammoth. Your organ is probably larger than you think.

He stared at me for a while and then he kissed me passionately. He became quiet and began to think deeply. He looked at me again, and smiled mischievously. (Wife Sex Stories)

He stated, “So, I see that my loyal, innocent wife, is very excited about the sight of an other man’s cock because of its enormous size!”

I quickly replied, ” Jaspreet! Please don’t talk like this. “I am your wife, and I’m the mother of our children.(Wife Sex Stories)

My husband kissed me once more and said, “Come on kritika!” Don’t get nervous. I’m not offended. It is perfectly normal. You are the mother of our children but you are also a young, healthy woman. You are curious about Manpreet’s enormous cock as a woman. You find it more fascinating because his cock is larger than mine. That is fine. So, don’t get embarrassed ” (Unsatisfied Wife Sex Stories)

I was embarrassed. I replied, Jaspreet. I’m a married woman. I shouldn’t even think about another man. Please don’t talk like this. (Wife Sex Stories)

My husband rubbed my vagina and said “kritika, what’s the matter?” You are so embarrassed! It’s okay. It is OK. What is wrong with that?

He said, “Look kritika. I want to ask you something.” Let me be honest with you. I promise you that you won’t question me. Promise me that you won’t refuse to do so. (Unsatisfied Wife Sex Stories)

I replied, “Of-course, Darling. I am your wife. Since childhood, we have been friends. We have known each other since childhood. (Wife Sex Stories)

He said, “kritika, listen carefully to me. We know Manpreet hasn’t had a woman for long. We know that Manpreet lusts after your beautiful body and masturbates thinking about you. You are now as excited as he is after you have seen his huge cock. You are salivating at the thought of his cock. You and he are both infatuated for each other.(Wife Sex Stories)

I said, “What do you want from us?”

He said, “kritika, I want to bring you with me.”

I asked him “Where?”

My husband said, “Don’t ask me questions.” Just do as I say ” (Unsatisfied Wife Sex Stories)

I replied, “OK Baba. You have now made me naked. Let me get dressed. “I will come”

He said, “No kritika. It is not necessary. Wrap yourself in a towel.

Now I was confused. I asked him again: “Where?” I asked him again, “Where do you want me go with you?” You don’t even need to wrap your hands in towels. (Unsatisfied Wife Sex Stories)

He said, ” kritika, please, just come”

I got up from my bed and went to the washroom. My husband’s semen had made my vagina sticky. I rinsed it with water. I also washed my arms-pits and face. (Unsatisfied Wife Sex Stories)

I wrapped myself in a towel and returned to my husband who was standing at the door of our bedroom. I was completely confused as to where he wanted to me go or what he wanted. He pushed two more fingers into my vagina when I approached him.(Wife Sex Stories)

He said, “kritika, look, your cunt’s still watering.” Since you saw Manpreet’s cock, you have been exhilarated.

It was true. It was true. I was embarrassed. My husband adjusted my messy hair and kissed me on the cheeks. He opened the door to our bedroom, held my hand, and led me out of the space. He led me to Manpreet’s bedroom door and then stopped. I was curious as to what he was up to. I wasn’t even dressed. I was just wrapped in a towel! (Wife Sex Stories)

My husband said to me, “kritika, knock at Manpreet’s door and enter.” I want you to spend the evening with him. I want him to have a good time with you. I want my cunt to feel the great pleasure of having his huge cock fuck you.

I was stunned! Jaspreet, are you mad? I am your wife. I am the mother of your children. Don’t be stupid. My body is for your pleasure. This is absurd. This is absurd. (Wife Sex Stories)

My husband replied, “kritika, you are not being silly.” Because you feel awkward, you’re refusing to accept that we are married. You can trust me. Don’t worry. You will always be my wife and I will love you always, even if Manpreet makes you snort tonight.

I said “No Jaspreet”

My husband said to me: “Look kritika. You know very well that his cock excites, you a lot. Both of you long for each other’s bodies. You must both enjoy each other’s bodies. You must enjoy each other’s bodies. (Wife Sex Stories)

I said “No Jaspreet.” This is a crime. This is wrong. This is simply not right.

My husband begged, ” kritika please Darling.” My wife will be content knowing that her cunt is being satisfied by another man of a larger size, with a cock. (Unsatisfied Wife Sex Stories)

Again, I said “Oh God, Jaspreet.” No! “

My husband replied, ” kritika, please. You are so special to me. I have made a promise to you that I will do the same as you. If you violate that promise, I will get very hurt. (Wife Sex Stories)

I replied, “No Jaspreet. I don’t want to hurt your feelings. This is just so strange. And I am frightened. His monstrous organ is sure to tear open and enlarge the vagina. It may be too much for you.

My husband said to me, ” kritika! Since you gave birth to our children, your cunt is quite large.” It is likely flexible enough to allow him to take his large cock for many orgasms. kritika Darling, my cunt will always excite me. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is. (Unsatisfied Wife Sex Stories)

Again, I said “No Jaspreet, please don’t ask me to do that “

He said, “Why are you feeling so guilty?” On our wedding night, you have already honored me by giving me your virginity. Even if your cunt is Manpreet’s big cock, it doesn’t matter to me. So, come on love. It’s already 11.30 p.m. Now knock on his door and get to him. (Wife Sex Stories)

I sat still, unsure of what to do. Yes, I realized that I was very excited when I saw Manpreet’s penis. But I was nervous. My husband was the first thing I thought of. My marriage. My children. How could I, a married wife, choose to marry another man just because his penis excited me? What about my loyalty? What about my husband’s feelings?” (Unsatisfied Wife Sex Stories)

My husband urged me to say, ” kritika! Please don’t forget your promise to me.” His success is what I desire so much. Please do not break my heart. (Wife Sex Stories)

I felt nervous and trembling but did not knock. My husband suddenly leaned over me and knocked at Manpreet’s front door without warning. I was stunned. It was overwhelming. It was dark and there was only a single night lamp. (Unsatisfied Wife Sex Stories)

We waited patiently for Manpreet’s door to open. Every second felt like a lifetime. I felt like I was shaking. My knees wobbled. My throat began to dry. After a while, the door began to open slightly. Manpreet looked through the door at us. (Wife Sex Stories)

Manpreet saw me standing there with only a towel around my body. He was surprised. He was also quite surprised to see his husband standing alongside me.

My husband asked me, “Yes, Jaspreet Saab. What is it?” Is there a problem?

He was kind enough to open the door for us. He let me and my husband sit on the sofa in the bed-room. Manpreet was seated on the bed. (Wife Sex Stories)

He replied, “Manpreet, my husband and I know you’ve been lonely for the past few months. We realized that there has not been a woman who can take care of you since so long. I am here to give you my most valuable asset that you have been aching for since so many days.

Manpreet asked: “Your most precious asset, which I desired?” Jaspreet Saab, what is it? I have never wanted any of your assets!”(Wife Sex Stories)

My husband laughed and replied, “Of course you do.” We all know you want to have my most valuable asset. “The asset that is only mine!” (Unsatisfied Wife Sex Stories)

Manpreet still did not understand. My husband asked him again, ” Pardon, Jaspreet Saab. I don’t understand. I don’t understand. (Wife Sex Stories)

My husband helped me get up and got off the couch. He took me to Manpreet’s bed and made sure I was close to him. Manpreet’s masculine scent was evident to me. (Unsatisfied Wife Sex Stories)

My husband asked me to sit close to Manpreet. I didn’t have a towel on my body so I wrapped it over my head. I felt a current run through my arms as my naked arm touched his arm. A sudden surge of moisture was felt in my vagina.

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