One Night Stand with Divorced Woman | Landlady Sex Story

One Night Stand with Divorced Woman | Landlady Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “One Night Stand with Divorced Woman | Landlady Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Landlady sex story I have sex with the divorced landlady of my new room. I used to help him, so I became friends with him. One day he saw me masturbating.

Hello friends, I am Mohit today’s sex story is based on my and my new landlady’s sex. Friends, I used to live on rent in Gurgaon. After the lockdown, I changed the room from there. Now when I got a new room, the owner of that place was a divorced woman. This is the same landlady sex story.

Now let me first introduce you to the landlady. My new landlady was a 36-year-old lady. Her name was rachita. She was divorced from her husband and her sister-in-law had a son and daughter from her husband. Son lived with her husband… and the daughter lived with Rachita Bhabhi.

It’s been two months since I lived in this new building and everything was going normally. One day I was resting in my room when my landlady entered the room. She said- Mohit comes with me soon. I got up and followed them. His old mother’s health had suddenly deteriorated.

He asked me to accompany him to the hospital. Seeing the situation, I could not refuse them. After reaching the hospital, my sister-in-law’s mother was admitted. Then the doctor checked and told them that he would have to be admitted for a few days.

Rachita Bhabhi started speaking to me – My sister’s son will come the day after tomorrow, please stay in the hospital for two days at night. I said – ok. I stayed there for the night and sent them home. After two days his mother’s health got better and then brought her home.

Sister-in-law refused to let the sister’s boy come. Due to this, my sister-in-law started giving me a lot of affection and I used to come and go to rachita’s sister-in-law’s house every day. Now she often calls me for food. Gradually, I became friends with his daughter Divya as well. Amma’s health started getting better slowly.

One night I was lying in my room reading stories on Invasion and lying naked was caressing my cock. I didn’t even notice when my landlady Rachita Bhabhi entered the room. She was standing silently looking at my cock. I was caressing my cock while reading a sex story on my mobile.

That’s why all of a sudden I saw him, and then the colour of my face went off. I quickly put a sheet over myself. Now I was feeling very ashamed. Then Rachita Bhabhi came to me and said – Mohit, why do you do all this? I was silent.

Then Rachita Bhabhi laughed and said – Don’t you have any girlfriend? I said slowly – no sister-in-law, that’s why I am running my work by shaking myself. She laughed. My courage increased. I said to my sister-in-law, you must have felt like it too, you are also young and so beautiful.

Rachita Bhabhi became very sad after listening to me and said – My life has become useless. Saying this she sat on my bed. I moved towards him and said – why do you say this? You are very good, the one who left you, his luck is bad. She told that my husband used to doubt me a lot and used to beat me after drinking alcohol at night.

Placing my hand on his shoulder, I consoled him and said – You have done very well, that you left him. Only the lucky ones get a wife like you. Rachita Bhabhi started crying. His head started tilting towards me. Seeing the delicateness of the occasion, I put his head on my shoulder and while pacifying him, started patting his back.

Rachita Bhabhi was enjoying all this very much and she started crying hugging my chest. Sister-in-law- You are so nice Mohit, you have helped me a lot. Now I patted Rachita Bhabhi’s back and said – Hey sister-in-law, this was my duty. She started lying down near me.

I also made Rachita Bhabhi lie on my side and started kissing her. After a while suddenly Rachita Bhabhi pushed me apart and said- Mohit, what are you doing? All this is wrong. I am married and have two children. I said – nothing is wrong sister-in-law. You also have needs, don’t you feel like them?

I started kissing her again and started rubbing Rachita Bhabhi’s nipples from the top of the blouse. She started protesting unwantedly and I slowly came over to her and started sucking her lips. Now Rachita Bhabhi’s breath started getting hot and she started speaking – Mohit no no, I have restrained myself for 7 years.

Ignoring her words, I unbuttoned her blouse and separated both the front of the blouse. Now big boobs of my sister-in-law without a bra were exposed in front of me. I took some milk in my mouth and started sucking it. In a few moments, Rachita Bhabhi had become hot.

He said in my ear – Mohit Darwaza is open. I got up, closed the door and came to the bed and took off my sister-in-law’s saree petticoat. She was not even wearing panties. Now both of us were naked. Rachita Bhabhi’s big boobs were looking amazing. There were bunches of hair in the pussy, which had not been cleaned for a long.

Rachita Bhabhi started caressing my cock and said- Mohit, today after 7 years, I have got a cock in my hand. I said – now get ready to taste it. I inserted my cock in the mouth of sister-in-law and started pushing. Rachita Bhabhi was sucking my cock with great pleasure.

I also started pushing inside and out. She was sucking my cock like a lollipop. Perhaps she was trying to get rid of the seven years old in one go. Now I put Rachita Bhabhi on the bed and started sucking her lips. Started rubbing sister-in-law’s nipples.

Rachita Bhabhi started speaking – Mohit, don’t suffer anymore… Quickly insert your dick into my thirsty pussy. I pushed hard by keeping the cock on the pussy. rachita’s sister-in-law started shouting- Oui died… Oui sigh, don’t slow down… Oh died, save mummy. Due to not taking cock for seven years, Rachita Bhabhi’s pussy had become as tight as that of a new girl.

I stopped my dick and started sucking sister-in-law’s boobs. After some time, when Rachita Bhabhi got some relief, she started rubbing her hand on my back. I pushed one more, and my whole cock went inside the hungry pussy of sister-in-law with a sensation.

Rachita Bhabhi screamed again- Oh you bastards… Fuck slowly, my pussy has shrunk. I said – have some patience sister-in-law, now the pussy will spread. Without caring about the pain of sister-in-law, I started fucking her quickly and started taking cocks inside and out.

I felt like I was fucking a new 20-year-old girl. Sister-in-law kept saying ‘ahh huh aa hahah…’ and I increased my speed and started fucking. Slowly, Rachita Bhabhi also started enjoying and she started saying out of pleasure- aah aah aah Mohit… and fuck me… aah aah… how nice it is feeling.

Her legs were spread and the pussy had left a juicy substance, due to which my cock started running in the pussy of Bhabhi. Now I started fucking my sister-in-law’s pussy with more fun.
Rachita Bhabhi also raised her ass from below and started supporting me.

Then after some time, I made Rachita Bhabhi a mare and started fucking her pussy by pelting cocks from behind. Now she also started giving full support in the fuck by moving her ass back and forth. I started rubbing her nipples, kissing and pushing.

Rachita Bhabhi also started responding to my every push. My Sister-in-law’s pussy left the water soon. Getting wet in the pussy, my cock started moving in and out quickly making the sound of fach fach fach fach. I made Rachita Bhabhi lie down on the bed and inserted my cock in her mouth.

My Sister-in-law had started sucking cocks. She said- Mohit, after so many years, my pussy has released water after being kissed by a cock. I indicated that now let the cock also take out the water. Rachita Bhabhi immediately sat on my dick. My cock went inside comfortably in her juicy pussy and my sister-in-law started jumping by saying ‘ahh…ahhh…’.

I also started pushing from below. In no time, Rachita Bhabhi started banging her ass on the cock with pleasure and started saying- ahhh ahhh… how deep is the secret going, really my thirst has been quenched. My Sister-in-law bent towards me and started asking me to suck her nipples.

I started sucking both the nipples of sister-in-law alternately. Her excitement was increasing and she was enjoying rubbing her pussy on the cock. Now both of us started fucking each other with fun and started kissing. After some time, the sister-in-law got tired and started saying to me – I just won’t be able to do it anymore.

I again put Rachita Bhabhi on the bed and spread her legs and started fucking her. This time my cock started going straight to the uterus, and then Rachita Bhabhi started saying Ooi Ooi ahhh ahhh. I increased my speed further and started moving in and out. Both of us were coming to the peak, due to which our lustful hisses started coming out.

Both of us started kissing each other with great desperation and lost all our senses and got engrossed in sexual intercourse. Only then did both of us get inundated and we left the water together. We both stuck like this for a few minutes. When I checked my mobile, it was already one o’clock at night.

That’s why Rachita Bhabhi started crying. I asked – what happened? She said – nothing Mohit, these are tears of happiness. I hugged him. Rachita Bhabhi said- Mohit, now I am going downstairs. I caught hold of them and said – the bus started leaving me from now on.

She said – Yes man, let me go now, it is too late. I said – Divya and Amma must have slept, don’t you stop here sister-in-law. She said – No friend, if someone sees it, I will be defamed. I said with fake anger – ok go and there is no need to come now. Rachita Bhabhi came to me and said – Why did you get angry, friend.

I said – I am not angry. Ok, you go home, it’s night. Rachita Bhabhi wore a saree and started leaving. Then seeing my disappointed face, she came to me and said – should I go? I said – who am I to stop? Rachita Bhabhi started laughing and said- Ok ji.

Then she said – Okay, I will leave at 4 in the morning, okay. As soon as I said this, I put her on the bed and started sucking her lips, started rubbing both her nipples and opening her blouse. Rachita Bhabhi took off her saree petticoat and started kissing me. She started sucking my cock like a pro.

Now Rachita Bhabhi had regained her temper. The Rachita Bhabhi who was looking like a new girl some time ago now had come in the form of a mature woman. She was sucking cocks very lovingly. I put Rachita Bhabhi on the bed and came up and started fucking her. She was fucking merrily shouting ‘ahh ahhhhh and louder and louder…’.

Now I was enjoying the fuck a lot and Rachita Bhabhi was fully supporting me. I started fucking Rachita Bhabhi at my full speed and started taking cock inside and out. Then I made Rachita Bhabhi a mare and started fucking her. She also started getting fucked by moving her ass back and forth.

I started pressing my sister-in-law’s nipples and started kissing her neck. She was happily taking cocks by moving her ass back and forth by ahh ahh. When my testicles hit his ass, the sound of thap thap got louder and the sound of sex started resonating in the room. Then I asked sister-in-law to sit on the cock.

She sat down by setting the cock in the pussy and started banging her ass with pleasure. I started rubbing my sister-in-law’s tits and she rubbed her ass and started taking the cock inside. In no time both of us were excited. Rachita Bhabhi started shouting- aah Mohit… faster… faster… aah Mohit how much fun aah.

Sister-in-law started taking cock in her pussy by shouting. At that time it seemed to me that Rachita Bhabhi was fucking me. That’s why Rachita Bhabhi’s sobs started getting louder and she started jumping quickly. I also increased the speed of my bumps.

In the next few bumps, Rachita Bhabhi’s pussy left the juice stream and the cock got wet. The water of the pussy started flowing slowly. I picked up the sister-in-law and made her lie on the bed and started fucking her by lifting one leg. My cock started moving in and out.

I bent over my sister-in-law and started kissing her. I had Rachita Bhabhi’s leg in one hand and teat in the other hand. Rachita Bhabhi was shaking her waist by closing her eyes and I was busy pushing fast. Then I put Rachita Bhabhi’s leg on the bed and made her lie down straight.

I climbed on top of my sister-in-law and started fucking. I started sucking sister-in-law’s lips, she also started sucking. My cock was swollen and started moving in and out while making a sensation. We both started kissing each other. Rachita Bhabhi was answering my every push by raising her waist. Both of us were enjoying the fuck in full fun.

I was starting to feel myself peaking. I started fucking Rachita Bhabhi at my full speed and started fucking fast inside and out. She had also come in full fun and started saying- Ah Mohit, fuck me faster… fuck me faster. There was the sound of thum thum thum thump thump thump thump in the whole room.

I forgot that I was fucking my landlady. Like madly, I started rubbing both the nipples of sister-in-law and started saying- Take sister, today I will make a bhosda of your pussy. I started biting the lips of my sister-in-law and began to push the cock completely inside. Now Rachita Bhabhi started speaking while moaning in pain – Ui Mohit… aaahhh… Think a little slowly.

But I didn’t want to hear anything anymore and the landlady kept on having sex. Then Rachita Bhabhi’s scream came out and her pussy left the water. My cock started to futch in the wet pussy and started going to the uterus. I increased my speed and started fucking with Fach Fach Fach, pussy water started coming out from it.

Slowly my cock also started stiffening and the cock left the semen spray. Rachita Bhabhi’s pussy got filled and I lay on top of her. They kept kissing each other for some time and then both fell asleep hugging each other. I woke up at 4:30 in the morning. I woke up Rachita Bhabhi and took my cock out of her pussy. Rachita Bhabhi quickly dressed and went to her home.

I just slept naked. When I woke up at 8 in the morning, I got up and got ready. Then Rachita Bhabhi’s call came that Mohit’s breakfast is ready. I had breakfast and went to duty. This is how I fucked my newly divorced landlady all night long.. Even after that, I fucked her many times in my room, and in her room.

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