Auntie was forced to sleep with his landlord 

Auntie was forced to sleep with his landlord 

Today I am going to tell you my story which is about Auntie was forced to sleep with his landlord for rent. To read more such Indian Sex Stories in Hindi and in English visit

When I was 20 years old and I often went to my own friend’s place for studies and both of us used to study together. She, her mother, and one younger sister Fatima Khan lived in her house and one of her elder sisters got married just two months back. 

His father was a driver and he used to drive vehicles in a big company. But it did not cover the cost of his house and his house was also on rent in which he lived. He had two bedrooms. In one bedroom his mother and father and the other bedroom, he and his sister used to sleep. We used to study in his bedroom and sleep there.

So one day on Sunday, we were studying at home during the day and then at the same time the owner of his house came and started talking about the rent, then his mother said that please wait a few days, I am looking for some work like Only I will get work, I will pay you rent.

Then he said that till now the rent for the last three months is left, why will you bring so much money from where? So she said please give me some more time, I will provide you with everything.

But if he did not agree, then Auntie said I will give you money after a while after coming home, and then he went away after hearing this and we also came out and asked Auntie how will it be now. And where will the money come from?

So she said that I do it from somewhere and we went out to play outside the house and after playing for a while we came back, we saw Auntie going to the landlord’s house on the way and we also went to get the key from her. He started going after them and then she went inside and they also closed the door.

So we started looking inside through a window and we saw that he had taken her to the bedroom. Then both of them were talking and when we were about to give voice to Aunty for the key, we heard the voice of the landlord.

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He was saying I will leave all your earlier rent.. but you have to do one thing for me. And we also started listening very carefully to them, what are they? And we were also happy that one of our tensions was reduced.

Landlord: Come sleep on the bed with me.

Auntie: What are you talking about? And outside we too started getting very angry after hearing this.

Landlord: What you heard is correct and I will give you work after that.

Auntie: How’s work?

Landlord: The rent of all my houses. Bring all the people and give me their accounts.

Friends, he had many houses and godowns and all of them were given for rent by him.

Auntie: This work is fine.. but can’t sleep on the bed.

Landlord: So no one can help you in this. Now you think about what you have to do.

Pay the rent or vacate the house by evening.

Auntie: Where will I go with my children? Please have some mercy on me.

Landlord: No, I don’t know anything, accept what I said, otherwise vacate my house.

So the aunt kept quiet and started thinking that the lines on her forehead were telling her tension and how upset she was and we were looking through the window. Then we asked the friend’s sister to go to the house, then she said whether I want to see me too and I will stay here or else I will shout and they will come to know that we are also present there, so we explained to her a lot. But she didn’t agree, so we let her stay there.

Auntie: So after thinking for a long time, I said that it is okay, I am ready to do whatever you say.

So we were shocked to hear from him that what did Auntie think and say this?

Landlord: So let’s start our work now okay?

Auntie: Is there no one at home?

Landlord: No, at this time I am completely alone at home.

Friends, it had been two years since his wife had passed and both his children had gone to school.

Aunt: Yes then it’s okay, close the door properly.

Landlord: Okay, I’ll do it now and he put the door on his bedroom.

Auntie: Please hurry up, I have come with a lock at home and the children have gone outside to play. When they see the lock on the house, they will come here looking for me.

Landlord: Well you say then we will have sex only once. But you must come tonight, we will have fun once again without tension.

Auntie: Why today you have to do this all the time only once, right?

Landlord: If I will hire you from today, then you will have to work only one day in a month and the rest of the days are for having fun.

Auntie: No, I can’t do all this with you every day.

So he again started threatening Aunty and she too scared him and kept coming in his words and they had no other option.

Auntie: Okay.. but only once a day and I will not come every night.

Landlord: All right and then Auntie started raising her sari slowly.

Landlord: Oh, not like this, we will take off our clothes and enjoy sex.

Auntie: Please have mercy on me. I have never opened my clothes in front of anyone except my husband and I will feel very ashamed.

Landlord: So what happened in that? I will marry you now.

Aunt: No, don’t oppress me so much and we will do as you say.

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Then here we told Fatima Khan that now let’s go to the house, she said that I want to see you once and you guys go, we both were surprised. But now we also had no choice and we started obeying everything.

Landlord: Now quickly unpack all your clothes.

When Auntie started taking off her sari very shyly, she said don’t be shy, I am your husband, let me take out your clothes she grabbed the pallu and lowered it, and started taking off the sari. Then she first opened the sari, then quickly opened the blouse.

Auntie was wearing a white bra and she started mashing the boobs on top of the bra and also started kissing Aunty’s lips now Auntie was getting hot and both of us friends also started getting hot after seeing all this sight. were happening and now our Dick also started changing its shape.

And Fatima Khan was looking at our Dick in the middle, which was giving jerks every once in a while. Then he grabbed the auntie’s petticoat and pulled it with a jerk and he went down in a moment. Then he grabbed the aunt in his arms and opened the hook of the bra with both his hands and pulled the bra out and then the panty too.

So now Auntie was completely naked in front of her then she also took off her clothes and became completely naked. Seeing her Dick we both went crazy and Auntie also seeing her Dick started saying Oh God how long is a Dick…

Baap Re must be at least 8-9 inches tall. How will this big Dick go inside my pussy? So he said why does your husband go? So Auntie said that yes.. but her Dick is not that big. Then he said how big is it, is it 5 inches?

So he said that you will have a little trouble with my Dick for the first time.. but it will go very comfortably in the night and then he made the aunty lie on the bed and took a lot of oil in one hand and applied it on the aunt’s pussy and the pussy He also started sucking, licking and after sucking for a while told Auntie that now you suck my Dick.

So Auntie was very compelled to do all that she said and she got up and sat down, then she grabbed her Dick with one hand and slowly started sucking it in her mouth. So seeing the right opportunity, he pushed his Dick to the full depth of the aunt’s mouth.

And then after sucking Dick for about 10-15 minutes, he took out the Dick and started putting it in the mouth of the juicy pussy and made a strong blow. So Auntie screamed very loudly please ahhh uhhh Aaa Pleassss IEEE Itna joor see nhi pleasss stop Aaaaa slow down or mar gai mai ahhhhhhhhh my pussy will burst.

So he said that nothing will happen to you, you bear a little pain and then he started pushing hard and all three of us were watching them and both of us had our own Dick, and Fatima‘s hand went on her moving pussy. was. And then Fatima opened the zip of both of us and started looking inside the paint and then I put one hand on his shoulder and put my hand inside his shirt and started pressing his big boobs and he took both of us out of the paint. She was shaking with enthusiasm.

And on the other hand, Auntie was also having a lot of fun with Dick and was taking sobs and he was pushing them hard with full enthusiasm then after about 40 minutes it started falling and both of us had a fight. And yet Fatima Khan was still in full swing.

Then the landlord left all the semen in the Aunt’s pussy and lay down on her. Then after about 10 minutes they both separated and Aunty said that they left all the goods inside and if anything happened. Then he said don’t worry.. eat a pill on the way. Then Auntie said okay now I will go…

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It’s too late for me, I will come at night and she started wearing clothes and she was seeing Auntie wearing clothes. So Auntie put on all the clothes one by one… But she was still naked and Auntie started leaving then she said that wash my Dick water before putting on your pussy. So Auntie said no let it go now, it is too late and anyway I have to go to my house and take a bath. So he said that while leaving, give one kiss and then both of them started kissing lips. And he also started pressing on Auntie’s boobs..

Due to this Auntie and she got hot once again and she asked auntie’s sari to become a mare, then Auntie said not now, do as much as you want in the night.. But please let me go now. All three of us are also out It got hot once again and this time we were sitting on a wall and Fatima Khan’s pajama was slightly lowered and she was licking our Dick and we both were fingering her pussy. Then after about 5 minutes, we left from there and Auntie also came home after some time..

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