My Virgin Office Friend Enjoyed My Dick Part-2

My Virgin Office Friend Enjoyed My Dick Part-2

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell the sex story part-2 of  “My Virgin Office Friend Enjoyed My Dick“. I am sure you all will love it. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

Read in Sofia Khan’s sex story that when my friend’s colleague came to know that he had not kissed the girl yet, her expression changed. How did she show her naked body?

The first part of the story
Friendship and open talk with my colleague
I read that in conversation with Preeti Singhal, he started talking to me, and during the same talk, he told me that nowadays boys start thinking of fucking as soon as they are born.

My eyes widened as soon as he said the word ‘chodna’ to me.

Now Next Sofia Khan’s sex story:

She laughed and said – You are living in Delhi and still virgin?
I nodded my head yes.

I was surprised to see this form of Preeti Singhal today.
She said – Hey we are both friends and we are also adults, so we can do these things… and then I believe in you.

I was just staring at her.

I told her – I have not even touched any girl till now. Today for the first time I am sitting so close to a girl on Scooty.
Preeti Singhal’s killer smile was making me think of something else.
I don’t know what was going on in his mind.

A lot of time had passed in all these things.
I told him to leave.

Preeti Singhal said- Now go after eating food. Anyway, if you eat outside, then you eat together.
I said – I have to take a bath too, so I come from my room after taking a bath.

On this he said – take a bath here, wear my lower for a while, T-shirt will not come. Now you sit, I will come after taking a bath.
She laughed saying this.

Well… Preeti Singhal went to take a bath and I sat there like a pussy.
I knew something was going to happen today.
Still, I was scared because I had only seen all this in porn so far.

After a while, Preeti Singhal came out of the bathroom after taking a bath.
She wore a very thin maxi of sky blue color.
Her hair was wet and the roundness of her boobs was clearly visible in the maxi. Her nipples were sticking out of the maxi.

Seeing my eyes on my mother, she said – stop watching sir, go and take a bath.
I lost my focus and I hurriedly went to the washroom.

Preeti Singhal gave me one of her lowers from outside.

I took out the jeans and gave them to Preeti Singhal to wash which she put in the washing machine along with her clothes.

Inside the bathroom, Preeti Singhal recently changed their bra, and their panties were kept which were not wet.
I looked up and saw something wet in his panties.

I don’t know what happened to my mind… my eyes were closed and I was smelling that panty wildly.

Its smell was giving a different feeling.

I wrapped his panties with my cock and started moving my cock. On the other hand, I took her bra and started smelling it too.
Really nice smell of her nipples!

In this sensual mood, I chuckled and shrugged my cock.
But today my cock was still in a different spirit. He knew that what I was seeing and feeling today was not a dream but a reality.
At the moment I came out after taking a bath.

I was wearing Preeti Singhal’s lower which was very tight and my cock seemed to come out immediately.
Preeti Singhal was looking at me tearing her eyes.

He asked me- what to eat…to order online.
We ordered aloo gobi and butter roti.
The food arrived in about thirty minutes and both of them started eating.

While eating, he said – because of Covid-19, his body hurts a lot while sitting in the house. Earlier her husband used to massage her a little bit.

I also said yes to his yes.
I said – we sit in the same chair all day long and do office work. That’s why everyone has body pain.

While saying this, I looked at her, then she was looking at my cock.
She got a little shy when I called again.

I said- if you don’t mind then I will give you back massage, today is Sunday anyway and there is no work.
She was very happy to hear this.

After finishing lunch, Preeti Singhal said – I want to go for a walk.

My jeans were still not dry, so she left me alone.
I was wearing his lower, due to which I could not go out.

After a while, Preeti Singhal came to the room.
I told him- I will massage your back in a while.
She said – OK.

Then I freshened up and called Preeti Singhal who was in her bedroom.
She came wearing a loose T-shirt and lowers.

He took out a comforter and put an old bedsheet on the floor over it.
I asked him to lie down on his stomach.

She lay down with her back towards me and closed her eyes with her head on one side.

I started pressing his feet lightly and slowly started pressing his thighs as well.
Then I started pressing the ass behind her with light hands and started massaging her well.

He liked it a lot.
She was smiling with her eyes closed.

Then I sat on his thighs and started the movement of my hands on his back.
Preeti Singhal was feeling very relaxed.

Then I grabbed both his hands and pulled them towards myself and made a bow shape so that both his nipples became straight in the front.

I then gave her a shoulder massage, which made her very relaxed.

Then I stretched him by putting my hand from his side so that his nipples started touching the dead hand.

With the touch of his soft boobs and ass, my cock started showing its attitude.
My cock was eager to come out of my lower.

Slowly my cock started touching Preeti Singhal’s thighs, which Preeti Singhal was also feeling.

After a while Preeti Singhal said that a lotion is in my drawer, massage my back with it.
I said – lotion? And your T-shirt?

He said- Put the T-shirt up a bit, put your hand inside, and put it on.
I picked up the lotion, that lotion was made only for aromatic and massage.

I lifted his t-shirt slightly over his back and left it by the side of his nipples.
Then took a little lotion in his hand and started applying it to his back.

I slowly lowered her lower and started applying lotion on the upper part of her ass.
Preeti Singhal did not say anything and lay comfortably with her eyes closed.

My courage was increasing and the tension in the cock was also increasing.
I started massaging his shoulder by taking some lotion, but because of the T-shirt, the movement of the hands was not being done properly.

After a while he told me – if I remove the T-shirt, then there is no problem?
I said – what’s the problem with me? You don’t have any problem.

Then he took off his T-shirt while lying down.

Friends, I went crazy seeing his bare back in front of me.
He kept his boobs pressed down. Boobs were looking very beautiful and soft from his side.

I began to massage his back thoroughly.

My cock was constantly telling his presence Preeti Singhal and me by touching his ass.
I started doing long long hand strokes. My hands started moving from the shoulder to his ass, due to which his lower was coming down a little bit.

Now his ass was almost half visible and half of the ass was still covered by the lower.

I told Preeti Singhal – should I apply lotion to your feet too? But lotion will be applied in the lower.
He looked at me, then looking at my lower said – who is speaking?

Then blinked and said – OK, but don’t mess anything up.
She lay down again with her eyes closed.

I slowly removed his lower.

She wore a very fine red netted G-string thong panty inside, which was so soft that the top of the lower could not be seen.

Now she was looking so sexy lying on her stomach wearing only one panty that don’t ask.
His panties covering almost the rounds of his ass, his white-blond complexion … and the red color panties on him seemed doomed.

All this seemed like a dream to me. I started massaging her feet with lotion.
Now I applied lotion on his ass also and started massaging the ass by giving a little pressure.

All this seemed very good to Preeti Singhal. She was enjoying the hot girl massage a lot.

When I massaged my back and legs, I said – Back massage is done and if anything happens, say so?

Preeti Singhal said – what else do you mean?

I said – abdominal massage and head massage?
He said- yes do it, but I am not wearing a bra.
She started shying a little.

I said – if the lotion is applied to the bra, it will get spoiled, and the panties have already become bad.
She was shocked to hear this and said – I have very expensive panties, this … got spoiled.
She started getting worried.

I said – no problem, the panties did not feel that much. I had taken care but if it is fitted in a bra, then there will be a problem.
And I assured him – don’t worry, I will take care and if you want I will close my eyes.
She started looking at me.

I said again – I will not know where my hands go just by closing my eyes.
She started laughing at this.

Then she slowly started to take turns and my heart started beating as fast as a formula car.

When she lay down straight, she closed her eyes.
For some time I was stunned.

Her marble-like body, on her two big breasts, stemmed from two very shapely round domes of 36 inches.

Very beautiful brown nipples on both the breasts and round areola of light brown color around them, adding to her beauty.
The nipples seemed to be looking straight at the stretched ceiling.

His waist was very sloping. His stomach was very flat and his navel was very round and deep.

On the front side, her panties were mesh, from which the upper part of her pussy was visible a little.
The part of her pussy was completely clean-shaven. Actually, not a single hair was visible on his body.

Now a whole tent was built in my lower.
I put a few drops of lotion on her navel which made her shudder.

Friends, whether I was successful in bringing wetness in your cock pussy or not. Please write me your email about this sex story of mine.

What happened next, I will write in the next part of Sofia Khan sex story.

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