My Story: When My Husband Caught Me With Daughter’s Teacher At Home

My Story: When My Husband Caught Me With Daughter’s Teacher At Home

Hello! my name is Juli and this is my sex story of one of my affairs. My husband has always been a rough-tempered and arrogant kind of person. I never left him because of my daughter and family members. We were both forced to marry each other. This is because there was a business agreement between the father of both of us, due to which my relationship with him was fixed.

This is the pattern of weddings running in my family, which I hate the most. I never got a chance to be with someone I could love. I have never found love even from my husband. He never told me why he didn’t love me.

This is the story of when my husband caught me with daughter’s teacher at home. My daughter’s English teacher was a very sweet boy. I often saw him making eye contact with me. One day, while my daughter was taking care of her grandmother, I invited her to have a cup of tea with me. When the cook brought tea from inside, I was constantly talking to him about my daughter’s education.

He was very attractive to look at. His style was funny, due to which I felt a lot of attraction towards him. After this incident, I understood that it was not a big deal for the women with me to have an affair after marriage because our men are too busy with their work. My husband was no different. This is how my affair with him started.

I have no regrets about having an extra-marital affair with my daughter’s teacher. That’s because I was getting love and attention from a man who knew how to make a woman happy. He was not only very sexy to look at, but he made me feel sexier or even better while having a physical relationship.

When there was no one in the house, we both used to spend a lot of time together. I made sure that during this time I should not keep our maid in my house, as she could tell my husband about our affair. God knows what he will do then.

Wild Fantasy Story

At the age of 25, I found love and passion, which made me feel the happiest. But as in every normal affair story, one day my husband caught me. This happened when my boyfriend and I were sending each other some sexual pictures filled with our fantasies. During this, I heard the voice of my husband and daughter coming back home. I was in a hurry, so I went downstairs by placing my phone on my bed to greet him.

I was trying to engage them in the conversation when my husband came into the bedroom to use the washroom. I got scared and followed him towards the room. I saw that he had my phone in his hand. He was scrolling through her constantly. I was shocked to see all this. I thought how could I make such a big mistake?

He was reading my text messages. I was so scared that he would definitely do something with me or my boyfriend. But the opposite happened. He asked me calmly, ‘Who knows about this? I said no one. He threw the phone on the ground and broke it into pieces.

Disappointed, he twirled her fingers through her hair and said ‘I don’t want our daughter to be affected by all these things. No one should know about this. I don’t care who you are with, but our reputation as a family should not be at stake. Otherwise, the result will be very bad.

I was completely silent after listening to the words of my husband. But during this time I realized that he did not care for me at all. Our marriage was completely fake. If my husband had ever cared about me, he would never have said that to me. He used to threaten me, but it didn’t happen. I was also very happy that he had no problem with my affair. Unless I just keep it hidden. I knew I could do this very comfortably.

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