I Fucked a friend’s girlfriend and satisfied her with his 7-inch cock

I Fucked a friend’s girlfriend and satisfied her with his 7-inch cock

Hi my name is Rohan. I am from Delhi. Today I am going to tell you how “I Fucked a friend’s girlfriend and satisfied her with his 7-inch cock”

This is about those days when my cock started getting erect. I had a great desire to fuck my pussy then but I lacked confidence.

I used to crack up while talking to girls. I could not make any girlfriend. Then a beautiful girl came into my life whose name was Ashika.

I knew that she is my very best friend’s girlfriend but to fulfill her unfulfilled desires I had to betray my friend. Being my friend’s girlfriend, I used to talk openly with Ashika.

The name of that friend of mine is Shivam. It is about those days when my friend had gone to his village during the summer holidays.

Then I got this opportunity to come between Shivam and Ashika. I had such a strong urge to fuck that I cheated on my friend.

This was also a big reason for betraying. When my birthday party was going on, Shivam tried to have sex with Ashika in my room.

But Shivam was not able to satisfy Ashika. And because of this, there used to be a rift between them.

Then Shivam was also very upset about this relationship and Ashika was also very upset. I knew that Ashika would betray Shivam after a few days.

And I could not see my friend getting ruined. That’s why I went to talk to Ashika. I told him that Shivam is a very nice boy.

But Ashika was determined to remove the itching of her pussy and she was ready to go to any extent to get cock inserted in her pussy.

Ashika was wearing very sensuous clothes when I went to meet her. Her cleavage was visible to me equally, half of her boobs were visible. I could understand his figures of 34-30-38.

I told him – you and Shivam fight a lot these days. So she suddenly got scared and started crying. I calmed him down and gave him my shoulder.

And then I asked her why she was crying. So she told me that Shivam is impotent and I do not want to insult him. That’s why I am with him to date.

I understood that the iron is hot and I hit the hammer at the same time. I told her – even though you love Shivam very much, he cannot satisfy the hunger of your body.

So we let this series go on. You remain Shivam’s girlfriend but I will fulfill your wishes. And I will not tell this thing to anyone. And you also don’t tell this to anyone.

At that time he immediately threw me out of his house. I was scared that Shivam and my friends would get spoiled if he told everything to Shivam!

It was night and I could not sleep due to fear. Then suddenly my phone started ringing. When I looked at the phone, it was Ashika’s call from that side. I received his call.

He said to me – what are you doing? So I replied to him – I am fisting your name. She also gave me this answer – I am also fingering my pussy thinking about you.

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Now I was feeling that I should go to her house and tear her pussy. But I could not go. The next day when I met him, we both could not see each other.

After gathering a lot of courage, I told him – I want to talk to you alone! She agreed. I invited her to my friend’s room.

When she came to my friend’s room, I felt it was very empty inside. I told her that you did very fitting that she did not tell anyone about her boyfriend.

And I promised him that I will also not talk about this to anyone. But I told him this – what I think about you is very different.

I find your body very attractive and you are ruining the beauty of your body behind your boyfriend.

He thought a little. She was also feeling a little bad that inside she is cheating on her boyfriend.

But she also thought that there is a handsome guy in front who can give her everything that her boyfriend could not.

We both were thinking a lot. But I told him – thinking too much cannot be beneficial for anyone. Then he looked into my eyes.

And I told him – forget everything for a moment and come closer to me. She started feeling full from inside.

Then I suddenly pressed my lips against hers and didn’t let go for a second! So she started distancing herself from me.

But then suddenly without thinking, he also held me tight. This was the moment when she forgot that she was Shivam’s girlfriend.

He handed over his severed body to my arms. And I also started rubbing her lips with my lips while hugging her waist.

I had one hand on her breasts and the other hand was on her pussy. Neither he was understanding anything… nor I could understand what was going to happen next.

Suddenly he told me this – Fuck me, man… I am hungry for a whole year. Your friend Gandu is not able to give me this happiness.

You give me this pleasure of the body. Fuck me naked. On hearing this, I took off her top. And I thought that I would make up for my friend’s shortcomings.

I started feeling inside that my penis which was 4 inches suddenly became 7 inches because along with me I was fulfilling Shivam’s deficiency.

Without delay, I removed all her clothes and started fingering her pussy. Her pussy was releasing water, it was completely wet. This means she wanted to get her naked fucked.

Just like that, there was a little hesitation in his mind. He did not know that today his bed was going to be broken, so he did not clean his clothes.

But I was so hungry for fuck that I immediately started licking her puffy pussy. And a sigh of joy came out of his mouth.

She started pressing my head on her pussy with both her hands and hot lava started coming out of her pussy which made my whole face wet.

She had collapsed in no time. I wanted to make her suck my cock, but I wanted to insert the cock in her pussy first, don’t know when the girl’s mind will change.

And now I put my 7-inch long cock on her pussy and when I gave a push, she let out a painful sigh and she started writhing and trying to get away from me.

But I had such a strong desire to fuck her that I showed no mercy to her and started inserting my 7-inch cock into her pussy. Blood started flowing from her pussy.

After some time she also started enjoying and she started supporting me fully by lifting her ass. We had sex twice more that day. After that, I dropped her near her house and came to my house.

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