Sex Journey With Bhabhi – Hot Neighbour Bhabhi XXX Story Part 1

Sex Journey With Bhabhi – Hot Neighbour Bhabhi XXX Story Part 1

Hello Guys, I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Sex Journey With Bhabhi – Hot Neighbour Bhabhi XXX Story Part 1“. I am sure you all will love it.

Hot Neighbour Bhabhi is about a young woman who runs a shop near my house. During the lockdown days, when I used to go to her shop, I used to stare at her boobs.

Friends, I am Lalit and live in Indore. Although I used to work in Mumbai, due to the lockdown these days I am working from home. My mom, dad, brother and grandparents live at my house.

I exercise daily at home or in the gym and every 2 days I massage my penis with a special oil for 20 minutes. Because of this my sex time and penis size have increased.

My penis is longer and thicker than usual. When there is tension in my penis, its long and thick veins become visible.

Today I am telling you the story of fucking the wife of a grocery shop owner.

In this Hot Neighbour Bhabhi Story, I have written about how I fucked her hard and how I tore her pussy and ass.

Even when the first lockdown opened, my company continued to work from home and I started working from home. Along with office work, I also started contributing to some work outside the house.

There is a local grocery store near our house. Its owner is Dheeraj.
He lives with his family on the floor above the shop.

Dheeraj’s family consists of his wife, a small son and parents. His house is two-storeyed.
He has opened his shop on the ground floor. (Hot Neighbour Bhabhi)

His shop is the only grocery shop in the locality, due to which there is a lot of crowd there.

Dheeraj’s wife’s age will be around 32 years. I call her Bhabhi.
Her name is Shreya and she is a killer beauty queen.

More than half of the crowd remains engaged on the pretext of seeing Shreya Bhabhi’s figure.
People come to Dheeraj’s shop to buy goods just to see Shreya.

Shreya Bhabhi’s fair and smooth body is so amazing that anyone’s intentions can be spoiled after seeing her.

Her big round boobs and Big Ass, shaking here and there, are so spectacular that anyone’s eyes can remain fixed on her.

I always wanted to have sex with her.
However, due to staying in Mumbai for a long time, I never got the opportunity.

Whenever I used to go to her shop to buy something, I would secretly look at my Bhabhi’s boobs and have some conversation with her.

She would be happy to see me and ask – Hey Lalit brother, when did you come from Mumbai, how are you? Your Dheeraj Bhaiya also keeps asking about your news, how is the job going, is everything fine in Mumbai?

My mind would feel happy after listening to Bhabhi’s words and I would get some more opportunity to caress her juicy boobs.

She was probably aware that people looked at her figure with eyes that devoured it.
That’s why she stopped paying attention to her clothes becoming untidy while working.

Perhaps she had understood that this show was the reason for her business. So it’s been two months since I started working from home. (Hot Neighbour Bhabhi)

But working from home was causing a lot of disturbance and I could not concentrate properly on my work. So I thought of getting a separate room.

The first lockdown was also over, so I took a two-room flat on rent at a distance of 300-400 meters from my home.

Now I would come to the flat after having breakfast in the morning, then go home for lunch and come back to sleep at night.

After talking to Mom, I asked for house help from Shanti to do the work of cleaning my flat. She used to go to work at our house and also at Shreya Bhabhi’s place.

First, she would go to Shreya Bhabhi’s house after doing our household work and then would come to the flat for cleaning.

During this time I noticed that Shreya Bhabhi was not seen much at the shop.

Then it came to light from the boys of the locality that the Bhabhi was having an affair and Dheeraj had caught wind of that matter. For this reason, Dheeraj has currently banned Shreya from sitting in the shop.

Then two days later, I overheard my maid talking about Shreya to another maid at the door of my rented flat.

My maid Shanti was saying to the other maid – You heard that Shreya was caught by her husband in a room with Aman.

Second maid – Well, that’s why I think that Chammak Challo is not seen sitting outside in the shop these days. By the way, any other information you have about that?

Shanti- I heard that Shreya was taking Aman’s dick in her mouth at that time when her husband caught both of them.

Dheeraj threatened Aman and drove him away and brought Shreya home. To avoid much commotion outside, everything was settled peacefully. (Hot Neighbour Bhabhi)

Second Maid: Okay… Anyway, that whore is already in the habit of taking dicks from outside. The Bhabhi always keeps shaking her ass to take someone else’s cock.

By now she must have taken a lot of dicks… and she is not going to stop taking them. After a few days, the bitch will start showing her colours again… you bitch.

After hearing all this, a different image of Shreya formed in my mind.

As soon as I heard her name or saw her, the idea of a whore started coming to my mind. In my eyes, I could see Shreya Bhabhi sucking the penis and it seemed as if she was being fucked.

In those days, due to increased work at Dheeraj’s grocery shop due to school holidays, Shreya again started helping her husband Dheeraj at the counter of the shop.

Here, by setting her inside me, the desire to fuck her had increased even more.

Whenever my mom would send me to Dheeraj’s shop to buy something, I would start talking to my Bhabhi on some pretext or the other and start looking at Shreya with lustful eyes.

One day I went to the shop.

Dheeraj- And Lalit, how did you come…what has mom ordered?
Me: Brother, this is the list, you pack the stuff… I will take it in the evening.
Dheeraj- Yes, okay.

When I was going home at night, I remembered that I had to take my luggage.

When Shreya reached Bhabhi’s shop, Dheeraj said – Hey, I have taken out all your stuff, only a little is left. It will be done now. You sit and wait for a while. I stood there waiting for my luggage to be put in.

At the same time, Dheeraj Bhai called Shreya Bhabhi and asked her to come.

He asked Bhabhi to handle the customers at the counter.
Then they started removing the remaining items from my list.

He asked Bhabhi to weigh some things and put them in the bag containing my luggage.
He went to the warehouse behind to take out some items. (Hot Neighbour Bhabhi)

Shreya Bhabhi started talking to me as soon as she came to the counter – And how are you Lalit… are you here now, haven’t you gone to Mumbai?

Me- No Bhabhi, right now my mind is busy here… and right now I have taken a flat on rent and am working from there. I will go when the company calls.

Shreya- Got a nice flat, did it right.
Don’t know why there was some tinkling sound in her voice when she talked about a flat.

Then she started handling the counter work by giving goods to the remaining customers and taking money.

I started staring at her with lustful eyes from one side and took care that no one should see me staring at her.

Bhabhi Shreya was wearing a thin nightie clinging to her body. Her nighty had buttons on the front. Her big boobs were somehow fitting into that nightie.

When she raised her hand to reach for something kept on top, when the nightie was pulled, her white bra was visible between its two buttons and the white boobs on top were visible.

My eyes started looking at her Big Boobs from inside the nightie.

When she turned back to take things from the fridge, the bitch’s ass would move up and down.

Seeing her, I felt like going behind her and placing my penis between her buttocks and leaving it there. Then her flexible shaking ass kept caressing my penis. (Hot Neighbour Bhabhi)

Her big raised ass was visible in the nightie in a perfectly round shape like a pot.

She has such a juicy ass that just by looking at her, you can’t think of anything other than sticking your dick in her ass and slapping her!

Seeing all this, thinking about it, my dick king stood up… and I was somehow hiding this terror of mine, avoiding everyone.

Then in the next 5-10 minutes, Shreya reduced the number of customers and only Shreya and I were left.

In the midst of all this, Shreya Bhabhi had sensed that I was seeing the roundness of my boobs and ass.
I did not see any refusal from her side, rather she started showing her promiscuity even more.

While talking, she started looking at my penis and groping it with her eyes and in her eyes I started seeing her yearning to be fucked and eagerness to take the penis.

After some time, Bhabhi started saying while picking up the bag of my belongings.

Shreya Bhabhi- Hey, while giving luggage to everyone else, I forgot about your luggage.
While setting my penis I started saying – Which stuff Bhabhi?

Shreya Bhabhi took some time to understand what I said, then smiled and said – There are only 3 things left to pack in this list! After saying this she started looking at my penis shyly.

I squeezed my penis harder and showed it to Bhabhi and said – Okay, do it…where have I kept it. Then with a lustful smile and looking into her eyes, I looked at Bhabhi’s boobs and Tight Pussy.

Shreya Bhabhi smiled after seeing my stiffening penis and went inside to get the remaining 3 items.

When Bhabhi Chhinal came back, she had deliberately opened the top two buttons of the nightie. She came in front of me shaking her boobs, bent down and started weighing and packing the things.

Due to her bending, her smooth whites and big boobs were seen jumping out.
I was caressing both the boobs of Bhabhi and she was smiling after seeing me.

So I understood that the matter is set. If I get a little chance, I will fuck her ass and turn her into a warehouse. (Hot Neighbour Bhabhi)

Then she placed the luggage in front of the counter and said – Lalit brother, your luggage is packed. Dheeraj is bringing the rest. Want something else?

While looking at her boobs, I said softly – Yes, want milk.
Shreya Bhabhi asked with a meaningful smile – Which one do you want?

I palmed her boobs and said – Give me this one?
Shreya Bhabhi said angrily – What are you saying?

Controlling myself, I said – That Amul fresh milk is beside you… give it to me.

Shreya Bhabhi- Oh ok, this!
Me: And what did you understand?

Shreya Bhabhi smiling – Nothing.

Friends, hope you liked this part of the Hot Neighbour Bhabhi story.

In the next part, I will write about how I fucked her.

Next part of the story: Hot Neighbour Bhabhi XXX

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