Unexpected Sex With My Innocent Girlfriend: XXX Gf Sex Part 2

Unexpected Sex With My Innocent Girlfriend: XXX Gf Sex Part 2

Hello Guys, I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Unexpected Sex With My Innocent Girlfriend: XXX Gf Sex Part 2“. I am sure you all will love it.

Gf Sex story is with my beloved. We both roamed around the whole day and slept after having dinner at night. I opened my eyes at midnight and felt some wetness on my face.

First Part Of The Story: XXX Gf Sex

Now further Gf Sex Story:

Sajida is very innocent, she often comes to me, stays for two-three days and then goes away.
She loves me in her heart but she also understands my circumstances very well, that is why she never says anything.

Now I could not keep her in my house, so she made the arrangements herself and took a flat in my city just for both of us.

She had come for just two days, so I too was at her flat under the pretence of being at home.
Our relationship is such that there is very little sex in it.

Because after seeing her, I feel very fond of her and feel like pampering her.
Yes! If ever she feels like having sex then I definitely do it, I enjoy Gf Sex.

As soon as one sees a girl one feels like fuck her and a fire starts below; Seeing Sajida, one does not get jealous but one feels relaxed and one just wants to embrace her.

We roamed around the whole day and slept after having dinner at night. (Gf Sex)

Around midnight I opened my eyes and felt some wetness on my face.
At the same time, when soft lips touched my face, I saw that Sajida was leaning on me in her nightgown with her face towards me on the bed. Sex and fun were dancing in her eyes.

Seeing my eyes open, she became more intense.
I left myself to her to do whatever she wanted.

After kissing my face for some time, Sajida started opening the buttons of my shirt.
After the button was opened, my chest was in front of her.

Sajida looked at me with mischievous eyes and then started kissing my chest.
Waves of pleasure started running in my body.

Her soft lips were leaving their loving marks on my chest.

Sajida came up from the side placing one leg on me and her light body came to rest on my body.

The penis below also started coming to life and it was making its pants bulge.
Sajida also felt this change.

She was moving her waist on me, so I also thought of moving my hands and moved my hands on Sajida’s waist and took her down. Where a soft Big Ass was waiting for me.

When I pressed her hard, Sajida let out a sigh.
Sajida was going downstairs to kiss.
When it reached the navel, I stopped, pulled it back up, touched her lips and changed my side.

Now Sajida was below me and her boobs were inviting me, so I moved down a little and started sucking her boobs.

Holding it with one hand, I would try to take each boob in my mouth and then pull it out.

Sajida was moaning with her hands on my head and I was lying on her.

Now, keeping my face on her boobs, I took my hands back and started taking off my pants.
Then, leaning on one elbow, pulled it down with one hand and also removed the underwear.
Now the penis was ready.

I kept sucking her Big Boobs for some more time and she kept pushing with her hands on my head.

At the same time, she would try to hold the penis by extending her hand down, but I did not let any of her efforts succeed.

So in response, she started applying pressure with her heels on my back.

When I looked at her, her eyes were shining with mischief.

In return, I bit her boob lightly and she smiled and quickly removed her heel.

Her restlessness was making me restless too, so I got up and lifted her legs and hugged them to my chest. Sajida was holding her legs in both her hands and was licking her lips while looking at me.

I lifted Sajida’s legs and took up the position myself.
The penis was waving erect. (Gf Sex)

Now I set the penis on the lips of the pussy and pushed the waist.
The pussy lips opened and the penis got fixed in her pussy.

Sajida suddenly stood up, opened her mouth and then sighed.
Leaving her legs, she placed both her hands on her head and started moaning deeply with her mouth open.

I continued my journey by pushing and taking half the penis.

Sajida’s mouth opened again and remained open for a long time, then I put the fingers of one hand in it and she started sucking.

In the third push, the entire penis had reached inside.

Sajida bit my fingers hard and then placed her head back on the pillow while moaning.

I took out my fingers from her mouth and increased the pressure by placing my hand on her leg and also took out the penis and pushed it again. Sajida woke up again by raising her head and tried to look down.

Now I slowly started moving my penis in and out of her pussy.

Sajida’s pussy was releasing water wildly and at the same time, her moans were also getting louder.

Now I increased my speed and started giving deep thrusts.

I got up from my knees came on my feet and started giving downward thrusts while coming on top of her.
Sajida would sigh with every stroke.

I stroked like this for some time and then lifted her by placing her legs on my shoulders.

Light-skinned Sajida had got up with her hands around my neck and her legs were on my neck and from below her Tight Pussy came in front of my penis.
I got off the bed and started jerking off.

With every stroke, she would move backwards and then come back and take the penis inside.

My thrusts were making her jump and at the same time, she started to encourage me by letting out moans from her mouth.
The tremors started increasing.

Sajida, who was jumping on the penis, would come back sliding on it again.

Now she started getting tired, so I put her on the bed and put her into a mare position.
Putting my feet on the bed, I came behind her and started jerking at speed while inserting my penis.

Sajida was getting hotter than I expected.
Even now she was trying to support me by moving behind.

Her moans were provoking me to go faster and I was also getting more excited.

After a long time, I found such a partner who was heeling the horse instead of stopping, so I left no stone unturned and started stormy thrusts with my hands on her waist.

Sajida sighed and started moaning loudly, with pleasure and a hint of getting louder.
She had not ejaculated yet nor did she seem to have any intention of ejaculating.

Now I too did not see anything and started the machine of blows.
I don’t know how the next five to seven minutes passed.

The sound of her sighing, and the scene of her falling forward, all happened slowly.

She orgasmed and was even asking me to stop but no sound came in my ears.
My thrusts continued at the same stormy pace.

She tried to get out by leaning forward with her hands but this too was difficult.
I could only hear the blood of my body and the sound of my heartbeats which was gradually increasing.

Blood was rushing in the temples.
The sound of Sajida’s sighs could be faintly heard in the ears and then all this blood and heartbeat started going downwards.

The penis started swelling more and then a fountain was released.
The flood flowed…the bandh broke.

I gave one or two more strokes and then started lying on top of Sajida.

She was sweating profusely; She was panting more than me, and sighs were still coming from her mouth.

I turned to the side and straightened up.

When their breathing got better, I asked her – What happened to you today?
She looked into my eyes smiled slightly and hugged me.

I also took her in my embrace and started putting her to sleep while caressing her head.

Wake up in the morning and take a bath.
Today when she had to go, tears welled up in her eyes.

I started explaining to her – come again!

Sajida speaks very little.
Whatever she wants to say, she just says it with her eyes, but today while hugging me she said – Darling, I will not like it!
I asked- Who is in your heart?

Now when she looked into my eyes I got the answer.

As soon as I got the answer, I caressed her head and said – I am always with you!
Saying this she separated her from me and we started towards the station.

When her train arrived, we bid farewell to each other with tears in our eyes.

The train started moving and when it was out of my sight, I sat there defeated.
I was surprised to find out how long I sat there.

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