I Fucked Hard My Punjabi Bhabhi And Made Her Pregnant

I Fucked Hard My Punjabi Bhabhi And Made Her Pregnant

Hello Guys, I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “I Fucked Hard My Punjabi Bhabhi And Made Her Pregnant“. I am sure you all will love it.

In this Fucked Hard My Punjabi Bhabhi story, I had sex with a Punjabi sister-in-law to make her a mother. Her husband had brought her to me. I fucked her 14 times in 2 days in the hotel.

Friends, how are you?

Harshit, I am back after a long time with another story for you all. 

I had written in that sex story that I gifted a child to a friend’s wife.

Before coming to today’s Fucked Hard My Punjabi Bhabhi sex story, let me once again tell you a little about myself.

I work and am from Gujarat. Currently, I am a part-time masseur.
I do massage as a hobby. There is no desire to earn money from this.

It so happened that after my first sex story, I received an email.
This email was from a woman named Priya from Ludhiana.
She was thirty years old. (Fucked Hard My Punjabi Bhabhi)

She told me that I cannot have children. My husband has some problems. Can you help me with something? I said- Why are there no men in Punjab?

She said- Here too I can have sex with someone and have a child, but due to fear of defamation I am telling you all this. You are an unknown person from a distance… so I will not have any problem with you. My husband is also ready for this. If you ask, I will make further plans.

I said to her – How can I believe what you say? Neither acquaintance nor recognition… then I don’t want to take advantage of anyone’s helplessness.

Priya- When did I say that you are taking advantage of compulsion? I just kept my word to myself. Regarding the matter of strangers, I have written that it is more convenient for me to have an unknown person. 

However, before meeting you, we will also ensure everything about you whether you are capable of giving me all that or not? (Fucked Hard My Punjabi Bhabhi)

Agreeing with her, I wrote – Yes, you come to the hangout first. We both talk there. I will talk to both of you first. After that, we will see everything further.
Priya- Okay.

Then that evening I spoke with her husband. Later talked to Priya.

Both Priya and her husband were talking to me.

Husband- If you agree, then first confirm through a video call… after that, we will plan further.
I said- Okay.

During the video call, I saw that she was a pure Punjabi woman. It was a little thick. Her Big Boobs must have been 38 and her ass must have been 40.
Even then there was a charm inside her.

Everything normal happened between us and a plan was made.
He asked me to come there first.

I refused because I didn’t have that much money and I didn’t want to get into any trouble.

Her husband said- I cannot get leave from the job.
I said- Do one thing, take some leave in the next month and come to Gujarat. Let’s meet here. It would help if you also visited Gujarat.

His wife was in a hurry to get fucked so she asked her husband – When can you get leave?
He said- We will have to talk in the office. (Fucked Hard My Punjabi Bhabhi)

At the same time, Priya said to her husband – You talk to your boss on the phone that you have to go out urgently for your wife’s treatment.
Her husband moved aside and I was no longer able to see.

By then Priya showed me a glimpse of her boobs and started making me hot.

She asked- how it is?
I said- It’s great… I feel like pressing it.

She said- Do you just feel like pressing, don’t you feel like sucking?
I said- Yes, I also feel like sucking.

She said- But nothing will be achieved by sucking like this. Milk started coming from it, do something like this Harshit ji. I said- The sooner you take my juice, the sooner milk will start coming from these boobs.

She started laughing and said – Don’t worry love, my husband is also in a hurry to have a child. He has to listen to a lot in his house. (Fucked Hard My Punjabi Bhabhi)

This is how our conversation started.

After some time, her husband returned and said – It has been confirmed that we will go to Gujarat. I will send all the details soon.

A day later she told me that both of them would come to Gujarat on Saturday morning.

I also expressed happiness about the program of her visit and said.
Me- Okay darling… send me the name and address of the hotel. I will come there. Also, tell me what you want as a gift from me.

Priya- Yes dear, they are coming to you to get the same gift…you will get it only when you come!
Me- Yes, why not? Let’s meet. Tomorrow I will wait for you in my city.

Both of them reached my city and stayed in a hotel.

The next day I went and said hello to both of them.
Talked here and there for a while. (Fucked Hard My Punjabi Bhabhi)

Her husband said – You two talk, I will take a walk and come back. Till then enjoy.
He wished Priya the best of luck and went out of the room.

Priya- Why are you delaying now? Have I come to see you? Why are you looking like this… Come on, tell me what do you like in sex?

I had never thought that she would come out so fast. For her, sex was the first task.

I understood her mood and that this was right. She is a woman who minds her own business.
So I said- Whatever you like, I also like it, my queen.

Priya came near me.
First, she kissed my cheek.

I felt her hot breath.
It was a very intoxicating-smelling Punjaban.

We both kissed like this for a while and then stood there hugging each other.
My penis was becoming erect due to the fire of her youth.

When I pressed one of her boobs, she let out a sigh.
Then I pushed her and made her fall on the bed.

Priya lay down on the bed with both her hands outstretched.
She pulled her kurta over her stomach with her hand, revealing the navel of her salwar.

I pulled the cord of her salwar and pulled the salwar out from her legs.

She came in front of me in a red-coloured panty.

Later I quickly removed her kurta and changed her into a bra and panty.

She started pulling me in her arms.
I climbed over her and started kissing her lips.

She also started supporting me.

I started kissing her everywhere on her neck and cheeks.
Later I sucked her boobs and bit them with my teeth, leaving big marks on her boobs.

Priya- Hmmm… do it a little slowly man… it is hurting.
Me: No my queen, sex should be done openly.

Priya- So openly that it may cost someone’s life!
Me: Oh my queen, everything will be out in some time.

Priya laughed and said – Yes it will come out, only then the baby will come out!
We both did foreplay for a while. Later she took my penis in her mouth and started sucking it.

The size of my penis is normal… Yes, if you give complete satisfaction to the person in front of you by masturbating two or three times, it lasts for that long. I like wild sex more.

Priya was sucking my penis.
Sometimes she was eating the entire dick inside, and sometimes she was enjoying sucking the tip.

My condition was also becoming weak due to her A-class cock sucking. If her cock sucking skills were put forward in any local competition, she would have come number one.

Along with sucking the penis, she was also caressing and sucking my penis in a sensual manner.

I had taken a pill but even then the mother of the penis was getting fucked. (Fucked Hard My Punjabi Bhabhi)

Then I said to her – Priya darling… now remove your underwear and let us do a round of sex first. Will do licking work later. Now it’s time for the penis to enter.
Priya- Hmm… I also want to take it inside quickly. You come, just lick my Tight Pussy a little.

Saying OK, I made Priya lie face down on the bed and started looking at her pussy.

She really had a very nice pussy. Her pussy was as swollen as a fresh loaf of bread.
I didn’t suck the pussy much but kissed the pussy twice and inserted a finger in and out.

Her pussy had become very wet.

Priya- Now let it be… just quickly put the penis in.
I inserted the penis in the cleft of the pussy for some time and moved the tip up and down from outside.

Priya was enjoying so she was also moving her ass from bottom to top.
I was also enjoying it.

Now even I couldn’t stop myself.
I quickly inserted my penis inside.

‘Hmmmm it died… Ouch, I put it in suddenly aah.’
Priya’s voice came out.

So while moving in and out I asked her – did you enjoy it?
She- Yes, I am enjoying… do it fast, love… ahh, push faster.

After fucking like this for some time, I placed a pillow under her Big Ass and inserted my penis back into her.
Now the sound of Pach Pach Pach was echoing and Priya’s ‘Ah hmmm ah fast Harshit ah.’ The voices were echoing.

After some time her juice came out.
After hitting for some more time, I also came out.

I ejaculated and remained lying on top of her.
The entire penis was squeezed inside and became clean.

After that, I lay down on the side.

Priya- It was fun love.
Me- You are very juicy, love!

Priya- Now you have to stay naked with me for two days. My husband has not gone anywhere, he is in the next room. We both have booked two rooms.
Me- Oh, this is a surprise.
Priya- Yes.

Me- I will try my best that you become pregnant and become the mother of my child.
Priya- I wish this was true. I have come here only because of the desire to have a child.
Me- It will be done.

Later we both hugged and lay down.
That night and the next day, we both had sex in a variety of positions.

I fucked Priya fourteen times.

So friends, how did you like my Fucked Hard My Punjabi Bhabhi sex story, tell me by email.

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