My husband got me fucked by a stranger and satisfied me

My husband got me fucked by a stranger and satisfied me

My dear friends, my name is Aashika. I am From Delhi. Today I am going to tell you how “my husband got me fucked by a stranger and satisfied me”

I am a sexy woman. My age is around 30 years. If you guys look at me, I will look like a baby doll.

I want to share with you some sexual things that happened in my life. Today I want to tell you a true story of mine.

This is a true story. My body is absolutely cool people start thinking of fucking me when they see my body.

I am a housewife. It’s been a year since I got married. When I got married, my husband had fucked me 5 times on my honeymoon. I too had a lot of fun that night.

My husband and I started having a lot of sex. For some time after marriage, both of us had a lot of fun playing sex games and fucking each other!

Then our sex started becoming normal which also happens in normal life. By doing the same sex every day, a person starts getting bored every day.

So then my husband and I thought of trying something new. We just thought of making each other feel like having sex with a non-woman or man. We didn’t go to anyone in real.

Just he told me – just feel that I am making you fuck some other man. Initially, I found it very strange but when he used to have sex with me and

then used to talk to me about such unmannerly things then I used to love it. He has a friend Rohan. He used to come to the house often.

And my husband told me – Rohan jokingly tells me that sister-in-law is very cool. I want to have sex with sister-in-law once. I also want to enjoy their youth.

I also loved watching Rohan. I wanted to have fun with him but lest my husband consider me characterless, that’s why I never said this from my mouth.

One night when my husband was fucking me, he said to me – today we feel about Rohan that you are fucking Rohan and I am watching you. I said – ok.

Then my husband said to me As if one night I invited Rohan to fuck your pussy. Doorbell rang! And you opened the door wearing a sexy nightie.

Your fair thighs are clearly visible. On seeing you, Rohan felt as if his dreams of fucking you were about to come true.

Then you dressed in a sexy night dress and cooked food for all of us that night and all three of us sat together and ate food.

Rohan is staring at you even while eating because today his dream of fucking my beautiful wife is about to come true.

Then we all went to the room. After going there Rohan sat on the bed with you and took your hand in his and then started kissing your neck slowly.

Let me tell you for information that when both of us were talking about this, my husband’s cock was in my pussy. Then he told me:

Rohan is taking off your clothes and he has separated your nightie from your body. Now you are in front of him only in a bra and panty.

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He has caught hold of your boobs with both hands and is saying ‘Bhabhi… Aap to maal ho. It will be a lot of fun to fuck you today.

And he is asking you in love, ‘Sister-in-law, today you will fuck me, won’t you?’ So you are also answering yes by nodding your head.

And then he pushed you towards the bed and started kissing, licking, and sucking your boobs like crazy. He spits all over your body.

Got your whole body wet and I am watching my wife getting fucked by someone else. You are supporting him with full enthusiasm.

And then my husband said to me – now you tell me what will you do with her? So I started saying cuddly to my husband

I got excited and I pushed Rohan towards the bed and made him lie down straight. I caught his cock with both my hands and started putting it in my mouth. Started sucking his cock.

Then I started saying to my husband – I want to fuck Rohan… Please fuck me, Rohan! My husband said – Come on my queen, today I will make you enjoy two cocks.

Again I began to speak Now Rohan made me lie down straight and put his cock in my pussy in one go. I screamed but he didn’t care about my screams and started pushing very fast.

For some time it became difficult for me to bear his blows but gradually I started enjoying it. Then I wrapped Rohan in my arms, lifted both my legs and

put them on top of him, and started running both my hands on his waist like I am encouraging him. To fuck faster and he started putting my lips in his lips.

He said to me – sister-in-law, take out your tongue. And he took my tongue in his mouth. We both were kissing and licking each other like crazy and

you were watching us from a distance. Then Rohan made me a mare and put his cock in my pussy from behind and started fucking me like a mare.

He started pushing and pushing my fat butts. I was crying out. Holding my waist, pulling me backward, and pushing forward with my cock

the whole cock would have gone inside the pussy. Due to this, I was in a lot of pain and I was crying. You were seeing me crying out in such pain.

Then Rohan stood straight on the bed and gestured for me to suck his cock. I also sat on my knees on the bed and started sucking my husband’s friend’s cock.

He grabbed my hair and put his entire cock in my mouth which made me spit. And he started fucking my mouth hard.

Then he made me lie on the bed on my stomach and filled my cock from behind and started fucking me by inserting his cock in my pussy.

He was fucking me as if he would eat a whole. And I was just becoming his. Rohan’s every push is driving me crazy.

After a while, I started enjoying it. Now I am about to fall. So my husband started pushing harder in my pussy and he made me jerk like that. Then they themselves also fell.

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