I fuck college girlfriend in her own house

I fuck college girlfriend in her own house

My name is Rohan and I live in Mumbai. Today I am going to tell you how “I fuck college girlfriend in her own house”

I didn’t have a girlfriend till school, but when I reached college, I became friends with a girl. Her name was Kritika. She was not so good-looking that she should be praised a lot.

His color was dark… Due to this the person who saw him at first sight used to ignore him. But God had given him such a good figure that no one could live without fisting his name.

Now if we call this her praise, then she could be considered sexy only from the point of view of her figure. Those who used to see her figure instead of her color, used to get attracted to her. I was also one of them. (fuck college girlfriend)

When I had befriended him, I had befriended him only from the point of view of a friend. At that time I was not attracted by her figure etc. Then when our friendship had been for a long time, both of us started laughing and joking openly.

She was also very happy with me. Because all the boys studying together were attracted by her body curves, not her face or face. Perhaps this was the reason that she used to feel very connected with me and used to talk to me openly.

Many times in both of our talks, there used to be a discussion about the fact that her boobs and hips are amazing. In fact, if she would tell me about the lustful glances of other boys, I would tell her jokingly that they all get mesmerized by looking at your boobs and hips.

One such day when I again told him something about his mother. She got angry before I said this. Then she danced with her eyes and said – You have read her eyes… but what are your eyes?

After hearing this from her mouth, I understood that she wants to hear from me the praise of her moms and erect ass. I said- If I praise your figure… would you like it?

She said – when you will praise me… when you like my figure. I said to this thing of her – I like your figure very much… but my eyes are not like those crows who want to scratch you.

Due to this talk of mine, she started looking at me with great love. Then she said mumbling slowly – but even if I want to snatch you myself, you will not do anything?

I had heard this thing of his, but I did such a show as if I had not heard him. I told her what are you saying… just say it louder… I did not understand.

She laughed and said – Friend, it is not only difficult for me to explain to an idiot like you, it is impossible.

I understood her point and saw the right opportunity proposed to her at the same time. He nodded in response, looking into my eyes.

As soon as she agreed, I spread my arms towards her and she got into my arms. I kissed her on the forehead and we both fell in love with each other.

From that day onwards, our meetings and travel became more frequent. We used to talk the whole night. After a few days, we started having phone sex as well.

We both started coming very close to each other. I had started loving Kritika and started thinking of getting her. He also had similar thoughts for me.

She used to hug me very close. He probably started enjoying getting his body caressed by my hands. We both used to kiss and lick each other.

When I used to suppress her milk, she used to refuse me showing tantrums, but she herself used to tell her love by rubbing her mother against my body.

Now both of us had made up our minds to have sex with each other. This thing was not revealed but our actions used to make both of us so hot that even without wanting to, our lust used to get revealed.

Once upon a time, Kritika’s parents were about to go out for two days. That day only Kritika and her younger sister were going to stay in the house.

Since her younger sister knew about us, we were not going to face any problems. The next day when her parents went out, Kritika called me and invited me to her house. I asked him – is there anything special? He laughed and asked to give a surprise. (fuck college girlfriend)

I knew what a surprise I would get today. Because he told me yesterday that his parents are going somewhere. Thinking of fucking her, I took a packet of condoms from the medical store and went to her house. I got very angry when I saw his sister sitting there.

Kritika saw my face and smiled and asked – what happened?
I said – KLPD.
Kritika – What does KLPD mean?
I said – you do not understand the meaning of KLPD?
Did she say – no… tell me?
I said- Listen ‘K..’ means standing… ‘L..’ means ‘that..’ ‘P..’ means but… and ‘D..’ means cheating.

She started laughing looking at me.
I caressed the cock and said – why are you laughing?
She said – KLPHM.

Now it was my turn to be shocked. I asked – what happened now?

She said – You know the meaning of the first letter… The last two letters mean that ‘H..’ means ‘Hee..’ and ‘M..’ means Milegi.

I understood that she is saying that she will be found only on standing cocks. I became happy and asked – how will I get it??

She said- My sister does not have any problem… She knows everything about it. I went ahead and hugged her and kissed her, then she said – let’s go to the room.

I took Kritika to her room and started kissing her. He also started kissing me. In no time, I took off all her clothes. She was very hot and was saying ‘ahh ahh..’ very loudly.

At that time I heard a sound from the window, so I understood that Kritika’s sister was watching our sex from there.

I also removed all my clothes and took my erect cock in front of Kritika’s face. He quickly started sucking cocks. Kritika was sucking my cock in such a way that ‘ahh huuuuu..’ just kept coming out of my throat.

For about five minutes, Kritika sucked the betel nut of the cock with full fun… she sucked the cock deep inside and also sucked my balls, then I started enjoying. I started fucking her mouth thinking it as a pussy.

After some time I told him – my work is about to be done. Hearing this, she started sucking cocks more forcefully. When I tried to remove the cock, he asked me

to fall in his mouth with a hand gesture. This gesture of hers forced my cock to vomit. The very next moment, semen started coming out of my cock. She also kept the cock inside her mouth. She drank all my water. (fuck college girlfriend)

I was engaged in sucking my cock in the intoxication of fun. After some time he released the cock, then his eyes had turned completely red with lust. She was feeling overwhelmed with work.

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At this time, her naked body was looking like a porn star to me. Her tight tits and erect ass were making me yearn for it. There was not a hair of Jhant on his pussy. Kritika was looking like a cool virgin whore.

I made her lie on the bed and raised her legs and put my nose on her pussy. I started sucking while smelling the pussy. I love sucking pussy. I was sucking her pussy very lovingly.

She got hot very quickly after licking her pussy and my mouth was pressing on her pussy. I was also sucking the grain of her pussy while pulling it with my lips

due to which her pussy left its juice and her body became completely rigid. Her ass was up in the air and intoxicating exclamations were coming out of her mouth.

The very next minute she also left her water and became exhausted. I started licking all the water from Kritika’s virgin pussy. I cleaned her pussy by licking it. For a few moments, we both started kissing and licking each other.

After about ten minutes she took me on top of her and holding my cock with her hand kept it on her pussy. Lund also stuck his top in the slit of the pussy.

That’s why Kritika asked me to push quickly. I gave a hard push in her pussy. She screamed and she was in pain. She grabbed my waist and asked me to take out my cock.

But as if my cock was excited. Without listening to him, I started pushing and shoving. I could not hear her moans.

After a minute or two, her painful sounds stopped coming and she started enjoying herself. Now she also started lifting her ass from below and started abusing me.

Kritika- ah ah… aur se chod saale… madarchod kitna andar tak pele raha hai… aah it is enjoying… rub de saale… She was licking like a thirsty sister-in-law. At that time I was also enjoying fucking her.

Meanwhile, she fell down and started kissing me. I continued my work and continued to rub cock in her pussy. I was jerking hard… With this, she got charged again and started enjoying. (fuck college girlfriend)

After about ten minutes, I felt I was about to get pregnant, so I called Kritika. Kritika took out the cock and took it in her mouth and sucked the cock and drank all its water.

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