Horny Cute College Girl Fucked in a sexy dress!

Horny Cute College Girl Fucked in a sexy dress!

Friends, my name is Rahul, I am 22 years old, I am a resident of Indore and I help my father with his work. I am very handsome in appearance and my body is muscular, my cock is 7 inches long and 3 inches thick. In this story, I will tell you how a cute college girl fucked in a sexy dress. There lived a girl named Ayushi in my neighborhood, who used to study in college. Whenever she met me, she used to give me a strange smile, but I never paid attention. By the way, she was young, her boobs were also big, the size of her boobs would be 34, she also used to wear very sexy dresses, but I never noticed why she does this? She was very free with my didi, she kept telling me about her boyfriend.

Then one day she told me that brother, you have some math problem, will you explain? So then I said that it is okay to come, I will get it done. Now whenever she used to come from the office every evening, she used to bring some problem or the other. Now she used to come every day wearing a sexy dress and used to sit by clinging to me and deliberately rubbing her boobs on my hands as I suddenly.

Even then I used to get agitated but kept control of myself because I knew it was not all right. She used to come wearing short skirts and deliberately make her skirt up a bit so that I could see her sexy legs, but I didn’t pay any attention to her.

Then one Sunday she came to understand something from me. Now Didi was sleeping and I was watching TV. Then she started to understand, that day she did not even wear a bra under the T-shirt and her nipples were clearly visible. Now I just kept looking at her. Then she gave a nasty smile. Then we both sat down. Now I started teaching her. Now she was teasing me again and again with some pretext and now her boobs were touching me and I was being drunk, but I was controlling myself.         “Cute college girl fucked”

Then she went to the fridge to get a bottle of water, and due to the water lying there, she slipped and fell. Now she started screaming, then I ran towards her, her thigh hurt. Now I was rubbing her thigh, she was wearing a short skirt and now I could clearly see her panties. She was wearing a pink panty and her pussy hair was coming out of it. Now, something was happening to me. Now I was slowly pressing her thigh, but now my attention was on her panty, maybe she knew. For more sex stories visit wildfantasystory.com

Now she had opened her legs more, but then I came to know that my sister is inside, so then I asked that you get up and see if it goes or not, then she started getting up. Then I supported her by the waist and lifted her up. Now my arm slipped from her waist and started touching her boobs. Now she deliberately leaned toward me and started saying I do not go away, brother. Then I took her in my arms.  

Now she had put her arms around my neck and stuck to my chest and her hot breath started hitting my chest. Now my steps were not moving. Now I felt as if there was no life in my legs. Then she gently kissed my chest. Now my whole body was drenched in sweat and a current ran through my whole body. So that’s when Didi came out in such a short time. Then we bandaged her and then she went downstairs to her house. Then only a week passed and she did not even go to college.   “Cute college girl fucked”

Then after 1 week, she got better. Now I did not want to face her, because I knew that if I faced her, I would lose my senses this time. Then after 1 week, my didi went to Delhi for a cousin’s wedding and now she had to come back after 2-3 days. Now I had some work, so I didn’t go. When it was Saturday, I was back home at 2 o’clock. Then after a while, the bell rang, then I got up and opened the door, then there was Sonia in front, with books in her hand. Now she had come to understand something.

So then I told her that today didi is not at home. So then she said that I know and then she gave a nasty smile. Now before I used to say something, she came straight in, and then she said that today no study, today we will just enjoy, and then she sat on the sofa and turned on the TV, which had a movie, so she would watch Started.

Then I asked her if she would take a cold drink and then I went to get a cold drink from the fridge for her. Then when I came back, she had taken off her T-shirt, she had a black bra over her white boobs. Then she called me in gesture, then I said no Sonia, you go, it is not right, you are too young. Then she said no Rahul I love you, I want to feel you. Now I was surprised to hear her name from her mouth for the first time.   “Cute college girl fucked”

So then she said how long had I been waiting for this day? So then I said that no if your parents come to know, what will they say? So then she said that she would not know, she is not at home, but still, I asked her to leave. Then when I did not agree, then she said Rahul if you do not come, then I will go out and tell everyone that you have tried to fuck me by calling me upstairs. Then I got scared and then after thinking something, I came to her.

Then she put her arms around my neck. Now I started kissing her. Now she took off her bra, Ummm what were her boobs? Now I was starting to suck her boobs. Then she said loudly, I want to drown today. Then I came down sucking her boobs. Now she had taken off her skirt too. Now she was only in panty. Then she started taking off my clothes and opening every button she was kissing me. Now I was only in underwear and she was in panties.

Then I told her that let’s go to the bedroom. Then she jumped and came on my lap and then she put both her legs on my waist. Then I took her to the room while sucking her and slammed her on the bed. Then she gestured for me to call her. Then I went to her, then she said I will not leave you today, you have tortured me for a long time and then she took off my underwear and took out my cock, and started rubbing. Now my cock was hard.     “Cute college girl fucked”

Now she had started sucking my cock. Now when she was sucking my cock, then I could see the views of heaven. Now I started muttering aahah, aaahah, uuuu, mmmmmm, and then after a while, I felt that I was about to leave, then I started taking out my cock. Then she said no, do it in my mouth only. Then I put my semen in her mouth, which she drank all, and a little fell on her lips, which she also licked with her tongue. I have never had such satisfaction in life. Then she lay down on the bed and now she had opened both her legs and said that leak my pussy, then I said or not. Then if she does not bid, then I will go out. Then I went towards her pussy. Then she thrust my mouth into her pussy. Now I started liking her pussy.

Then I opened the lips of her pussy and put my tongue in the middle and started fuming. Now she was screaming ahhhh and louder and louder, ummmmm. Now I was having a lot of fun. Now I was starting to do it louder too. Then her juice came out, now she had reached her orgasm. Now she was lying down drunk. Even now I sat next to her and started moving my hand over her body. So then after such a long time, my cock stood up again. Then when she saw it, there was a gleam in her eyes, and said give me the fun of paradise today, please. Then I said no, let it be. Then she said no please fuck me. Then I went inside and brought the condom. Then I put both her legs up and thrust them inside. Then she cried out in pain.    “Cute college girl fucked”

Then I put one hand on her mouth, but she was in a lot of pain because of kissing for the first time. Now she had cut my hand too, but at that time I was excited. Now I was slowly starting to push. By now her juice had come out and now she too was enjoying it. Now she was screaming ah, ah and louder and louder, Ummm. Now I was starting to push harder. Now she was falling again, but I kept on kissing her vigorously. Then after a while, it also reached its peak. Then in this way, we had a lot of fun that day, and then after that, I once again kissed her that day and then we took a shower together, and then after that, I also kicked her ass.

By now it was 7 o’clock. Now it was time for her parents to come. Now she had come and sat on the sofa with books. Then I picked up the bedsheet containing blood from the bedroom and started washing it, but the blood did not come out, so I threw it away. Now that we were sitting, I asked her how she was attracted to me. So then she told me that she had seen the Blue movie, so since then, she was thinking of an affair with me. Then whenever we got an opportunity, then we took full advantage of that opportunity. To read more desi sex story, visit wildfantasystory.com and enjoy your time.

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