Hot & Amazing Delhi College Girl Sex Story Part-2

Hot & Amazing Delhi College Girl Sex Story Part-2

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Read in College Girl Sex Story that the neighbor girl herself invited me to her bathroom one day. But I went to the city to fuck her pussy. How?

I was telling you how a dark girl in my neighborhood started hitting lines at me and I called her on the terrace to kiss. After that, we both started yearning to meet again. Now I wanted to fuck her but I didn’t want to do all this in a hurry. One night I called him again on the terrace.

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I also reached there and as soon as I sat down, Maya started looking at me with a smile. I stuffed him in my arms like this. Then our lips joined and my hands started pressing on Maya’s cheeks. Maya was already hot. While kissing, my hand reached his salwar. But he held my hand. I didn’t even try to insist. She said – what was he doing?

I refused to do all that. I said – man gets excited. You have forbidden only to put dicks, not to touch them. I will not have sex without your consent, just from above. If you refuse, I will not do it from above.

Saying this, I turned a little sad and she said – have you agreed? I said – no, but both of them do it happily, then it is fun, isn’t it? She said- well, you are a good boy. As soon as this happened, we both started sucking each other’s lips again. While kissing, I held Maya’s hand and placed it on my dick. He immediately removed his hand. She said – Shameless! I said – hey what is in it, we are doing it from above.

Now I took the dick out of the underwear itself and again started holding his hand. She started to release. I said – don’t hold it, man, it is mine. I myself am speaking to catch. What is happening in catching you from above? Then I held the dick in his hand and he did not remove his hand again.

When he took the dick in his hand, he sighed from my mouth and hissed came out. I said – today I make your hand a pussy. Squeeze it in a fist and move its skin up and down.

Maya started doing the same without saying anything. I put my hand inside his shirt and started pressing his teat. For some time both of us kept having fun and then she said – My hand is starting to hurt now. It’s been a long time. The mother will also wake up.

I said – just do it for a while. Do it quickly. Maya quickly started licking my dick and I started sucking her lips tightly. She too was biting my lips. I was having a lot of fun. Now I started caressing her pussy from the top of the salwar. Maya started doing c… c….

I lowered my butts and opened my legs. Then I put my hand in her salwar and put a finger in her pussy. Her pussy was completely wet. I said – once you suck too darling? She started refusing. When I started requesting again, he took the betel nut off my dick in his mouth. But after applying his tongue a couple of times, he removed it again.

I told her to keep shaking like this. I kept fingering his pussy. The finger was only able to go in a little. If I tried to enter more, it would start hurting. Then only then his pussy left the water. My dick was also about to hit the pitcher now. As soon as the dick started beating, I put my lips on Maya’s lips and started drinking the juice from her lips.

My semen had come out. After a while, we parted and Maya’s hand had got a lot of dicks. Some he wiped on the wall and some down on the ceiling. Then she got up. Maya said – go now … my mother does not wake up! She went to her terrace.

I also got up and put the dick in the underwear and rubbed the material which had fallen on the ceiling with my feet and then came to my room and slept. Then we started meeting on the terrace, not every day but on the second or third day. Maya was now sucking dicks comfortably.

One night at 11 o’clock his call came and he asked me to come straight to his bathroom. I said – what has happened? Do you know what will happen if you get caught? She said – nothing will happen. You just come! I said – okay, I will come.

After disconnecting the phone, I went down the backway and climbed up through the roof of the buffalo room. Maya was standing in front of her room. His mother was sleeping inside. He gestured for me to go to the bathroom. I had some fear and lust in my mind. I slowly jumped on his roof and entered his bathroom.

Maya stood in front of the room so that she could see that no one else was watching. Then she looked at her mother and slowly slid the door and entered the bathroom herself. As soon as we came, we both started kissing each other and kissing lips.

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After some time I said – if your mother got up? She said- Mother sleeps on the second and third day with sleeping pills. Today she has taken a pill and she will not wake up. I said – then today I will enjoy you differently. She said – how? I said – just keep watching. After that, I started taking off his shirt. But he stopped.

I said – you have to do it from above. You can’t refuse the top. After that I took off the suit, so he covered his nipples with both hands. I removed both her hands and looked at her nipples. Then he bent down and took one of his teats into his mouth. Maya got angry. Now I started sucking both the nipples alternately. She slowly started stroking my head.

After that, I left the teat and stood up by lowering my brief and said to him – suck my dick now. Maya got down on her knees and started taking the dick in her mouth. Dick started sticking in his throat. She tried her best but could not do well.

Then I asked him to get up. After standing, I started opening the nada of his salwar. She was looking at me curiously. She did not protest and I made Maya completely naked. His bathroom was huge. Inside she had already brought the mat. She was with the whole plan today. I said – I am lying down on the mat. You point your mouth towards my dick and your pussy towards my mouth. Both will suck at each other.

She said – are you crazy? I said – I am not crazy, I am right. Try it once, it will be fun. I lay down and Maya put the pussy near my mouth. Taking out my tongue, I started wiping it on the pussy. Maya also took the dick in her mouth. We were having a lot of fun. If you are a desi girl of the village, then the pleasure of licking pussy and sucking dick becomes double.

Maya’s pussy started leaving the water. Drinking water and licking pussy is my biggest weakness. I drank all the juice from his pussy. Then Maya’s body became loose. She stood up. I wrapped around her body and started kissing her neck and surrounding area by putting my dick on her pussy. She took me in her arms and started kissing my neck.

I was not left yet, so the enthusiasm was such that I should tear off Maya’s pussy, but I knew the urgency of the occasion. Had she been in a hurry, she might not have given her pussy next time. After some time she herself started catching my dick. Then when he did not stay with him, he said – I feel very much, try to take it inside once. I said – what are you saying? What if you had a child?

She said – what will be the child at once, you are doing so much for me, I also want to give you some fun. Saying this she went downstairs. Now when the pussy is lying in front and you are asking to put a dick, then who will refuse the pussy! I hurried over to him.

Maya grabbed my dick and started rubbing it on her pussy. Whenever I rubbed the betel nut of my dick on her pussy, she started taking long long breaths. I also kept rubbing the dick on the pussy. While doing this, she started getting mad and started biting me. Then when the matter became beyond his tolerance, then he said – do it? I have thought about it, I have said so!

Now it was my turn to torture him. I said – this work cannot be done here, it will have to be done outside. I knew that if I put a dick now, it will scream and we will definitely be caught.
She said – out where? Do it now, erase its agony. On this I said – if you go to Mg Road, tell me, I will do it there. I will enjoy it in such a way that all the yearning for it will disappear. She said – OK, then keep rubbing your dick like this, I am enjoying it.

Then I kept rubbing the dick on his pussy. I too was about to leave. Then after two minutes, my dick released the semen, and all the goods spread on her pussy. We both got up and he cleaned the pussy. Then we both started kissing. When he left after kissing, he told me I love you.

I smiled too and I also put on my brief. She said – it is too late now. we need to go. I will definitely tell you when I go to Mg Road. Now you wait here, first I come after seeing my mother. Isn’t she awake? She got out and stood at the door of the room. Then he gestured for the hand to come out. I got out and secretly jumped the wall and entered my room.

The next morning he got a call that I want to watch porn on your Phone. Take it out and give it to me. Then I saw the opportunity and gave him my phone by playing a blue film. After half an hour she left the phone back. Then called and said – you just do it now, now I want to take yours. You don’t know what magic you have done. I said – I will give my life, you take out time, the real fun of life is in sex.

She said – OK, maybe tomorrow I will go with my mother to get medicine. I will tell you by evening. I said – okay. Then you’ll have fun. You tell on time. In the evening of that day, she made sure that she was going tomorrow with her mother. At that moment my dick stood up. Now I started waiting for the next day.

At 10 o’clock in the morning, she got ready and went away pointing to me. The first thing I chuckled after he left. By hitting the fist beforehand, the goods do not come out quickly at the time of sex. I wanted to enjoy the first kiss of Maya’s pussy.

After that, I took a bath and massaged the dick with mustard oil. Then I got ready and picked up the bike and went to Mg Road. Around 12 o’clock Maya called and asked- Where are you?? I said – I am sitting here in the nearby park. Tell me where to come Maya said – I have come to the turn of the medical. Mother did not say that I have come to bring your number so many things.

I said – come straight towards the turn. I am on the way and will come towards you with a bike. I found Maya at a distance and I took her to the hotel by putting her on a bike. There I took the room and as soon as I left, put her on the bed. We both had less time, so we started kissing without delay. After that, I got up and took off all my clothes. Now it was the turn to bare Maya.

I took Maya in my arms. He lifted his suit and removed it from his arms. Today she was wearing a bra. I stood back and untied the hook of his bra. Then while putting a dick on the ass, he started pressing his nipples. Then I took my hand down and opened the nada of Maya’s salwar. Salwar came to his feet. Now it was the turn of his panties.

Maya’s ass was bare now. My dick was in the crack of his buttocks. Now he also removed the salwar from his feet. Now I picked him up and put him on the bed. We both started kissing each other again. Then I came downstairs and started drinking his teats. Started sucking the nipple of his teat. Suck both nipples alternately.

While kissing on his stomach, he reached his pussy. I put my mouth on her pussy and started licking her. Then taking his hands forward, he started pressing on his nipples. Now my mouth was licking her pussy and my hands were pressing her nipples upwards. My tongue was sticking out in his pussy.

And she started sobbing – ahh…… aye… ahh… Stop… ahh… sss… Oo my god… ahh… Gopal… suck… ah fun. ohh… keep on licking. Maya was completely hot. She started banging her head here and there. Within no time, his body became stiff and the water from his pussy came out. I drank all that water.

Now she grabbed my dick and started moving back and forth. I was rubbing his nipples. He opened his mouth again and our lips joined again. He grabbed me in the arms and started rubbing my dick on his pussy. I said – suck the lode and make it wet once. She got up and sat down and started sucking my dick. I started having fun.

I sucked the dick for a long time and then asked him to lie down. When she lay down, I came over to her. Sucking on his lips was now more fun. He grabbed my dick and got it placed on his pussy. My dick was right on the mouth of his pussy and she started putting pressure on him to take it inside.

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I did not think it right to delay now and imprisoned Maya’s lips in my lips. When I put the pressure of my dick on his pussy, then the dick slipped. I again put the betel nut on the mouth of his pussy. As soon as the pressure was given this time, the dick went inside a little. There was a look of pain on his face.

Now I jerked and the dick went inside for 3 inches. Maya’s eyes came out from this. She started pushing me on top of her. But I made another push. The whole dick went into Maya’s pussy. She was instantly stunned. For some time I lay on top of him and kept clinging to him. Then he started kissing her.

I told him – just the pain that was supposed to happen has happened. Now there will be no pain but only fun is left. When I started sucking on her lips, she became completely normal in a while. Then I slowly started moving the dick back and forth in his pussy. When the dick slid, a painful voice came out of his mouth – hi dead! While silencing him, I said – nothing will happen.

After that, I started applying light tremors. After a while, he started feeling good while kissing her. She also started supporting me. Then the hiss of joy started coming out of his mouth – ah… do more… ahh… having fun… do more. In no time she even fell.

But I had not fallen yet. She said – just take it out. It’s hurting now. I said – but mine is not done yet. She said – I will remove yours but nothing is to be dropped inside. I took out the dick. There was the blood from his pussy on my dick, which came out of breaking the seal.

She said – wash it and come first. I came after washing the dick. She said – I will take it out in your mouth. I feel like drinking. Yesterday in the movie Blue I saw a girl drinking. I want to drink too. I lay down and Maya started sucking my dick. Sometimes she would start licking and sometimes she would start sucking again.

In this way, after five minutes she got my semen out in her mouth and drank it. Then I asked him – how did you know all this about sex? Aren’t you scared to see blood? She said- I and my friend have seen many films naked. We all know what happens in the first place.

After that, she said – Let’s take a bath together. Then we took a bath together. Get ready after taking a bath. Maya’s gait had changed now. After that, we came out of the hotel. I left him with Mg Road. While doing no or no like this, my neighbor girl got her pussy pricked. I also thoroughly enjoyed licking her virgin pussy. It was a tight pussy.

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