Male Servant and Charving Bhabhi Sex Story

Male Servant and Charving Bhabhi Sex Story

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Friends, today’s bhabhi sex story is absolutely the latest incident. It’s as if a movie is going on in front of you. The story is of Mohit. Although Mohit was from a small town, he was the captain of the football team in his college. Later he also joined a gym and gradually he became a trainer in the famous gym of that district.

Fair skin, tall stature, tight fit body, frizzy black hair and Pathan tehzeeb. Overall, Mohit was an educated boy, who had tehzeeb and hatred in his veins. But he came to Gurgaon after getting fed up with the domestic strife. He prepared himself to come to Gurgaon and do all kinds of work here.

Waking up at five o’clock in the morning, he would go to the nearby society and bring milk from the nearby dairy in front of him in 10-12 buckets kept in the guard room and then transport them to the flats. Often some flats would ask him for some breakfast items, then he would bring them. Then he would wash the cars of the owners of the same flats and get them ready by 9 o’clock.

After that, he would get some time to drink his tea. He did the work with so much heart and satisfaction that all the Memsabs would be very happy with it. Mohit had also learned driving from a friend while studying in his city. Even after driving a taxi for a couple of months, he had got the practice of driving the car.

Now when he came to Gurgaon for two years, he was well aware of the ways of the people here and the ways of impressing the people. But the direction in which life was turning him, he had not even thought. Now he too was winded. He had a great smart phone on which he would keep in touch with all the meme saab people on WhatsApp.

Memsaab people would also get him to do all his work and keep praising him with clothes, food and money. Since no one could say that Mohit was just a cleaning boy looking at Mohit’s style and dress, the people would take him from driving to shopping and picking up things with them.

In Delhi, anyway, if you keep it on your head to get work, then the ladies would feed Mohit along with them in the restaurant. All the ladies used to feel very comfortable with Mohit. In the morning, when Mohit went to his flat to give milk, the ladies would open the door in such clothes that Mohit would have lowered his eyes and grabbed the bucket. But yes… Mohit and her smiling good morning must have happened.

The depth of the cleavage of those ladies and the peeping out of it, the tip of the nipples and the twitching ass, all this was guessed by only Mohit apart from his ladies tailor. Mohit would remember them all while twirling his hands while sleeping at night. Now Mohit would join their pranks too. Ladies are very fond of doing evil to each other and knowing secrets. So Mohit Mian would take full advantage of it.

They used to talk about each other with big salt and pepper. But Mohit never shared anyone’s secret with anyone. That is why all the ladies had a lot of faith in him. These days the ladies of the high society have their own stories. So Mohit would be the ruler of all.

Who is Memsahab’s affair stories, who Memsaab secretly smokes or drinks, who had a fight with her husband when and why, whose husband’s affair is going on, which Memsaab has a Nainamatka with whom, all this information is the most to Mohit. One day he got a message from Aisha Memsaab number 109 asking if he was vacant for the day tomorrow, he had to get his flat cleaned, he should meet her in the morning.

Aisha was a very cheerful and good natured fashionable lady of about 35 years. He had only one daughter who studied in a boarding school outside. Aisha’s husband Sonu was quite the opposite of her dark and simple personality. He was a great officer, often on tours outside. When he was here, every night Aisha would have an argument with him about sex and then Aisha would forcefully get him to have sex.

There were also discussions that on Sonu’s tours, he is accompanied by a colleague with whom he has an affair. However, this allegation of Sonu Aisha would be called rubbish. Now Aisha had a clear fund that the husband would only earn a lot of money and when there was a chance, he should fuck her on the bed properly. He would do anything outside the rest of the house.

Instead of giving his explanation, Sonu kept saving his life by filling Aisha’s pocket with money and her pussy with his goods. Aisha was fond of cigarettes, but apart from Aisha, only her daughter or Mohit knew this. Aisha maintains herself well. When Aisha would fight with Sonu, Mohit standing far away wondered why Sonu sahib did not get along with such a beautiful wife.

Mohit was told the tales of Aisha and Sonu by the number 78 Kangana Mam, because of the need that Mohit also told them something, but Mohit was consummate, he would have killed Summ, as if he did not know anything. Kangana herself was very sexy. When she was sitting among her friends in the park downstairs, she would tell that Aisha and Sonu’s fight was only over sex.

Aisha wants Sonu to fuck her hard whenever he is here, and Sonu would fall asleep just exhausted once in a while. There was a lot of exchange of pornographic books and videos between Kangana and Aisha. Well, when Mohit went to give bucket of milk at number 109 the next morning, Aisha opened the door and said – Mohit, keep coming to me by giving milk to everyone.

Mohit reached Aisha Memsahab’s flat only after fifteen minutes. Sonu was ready to go out, he was going to Hyderabad for two days. Mohit took their belongings and came back after keeping it in the taxi parked below. Aisha was casually wearing shorts and t-shirt as usual, blowing cigarette smoke, her body structure was peeping from inside.

Sitting at the table, Aisha gave him a cup of tea and asked him to sit. She said that today Mohit was with her the whole time. Aisha did not allow Mohit to speak anything and forcibly put the two thousand note in his pocket. Now what would Mohit say… he asked what is the work? So Aisha said that the house has to be cleaned, then shopping has to be done. Won’t happen to him alone.

Aisha told him that he should come at 9 in the morning and it may be late in the night, he should not worry about eating. Mohit also liked this memesab very much because she used to talk to him the best in the society. After drinking tea, Mohit left immediately and after taking a bath after cleaning all the vehicles came to Aisha’s flat.

Aisha was wearing the same clothes. She gave Mohit sandwiches and tea. After breakfast, Mohit started cleaning. Aisha also started helping him. Mohit said that you should stay away from the dust. But the line did not obey. Mohit was wearing a clean track suit, then Aisha told him – these clothes will become dirty for you, wait, I will give some clothes of the sahib.

Now where is Sonu’s heavy body, where Mohit is tall, slender smart. Well Aisha gave him a bermuda and T-shirt, then Mohit wore it anyway. Now Mohit was afraid that Bermuda might slip away. He wasn’t even wearing underwear underneath. Mohit’s exercising body was coming out of the sleeveless T-shirt. Aisha laughed seeing him.

Mohit stood on the ladder and cleaned the fans, tube lights, chandeliers etc., then Aisha held her straight from below. Mohit’s fat dick was clearly visible to the line from below in Bermuda. Aisha started having fun. The sex worm began to bubble in his mind.

When Mohit sought Aisha’s help in lifting the carpet down, Aisha bowed down and showed her maternal uncle Mohit while lifting the carpet. Mohit looked at the mother, but that line was ignorant of Memsahab’s intention and remained innocent. He thought she was a very careless woman.

Now Aisha kept on doing the drama of hitting him again and again. While cleaning the bedroom, Mohit found the condom used last night from under the bed, which he cleverly hid from the line and kept it in the garbage. But still, Aisha only shamelessly picked up her rapper.

While cleaning the bedroom, Aisha spread her legs and lay there on the sofa. Mohit’s dick was now standing on seeing her smooth thighs and dangling mummies, on which Aisha’s eyes had fallen. In the cleaning under the bed, Mohit found a thick candle, which Aisha laughed and took it from her, not knowing when it was lying.

Although Mohit also understood that Aisha Memsaab pacifies the heat of her pussy with this. Aisha opened two cans of beer. Despite Mohit’s refusal, Aisha forcibly gave him a can.

By noon most of the work was done. Where is the dirt in the flats now? Everything remains closed. Mohit asked Aisha for an hour’s leave that she would take a bath and have food. Aisha tells him that he has ordered the food and that he should take bath in his bathroom.

Aisha gave him the towel. Mohit used such a beautiful bathroom for the first time. He immediately took a bath. Aisha was saying from outside – you take a quick bath, then I will take a bath. Mohit quickly came out of the towel wrap. He had changed clothes outside.

Aisha hurriedly entered the bathroom, admiring his gymnastic body and broad chest. When Mohit looked for his clothes outside, he could not find it. Perhaps Aisha would have kept it here and there in the cleaning. He also asked with a voice that where is my clothes kept, then a voice came from inside that you had kept them there, I will come and see now.

After a while the sound of Aisha slipping from inside came. Mohit immediately asked – what happened Memsaab? Aisha said – I have slipped… please help. He opened the door. When Mohit went inside with a towel, Aisha was standing wrapped in a towel. When Mohit tried to support her, Aisha laughed and ran the shower.

Both got drenched in strong water. Aisha took off both her and Mohit’s towel. Now both were naked. Aisha could see his long and thick taut dick. Now the flirtation of the pussy and the heat of the dick had overpowered the thinking power of both Aisha and Mohit.

Aisha clinging to Mohit, grabbed her wet hair from behind and joined her lips with his lips. Mohit could not understand what to do. But his dick was also getting uncontrollable now. He grabbed Aisha’s hair from behind with both his hands and tightened the grip of Aisha’s lips on her lips.

Now Aisha was biting his lips and inserting her tongue into his mouth. Seeing Aisha’s drunken mother, Mohit felt as if she had gone mad. He started sucking Aisha’s intoxicated moms with a fervor. Her dick was swaying in Aisha’s hands, she was getting restless to take Mohit inside.

Mohit took a bottle of shower gel and poured it on Aisha’s mum and back and also applied some on her chest. Now both the bodies became smooth. If both of them were wrapped, their bodies would slip at the same time. Aisha’s fair and fair mother were now slipping on Mohit’s chest. Mohit washes Aisha’s mummies, head, back and finally the pussy with hand shower.

Similarly, Aisha also bathed Mohit. Now Aisha made Mohit sit down on the floor and taking a big handle, took her chubby dick in her smooth pussy. Giving pressure from above, he did the whole dick deep inside and started going up and down! Mohit was also sucking on his mother. What a wonderful stamina in Aisha!

After a while, Mohit removed the line from above, took out his dick from the mistress’s pussy and picked it up in the dock. Aisha also put her arms around his neck and wrapped both her legs around his waist. Now Aisha’s mummies were fighting against her chest and the lips of both were fighting to get into each other.

Mohit’s dick was pleading to go inside Aisha’s pussy from below. Now Mohit, not spending much time, laid Aisha on the bed slowly in the bedroom and slipped down and inserted her tongue into the smooth velvet pussy of Aisha. Hot sexy sister-in-law smirked, she began to rub her momma with her hands, both of her heels were rolling on each other in disquiet. His voices were coming out.

She was wondering why she had not called this man before. Why did she keep praising that special Sonu? Here Mohit’s mind was stuck on Aisha’s mother. He extended his hand and grabbed Aisha’s mother. Now he had become a bit heartless. He took out his tongue from the line’s pussy and by joining his lips back with the lips of the line, slowly started floating on the body of the line. He had kept himself on his arms and his dick was floating again and again below the line’s pussy.

His tongue would sometimes prick with Aisha’s tongue, sometimes while coming down, kissing Aisha’s nipples would go up and down. Aisha was now desperate to enter her pussy by holding her dick with her hands, but Mohit’s dick would slip out of her hand like a frog every time and the fire in her pussy would flare up.

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