Got a Chance to Fuck Bhabhi In Bus – Stranger Bhabhi Fuck

Got a Chance to Fuck Bhabhi In Bus – Stranger Bhabhi Fuck

Hello Guys, I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Got a Chance to Fuck Bhabhi In Bus – Stranger Bhabhi Fuck“. I am sure you all will love it.

Friends, my name is Nitin. I am a doctor. I am a 28-year-old young man and the size of my penis is so great that it can give complete pleasure sex to any girl or Bhabhi. Although I like fucking bhabhi more than girls.

One day suddenly a mail came in my mailbox. A Bhabhi wanted to talk to me. Bhabhi’s name was Ankita, she lives in Navi Mumbai.

Her husband runs a clothing business. Bhabhi also looks after the local business here.

Bhabhi’s sex and personal life were going great. But Bhabhi and her husband were always forced to stay apart mostly due to their business. (Stranger Bhabhi Fuck)

Bhabhi had written to me in the mail that I wanted to talk to you. We will just talk… nothing else.

Many such things were written in her mail according to which she also wanted some tips from me.

Ankita ji had written in the mail that she only wanted to chat. So we started talking. We started talking every day. There were normal things in our conversation, like home, job etc.

Then one day she shared an experience with me, which changed everything that happened between us. Their talks were about sex.

Ankita ji had befriended a guy about a year ago.

Then they had a sex chat with that man. After that, that guy took Ankita Ji’s number and harassed her a lot. That’s why she didn’t trust anyone anymore.

After this conversation, I understood what fear existed in Ankita Ji’s mind. I had also decided that unless Ankita Ji wished, I would not try to know anything from her. (Stranger Bhabhi Fuck)

The next day when both of us were busy talking. So Ankita Ji wanted to know from me and asked – Have you had sex with anyone? If yes, where and how did you do it for the first time?

I told them that I had my first sex in the hospital. This sex was with a doctor’s wife.

When Ankita ji asked me to narrate the entire sex story, I asked whether you would like to hear about sex openly… or in hidden words.

Bhabhi suddenly said – I want to hear your sex story, not any love story.

I understood that today Ankita ji is in the mood to talk about sex.

I told the story of fucking my friend’s wife with some hot words. This made Bhabhi very excited. After this conversation, we started talking about sex every day.

After a few days, she started sending me photos of her pussy, Big Boobs and ass. I also started sending her a photo of my penis. (Stranger Bhabhi Fuck)

We both were having a great conversation, but she stopped talking to me after a few days.

I also forgot her.

Then one day a mail came from Ankita ji that I was going to Pune, if you want, you can come with me.

Along with this, she had also written a condition, which surprised me.

Her condition was strange, after hearing it I was not able to understand what to do. She had written in the mail that I would not show my face to you and you would keep your mobile switched off.

Then I agreed. Our meeting time was fixed. On Saturday morning at 8 o’clock she called me on Mumbai-Puna highway.

Before coming there, she had told me in the mail that she was wearing a black coloured top and had a scarf tied on her face.

I went there at quarter to eight in the morning, fifteen minutes before time. There was no sign of her till eight o’clock.

Then at 8.05, a message came in my mail saying that I was at the same place… where were you?

When I looked around, she was not there. Then she said that she was wearing a yellow coloured saree.

When I looked, that Bhabhi was right in front of me. Looked like a big disaster. Although Bhabhi’s face was covered. (Stranger Bhabhi Fuck)

Friends, I don’t know how to tell the size of a woman, but Bhabhi’s ass and boobs were exactly like an actress. My penis became tight after seeing Bhabhi.

I went to her and said ‘Hello I am Nitin..’
She also said ‘Hello..’ and said – hold this bag.

I held her bag.

Then both of us started talking. She said that She had to go to Shivaji Nagar… but remember, the mobile was switched off and there was no pickup.

I switched off my mobile in front of her. We both stood and started waiting for a bus. After some time a purple travel sleeper car arrived.

Ankita Ji and I sat in it. Our seat was the last one. We both drew the curtains. Ankita ji and I sat next to each other.

Ankita Ji was taking outside photos with her mobile.

My entire attention was on Ankita Ji’s ass and big boobs. Her boobs were also shaking in the moving vehicle. Ankita noticed that I was looking at her boobs and she got angry at this.

I lowered my face and said sorry to her. Now we started talking.

Then she faced some problems with the setting of the mobile camera… so I started looking at her mobile. For this, I had to go close to Ankita ji. (Stranger Bhabhi Fuck)

At that time Ankita ji was lying on the berth of this sleeper car. Her face was towards the window and her Big Ass was towards me. As soon as I started looking at the setting, my penis touched her ass.

I moved a little further and started rubbing my penis on the ass. Perhaps she too was enjoying the touch of the penis.

I touched her boobs on the pretext of giving her the mobile.

She didn’t say anything. I was surprised that on one hand, she was getting angry just by looking at me. Now she is not saying anything even while rubbing her penis.

I extended one hand and pressed her boob. She still didn’t say anything, so I started pressing her boobs. After a few moments, my other hand started moving on her thigh.

After this, I lay down on the berth itself and lay behind her. There were curtains in the car, due to which no one could see anything.

Now my penis had touched her ass.

I started pressing both the boobs of Ankita Ji and hitting her ass with my penis. This made Ankita ji excited, but still, she did not turn towards me. (Stranger Bhabhi Fuck)

I pressed her ass hard, then she took hold of my penis with her hand back and started shaking it very mercilessly.

I was feeling a lot of pain from the turned-on penis. I removed my pants but she did not even touch my naked penis.

When I lifted her saree, she got angry and said – Whatever you want to do… do it from above… and do it peacefully. I also got angry. I turned my face away.

She felt bad because of this thing of mine. She said- I had already said that I am not ready for sex. Even then I didn’t speak… so she caught hold of my penis and started shaking it.

Now I also started pressing her boobs and ass hard. Within a few moments, I cum. She cleaned my penis with her handkerchief and we both adjusted our clothes.

Then Bhabhi slept. I also fell asleep after some time. After about an hour we reached Pune.

While getting down from the bus, Bhabhi said- I have come for some function. I am going there. I’ll meet back here at six o’clock.

At the same time, Bhabhi laughed and told that you will not get anything in the evening, you can shake your penis with your hand or go to a call girl.

My mind became very hot. I called one or two of my friends and went for a walk, only then could my mood improve. (Stranger Bhabhi Fuck)

I started waiting for six o’clock. Ankita ji came exactly at six o’clock. She did not wear a saree this time. She had come wearing leggings and a top.

She came closer and said- Do you want something to eat?
I said yes.

Then we had breakfast and started waiting for the bus to arrive.

Then the weather started worsening and it started raining. The rain suddenly started getting heavier, due to which we got drenched.

After some time the bus came, so we sat in the bus. The AC of the bus was running on full blast. Both of us were feeling cold because we were wet. I requested the driver to take a sheet.

Both of us were lying in the same sleeper. But I was not talking to her much. We were on the same sheet. Then Bhabhi placed her hand on my penis and started shaking it.

I also started pressing her boobs. At that time she showed her face to me for the first time. I was thrilled to see her juicy lips and deep eyes.

Seeing Bhabhi’s swollen cheeks and the dimples appearing on them, my penis started going out of control. Ankita ji was looking very sad.

When I tried to take off her leggings and top, she did not stop me. I changed her into a bra and panty. I turned my face towards her pussy.

So she also took my penis in her mouth and started sucking it like chocolate. I also removed her panty and licked her pussy and ass a lot. She was moaning hotly.

After some time Ankita Ji straightened up and climbed on top of me. I set my cock in Bhabhi’s pussy.

After setting the penis, both of us jerked together, and the penis directly hit Bhabhi’s uterus. Romantic Bhabhi moaned for a moment and then she sucked my penis. (Stranger Bhabhi Fuck)

Now she started shaking her ass from above. Their game was over in just five minutes.

Now I took her under me and stuck my penis between her boobs and put it in her mouth. She was sucking my penis with great pleasure.

After some time, I made her sit on the berth itself and inserted my penis from behind. I started giving powerful shots like doggy. I was about to have my period in about ten minutes.

I said- where should I cum?
She said- don’t cum it inside. I will lick your semen.

I started fucking her fast and pulled my dick out of her Tight Pussy and put it in her mouth. Bhabhi ate the penis juice and licked it clean.

After sex, she said sorry to me for her behaviour while coming home. I also forgave her by kissing her.

In the entire journey that night, I fucked Bhabhi three times. During the last sex, she said I am trusting you.

I said – Cheating does not happen every time. Sometimes even decent fuckers like me are found.

Bhabhi laughed and hugged me and fell asleep. On coming back we both went our separate ways.

Even today I have her number, Her and my sex life is going well. One thing was certain both of us never had sex at home or outside. Till now we have enjoyed sex only in a sleeper bus.

She has also given the numbers of her two friends… I will also write you the story of sex with them.

Ankita Ji has given me a lot now. We both have become close friends. We promised never to tell anyone about each other.

Friends, how did you like my Stranger Bhabhi Fuck story? I know there is less spice in it, but this is a real sex story.

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