The Secret Love Between Us | Bank Manager Sex Story

The Secret Love Between Us | Bank Manager Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “The Secret Love Between Us | Bank Manager Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

After the elections, there was a period of transfers. Himanshu was appointed in Agra by becoming a bank manager. Himanshu had come from Lucknow. There he had his own group of friends, his wife rachitasen, who is a school teacher, and a 5-year-old son.

Himanshu and rachitasen’s sex life was very cool. But the compulsion of the job. it was decided between them that every 15 days Himanshu would come to Lucknow for two nights. There was no shortage of money. rachitasen had a government job. He had his ancestral house in Lucknow. Apart from this, there was also rental income.

When there is no shortage of money and the wife is young and sexy, then men give a lot of fun. So now let’s come to the point that the problem that every transferee faces is that of the house.

Himanshu asked his staff and clients to get some nice small houses. He stayed in the hotel for a week and went to Lucknow on Friday night because the bank was closed on the second Saturday. For rachitasen, she took embroidered shoes and very sexy night dresses and also got dresses for her son. He reached Lucknow only at night.

At night, the son was also meeting her after a week, so rachitasen and Himanshu did not get a chance to get more involved in sex. Otherwise, Himanshu was so adept at sucking the pussy and sucking the mother that he would have removed the water of the beauty by sucking the pussy. In these 8 years, rachitasen’s cup size had increased a lot. Wedding blouses did not even come to him.

Himanshu had already asked rachitasen to take Saturdays off. When my son was in day boarding school, he used to come back in the evening. Now throughout the day, Himanshu and rachitasen had no other work than just sex. Both were trying to get out of the week.

After applying two or three rounds throughout the day, both of them slept bare tired and their eyes opened in the evening by ringing the doorbell of their son’s van. rachitasen ran away wearing the gown and opened the gate. Himanshu entered the washroom and came out dressed.

Outside, the son insisted that he would watch a movie at night and have dinner outside. Everyone got ready quickly and returned with dinner after watching a movie late at night. The quota of sex was fulfilled during the day, yet Himanshu tried that the son should sleep early, but he had to talk to his father for the whole week, so he slept among them.

Himanshu’s eyes opened at two o’clock in the night, he slowly picked up rachitasen and took her to the drawing room, and started on the sofa. Himanshu took his tongue straight into rachitasen’s pussy. Now, rachitasen had also become horny, she sucked a lot by holding Himanshu’s cock and standing on the sofa, putting one leg on the sofa, and putting Himanshu’s cock in her pussy.

After a few bumps, Himanshu made rachitasen a mare and started pushing his pestle into her pussy from behind. After a five-minute push parade, Himanshu dumped his goods in rachitasen’s pussy. Now both were satisfied. Both came back to the bed wearing clothes and slept lip to lip. Waking up in the morning, the son’s first question was that I was sleeping in the middle, now how did I come to the shore?

The next day Himanshu went back to Agra late at night. So this was the story of Himanshu and rachitasen’s sex life. His cashier in the bank told him that he too has been transferred to Meerut and he has to leave soon. The name of the cashier was Jatin. Jatin was only three to four years older than Himanshu. He told Himanshu- Sir, if you want, you can see my house, one room set is empty in it and it is very well maintained.

Actually, Jatin’s wife was also in the insurance company and she did not want to go with Jatin. Himanshu saw the house in the evening. He liked it very much. Although the main gate was the same, from inside the verandah, Jatin’s portion and Himanshu’s portion were different. Both portions used to open into the courtyard through a door from inside.

Jatin’s wife Nidhi was very cheerful and lively and four to five years younger than Jatin in age. Rather, Jatin in front of him was like an old man and a lull. Himanshu was told by their colleagues at the bank that Jatin and his wife often quarrel and that is why Jatin has got himself transferred.

They have only one child, he also lives with his grandparents in Bijnor. Nidhi is free-spirited and cool but Jatin minds his own business and sleeps with a peg at night. Himanshu’s portion was fully furnished, so Himanshu was very comfortable. Called a tiffin company for lunch and dinner and had a small kitchen for breakfast. AC, fridge everything was there. There was also parking outside, where the car could be parked. Himanshu shifted.

Jatin had to go the next day. Nidhi only fed the dinner and said – from tomorrow you will eat outside. Nidhi used to cook very tasty food but Himanshu saw that Jatin ate very little food and remained silent. When Himanshu asked, he said – he is not feeling well.

On this, Nidhi said sharply – Today you have not got anything to drink, that’s why the mood is not good. Jatin said – No, there is a pain in the head. So Himanshu said – You go and sleep.
Jatin got up and left. Himanshu said to Nidhi – you eat food.

When Nidhi sat down to eat food muttering, Himanshu explained to her that food should be eaten in a happy mood. Don’t know what effect Himanshu’s words had on Nidhi, she smiled and finished eating. Himanshu went to his room.

After some time, in Jatin’s misled voice, he heard a voice of abuse – Sister-in-law, she makes fun of me. I drink with my money, which one do I drink with your father’s money? Nidhi was explaining to him in a low voice – calm down and go to sleep. How will the manager feel if he listens?

After this Jatin might have wanted to have sex, but nothing happened to him, so Nidhi said – it doesn’t happen… then why do you spoil my mood. In fact, even Nidhi did not have the habit of closing the middle door and the door of Himanshu’s room was also open.

Himanshu was smoking cigarettes while roaming outside in the courtyard, so Himanshu could hear everything. The next day Himanshu was doing yoga in the morning when Jatin came to meet him, he was leaving. Himanshu assures her that he will take care of Nidhi. The light is gone.

Himanshu dressed and went to the kitchen to make tea. What did he think, he made two teas and kept them in the tray, sat outside on the verandah, and called Nidhi – Sister-in-law, to come to have tea. Nidhi came from inside in a nightie.

At first, his face was taut, and his hair was also disheveled. She wished Himanshu morning and said – Brother, I would have made tea! Why did you hurt? Himanshu felt that he was under stress. Himanshu said to him – Come on, one day I will make it, one day you will make it. But before drinking tea, go back and wash your face and come back smiling. I’ll bring you hot tea.

Himanshu took the tea back to the kitchen without waiting for her reply. He knew that Nidhi would take five to ten minutes. Meanwhile, Himanshu shaved and then heated the tea and brought it out. Nidhi also came after hearing his call. Now she was smiling and her face had also blossomed.

Taking a sip of tea, Nidhi said- Brother, you make good tea. But don’t call me sister-in-law, just call me Nidhi. Himanshu said – Then you also call me by name instead of calling me Bhai Sahab. It was decided in both that Himanshu would call him Nidhi and Nidhi would call Himanshu as manager.

Himanshu and Nidhi were being filtered a lot. Two or three days passed like this. Sometimes Nidhi would cook breakfast for him as well and both would have breakfast together. Himanshu used to return late from the bank. Nidhi told him that ‘I will make dinner together’ but Himanshu made up his mind. Yes, it was definitely that often Himanshu would open his tiffin with Nidhi at dinner and share it.

Today was Himanshu’s fourth day. The next day there was a holiday, so the bank was closed. Himanshu called Nidhi in the afternoon and said – let’s take dinner out today, tomorrow is off, there is no hurry. Nidhi said- I can walk but the first movie will have to be shown then dinner. Now Himanshu was also liking Nidhi’s company. And Nidhi was also comfortable with Himanshu during these four to five days.

Himanshu came by five o’clock in the evening, took a bath, and got ready wearing jeans and a T-shirt. When he called Nidhi, she said – it will take me five more minutes. Meanwhile, Himanshu made tea for himself. Nidhi came. Today she was not looking married at all. She wore jeans and a top, her hair down and matching nail paint, and sunglasses!

Himanshu kept looking at her and said – I could not recognize you at all. Nidhi said this – Manager sir, if you say ‘Aap’, then I will go to wear saree… Hey, if you are going on a date, then speak a little with love. Himanshu said- Ok… But today you are looking really nice.

Nidhi said to Himanshu – Where is my tea? Himanshu said – I will make it now. So Nidhi said – No, it will be late now. Let’s go out. Saying this he drank a couple of sips of tea from Himanshu’s cup. Himanshu quickly took out of the car and both of them left.

Nidhi was very happy with Himanshu. Suddenly, with tears in his eyes, he said that Jatin doesn’t care about him at all. For the last two-three years, he has neither had dinner out with Jatin nor seen a movie. When she feels like it, she roams around with her friends only. Nidhi had no problem with money either. Her maternal uncle was very wealthy and she used to keep the earnings of the insurance company with herself.

Himanshu walked away from the crowd of the city and went to the movie hall. Actually, he did not want any bank employees to see them together. The movie was ‘Khwahish’. It was a hot movie by Malika Sherawat. In the movie, when did Nidhi’s hand come into Himanshu’s hand… When Nidhi’s hands started sweating.

In the interval, Himanshu asked Nidhi – what would you like? So Nidhi said – ask for popcorn and only one cold drink. The impact of the hot movie was visible in both. After watching the movie, Himanshu made Nidhi dinner in an expensive restaurant. It was 11 o’clock while returning home.

After coming home, Himanshu was about to go to his room after saying good night to Nidhi, when Nidhi asked – Will you drink coffee? Now the talk started with Bhai Sahab and went on to Manager Sahab and then came to ‘take it. Himanshu smiled and said – Why not… But get fresh after taking a bath. You also change, then make.

Himanshu took a quick shower, put on shorts and a T-shirt and sat on the bed, and turned on the TV. That’s why Nidhi came with coffee. He had also changed and put on a night suit. When she started sitting on the chair in front, Himanshu said come here and made a place by moving on the bed.

Nidhi spread a newspaper and put the tray on it. She had brought roasted cashews with coffee. Himanshu lit a cigarette after asking Nidhi and smilingly extended the box towards her, then Nidhi took out a cigarette. Himanshu bent forward and lit her cigarette and said to her – I know you smoke. On the day when Jatin was going, there was some quarrel between you at night, then you were roaming outside in the courtyard, smoking cigarettes late at night.

Nidhi remained silent. She had disappeared. Himanshu asked him very intimately – what is the rift between you two? Nidhi said – nothing, my fate is like this only. Himanshu extended the cup of coffee towards him and said – drink coffee. And if the evening has passed so well, don’t spoil the mood. Both of them came out for a walk with coffee.

Nidhi had given her hand in his hands. She said – If I call you Himanshu, will you feel bad? Himanshu patted his shoulder. Taking a long puff of a cigarette, Nidhi told him that she was a very free-spirited and cool girl. The ecstasy of youth was flowing in tears. His father and Jatin’s father were friends. Jatin’s father held a high position in the government department and Nidhi’s father needed him a lot in his contracting business. So Nidhi married Jatin against her will just because of his kindness.

A child has also been born. Jatin’s parents are burdened with guilt which is why they took the child with them. And even today they offer money to Nidhi, but Nidhi never took money from them. Jatin has made himself useless by drinking alcohol. He doesn’t even have sex and doesn’t feel well either. Jatin’s parents got tired of making him understand, but he does not improve.

Now Nidhi has also made a compromise with the circumstances and she is living her life on her own terms. Nidhi was crying. Himanshu consoled her and brought her to the room. Himanshu made her sit on the bed and explained what would happen if she cried. He has to live his life on his own terms.

Nidhi was listening to him carefully. She had calmed down now. Himanshu said to him- Go to sleep comfortably now, will have breakfast together in the morning. I will make potato parathas and feed you. Nidhi opened the inner gate and went to her post.

Himanshu switched off the light and lay down on the bed. He was not used to sleeping wearing a T-shirt, so he took it off. The weather had turned bad outside. Lightning was thundering. Suddenly it started raining. Once the lightning struck loudly and the light also went off.

Only then his door open and Nidhi came inside drenched… As soon as she came, she hugged Himanshu. She was scared of lightning. Himanshu handled her and asked her to go to the washroom to dry herself. All his clothes were soaked. It was raining heavily outside.

Himanshu asked him to dry himself with a towel and go to his room through the verandah and change his clothes. But Nidhi was so scared and shivering that she was not ready to go out. Himanshu gave him his T-shirt and lungi to wear. And went to the kitchen himself and made two teas.

Nidhi lit a cigarette with tea and now she was becoming somewhat normal. She sat on the bed wrapped in a sheet. Maybe she was very scared in the rain. Himanshu hesitantly kept drinking tea sitting on the chair in front. Now the light had also come on. Himanshu said to Nidhi – Come on, I will drop you in your room.

Nidhi started going out holding his hand. That’s why once again lightning struck loudly and Nidhi hugged Himanshu tightly. Just now Himanshu’s patience has also broken. He also took Nidhi. Nidhi raised her head and rested her burning lips on Himanshu’s lips and started kissing him madly.

Himanshu was holding Nidhi’s head with both his hands and was leaning toward him. After kissing and licking for a while, Himanshu realized that all this was not going well. How can he betray rachitasen? But Nidhi’s youth was forcing her to do dishonesty. Even knowing it is wrong, he was not able to distance himself from Nidhi.

Nidhi was looking for her love in him like an innocent child. He himself did not know when she became a hungry lioness. Maybe then Nidhi realized that she was getting swayed by sentimentality and lust… She separated from Himanshu and started going out saying sorry to him. Himanshu was silent.

Nidhi went to the door and once turned back and looked at Himanshu. Himanshu was staring at her. Nidhi hesitated… Suddenly Himanshu spread both arms and Nidhi too could not stop herself and hugged Himanshu like a dry vine.

Both stood clinging to it for a few minutes and kept kissing each other on the forehead and cheeks. Himanshu separated from her and switched off the door and lights. Nidhi started peeping into Himanshu’s eyes in the light of the night lamp.

Himanshu gave a sweet kiss on her lips and took her to bed. Nidhi whispered – Himanshu, we are doing this wrong. Himanshu said- Yes I know… but I am helpless, now I cannot separate you from me. Both got stuck again. Nidhi’s lungi was first exposed in this sticking up and slowly the clothes of both of them came off like onion peels.

Both Himanshu and Nidhi were clinging naked in the arms of a stranger for the first time in their lives. Now the two bodies were eager to unite. Himanshu started pressing Nidhi’s fleshy breasts with his hands and one by one started pressing the nipples lightly with his teeth, then Nidhi also started rubbing his erect penis.

Nidhi got such a cool cock for the first time in her life. He had a habit of light from the lamp, because of which nothing used to happen, just by force he used to drop his goods sometimes inside or outside.

Well at this time Nidhi did not want to waste her time remembering Jatin. She just wanted to live every moment of this lucky chance. Today she wanted to fulfill every fantasy of her youth. Whatever she had seen in porn movies, she wanted to make it come true today.

When Himanshu made a position of 69, Nidhi hesitated to take his cock in her mouth. But she noticed porn movies… so she quickly took his cock in her mouth thinking it to be a lollipop and first slowly… then Tej started sucking Himanshu’s cock like a skilled player.

Seeing Nidhi’s smooth pussy, he asked Nidhi – You had come after making preparations? On this, Nidhi took out her cock and said – I do waxing every week… I did it this afternoon after I got your call, then I smoothed my pussy too.

And Himanshu was an expert in sucking pussy. He sucked Nidhi’s pussy in such a way that Nidhi swore and she left her water. Himanshu had a habit of this… He cleaned Nidhi’s pussy by licking it. Then she straightened up and widened Nidhi’s legs towards the fan and inserted her tool in her rose-smooth pussy!

After pushing for a while, Himanshu felt that he was going to be released, so he asked Nidhi – where should I take him out? But Nidhi was having fun, her eyes were closed and she was taking compliments – Manager Sahab had fun! Today you have fulfilled all my wishes… You have satisfied my hunger.

Before she could say anything else, Himanshu filled her pussy with his material. Satisfied, both lay down hugging each other. Nidhi wiped herself with a lungi lying near her and Himanshu too moved away from her and wiped himself.

The story will continue.

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