The Secret Love Between Us | Bank Manager Sex Story Part-2

The Secret Love Between Us | Bank Manager Sex Story Part-2

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “The Secret Love Between Us | Bank Manager Sex Story Part-2“. I am sure you all will love it. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

In the first part of my sex story The Secret Love Between Us, I read how Himanshu satisfied Nidhi by giving them complete pleasure from sex. Now onwards:

Himanshu lit a cigarette and took a puff and gave it to Nidhi. Nidhi also took one or two puffs and said to Himanshu – You have thrown her inside. what will happen now? Himanshu said – don’t be afraid… I will bring the medicine tomorrow, take it, and nothing will happen.

It was 1 o’clock at night. The rain had also stopped. Himanshu got dressed and dropped Nidhi to her room from the inside gate. Nidhi had wrapped a sheet. Coming to the room, Himanshu did not know how he got the idea, he also gave Nidhi’s wet clothes and coffee cups and trays to her. Nidhi also said that I would take it in the morning, Himanshu smiled and returned to his room.

Whatever happens, happens for the good! This understanding of Himanshu saved both of them. The gate bell rang at 4 in the morning. Nidhi’s eyes opened, when she opened the gate, Jatin was standing in front of her. He smiled and said – I had left Mathura in the evening only that I will come till night and will surprise you.

But due to rain, the bus got stuck in the jam and I accidentally forgot my mobile in Mathura. Didn’t remember your number. Nidhi lost her life if he had come at night. Well, she started coming inside with Jatin and purposely did not close the gate.

After reaching his room, he suddenly said to Jatin – The main gate has remained open, please close it. When Jatin went out, Nidhi ran and removed her yesterday’s clothes and Himanshu’s lungi and sheet from the washroom. She sat on the toilet seat and then washed her pussy with an excuse and cleaned Himanshu’s mark by fingering inside.

He knew that now Jatin would make an unsuccessful attempt at sex again. The one thing she forgot… was two cups of coffee! Jatin was seen as soon as he came. So Nidhi took care of the matter that it was raining heavily at night, so I made coffee for the manager.

Let the matter not escalate… Nidhi had only one solution for this, Jatin was asked for sex. Nidhi said to Jatin – let’s change it, let’s sleep for a while, tomorrow is a holiday. Jatin said- Yes I am feeling sleepy and I have to go tomorrow evening only.

When Jatin changed his clothes, Nidhi also put on a frock. Today she wanted to give Jatin the pleasure of sex so that Jatin does not ask for anything more. After so many years, today Jatin was getting sex by serving him, the rest of the time he had to rape.

Although nothing happened before that, even today nothing happened. But today when Nidhi removed him from her hands, he slept peacefully. Nidhi woke up slowly at 6 in the morning, and Jatin was snoring. Nidhi slowly reached Himanshu’s room. Himanshu had gotten up, he had come to know about Jatin’s arrival. Nidhi planted a good morning kiss on her lips and came out.

Himanshu met Jatin in the afternoon. Jatin also asked him to have lunch with him this afternoon. But Himanshu smiled and said that my tiffin will come, and it will go to waste. Today Himanshu kept their distance from Nidhi. He went to the market in the afternoon and brought the bullet of ‘Unwanted 72’ and secretly gave it to Nidhi.

Jatin went back to Mathura around 5 in the evening. Himanshu was sleeping at that time so could not meet him. After he left, Nidhi made tea and made mathris and samosas for Jatin, she put them on a plate and went to Himanshu’s room.

Himanshu got up. Nidhi kept the tray on the table and sat on Himanshu’s lap and pressed his lips to hers. Himanshu laughingly said – today the cashier must have sprinkled. Nidhi said with a smile – Now it does not need to be sprinkled… it needs to be thoroughly washed.

When Himanshu put his hand inside Nidhi’s saree, Nidhi stopped him and said – not now. Nidhi said to Himanshu – I am cooking, I have called your tiffin seller, and he will not bring tiffin today. Himanshu said – Come on, I also have some market work, I will come in an hour now.

He went to the market and bought a beautiful dress and some lingerie for Nidhi. Nidhi said at eight in the night – dinner is ready. Both took dinner together. By 9 o’clock all the work was finished. Himanshu came to his room and called Nidhi. When Nidhi came, he gave gifts to Nidhi. Nidhi was very happy.

Himanshu said to Nidhi – today again I feel like drinking coffee. You change, I also take a bath and get fresh. Nidhi said – You close the main gate, I will come now. Nidhi went to her room and brought her towel and a frock. Himanshu had come after closing the gate. When he looked at Nidhi with questioning eyes, Nidhi said – will take bath together. Himanshu smiled.

Although Himanshu’s washroom was small, when two bodies bathed together, whether the room is small or big… there is fire all around. Smoldering bodies… water splash from above… the fire flares up. While taking a bath, Himanshu put his finger in Nidhi’s pussy. Nidhi also used to sit down and suck his penis again and again. Today Himanshu brought hair remover in the afternoon. He had cleaned the hair of his penis. So Nidhi was sucking his penis with more pleasure.

After taking shower for 10-15 minutes, both wrapped themselves in a towel and came to the bed naked. Himanshu smiled and said – What if Jatin comes again? So Nidhi said that now I have come after making all the arrangements. The way is open from the inside and the night suit is kept on my bed. Have washed the utensils of food and then when you fell in love then what to be afraid of!

Himanshu pulled Nidhi’s towel. Nidhi screams as soon as she gets naked – I also know the bullying. He also pulled Himanshu’s towel and made him naked. Seeing the greasy penis, Nidhi first took it in her mouth. Himanshu felt that Nidhi would at least eat penis today. He was trying to leave but Nidhi was not ready to leave him.

Himanshu said – I am about to come! So mother said – come, I will drink all your wealth. Himanshu in one stroke left all his goods in Nidhi’s mouth and Nidhi drank semen for the first time in her life. He didn’t let even a single drop fall down but instead licked Himanshu’s penis and cleaned it.

Nidhi got up and went to the washroom, washed and came wearing a frock and said – I make coffee and bring it. Himanshu was lying down, he got up and once again stood under the shower and came fresh. Rachitasen had sucked his penis out many times before also, but the hunger and madness Nidhi showed today… was the first experience for Himanshu as well.

Himanshu put on shorts T-shirt. Nidhi brought coffee. Himanshu lit the cigarette and now he also knew that he has to give this cigarette to Nidhi after taking a couple of puffs. Nidhi said while drinking coffee – Let’s go on the drive. Himanshu said – Ok… but have to walk in this frock.

Nidhi said- Come on, what difference does it make to me? The car is tight inside, I will sit from inside and get down inside. Himanshu kept the purse and after taking out the car, both of them went towards Sikandra via Rajpur road. Nidhi took off her frock on the deserted road. The glasses of the car were black. But Himanshu was taken aback by such an act of courage and that too without saying anything. He bent down and sucked Nidhi’s breasts and fingered her pussy while driving.

Nidhi’s mind was to fuck in a moving vehicle. She pulled down Himanshu’s shorts and sucked his penis a lot and then she turned her back towards the steering and sat on his penis and took the penis in her pussy.

This was the first experience of this kind for Himanshu… He was having fun as well as feeling scared. Himanshu removed Nidhi after convincing her and said – let’s go home, the rest will be done there itself. Nidhi did not wear the frock even after Himanshu told her lakhs, she just put it on so that the headlights of the car in front could not see her naked.

After reaching home, Himanshu put on his shorts and opened the gate, and entered the car. Now Nidhi has put on the frock. Anyone could see from anywhere. First Himanshu switched off all the lights, then Nidhi got out of the car and went straight to Himanshu’s room.

When Himanshu came to his room after parking the car, and locking the gate, he saw that the room was pitch dark. When she called Nidhi, Nidhi said, I am sleeping, don’t make noise. Himanshu was confused and said – If you want to sleep then go to your room, where will I sleep. Nidhi said – you come inside me and sleep.

Himanshu understood that today there will be a lot of sex. When he pulled the sheet over Nidhi in one stroke, Nidhi was lying completely naked in the dim light and smiling. Himanshu reached straight to her pussy and inserted his tongue in her pussy. Himanshu’s attack was so tremendous that even Nidhi did not get up quickly.

Now she started sucking Himanshu’s penis. Both came to the position of 69. When the fire flared up completely and things started getting unbearable, Nidhi got up and sat on top of Himanshu and took his penis in her pussy with her hands, and started jumping loudly. It seemed as if she was enjoying the victory.

Himanshu had captured her breasts from below with both hands. It was certain that after today, Nidhi’s mother will suffer a lot for two-three days. But what about this, the fun was at its peak right now. Himanshu made Nidhi down in one stroke and started fucking her by climbing on her pussy. Now Nidhi was also talking nonsense along with the compliments – Tear it off, manager sir… Take out all the stones today… Such goods will not be found in Lucknow. Got a virgin pussy… spread it wide.

After Sex, Himanshu once again filled Nidhi’s pussy with his sperm. Now even Nidhi was not afraid. He had the support of Unwanted 72.

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