Enjoying Hot Sex In Front Of Her Bf | Young Sex Stories Part 4

Enjoying Hot Sex In Front Of Her Bf | Young Sex Stories Part 4

Shobit is telling today’s Ritu Ji story. Ritu Ji gave me the chance to share your stories. Hello everyone! Shobit is here to share another hilarious moment with one the wild fantasy viewers. Young Sex Storie Part 4

The friendship and understanding between the three of us (I Rachita Sen, Mohit) developed over a long period. Sometimes we had sessions together, other times just her. Mohit was sometimes there as well. (Young Sex Stories Part 4)

Mohit loved being cuckolded. While we were mostly friends when it came time to sex, Mohit would usually sit in a corner and watch me fuck his girlfriend while I jerked myself.

It was my birthday a few months later. I didn’t expect it but Rachita Sen, Mohit, and the bell rang at 11.40pm. They surprised me with cake and drinks.

Rachita Sen looked great in her bikini bra, semi-transparent white top, and red mini-skirt that ended just below her ankles. She also wore heels. She looked like a high-class model cum escort with her makeup and red lipstick. (Young Sex Stories Part 4)

Her skin was radiant in all its fairness, and her scent was driving me insane. I wanted to fuck her every now and again. When they arrived, Mohit first hugged me, then Rachita Sen. I made sure that my hug with Rachita Sen was tighter than usual, and gave her an excellent squeeze. I responded by giving her a kiss on the lips.

We settled down, had a meal at midnight, and then opened the new bottle. She sat beside Mohit for a while, but she eventually got up and climbed onto my lap. As she adjusted her sex to allow my dick to rest between her snouts, I felt an immediate hard-on. (Young Sex Stories Part 4)

Mohit answered that it was up to the birthday boy to decide what and how to do it. I continued to stroke Rachita Sen’s boobs, and sometimes touched her inside thighs. All this tease had already caused a little irritation in her panty.

We entered the bedroom after we had all been able to get down a few more pegs. I knew what I wanted. (Young Sex Stories Part 4)

Mohit was tied to a chair in the corner as part of my plan. Rachita Sen asked Mohit to release his dick. He was happy to oblige, and she pulled out her dick. He thought it was unfair. He was willing to take part or be a jerk, but I wasn’t sure if he meant my birthday, “my rules.”

I took another piece of cloth with me and tied his lips so that he couldn’t speak. This was not what they were expecting. Rachita Sen smiled shyly as she viewed Mohit’s condition. Her dimples made me want her more. (Young Sex Stories Part 4)

Rachita Sen asked me to say, “Now it’s your turn.” She replied, “It is all your baby. But give me a moment.”

After saying this, she turned her back towards Mohit and raised her skirt, moving slowly and sexily to her ass (gaand). (Young Sex Stories Part 4)

Mohit could not speak, but her dick was already greeting us. She said this and returned to bed. Shobit was already saluting her.

Mohit was already dreading what was coming next. I stripped down, and I climbed up on Rachita Sen’s back, kissing her neck. Slowly, I moved down, as I untied the only string that was holding her bra together. As I kissed her through, her bareback was perfect. (Young Sex Stories Part 4)

I quickly took off her skirt and panty and found her nude on my bed. Her hands were tied and the back of her bodies was visible. As she was waiting for me to get into her sex, I moved on.

I tied her legs with more ropes. I arranged her body on my bed, making an ‘X’ shape. Rachita Sen stated, “It appears you have elaborate plans tonight,” and I told Rachita to wait and see.

Next, I reached into my drawer and took out a vibrator I had just bought to surprise her. I turned it on, set it on high intensity, and began to tease Rachita Sen by simply showing it. This surprised her and she was not expecting it. (Young Sex Story)

Rachita Sen began to ask me about my plans for her. I told her that I owned her for the night, and could do what I wanted.

“Both of your hands are tied up and can’t resist my moves. But don’t you worry dear. “I do whatever I can to ensure that everyone gets the maximum enjoyment out of it.” I placed the vibrator between her legs, and it was between her chut. (Young Sex Stories Part 4)

She started to moan and shake her body, trying to escape the intense intensity. Mohit was also shaking on his seat, likely trying to free his hands and jerk off. I refused to let him do that.

I quickly applied my lubricant and climbed on top Rachita Sen’s head, where I began inserting my dick into her sex. Rachita Sen groaned loudly and said, “Abe madarchod jaan lega Kya.” Ya to vibrator rakh ya apna lund dal, ye dono main kaise sambhalungi.” (Young Sex Story)

I didn’t stop, as I was still completely inside her and fucking with her. Rachita Sen was shaking violently as I turned up the intensity of my vibrator. She tried desperately to get up but her legs and hands were tied. I continued to fuck her.

The vibrator was already soaked in her juices. I didn’t intend to be gentle with her. Her horniness was evident through her loud moans and use of Hindi abuses. (It was clear that she was very horny once she was horny). (Young Sex Stories Part 4)

Words such as chut, lund and bur, haramis, madarchodd and randi continued to flow from her lips in various combinations and permutations.

Mohit was shaking vigorously when I looked at him, almost like he was using the tiny up-and-down movements the chair allowed to make in the air. (Young Sex Story)

After a few minutes more, I was back with very intense intensity. My body almost fell over on Rachita Sen. After about a minute, I finally got up and turned off the vibrator.

My cum was gushing out of her stoma. Rachita Sen lay there for a minute without saying a word, sometimes trying to get her legs closer to her chut to put pressure on it. (Young Sex Stories Part 4)

After a moment of silence, Rachita Sen said, “You assholes, you made today cum thrice.” This is the first time I’ve ever felt like this in my entire life.

I reached out and kissed her. She then reacted by kissing me on the lips. We continued to explore each other’s tongues for 30 seconds. (Young Sex Stories Part 4)

I told her then to take care Mohit and untie his feet. With some effort, she finally stood up and went up to him. Mohit was still difficult, but he was now seated in a still position, and not trying to move. (Young Sex Stories Part 4)

Rachita Sen approached him and didn’t let the cloth go to his mouth. Instead, she held her dick and gave it two jerks. Mohit arrived immediately. It took only two jerks.

Rachita Sen smiled, and untied him. We were all almost in a trance after one of our best nights, and we wanted to take in as much as we could. (Young Sex Story)

Soon we were all naked on the bed. Rachita Sen slept between us. I don’t recall much other than getting up in the morning with Rachita Sen and me hugging one another, our legs between each other, and Mohit sleeping peacefully to the side.

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