I Fucked Sexy Virgin Girl At My Flat: Virgin Girl Story

I Fucked Sexy Virgin Girl At My Flat: Virgin Girl Story

Hello Guys, I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “I Fucked Sexy Virgin Girl At My Flat: Virgin Girl Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Read in Virgin Girl Story that I was standing near a school when a girl from the school bumped into me. That was a very cute thing! I became friends with her.

Friends, my name is Abhay. I am 30 years old, I am a resident of Delhi, and my complexion is a bit dark, but I am fine in appearance.

The size of my penis is quite good. The color of the penis is also slightly dark but the head of the penis is slightly pink and is completely open.

Friends, this Virgin Girl Story that I am going to tell you is 100 per cent true.

After reading this story, be it a virgin girl, a married girl, a school girl or a college girl… it is guaranteed that all of them will get their panties wet with their pussy juice. The cock holders will ejaculate without even masturbating.

This incident happened 6 months ago.
I was waiting for a friend of mine on the road.

There was a school nearby.
It was about to be the school holidays.

As soon as the holiday ended, all the students started coming out of the school.

I had just moved ahead when a girl bumped into me while trying to get out quickly.

As soon as my eyes fell on that girl, I kept looking at her.
Very fair-skinned, she looked like a doomsday.

She was looking very sexy in a school dress. (Virgin Girl Story)

Her boobs were clearly visible over the white shirt.
It seemed as if boobs would tear the shirt and come out.

Her skirt below, which was coming till her knees… because of that her fair legs were shining very much and were like lightning.

To be honest, I cannot describe its beauty in words.

As soon as she collided with me, her bag fell down.
She said sorry to me lovingly and bent down to pick up the bag.

As soon as she bent, I also bent to pick up her bag.
My head collided with her glans.
She said sorry again.

Then she took the bag and said – I was in a hurry, that’s why I collided!
I said- no problem.

Then she started leaving with a small smile.
As she was leaving, I started looking at her from behind.

Going a little further, she also looked around once and gave a smile and started leaving.

Now let me tell you a little about that girl.
Her name was Priya, which I came to know later. His age would have been 18 or 19.

The size of her boobs was 34B, her waist was 30 and her ass was 36, which I came to know while fucking her.

After that, I also met my friend and came to my room.

Even after coming to the room, I was thinking of her again and again.
Her bulging round boobs and her bulging buttocks were making my penis erect.

That night, remembering her, I fisted her twice.

The next day I went there again; I thought maybe she could be found even today.
The same thing happened, she came out after the holiday.

I saw her and she also saw me.

She gave a smile and went ahead.
I also smiled after seeing her.

She went a little further, looked back and smiled again and went ahead.

I also left and thought of going home and talking to her tomorrow.
The next day I went there again. She came out after leaving.

Seeing her I smiled. (Virgin Girl Story)
She walked forward a little slowly stopped at a place turned and started smiling looking at me.

I went to her and said smilingly – I am Abhay, I work in sales marketing.
She said- I am Priya.

I asked- Which class are you in, Priya?
She said that she is in 12th.

Then we took each other’s numbers and left.

After going to the room, I started waiting for Priya’s message.

A message came on my mobile at 10:30 p.m.

When I opened WhatsApp, I saw Priya’s message.

First, we both started talking normally about each other and started getting to know each other.

Then some sexy things started happening between us.

I started sending her sexy poetry.
She also liked all this.

Then one day I asked Priya – Are you a virgin, Priya?
Priya said- Yes, I am still a virgin.

I was very happy to hear that perhaps I would get the opportunity to break its seal.

Now we started talking about sexy things every day.

One day I asked Priya- Which color bra panty do you like?
Priya said- I like to wear red and pink coloured bra and panty.

When I asked about the size, Priya told me her size.

I gifted her two sets of bra panties, one was pink and the other was red.
She was very happy.

I asked her – try wearing it?
She said- Yes, I had seen the red set and am wearing the same one now.
I said- I wish I could see!

She started laughing. Although she did not show it.

Now we started having sexy talks every day.
Priya also started enjoying a lot. Priya started getting excited by sexy talks.

She was a virgin, so she started getting hot more quickly.
My sexy words and sexy poetry had started tormenting her a lot. (Virgin Girl Story)

Priya said- Now I don’t even feel like studying… I just feel like talking sexy with you.

Maybe she felt like doing everything.
I also kept provoking her.

Priya said- Abhay, do something, otherwise I will fail.

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I understood that Priya was now yearning for sex.

I explained to Priya – The lust that has awakened within you will go away only with the union of us two.
Priya refused at first but her lust was forcing her to come near me.

She was not interested in studies at all, she was afraid of failing.
At last, Priya agreed to come to me.

I went to the market and bought two pairs of red and pink coloured sexy bra panties for Priya.

At the time of leaving, I gave her a bra and panty and came to the room.

We talked at night and planned to meet the next day.
I told Priya. She also agreed to wear a pink bra panty.

The next day she left home on the pretext of going to school and met me on the way.

Priya had come in her school dress.
I went crazy after seeing her.

I made her sit on the bike and brought her to my room.
As soon as we came inside the room, after locking the room, I held Priya tightly in my arms, her bulging boobs pressed against my chest.

Taking her in my arms, I started kissing her fair cheeks.
I kissed her cheeks and took her pink lips into mine.

After kissing her pink lips, I felt as if I was in heaven.

Priya’s breathing had also become faster and due to my touch, her breathing was becoming faster which was a witness to the fact that everything was happening for the first time for her.

Now I picked up Priya in my lap, brought her to the bed and made her sit.

I looked into Priya’s eyes, she was completely red with embarrassment.
Priya was looking very doom in school dress.

Her skirt was reaching just below her thighs. (Virgin Girl Story)

If her skirt were lifted even a little, her panties stuck between her thighs would be visible.

Her boobs had become so hard over her shirt that it seemed as if these balloons would tear her shirt and come out.

The peaks of her nipples were clearly visible over her shirt, which had become quite tight.

Now, without wasting any time, I took Priya in my arms and started kissing her.
She was also supporting me.

While kissing Priya, she made her lie down on the bed and climbed on top of her.

I held her in my arms and kept kissing her.
As soon as I went near her ear while kissing her cheeks and her lips and sucked her earlobe in my mouth, she started screaming aahhh.

While sucking one of her ears, I whispered in her ear – Priya, what an intoxicating youth.
On hearing this, Priya started getting more restless. His breathing became more rapid.
Both her legs started rubbing against each other.

Now I slowly started coming down while kissing Priya.
I pressed her Big Boobs over her shirt and took her nipples in my mouth.

A loud moan came out of Priya’s mouth – Aahhh.
Then I started sucking both the boobs one by one over the shirt.

Due to this, her moans became more intense.
The whole room became lustful with her moans.

Now I came down a little further and kissed her stomach over her shirt.
As soon as I kissed her stomach, her boobs went up.

Due to my sucking, the bulge of her nipples started appearing over her shirt.
It was a very intoxicating sight.

Then I came down a little further and went over her skirt, through her thighs and till her feet.

Her legs looked very fair and smooth.
As soon as I moved my hands on those fair legs, she got excited.
A loud moan came out of her mouth – Ufff…Mummy. (Virgin Girl Story)

Then, as soon as I started caressing her feet and kissing her white legs, her moans became louder ‘Aahhh… ufff… ouch mother.’
She was clutching the bedsheet with her hands and she was so intoxicated that it could not be expressed in words.

Now I lifted Priya’s legs a little and bent them at the knees.
In this position, her legs were on the bed and her thighs were spread wide.

As soon as I put Priya in this position, she came on the bed from under her skirt and her ass became visible.
Her ass was tight in the new pink panty.

Priya had nice fair and round buttocks!
Those who understand must have understood in which position I had put Priya.

Now I took my hands to Priya’s knees.
As soon as my hands reached her knees, I held her knees and opened her thighs more.

Phew, there was a wonderful sight in front.
Her tight wet panties started appearing between her open thighs.
I can’t explain how intoxicating the scene was.

I went crazy after seeing her pussy between her thighs over her tight panty.

From above her panty, her swollen pussy was visible.

The cracks of her Tight Pussy were clearly visible over the panty.

Her panty was completely drenched with the intoxicating juice of her pussy, which left a clear stain of wetness on the pink panty. This condition of her panty was making me even more crazy. (Virgin Girl Story)

Here Priya was in bad shape due to my actions, Priya was completely under the grip of lust.

Now I came over to Priya and started opening the buttons of her shirt.
Despite not wanting, Priya supported me completely.

As soon as the buttons of the shirt opened, I became intoxicated after seeing Priya in a pink bra.
Her boobs had become completely tight due to lust. It seemed as if the boobs would tear the bra and come out.

After removing the shirt, when I looked at Priya, I became intoxicated after seeing her.

Her body was looking so fair…so sexy that it became difficult to control the penis.

The deep navel in the middle of her flat stomach was wreaking havoc on her fair body.
I started pressing Priya’s boobs in my hands.

As soon as my hand touched Priya’s lust increased further.

Without wasting any time, I caressed her back and opened the hook of her bra.
As soon as the hook of the bra opened, her boobs jumped out.

It seemed as if someone had freed her after years.

As soon as they came out, both boobs started bouncing.
The brown-coloured nipples on top of the boobs looked as if the nipples had been coloured with chocolate.

I took both of Priya’s boobs in my hands and started massaging them. Priya’s moans increased more.

As soon as I took one of her nipples in my mouth, Priya let out a loud sigh – Ahh…uff.

Intoxicating sounds started coming from her mouth.
She started moaning ‘Ummm aaah ohhh…’.
She started rubbing her feet. (Virgin Girl Story)

While sucking her boobs, I slowly came to her stomach.
I caressed her stomach and kissed it. Due to this Priya suddenly jumped.
Her moans became more intense.

While kissing her stomach, I came near her deep navel, which was looking quite sexy.
As soon as my lips touched her navel, a loud moan came out of her mouth again – Aaahh.

With this loud moan, her breathing became more rapid. Her nice tight boobs were also moving up and down with her breathing.

Her boobs, which were stretched above her boobs, had become even tighter.
She was looking very sensual as she moved up and down with her breaths.

As soon as I inserted my tongue into her navel, she tightly gripped the bedsheet with her hands and started moaning loudly – Aahhh uff!

I started moving my tongue faster in her navel, she also started getting completely excited.

After all, she was a young virgin, all this was happening to her for the first time, so she was getting excited.

I also opened her skirt in one go while sucking her navel.
As soon as Priya’s skirt opened… what a sight it was.
Priya’s fair fleshy thighs came in front of my eyes.

Seeing her fair fleshy thighs, my penis started going out of control.

Her pink panty was stuck between her soft and smooth thighs.

Since now her panty was becoming clear, her swollen pussy cracks were clearly visible from above the panty. (Virgin Girl Story)

Her salty nectar coming out from between those cracks had completely soaked her panty.
Due to the panty being wet, the crack of her pussy was clearly visible over her panty.

Even an old man’s penis would become erect after seeing the scene of her intoxicating pussy, but I, like a young horse, was going out of control after seeing her pussy.

Now I also took off all my clothes, remained only in underwear.

My penis was clearly visible over my underwear. The penis had become quite tight.

Priya smiled seeing me in underwear but also got a little scared after seeing my penis.

Now I slowly started kissing her fair legs… and she started getting even more agitated.

I slowly started moving upwards kissing her legs and caressing her fair fleshy thighs.

With every touch of mine, she began to orgasm more intensely.
The sound of her breathing was heard, she had clamped the sound of her throat with her lips.

As soon as I kissed her fair thighs with my hot lips, Priya couldn’t control herself and the suppressed sounds in her throat started coming out loudly.
She started moaning – Aaah uff ouch mother is dead… aah.

I opened her thighs and came between her thighs lifted her legs and placed them on my shoulders.

By placing her legs on my shoulders, my head came between her thighs and her panty was right in front of my eyes. (Virgin Girl Story)

On the other hand, there was a deep intoxication in her eyes and she was only watching my actions.
My naked body was making her horny with lust.

Due to her thighs being open, her pussy cleavage was clearly visible which was wetting the entire panty.

I moved forward kissing her thighs and as soon as I kissed her pussy over her panty with my lips, Priya shuddered completely. (Virgin Girl Story)

A loud moan came out of her mouth.

I placed my tongue on the crack of her pussy visible from above her panty and started moving it up and down.
She tried to bring her legs together… but the obstruction of my head did not allow her to do so.

She was engrossed in sucking me. The pleasure of sex was yet to come.

Friends, in the next part of Virgin Girl Story, I will write Priya’s sealed pussy fucking story. Please tell us through your mail and comments how you feel about the sex story.

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