Fucking by Village Uncle | Beautiful Village Girl Sex Story

Fucking by Village Uncle | Beautiful Village Girl Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Fucking by Village Uncle | Beautiful Village Girl Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Let me tell you a little about myself to my new friends. My name is Rachitasen and I am from Ghaziabad. I am 21 years old. I am just a simple cute girl. The complexion is white as milk, the ass is slightly raised, and the round nipples are cool, and overall, I look amazing in a salwar suit.

It is about a month back when my family and I had gone to my maternal uncle’s village for the wedding of my maternal uncle’s son. I had to go to my maternal uncle’s house a week in advance to get the work done for the marriage. I get on well with Ridhimajain, my maternal uncle’s daughter. We are good friends, we share everything with each other. I have also told Ridhimajain about their uncle.

Talking Ridhimajain is 22 years old and is the owner of a very good figure. She wakes up every morning and runs in her fields and maintains herself by exercising. Whenever I used to go to my maternal uncle’s house, I often used to go to the fields with Ridhimajain.

As you all would know that people in the village get up early. The next day morning I also got up till 6 am. On Ridhimajain’s request, I also agreed to go to the field with her. Ridhimajain already had an uncle on the farm who had taken her land on lease. His age must have been around 40-45. Nice long wide desi jaat, kurta pajama, and long mustache were increasing his pride.

Ridhimajain greeted him as soon as he left, so I also greeted him. He asked Ridhimajain about me. He was looking at me very lustfully. Don’t know why but I liked seeing him like this. Nothing special happened between us that day. Ridhimajain and I came back after exercising. Then do the work of marriage etc. for the whole day.

At night Ridhimajain and I were engaged in gossip lying in the same room. That’s why I told Ridhimajain about the morning when her uncle was looking at her lustfully. Then I asked about him, and he told – he is a number one swindler, don’t know how many women he has fucked till now. He did not even spare the women who came to work in the fields.

I don’t know when I caught my eye just while talking like this. When we went to the fields again in the morning, that uncle was there. Both of us sisters were doing exercise so they were looking at my bulging ass from behind. I also deliberately started exercising by taking my ass out and kicking my ass.

Ridhimajain now left the exercise and started practicing 100 meters race in the field. I was still exercising there. Seeing Ridhimajain far away, uncle’s courage increased a bit and he came near me and started looking at me. They started asking about me, what is my name, what do you do, etc. I also started telling them everything while doing exercise.

Suddenly he came from behind and put his hand on my waist and started telling me that this exercise is like this. What you are doing is wrong. I was startled by his sudden touch, but without saying anything, I started doing as told by me.

After a minute, holding my waist again, he said – again you are doing like this, this exercise has to be done like this. But after telling, he did not remove his hand and started running his hand on the waist like this. Seeing no resistance from my side, he got some more courage. Now his hand was going towards my nipples, that’s why he sat away from me after hearing the sound of Ridhimajain’s arrival.

When Ridhimajain and I started going home, that uncle, keeping Ridhimajain out of sight, gave me a slip on which his number was written. But I didn’t think it appropriate to call them. Then there were so many works of marriage that there was no time to go to the farm. Two days before the wedding, more guests started coming to the house.

Small children were also present in the marriage. So maternal aunt told me to take the children to the field and bring the children for a tour. Till then we all together do the household chores. I went to the farm with the children. The children started playing on the field. I too got tired of playing with them and went to the room in the field to drink water.

As soon as I bent down to take water from the pot, someone came from behind and wet my nipples from the top of my shirt. I felt severe pain. I pushed him and gave him a hard slap on the cheek. When I slapped, I did not see who had played pranks on me. I turned around and saw that it was none other than the same uncle.

Even before I could say anything, he again pressed my mom hard and said – Stop Bhosdi’s… I tell! Saying this to you pushed me towards the wall and made me very close to the wall. Before I could understand anything, he kept pressing his lips on my lips and started pressing my nipples hard.

Now there was no reason for my protest, I was already set with Tau Ji. And I started having fun too. Then Tauji lifting my shirt up started rubbing the boobs from the top of the bra and started sucking them by applying lips. Suddenly, holding my hair, he brought me down, brought my mouth almost to his cock, and opened the nada of his pajama.

Seeing my uncle’s cock, my ass burst. About 7 inches long and 2.5 inches thick all black dick. He inserted the cock in my mouth. I was also having difficulty breathing but giving my full support, I started sucking his cock with great pleasure.

When he also saw me supporting him, his anger subsided. Then he picked me up and started taking off my clothes, I also took off my clothes without any protest. He said – Now you have come on the line! Sister-in-law snatched! Don’t know what my uncle was telling me.

I also hugged his chest and said – Yes my love, now I am yours, do whatever you want. Hearing this, he became happy and picked me up and threw me on the bed lying next to him, and started licking my pussy.  I was in 7th heaven. He was quite an expert in licking pussy. He removed the water from my pussy by licking and drinking the whole water.

Then he made me stand down and made me lean on the bed. Before I could say anything, in one forceful jerk, the whole cock was pushed inside my pussy. The cock went straight and hit my uterus and I cried out in pain. I have taken cocks before but this was a dick.

After a while, my pain turned into pleasure and I also started fucking with them while supporting them. The sound of sobs was echoing throughout the room. Along with the sobs, I was also abusing them – Fuck me… more loudly… tear my pussy! And don’t know what she was abusing.

They were also enjoying it and they started fucking my pussy more vigorously. They started fucking me loudly saying ‘Prostitute… I will tear your pussy…’. I was at my peak and I also started fucking while rocking my waist hard. He understood this and started pushing with more force and I fell.

Then he made me a mare and started licking my pussy and pressing my nipples. I got hot again. Tau understood this thing and while making a mare, again took off the whole cock in my pussy in one stroke and started smoking. This time we both released our water together. The feeling of joy that is felt at the last moment can only be felt.

We both lay in each other’s arms after being exhausted for some time. When I checked the time on my mobile, the time was over. I quickly got up and dressed and while leaving started giving him a kiss. He took a promise to meet and call again.

I expressed my concern about the family members suspecting him of being late. So he said laughing – I only told your aunt to send you to the farm. I was surprised by this and when I asked him, he said – now you are getting late. I go home and tell on the phone.

And so I came out, the kids were still playing outside and no one was around. Seeing this, I heaved a sigh of relief and returned home. So, friends, these were some of the funniest moments of my life.

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