I Did Hardcore Sex With My Aunt: Village Aunty Sex Story

I Did Hardcore Sex With My Aunt: Village Aunty Sex Story

Hello Guys, I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “I Did Hardcore Sex With My Aunt: Village Aunty Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Read in this Village Aunty Sex Story how I fucked my Aunty who came from the village to the city. She was very innocent. One day I saw Aunty naked…

This Village Aunty Sex Story is about 4 years old.

Let me tell you that I live outside my village in Prayagraj city.

An Aunty from my village came to stay with me in the city. She didn’t know much about this place.

You all know that people in the city are mostly open-minded.

My Aunty’s neighbour had sexual relations with her brother-in-law.
About which we knew but my Aunty did not know.

Aunty was very simple, so her neighbour used to call her and get all the work done and she herself used to have fun in the room with her brother-in-law.

My Aunty had an amazing figure and any man would get attracted towards her.

Gradually the neighbour’s brother-in-law also started trying to fuck my Aunty.
But Aunty did not go to them.

One day I also saw her brother-in-law trying for Aunty.
So I refused to let Aunty go to her neighbour’s house.

Now Aunty did not go to their house.
I explained everything to Aunty. (Village Aunty Sex Story)
Then Aunty also told me what kind of activities he does.

In this way a very deep friendship developed between Aunty and me.

Many times Aunty used to hug me due to which strange feelings started awakening inside me for Aunty.
I also started getting attracted towards Aunty. Now I was itching to sleep with her.

Once Aunty asked me – Don’t you have a girlfriend or friend?
I said – No Aunty, I don’t even have a friend, and you are talking about a girlfriend.

Aunty said – No problem, from today I am your friend, you can share all kinds of things with me. You can share your sorrows and happiness with me.

In this way, both of us have become closer.

Now I often stayed at Aunty’s house.
I kept looking for opportunities to express my feelings to Aunty.

Once my Uncle had to go out for work for three days.
I came to know this later.

But that day when I went to Aunty’s house, her gate was not locked from the inside.

I opened the gate straight away and went inside.
When I reached inside, the sound of tap running was heard in the bathroom and along with it Aunty’s moans were also heard.
I went inside and saw that the bathroom door was open.

Aunty was sitting on a small plastic stool with her legs open and was caressing her pussy vigorously. She was fingering it again and again.
Her eyes were closed her hair was open and her entire body was wet.

My sexy Aunty’s big boobs were hanging below her open hair and were moving along with her while fingering.
Aunty had very thick black hair on her pussy which was wet.

I kept looking at this scene and became stunned right there.

Meanwhile, Aunty moaned loudly by saying ‘Aaah… Aaah… Aaah…’ and water came out from her pussy.
As soon as it came out, she took a sigh of relief and then opened her eyes.

Right now I was not able to think of anything so I could not move away from there and Aunty found me standing in front. (Village Aunty Sex Story)
As soon as she saw me, she suddenly got up and closed the door.

I stopped there.
After two minutes, Aunty came wearing her clothes and started roaming around, stealing glances here and there.
I too was not able to say anything.

Then I gathered courage and asked – Isn’t it Uncle?
She said- No, he has gone out for work, and will return after three-four days.
I said- May I ask you something? Don’t get me wrong, Aunty.

She nodded yes.
I asked- What were you doing inside the bathroom?
Aunty said- Aren’t you ashamed, what are you asking?

I said- You said you wouldn’t mind, please tell me!
Aunty said – Your Uncle is not there so I decided to do so.
Me: Do you really feel like doing that?

Aunty turned her face away and started looking away.
I held Aunty in my arms and tried to kiss her. (Village Aunty Sex Story)
She removed me and said – What are you doing? If not the relationship, then at least take care of the friendship?

I said- I like you very much, please don’t refuse, I am saying this only out of friendship.
Saying this, I pulled Aunty closer to me again and started kissing her lips.

At first, she kept avoiding me but then started supporting me.
I started caressing Aunty’s thighs.
Gradually she started getting hotter.

Now both of us were kissing each other comfortably… lovingly.
She was putting her tongue in my mouth and I was sucking her saliva by putting my tongue in her lips.
It was a lot of fun kissing.

We both kept kissing for about half an hour.
Then she held my hand and took me to the bed.
We both started taking off each other’s clothes while kissing each other.

I opened Aunty’s saree and the valley of her beautiful boobs became visible through her slightly wet blouse.

Aunty was looking very sexy at that time.
Then I also opened her blouse. (Village Aunty Sex Story)

Aunty was wearing a cream-coloured bra from the inside, seeing as I started getting more sexually aroused.
Her big boobs were looking very sexy.
When I pressed them over the bra, my boobs felt very soft.

Now I also opened her petticoat and removed it from her legs.
Aunty was now only in a bra and panty.

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Now she got up and removed my T-shirt.
Then Aunty pulled off my lower and I too was left only in underwear.

Now Aunty and I were only in undergarments.

I threw Aunty down on the bed and started pressing her boobs hard over the bra.

Within a few moments, she started moaning which increased my excitement even more.
Turning Aunty over, I opened the hooks of her bra and made her naked from above.

I placed my mouth on Aunty’s boobs and started sucking the nipples in my mouth like a small child.

I was simultaneously squeezing her big boobs with my hands.
Just as juice is extracted from a ripe mango by squeezing it, similarly I was trying to extract milk from Aunty’s boobs by squeezing them. (Village Aunty Sex Story)

I drank Aunty’s boobs very tightly.
Now my hands started moving on her panties.

I could feel the raised shape of Aunty’s pussy on my palm.

Seriously, friends, the sex that comes from rubbing hands on the pussy cannot be described.
Whenever I touched Aunty’s pussy, my penis felt jerks.

My penis had started making wet marks on my underwear.

I kept rubbing Aunty’s pussy over the panty and then I suddenly put my hand inside the panty.

Aunty’s hot pussy was now rubbing against my palm.
I started massaging her wet hot pussy.

Started feeling the wetness of her cleavage on my palm.

Due to the rubbing of my hand on her pussy, Aunty’s legs were getting spread wider and wider.
Now she started pressing her boobs herself. (Village Aunty Sex Story)

I slid my finger into Aunty’s pussy and she suddenly jumped up.

Now I started fingering Aunty’s wet pussy and she started moaning ahh… ahh…

After some time, when she couldn’t bear it anymore, she pulled off my underwear and was shocked to see my penis.
She said- Your penis is much bigger than your Uncle’s!

Then she started playing with my penis in her hand; Started caressing his top.

I was having a lot of fun, I just felt like pinning and fucking Aunty.

When I asked her to suck the penis, she pretended not to suck it and then suddenly put the penis in her mouth and started sucking it.
The way Aunty sucked the penis showed how thirsty she was for the penis.

She was sucking my penis and I was caressing her pussy.

Now the matter had become unbearable for both of them, Aunty removed the penis from her mouth and lay down beside her.
She lay down next to me and said – Just put it inside now… I can’t stop myself!

I also immediately got up and made her lie on her back, spread her legs and started moving my penis up and down on her pussy. (Village Aunty Sex Story)
Aunty was enjoying it a lot and her eyes started closing.

I was continuously rubbing my penis on Aunty’s pussy.
The cracks of her pussy had become very wet on which the penis was slipping easily.

Then I slid my penis inside her pussy.
Half of the penis slid into Aunty’s pussy.

As soon as the penis went out, she screamed and I said – Aunty, what are you doing? What if anyone heard the voice?
She said- So you couldn’t insert it easily? I told you that your penis is much bigger than your Uncle.
I said- Okay, now I will do it comfortably.

Then I started kissing her on the lips.
Slowly I started pushing my penis.

Now I was pushing the penis forcefully inside her Tight Pussy.
While doing this, Aunty’s pussy took the penis completely inside and I started getting pleasure like heaven.

The cock was enjoying so much in Aunty’s hot pussy, what can I say!
I slowly started fucking Aunty.

After some time, Aunty also started enjoying it completely and she hugged me and started getting her pussy fucked.

We both got intoxicated while having sex.
I was sucking Aunty’s boobs and pushing into her pussy.
She was holding my ass and trying to push my penis deeper into her pussy.

Seeing Aunty’s pussy thirst increasing, I made her into a mare position and started fucking her from behind.

Now there was a slapping sound during fucking due to which my penis started getting more excited.

I held Aunty’s Big Ass and started fucking her vigorously.
Aunty was now getting fucked while screaming loudly – Aahh… take it easy… Aahh… Ohhh… I will burst… Aahh… Aahh… Oui Aaaa… Aahh die… Do it comfortably.

In this way, I rubbed Aunty’s pussy in different positions for 15-20 minutes.
The desi woman ejaculated thrice during sex.

When I was about to ejaculate, I asked Aunty where to ejaculate.
Aunty said- take it out inside only.

While pushing, I ejaculated into Aunty’s pussy.

In this way, I fucked Aunty for the first time and I enjoyed it a lot.

From that day onwards I had sexual relations with my Aunty.
I started fucking Aunty every day and fucked her continuously for three days.

Then even after Uncle’s arrival, we both would have sex as soon as we got a chance.

So, friends, this was the story of sex with Aunty.
Tell me how you liked this real Village Aunty Sex Story! I will wait for your response.

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