Unsatisfied wife fucked wildly With Old Man | Wife Sex Story

Unsatisfied wife fucked wildly With Old Man | Wife Sex Story

Hello friends, today’s story of Ritu ji is spoken by kritika Bakshi, thanks Ritu ji, you have given me this opportunity to preBakshit your stories Hello everyone, I’m kritika Ahluwalia. I am 31 years old and a housewife in India. My husband Jaspreet and I share a four-bedroom apartment located in Mumbai. Since childhood, I have known my husband since school.

We both grew up in the same area. After graduation, we fell in love and were married. Two children have been born to us. We had a seven-year-old son and were blessed with a three-month-old girl. We lived a happy married life. A recent incident in our lives dramatically altered our marital life. (Wife Sex Story)

Our neighbors were Hardayal Singh and Tejinder Kaur, an elderly couple. His wife Teji was 40 years old and he was 57. We used to call Hardayal Singh Manpreet as a sign of respect. They had no children. They were both left without children. Teji was struck by a truck, and he died. Manpreet was devastated. He was distraught. He began drinking heavily. Manpreet began to drink heavily as time passed. He lost his job. He sat in his home, drinking every day, and he lost his job. My husband is very caring and couldn’t bear to watch Manpreet’s health deteriorate.

My husband said to me one day that kritika Bakshi must be helped by Manpreet. He doesn’t have a family. He doesn’t have anyone to help him. He drinks so much because he is alone in his home. We should ask him to lock his house and to come stay with us for a few months. This will discourage him from drinking. Are you able to handle all the additional work required for him? (Wife Sex Story)

I responded, ” Jaspreet I think that’s a great idea. Teji was my friend. It is her duty to care for her husband. Invite Manpreet and invite her to come stay with us. Don’t worry. Don’t worry. I will take care of all his extra cooking and other tasks, with no problem.

Manpreet was convinced by my husband and me to move in with our family. He reluctantly moved in to our home. He was accommodated in our guest bedroom. Manpreet was my first client. (Wife Sex Story)

I cooked for him and washed and ironed for him. My husband typically leaves for work at 7:50 a.m., and usually returns home by 9.00 p.m. Manpreet would watch cable TV in our living room while I was at work. To keep him company, I used to talk to him whenever I entered our living room. Two months passed.

He had drastically reduced his drinking and was now on his way to complete recovery. We asked Manpreet to stay with us. As a rule, we would take a bath, then wash our son and get him ready to go to school. (Wife Sex Story)

My husband preferred to bathe later. Manpreet would bathe last. Each of us would take our clothes to the bath and put them in a plastic bag. I would wash everyone’s clothes later in the day.

While washing my clothes, I noticed that there were sticky spots on my bra and pants. They were semen patches, which I discovered when I touched them to inspect them. It was a surprise to me. I was surprised that my husband hadn’t touched me the night before. So I began to wonder how and where my bra and pantsy might have gotten the semen. (Wife Sex Story)

My husband and I had not had sex the night before so I assumed he might have been excited and used my undergarments to masturbate. It was fine with me. I was his wife. He was my husband and had every right masturbating and ejaculating his semen on me undergarments.

So that he didn’t have to act like a teenager, I gave my body to my husband. After dinner, Manpreet and I wished each other a great night, before retiring to our bedroom. That night, I felt the same need for intimacy with my husband. So I donned a sexy negligee and walked teasingly to my husband. He was always excited to see my naked body in the semi-transparent negligee. He gazed at me with lust. (Wife Sex Story)

My husband laughed and joked with me, ” Jaspreet! Since when have you been a teenager again?” Is it at this age, too?

He was surprised and asked him, “What do you mean kritika?” He was surprised and asked, “What did you do as a teenager?” (Wife Sex Story)

I laughed and said, “If you wanted me so badly last night, then you could have woken me up and taken my pleasure from it.” I would be more than happy to meet your needs! You need not play with your own semen and go to the bathroom.

My husband was stunned. He replied, “What? He said, “What? kritika, don’t be silly. I am a 35-year-old man. Why would I play with my body when I can have your beautiful body whenever I want? How did you think I would have masturbated in the toilet like an immature teenager? (Wife Sex Story)

He said, “And kritika. Now that you are nursing our baby, since there is no possibility of pregnancy, I know how much you love my semen. It would be a waste of time to throw it away in the toilet. They would go in my hair and be poured into my cunt.

I smiled shyly. Now it was my turn. My husband and I have been friends since childhood. He was honest with me, as he is. He never lied to me. He would not have lied to me if he had masturbated. He joked about it. It was not hidden. I was wondering where the semen stains had come from on my bra, and pantsy. I was stunned when the answer suddenly hit me. I felt distressed. (Wife Sex Story)

My husband looked at me and said, “Oh Jaspreet! I found stains on both my bra and pants when I washed our clothes.” They weren’t there when I took my clothes off before taking a bath. They were semen stains when I looked at them! This means that someone masturbated in my undergarments while I was bathing.

My husband was stunned. He stopped talking and began to think. He suddenly found the answer. My husband also came to the same conclusion as me. (Wife Sex Story)

He replied, “kritika, I believe I know where they came from. These are Manpreet’s semen stains. Since his wife’s death, he has never had a woman and must be desperate. He must have masturbated with your bra and panty and ejaculated her semen on them.

Jaspreet, I answered, “Yes, Jaspreet. It is something I believe too. Oh, God! We must now obey God! (Wife Sex Story)

He replied, ” kritika, listen. Manpreet has been our friend for many years. Although he is a decent man, he has been very lonely since the death of his wife. His sexual urges may have been difficult to control. He must have fantasized about you and masturbated over your underwear. But, let us keep silent. We have not been hurt by him. We should not be rude to Him. Let’s pretend that we don’t know what he did “

“But Jaspreet it is wrong for Manpreet fantasize about me body. I am your wife! He is 57 and I am 31. He is young enough to be my daughter, if he has one. Perhaps you could give him some insight into what we know, and convince him to get married once more. (Wife Sex Story)

He said to me: kritika, let it be. We should not embarrass him.

I agreed to let it go and nodded. We went to bed. My husband was sexually incredibly excited that night. He seemed to have a wild lust for me. During sex, he was very active. Surprisingly, he refused to let me get out of bed the next day. He refused to let me go, even though I said that I needed to get our son ready for school. I was able to have sex again with him before he allowed me to take a bath. His naughty behavior surprised me. (Wife Sex Story)

As I was putting on my maxi dress, he asked me mischievously ” Jaspreet,” You act like a newlywed husband! You seem completely different from the last night and your behavior is so exciting!

He said, “Well kritika! I think Manpreet must’ve sniffed your panty, and by now, even smells your cunt.

I laughed and said “Shut up Jaspreet. You are shameless (Wife Sex Story)

After my husband left for work, my wife and I gave birth to our baby. Then, we continued with housework. As I was working, my thoughts turned to what had just happened and how it had excited my husband. For some reason, I felt edgy. Before I left the house, I needed to buy groceries. His door was still shut. I decided to knock on his front door to get him to open it as I was getting late. I went into his bedroom and knocked lightly. I received no reply. I assumed he was asleep. I silently pushed the door open slightly. (Wife Sex Story)

I was shocked to see the shocking sight through the crack in the door. Manpreet was naked on the bed. His legs were spread. He was holding his penis in one of his hands and was touching it. He was also fondling his testicles with the other hand. His penis was enormous, which shocked me! It was heavy as a log of wood. 

His testicles looked huge. His entire penis was stretched out. I got frightened. Although I was ready to leave quickly, my curiosity about his massive penis made it impossible for me to stop silently looking through the crack in the door. Manpreet was a complete mess. I tried to understand what he was saying. I listened attentively.

Rest of the story in the next part.

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