The Laundryman and college girl sex story part-1

The Laundryman and college girl sex story part-1

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan from Aerocity, I am here to tell you the next part of the story that’s named “The Laundryman and college girl sex story part-1“, I am sure you all will love it.

This thing happened when I was 20 years old. At that time, I used to study in a hostel in Jaipur, away from my family members. I was in 1st year of B.Com Honors. I used to live in a hostel. I used to have a very close friend named Maya Jahan with me in the hostel. She was also 20 years old and was a resident of Bhopal. She was very fair and sexy stuff. But only I knew this. To the rest of the world, she was a very decent girl who always wore a burqa and did not even like to look at boys.

But only I knew her reality because she often used to finger her young pussy after watching a blue film on her phone at night. Many times we both had seen the blue film together and quenched each other’s pussy fire.

Both of us used to have lesbian sex with each other, due to which the fire of the body of both of them was also calming to some extent. Or rather say that because of this the fire inside us was increasing even more because now we were not working with each other’s fingers. Now we had to lie under some gullible young man and take his cock in our pussy.

But we did not want to waste our youth on outsiders. That’s why we thought that we would entrap some decent-looking boy in our net and get him to get the first kiss of his virgin bur.
Even if he speaks to anyone, no one will believe him because both of us girls in college and hostel were very decent and our image was very clear.

Then one day we were peeping out of the window of the hostel when I saw a boy working in the laundry and tea shop in front of me. He was some 25 or 26-year-old boy. But he seemed to be very stocky of the body and was also a little smart. They say that poverty hides your beauty.

So I said to Maya – Man, if that boy is caught, then our work can be done. Because that boy used to come to our hostel to give tea and take girls’ clothes to press. So Maya at first refused, said – if he spoke to anyone, then everyone would be in disrepute. So I told him – he will not say anything to anyone because we will lure him with sex every day.

So Maya slowly understood the matter. Then we started planning how to break it. But there was no idea. Then one day we were going to college, so my eyes fell on that boy in front of the college. I saw that he was coming towards me… Maybe to give tea to someone!

So I called him and said – when you come to the hostel in the evening, take clothes from my room too! He said – okay. Then we both went and waited for the evening. When someone knocked on the gate at around 6 in the evening, Maya opened the door. At that time I was in the bathroom, so I told Maya – if Amit is there, then stop him, I also have to give him my clothes. So Maya called him inside and said – sit down!

Then a devilish idea came to my mind, I just wrapped the towel in a hurry and came out. Seeing me in this condition, both Maya and Amit were shocked. I saw that the bulge near Amit’s cock was growing slowly. Then Amit got up and started leaving, so I held his hand and said – where are you going? Take the clothes!

So said- Sister, I will come later. Hearing the didi from her mouth, I laughed and I started thinking that in a few days two sisters-in-law of this didi are going to become brothers. When I made him sit, he sat on the bed. In front of him was our wardrobe from which I had to remove clothes. So I started taking off my clothes.

Maya went to take bath after such a long time. When mischief came to my mind again, I dropped one of my T-shirts. As soon as I bent down on the pretext of lifting it, she must have seen my ass because I was not wearing panties at that time.

While doing all this, my ass was also bursting because I was doing all this for the first time. I saw that there was no reaction from Amit’s side. I thought what a straight boy this is, a girl even showed her ass but this guy did not even move.

Then suddenly he took the clothes from my hand and ran away. Maya and I had lesbian sex at night. I told him everything that happened while having sex. So she said – sister-in-law, you will get me killed someday! There is a lot of fire in your pussy. I told him – is there no fire in your pussy?

So she said – Man, my pussy had left water only after seeing you in the towel in the morning. I was thinking that by making you naked in front of that Amit, I should start fucking your pussy with my finger.

That night we both slept like this having fun. Then in the morning, Maya said to me – today when Amit comes, I will take his clothes. You stay busy with some work. So I understood his plan that today Amit is gone. And I put a slap on his ass.

Then when we started going to college, Maya said to Amit on the way – Listen, give clothes carefully today. So he said – dear sister, today you will get solid clothes. Then both of us started waiting for the evening. Amit came only at 5 in the evening. At that time there is a lot of commotion in the hostel, so I told Maya – to tell Amit that if the clothes belong to Aisha, she will take them. But she has just gone out. You come and give it after two hours.

So Maya told Amit as this and Amit left. Then at seven o’clock in the evening, Amit came again. Then when I opened the door, he grabbed me the clothes from the gate itself and said money. I told him – come in, and I will give the money out. He came in.

Behind him I saw that no one had seen Amit coming in. When I was satisfied, I closed the gate. So Amit said – Didi, why did you close the gate? I have to go now! I told him- Amit, sit for a while! Then I went inside and started pretending to find the money. I got the money but I deliberately brought a note of a thousand and gave it to Amit.

So Amit said – Didi gives me free money. I told him – I do not have open money. Then I told Amit – wait, I will ask Maya. Maya was in the bathroom as per the plan and was waiting for my voice. As soon as I called him, immediately Maya said – I am coming. Then a minute later she came out only in bra panty.

Seeing her half-naked, Amit immediately stood up, then Maya started pretending and immediately started covering her body with a towel. Then said- Amit was scared all of a sudden. We both started laughing at this, which stunned Amit.

Then I took money from Maya and extended my hand to give it to Amit. As soon as Amit grabbed the money, I pulled him towards me and started kissing. Due to this he was immediately shocked, then he ran away. After he left Maya asked me – how did you feel? So I told – man, it’s fun. She said – Tomorrow is my turn. So I told him yes.

And just like that, the night passed. The next day, while going to college, Maya told Amit – today I have a lot of clothes, come and take them. And then we went to college. In the evening, Amit probably intentionally came at 7 o’clock so we took him inside and Maya started kissing him as soon as he left.

Amit was trying to free himself but Maya could not leave him. Then Maya left him after a while and said to him- Look Amit, you can have fun with both of us. In return, you will not say this to anyone… otherwise we will say that you have molested us. Then you will be trapped. So quietly enjoy yourself and let us take it too.

He remained silent. So I turned her towards me and started kissing her. Then I raised his hand and put it on my boobs and started pressing with his hand. Now Amit also got into the fun, he started kissing me loudly. Now I also enjoyed it and on the other hand, Maya caught Amit from behind and started caressing his cock from the top of the pants.

We had some fun with Amit Amit said – let me go now, my master will be waiting for me. I will come at night. Maya said – how will the night come? The gate then closes. So he said – I know a secret way, I come every night. Saying this he rolled his eyes and left.

Now it was our turn to be surprised. Where is this brother coming from? Well, thinking this, it was ten o’clock but Amit did not come. We thought that the brother-in-law had become a chutiya. Maya said – Tomorrow will take revenge on that motherfucker. My Brother-in-law’s sister’s load made us chutiya and went sisterfucker.

I had seen this form of Maya for the first time. Seeing that made me laugh. But then we went to sleep.

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