Fucked Neighbor Girl After Watching Porn – Sexy Girl Story

Fucked Neighbor Girl After Watching Porn – Sexy Girl Story

Hello Guys, I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Fucked Neighbor Girl After Watching Porn – Sexy Girl Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Read in Sexy Girl Story that I was masturbating my penis while watching a porn movie at home alone. My neighbour girl suddenly came. She saw it and then what happened?

Friends, my name is Umang. My age is 25 years, height is 5’10”. My penis is 5 inches long and 1.5 inches thick.

I am a simple-looking village boy. I have a dark complexion and a tight body.

This Sexy Girl Story happened when I was a few months above 18 years of age.

At that time my school studies were about to end and only a few months were left for school. Then I started watching new porn movies with my friends! (Sexy Girl Story)

We had brought a rented CD player and a rented porn movie CD. We 4 friends together watched secretly in a friend’s house. After that, whenever we got a chance, we used to spy on porn movies.

My father used to do network marketing, so he got a laptop as a gift in November and a bike also came to my house.

Papa did not know how to use a laptop, so the laptop remained at home, which I now started using for watching movies and playing games.

I copied and kept many porn movies on my laptop, which I used to look at and masturbate with every day.

This is about September. There used to be a girl named Maya in my neighbourhood.

She used to come to our house often. She was 3 years older than me, so I had never seen her like this. That day was Sunday and it was afternoon.

Maya came to my house and coincidentally I was alone that day.
The main gate of my house was not locked from inside. Since I was alone at home, I did not pay much attention to this and thought that no one would come at this time.

I was in my room and was lying on the bed of my room with a laptop. I had earphones in my ears and I was caressing and massaging my penis while watching a porn movie with pleasure.

My head was towards the door so I could not see outside. I didn’t realize when Maya saw me caressing my penis. (Sexy Girl Story)

Suddenly I saw a shadow on the laptop screen.
When I turned around, she suddenly stepped back to one side.

My hand was only on my penis. I quickly closed the laptop and sat up.
I was feeling very shy. I was caught doing such a thing in front of a girl.

After seeing that, my penis had become completely erect. My face had lost its colour. It was as if the ass had burst. I was just thinking that if I go to work today, I will get beaten. Now the laptop will also go away.

I got up in embarrassment and called her – Did you have any work, Maya?
She came inside again and said – No, I had come just like that.

She looked at my penis which was asleep in my shorts. But he had left a stain of precum on my shorts.

I was feeling very shy. She said- Do you do all this on your laptop? Should I tell Aunty?
At that time I was not fit to say anything. I was not able to understand what to say.

I said- Sorry, don’t tell mother. What face will I show to Father?
Maya- Why, he will see what is on his laptop.
I said- Friend, what are you talking about, will you get me killed?

Hearing this she started laughing and said – I will not tell, these things are not meant to be told.
Then I became a little normal. My breathing became somewhat normal.

Now lust had already awakened inside me.
I asked – Friend, we boys do it by shaking hands, how do you girls do it?
She said- Don’t talk nonsense… I will hit you! (Sexy Girl Story)

I held her hand and said – Tell me Maya friend, I want to know, I have never talked to any girl.
She said- Yes, we also do the same.

Then I opened the laptop and started porn again. Turned the laptop towards her.
A girl was caressing her Tight Pussy vigorously.

I asked- Do you do it like this?
She started looking away for once but then her eyes went to my penis. It was getting into shape again.

After that, I played another clip. In that, a white girl was inserting a dildo in her pussy.

Now there was a lot of tension in my penis. I went on the pretext of drinking water and while leaving I touched my penis on Maya’s ass.

She remained silent even on this act. When I came back, she was watching the porn clip carefully. My penis was completely erect. I came and put my penis behind her.

She removed me and said- stay within limits!
But lust had overcome me. I caught hold of her hand and placed it on my penis and again placed it on her buttocks.

Again she removed her hand.
I said – Please let me touch you a little, as a friend and neighbor can you help me this much?

she said nothing.
I inserted my penis in the crack of her ass.

Then I couldn’t stop myself. I clung to her and put my dick in her ass and started squeezing her Big Boobs also.

She also started moaning hotly and said – What are you doing? Someone will come, this is enough, leave me now. (Sexy Girl Story)

Pressing her boobs hard with both my hands, I said – Just let me do it for two more minutes… Ahhh… I am enjoying it. There were strong jerks in my penis.

While caressing her ass I said – Lie down on the bed, friend, for once!
She said- No, let it be. It’s daytime, someone will come.
I pushed her with me made her fall on the bed and climbed on top of her.

When I started sucking her lips, her hands came on my head.
We both got lost in each other. Sucked her lips for a long time and when she pushed me back, she was panting.

She gasped and said – I already liked you. But I never dared to tell.
Hearing this, I sucked her hard again. Then her shirt was removed and she was only in a bra.

I pressed her boobs over her bra and started caressing her pussy over her salwar. Then I removed her bra and started sucking her boobs. Now she started moaning.

Then I realized that the gate was not closed, if someone came then there would be trouble.
I quickly got up, tucked my penis in my shorts and closed both the main gate and the door of the room.

At that time Maya was caressing her boobs lightly with her hand. (Sexy Girl Story)
As soon as I came, I pounced on her boobs again and started sucking vigorously; Started biting her nipples with my teeth. She moaned and said – Ahhh… do it slowly, friend… it is hurting.

Then I moved away from her boobs and moved towards the nare of her salwar.
I opened her salwar and made her naked from below. Now only her panty was left on her body.

When I smelled her red panty, the smell of pussy juice was coming from it which was making her panty wet also.
Then I pressed her panty and she started moaning.

Now I couldn’t stop myself and I stripped her naked and attacked her pussy; Keeping her legs on my lap, I started licking and biting her pussy vigorously.

She hissed loudly and started going crazy.
My tongue was moving in and out of her white wet pussy rapidly.

I was getting the taste of her pussy juice on my tongue which was driving me crazy.

When she couldn’t stop herself, she said – Just… just… ahhh… put it in now…  ahhh… ohhh… stop… ahhh!
I quickly released her pussy and removed my T-shirt and shorts and became completely naked.

Then I placed my penis on the mouth of her pussy and lay down on her. While sucking her lips, I started pushing slowly. (Sexy Girl Story)

She kept pushing her pussy towards the penis while caressing my head.

Both pussy and penis had become smooth.
She said- Put it inside… now… ahhh… why are you tormenting me?
I was enjoying it so much just rubbing my penis.

Then I aimed at her pussy and placed my penis on the mouth of the hole and pushed it.
The penis went halfway inside and she tried to push me back hard but I squeezed her boobs hard.

Meanwhile, I gave another push and inserted my entire penis into her pussy. The penis was not very big so it went inside completely comfortably. She might have been fucked before too.

I laid down on her after inserting my penis in her pussy. I started sucking her lips and she also started supporting me.

I started fucking and she wrapped her legs around my ass.

We both got lost in each other. Both were enjoying sex while sucking their lips. Pach-pach sounds started coming from her pussy. The sex organs of both of them had released a lot of water.

I was enjoying even more now because the pussy had become completely smooth. The cock was fucking her pussy hard. Then I asked her to get up and become a mare.

Then I held her Big Ass and started fucking her pussy from behind. She was moaning – Ahhh… Ahhh… Ohhh… Relax… Ahhh… Ahhh!

With each of my thrusts, her boobs were swinging in the air and with each thrust, her ‘aah’… ‘aah’ was also coming out of her mouth.

After about 10 minutes of fucking, I was about to leave.
I pushed and said – It’s going to happen man… ahhh… ahhh… what to do?
She suddenly moved forward and pulled my penis out of her pussy.

Then she got down on her knees and started sucking my penis.
I held her head and started fucking her mouth. She held my ass tightly and took my entire penis deep into her throat. (Sexy Girl Story)

I could not tolerate this pleasure and a jet of my semen was released from my penis. I pressed her head hard on the penis and released all the semen in her throat.

She swallowed my semen inside. Then both of us lay down. I lay down on her boobs and started caressing her pussy. Her pussy had become completely wet and my penis had shrunk.

Then we lay naked for five minutes and after that, she got up and started wearing clothes. I also wore my clothes. The juice from my pussy had got on my bed sheet and it became wet.

I removed that sheet and we spread another sheet.

Then she went to her home.

After that, I started fucking my neighbour. We had a lot of fun while she was there.

Then she got married. Now she also has two children but whenever she comes, we meet. Sometimes we even get a chance to have sex. I still get the same pleasure from fucking her pussy.

Even after that, I fucked many more girls, I will tell you all that story also.

Don’t forget to tell me in the comments how you liked this Sexy Girl Story. If you also want to tell me your story then email me.

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