I Saw My Aunt Naked While She Took a Bath – Sexy Aunt Story

I Saw My Aunt Naked While She Took a Bath – Sexy Aunt Story

Hello Guys, I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “I Saw My Aunt Naked While She Took a Bath – Sexy Aunt Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Hello friends, I am from Panipat.

This Sexy Aunt Story is of my aunt. My aunt’s name is Sana. My aunt’s figure size is 38-32-40. Her long hair, thick dirty ass and her shapely and big boobs spread a different kind of intoxication.

When Aunty walk, both the sides of her ass and her boobs move very well. I claim that with that fun-filled and lust-filled gait of hers, anyone’s penis can be saluted.

I will also introduce myself a bit. my name is Vinit. My penis is seven inches long and two inches thick, which can give complete satisfaction to any woman. I am 21 years old and my aunt is 32 years old.

It has been five years since Aunty got married. She also has two children. There is one boy and one girl.

The girl is about 4 years old and the boy is just one year old. We are a joint family. Our house is a double storey. My uncle, aunt and their children live on the upper floor. I live with my family on the ground floor.

This is about that time. When I had completed my graduation. At this time I was waiting for my results to come. These days, most of my time is spent at home. (Sexy Aunt Story)

One day my mother asked me to bring some things from my aunt upstairs, so I went upstairs to get the things.

My aunt was breastfeeding her son. My aunt was wearing a suit at that time. She was lifting her kurta and feeding milk to her son.

I could see her boobs. My eyes got stuck on her beautiful and juicy Big Boobs.
When Aunty saw me, without covering her boobs, she asked me the reason for coming. When I told her, she gave me the stuff. I came down with the luggage.

From that day my gaze had changed towards Aunty. From now on I started looking for excuses to fuck Aunty and see her naked. Her boobs had entered my mind to such an extent that I had masturbated several times while thinking about them.

Then the days started passing like this, now my eyes started exploring Aunty’s body.

It is about that summer. It is about that day. Due to a power cut, there was no light at home the whole day, due to which the battery of our inverter was low.

The heat was at its peak. I started going to the terrace around 7-8 pm. While going to the terrace, both my eyes and ears were focused on Aunty’s house. (Sexy Aunt Story)

When I heard the sound of water falling, I understood that at that time my aunt had entered her bathroom to take a bath. I went to her bathroom door. I looked at the door with the desire to look inside, and a hole in it gave me a chance to see the inside.

I started looking inside. When I looked inside, I was astounded. The next moment my hand automatically reached my 7-inch weapon. I started shaking my penis while looking at the inside.

Inside, my aunt was preparing to take a bath. Water was filling the bucket. Then Aunty took off the shirt of her suit, her big boobs were visibly encased in the bra.

After that, Aunty opened the collar of the salwar and let it fall. Aunty made no effort to take care of her salwar. Her velvet salwar fell through her thighs.

Now Aunty was only in a bra and panty. After that Aunty opened her bra and her boobs started jumping out of the bra.

Her boobs were very big and very round. Aunty’s nipples above her hard boobs were brown and very hard. Aunty’s wonderful juicy boobs could make anyone’s penis erect.

Then after that Aunty removed her panty and I started seeing Aunty’s big buttocks. Her buttocks were very big. Aunty’s ass was completely plump and cushioned. I was crazy about Aunty’s ass from the beginning.

After that, Aunty sat down and started taking a bath. Her face was on the other side of the door. Through which I could see their backyard.

Then Aunty started applying soap on her body and rubbing it. Now Aunty had turned around a bit, due to which her boobs became visible.

She was caressing her 38-inch boobs and squeezing her nipples between her two fingers. Her nipples were very hard and brown.

Then Aunty also applied soap to her Tight Pussy and started rubbing it vigorously. Seeing her outside, my condition was getting worse and now I felt like breaking the door and entering the bathroom and fucking Aunty’s ass.

But I controlled my emotions and kept shaking my penis. The penis had also become extremely ferocious and its swollen veins seemed as if it might burst.

I started looking inside again while shaking my penis. There were big pubic hairs on Aunty’s pussy and Aunty was fingering inside her pussy.

Then for some time Aunty leaned herself against the bathroom wall and raised her legs. Now she had inserted the toothbrush in her Big Ass and was rapidly rubbing her ass with the toothbrush.

Besides, Aunty was also fucking her pussy with the finger of one hand.
At this time, hot moans were coming out of her mouth – Uh oh oh!

Then for a while, Aunty suddenly orgasmed and remained lying there limp for a moment.

Then Aunty took a bath with water and started wiping her body with a towel.

After this Aunty neither put on a bra nor wore panty. Just wore a T-shirt and a tight lower. By now I had also masturbated and had released my semen on the bathroom door. I also quickly ran away.

By now the lights had also come on and I had come to my room.

Friends, I hope you liked my Sexy Aunt Story. Please send me your comments so that I can write the next part of this sexy aunt story.

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