Blissful Sex with my bhabhi at my village’s Farmhouse

Blissful Sex with my bhabhi at my village’s Farmhouse

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Blissful Sex with my bhabhi at my village’s Farmhouse“. I am sure you all will love it.

I enjoyed farmhouse village sex with my bhabhi in a farmhouse with a tube well. My bhabhi is sexy and I used to talk openly with her.

I am from a rich family, my brother has a big business in Mumbai. My whole family lives in Mumbai only. This farmhouse village sex thing happened when I was 20 years old. The marriage of my uncle’s son was fixed. Me and My bhabhi had to go to the village for his marriage.

My bhabhi was 26 years old. My bhabhi’s youth was such that she could even set fire to water. My bhabhi’s size was 34-30-36. Her very round breasts were erect in front of her and did not sag at all. Had intoxicating eyes. It was an open affair with my bhabhi. Nothing was hidden from either of us.

We were friendly in a way. There were just no relations of sex. When my bhabhi and I came to the village, we both went out to visit the fields. On the other side, went to my uncle’s house in the pump house. The experience of the farm is different in the rainy season. There is a different happiness of greenery all around.

My bhabhi said – My Brother-in-law is feeling like staying here tonight. I said – yes then it is okay, I will tell uncle that both of us will stay here for the night. Later, when both of us were roaming in the fields by bike, it rained heavily. Both of us got completely drenched in it.

My bhabhi and I changed clothes after coming to my uncle’s house. When it was evening, my aunt said to me – Son, stay with your bhabhi in the farmhouse. Here there is an atmosphere of marriage, so there will be a lot of hue and cry. A new one has been made over there, so you will be comfortable there.

I said – yes aunt, it is okay, anyway My bhabhi was asking to stay in the open air there. In this way, it was decided for both of us to stay in the farmhouse. There were two rooms built there. I would sleep in one and My bhabhi would sleep in the other.

We both came to the farmhouse with our belongings. I lay down in my room, My bhabhi went to sleep in the inner room. After ten minutes My bhabhi came to my room and said – I am alone in the room. I am scared to be alone. I will sleep here with you.

I said – ok come on. My bhabhi came near me and lay down. We both started talking. I started making My bhabhi laugh while telling jokes. After some time My bhabhi started feeling sleepy, then she asked to sleep. She lay down beside me.

Her breasts were looking very cool and bulging from her nightie. Deserted place and sexy My bhabhi were lying on my side, and her breasts were making me sensuous from above. I was not able to restrain myself. I put my one hand on her breast. My bhabhi didn’t say anything. I slowly kept rubbing my bhabhi’s breast.

After five minutes the My bhabhi woke up and started looking at me. I removed my hand. I did this for the first time today, so my ass burst completely that’s what will happen now. My bhabhi laughed and said – what happened brother-in-law, you don’t have any setting, do you?

I shook my head in no. ‘What happened in your mind today?’ I said – If an angel like you is lying nearby, any human can become a demon, My bhabhi. She said – Am I so beautiful? I said – ask anyone in the village?

My bhabhi laughed and said – So now what is the future idea, my brother-in-law? I said – the thoughts are very noble… but you are feeling scared. My bhabhi said – When you were rubbing your chest, did you feel scared? I said – you were sleeping then.

My bhabhi- How did you know that I was sleeping? I said – Your eyes were closed, weren’t they? My bhabhi closed her eyes. When his eyes were pressed, my mind became uncontrollable and at that very moment I pulled my bhabhi towards me.

I started kissing my bhabhi. My bhabhi also started supporting me. Then I pressed my bhabhi’s milk with one hand and put my mouth in the other udder. My bhabhi started pressing me on her mother while saying aha ah.

I started pressing her ass with one hand. Now My bhabhi had started taking body wraps. Couldn’t even live with My bhabhi. Kissing her on the cheek, I started sucking her breasts. My bhabhi started moaning. I put one finger in her pussy and started moving back and forth. Bhabhi opened her legs and started enjoying my finger in her pussy.

His intoxicating voice was working to bring tension to my cock – Ah oh brother-in-law, I was waiting for this moment for a long. I said – you never said, My bhabhi… I myself wanted to enjoy your body for a long. My bhabhi was enjoying the village sex and was saying- Ah… today, love me wholeheartedly, my brother-in-law.

I am yours today In this way, the game of sex started openly between both of us. Then I came down and started licking her pussy. My bhabhi was pressing my head on her pussy with both her hands- Ah my dear… Your brother has never given me this pleasure till now. Ah, suck my pussy… ah you lick very much… ah suck till inside.

I also started pulling the grain of her pussy by pressing it in my lips. Due to this, the My bhabhi’s excitement increased and she started stiffening her body. My intoxication increased with the loud sounds of their sighs. In a few moments, My bhabhi fell in my face. I licked her water and cleaned her pussy.

She was looking at me with intoxicated eyes. I kissed him and asked – how did you feel? My bhabhi, my life has given me the pleasure of heaven. I said – I also want to enjoy that My bhabhi. My bhabhi understood, and her hand came on my cock. When I looked at him, he moved his tongue on his lips and gestured to suck cocks.

I got up and put my cock in his mouth. My bhabhi started licking and sucking my cock like a lollipop and started taking my entire cock up to her throat. I also started fucking my bhabhi’s mouth. My bhabhi also sucked my eggs.

I said – My bhabhi, you suck cock very well… Has brother taught you what? My bhabhi said- Your brother has not taught me, it was my compulsion that I had to learn to suck cocks. I said – what happened My bhabhi that you have learned to suck cock under compulsion?

My bhabhi said- Your brother’s cock’s water gets drained out soon and in order to make his cock erect again, I have to make him erect by sucking his cock. Sometimes no matter how much you suck, his cock does not stand up. I said – then what do you do? My bhabhi, nothing, I just feel sorry and sleep by putting my finger in my pussy.

Then I said – now I will not let you lack cock, My bhabhi. I started giving cocks in My bhabhi’s mouth at a fast pace and after a few minutes, I fell inside her. My bhabhi drank the water that came out of my cock with great pleasure and kept sucking my tired cock. This made my cock hot again.

Now I have started kissing my bhabhi again. My bhabhi had become very hot and her pussy had become horny. My bhabhi-brother-in-law is no more… please put out the fire in my pussy.

I climbed on top of My bhabhi and I set my cock in the cracks of My bhabhi’s pussy. My bhabhi was getting eager to eat cock. I gently pushed. My cock went inside four inches. My bhabhi started shouting- Ui killed me… Ah! He started having pain.

I stopped kissing for two minutes. When she calmed down a bit, I hit her with another blow while pressing her lips. My whole cock entered inside the pussy. My bhabhi released her lips from my lips and started shouting- Oh pain is happening… I will die. Please take it out… ah you are very fat.

I stopped and started kissing my bhabhi. When she calmed down a bit, I started pushing slowly. Now he was having fun. She started caressing her pussy with one hand and was making sensuous noises – aah aa … fast… faster!

I increased my pace. My bhabhi was saying- I am really fucked today… I am having a lot of fun. She kept shouting in intoxicated voices and I kept fucking her hard. Then after some time both of us fell together. My bhabhi came and lay down on me and after a long kiss, she said that for the first time in her life, my pussy is cold.

I asked my bhabhi, if you are in pain then I am sorry bhabhi. She said- Hey my dear… What to talk about pain… Today I had a lot of fun. I said – you were shouting as if a brother had never fucked you. She said – Your brother tries to fuck me every day, but his cock is only small and very thin.

After going inside his cock makes him vomit within ten to twelve bumps. While your cock is thick and long. That’s why I was in pain. After some time my cock got tanned again. This time I asked my bhabhi, to become a mare.

She said – just warm me first, then whatever you want to make more bitch, make it and fuck it. I again started licking My bhabhi’s pussy. She got hot after licking her pussy for a few minutes and said – I am peeing… I pee. I said – take it out here in my mouth. My bhabhi laughed and kissed me and stood on my face like a buffalo and started urinating.

I was licking her pussy like a thirsty dog. Now my cock was back to pussy to pussy. My bhabhi had also become horny. I tied her hands behind her back with My bhabhi’s chunni. My bhabhi said – what are you doing? I said – I want to do the same. My bhabhi did not say anything.

Now his head was on the pillow and his ass was on the backside. I spit on the cock and set the cock on the ass hole of the My bhabhi and pushed it hard. She was in agony like a fish out of water and started shouting loudly – Motherfucker got pelted in the ass, take out the sighs… Ah, my ass burst!

I was not scared because we were in a farmhouse. After some time my cock had made its place in my ass and started walking closely. Now I was happily pushing into My bhabhi’s ass. She said – fuck your mother… fuck your sister… butcher… does anyone fuck his bhabhi like this?

I said – My bhabhi, I want to make you happy in every way. What about pain, it happens in the pussy for the first time too. Later on, do you enjoy getting pussy fucked or not… In the same way, now you will always enjoy getting your ass killed. My bhabhi did not say anything and kept getting her ass killed. 

After some time I fell in his ass and lay down on his side. We both had sex thrice that night. Was not getting up from My bhabhi in the morning. I got up and went to the village house and brought tea and breakfast from there. I brought all that and gave it to my bhabhi.

She got up and started walking with a limp. Then My bhabhi got ready after having breakfast. I got ready too. She was angry at me for having fucked her so brutally. After some time his father came to pick him up, and he too had to attend the wedding. She went with her father.

After this the marriage took place and we both had a lot of fun in the marriage of the uncle’s son. After marriage, we both came back to Mumbai. Now I keep enjoying the fuck off my bhabhi.

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