Unexplainable sex with a virgin girl | First-time sex

Unexplainable sex with a virgin girl | First-time sex

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Unexplainable sex with a virgin girl | First-time sex“. I am sure you all will love it.

Sexy hot girl first time sex. When we went to see the girl for my brother, she started getting set. So how did she fuck?

Hello friends, I am your friend Lucky presenting my sexy hot girl’s first-time sex story in front of you all. I’ll tell you about myself. My name is Lucky and I am a resident of Nainital. I am 21 years old and doing B.Tech from an engineering college in Nainital.

My height is 6 feet and 2 inches and by going to the gym my body has become very athletic. Seeing to whom every girl gets attracted. The size of my cock is 6.5 inches, which can satisfy any girl by tearing her pussy. I have parents, a brother, and a sister-in-law at home.

Now boys get ready to shake their dicks… and girls get ready to finger their pussies. This incident is 2 years old. My brother is working as a manager in a government bank. The girl was being seen for his marriage. After searching for many girls, my brother liked a girl.

We all had to go the next morning to see the girl. Reached the girl’s house. He welcomed us and we all came inside. After sitting for a while, my future sister-in-law and her younger sister Komal came with breakfast. Komal was a 19-year-old maid with a very beautiful sensuous body.

Her height was 5 feet 7 inches and his figure was 34-28-36. The color is so fair that heat can be felt in the cock from a distance. The tits are very thick and tight. Her waist was like butter. On seeing her, my cock started fluttering in my pants. As soon as she appeared in front of me, I kept looking at her.

Sister-in-law and Komal, which was to be held after serving tea and breakfast, sat in front of us. My Brother and sister-in-law started talking among themselves and since then I was watching Komal only. I wanted to slap my sister-in-law and fuck her, but I kept my emotions under control.

Then her father introduced me to her and told her that Komal has just passed 12th and her mind is to do engineering further. You guide it for career and send necessary notes. I said yes and started talking to him about my studies. She was also staring at me while talking as if she would get bitten.

After talking for a while, I asked him for his WhatsApp number and he immediately gave it to me. Then we left for home and came home. My Brother and family liked the girl very much and we said yes to her for the relationship from our side. I texted Komal and she told that she also liked Bhaiya a lot and wrote below that she liked me a lot.

Hearing this, I was very happy and started dreaming of fucking Komal. In this way, our talk went on and we became quite open. My Brother and sister-in-law’s stay was also fixed, but on the day of the stay, Komal could not come due to some reason and I was very disappointed. I wrote to him by messaging – why didn’t you come today?

I was very angry with him, so while persuading me, he wrote – meet me to the fullest on the wedding day. Saying this she started laughing. I also sent a laughing emoji. I also understood the meaning of meeting to the fullest. Now we started talking every day and started coming very close to each other.

One day while talking, he asked me for Physics notes, so I said – only to take notes? Not interested in nudes? She had understood, but she tried to avoid the matter. I said clearly – you send such a photo of your physique, which I have not seen. Only then I will send you the photo of Physics. Hearing this, she started refusing, but I told her more forcefully and she agreed.

She sent me the photo of her pussy and nipples. Seeing him I fisted 4 times and I told him I love you. In return, he also said love you too. Now we started having sex chats every day and both of us took off our clothes and started making video calls. He told me that he has not had sex till date and he is still a virgin. Hearing this, I got more excited.

I rub my cock here, in return she squeezes her nipples there and fingers her pussy. Now we were yearning to meet When my luck opened up when the people at my sister-in-law’s house were about to come from our place for marriage shopping. Komal was also going to come with them.

My mother and I had to go shopping with her and I was very happy. Those people came to Nainital and I was very happy to see Komal. She was also giving a killer smile seeing me. 
After visiting many shops, when we did not get a chance to meet, I told my mother that I and Komal go to another shop to see the goods. Mother said yes to me.

Then I took Komal and came to an under-construction building a little far away where it was very dark. Komal and I first hugged each other hard and seeing her face I put my lips on her juicy lips. We both kept smooching for five minutes.

He told me I love you Lucky as soon as he left me and I continued to smooches again in response. Meanwhile, I tightly held her in my arms and started squeezing her nipples from above. She started making sexy sounds. I said – you have tortured me a lot, today I will suck you and eat you.

Komal said- I was also in a bad condition without you dear… and kiss me hard. We started kissing by rolling our tongues in each other’s mouths. Then I realized that mother would be waiting for us. Then we parted and went to my mother’s house. Mother asked – where were you, where did you spend so much time? Answering, I said – nothing mother, the crowd was huge, that’s why it took time.

I winked at Komal and she started laughing. Then we went to a hotel to have dinner where Komal and I sat face to face and started teasing each other with our feet. After having dinner, I left Komal and her mother at the bus stand, where Komal gently patted me and said bye and I left her sitting on the bus.

At night we started talking to each other about today’s meeting. He told that it was a lot of fun and he enjoyed every moment spent with me. Remembering today’s scene, I also started beating my fist and fell asleep. The fire of both of us was also burning a lot now. Now even an hour without him seemed like a day.

The family called a priest to find out an auspicious day for the marriage and the marriage was fixed on the 19th of the next month. I was very happy to hear this and was making a complete plan that on the wedding day, Komal’s pussy has to be made into a vulva. After telling Komal, she also said – I also want to taste your cock.

I’m dying to get my pussy killed. Then I cooled down my heat by asking her for a nude pic. Now finally, after waiting for a long time, the wedding day has arrived. We were all very excited and booked a resort on the Nainital. The place looked like a paradise. We came to the venue with a procession and the procession was welcomed very warmly.

As soon as I went inside, I started searching for Komal. On not getting it, I also called him but his phone note was reachable. Frustrated, I went outside to welcome the guests and after completing all the work, I sat inside the hall. In such a long time, a voice came from behind, ‘Lucky…’ When I looked back, Komal was standing behind me.

She was looking very beautiful in a red-colored lehenga as if an angel of beauty had descended from heaven. That beautiful face of hers and red lipstick on her luscious lips. If any old man had seen him on that day, his dick would have stood up.

I held her hand and asked – where were you… and why didn’t you pick up the phone? She replied that she was busy getting her sister’s make-up done and could not pick up the phone. Then we both sat together and looked at each other and were just praised. Most of the guests had gone home after having food, Jai Mala was also done.

Now it was time for rounds. At this time I also had no work to do and neither did Komal. I gestured to him and asked him to walk along. She understood my gesture and got ready to walk along. While leaving, I had taken a quarter bottle of whiskey and both of us secretly came to a room on the third floor.

I locked the room and held her tightly in my arms, started kissing her. Then I picked him up in my arms and climbed on top of him after throwing him onto the bed. I started kissing her wildly. Sometimes behind the ear, sometimes on the neck, sometimes on the lips. She was also making intoxicating sounds – oh yes Lucky, kiss me ah ah. I was also very excited.

Then he started taking off my shirt. In return, I also removed her blouse, and seeing her in a bra, my mind went completely crazy. I started kissing her on her stomach. He was getting tickled a lot. I started pressing her nipples from the top of the bra and after pressing for a long time, opened the hook of her bra.

Her teats immediately jumped up and came in front of me as if they were tightly clamped. After freeing them, I started sucking one of her nipples and started biting on the nipple. That sexy hot girl was also enjoying herself a lot and was running her hand through my hair.

I took off her lehenga and started kissing her feet. Kissing came to her thighs and started kissing her pussy. Putting her panties on the side, he started fingering her sealed pack pussy. Komal was enjoying it a lot and she started breathing heavily.

Then I removed her underwear and saw that there was not a single hair on her pussy. When I asked, she told that she had shaved her pussy only yesterday. I kissed her pussy and started moving my tongue on her pussy. She was making sensuous sounds. 

After licking her pussy for a long time, she caught my dick from the top of my pant and said- Hi Ram… So big and thick… Today you will be making a fool of my pussy. I said – Yes dear, today I will break your seal. Then he took off my pant and removed the briefs at once. My dick immediately came in front of her mouth.

She shook the cock with great love and took it in her mouth. At that time I was feeling as if I am flying into the seventh heaven. The sounds of ‘ah…ah…’ were coming out of my mouth too. Then I opened the bottle of whiskey and putting it on the back of his neck, I started licking his neck.

I poured whiskey on her stomach and also on her pussy and started licking it after tasting it. That moment was very funny. He was also enjoying it a lot. I asked him to come in the pose of 69. I started sucking her pussy and she started sucking my cock.

After cuddling for a long time, she started saying – don’t make me wait any longer… Quickly put your cock in my pussy… and make it a vulva. I just wanted to torture her more. I would just move the cock on her pussy and remove the cock by torturing her. She got upset – don’t bother anymore darling… please put me back. 

I also didn’t think it right to waste time and spread her pussy and started rubbing her cock inside. But due to her pussy being sealed, the cock was not going inside. Then I put a little spit on my dick and a little bit on her pussy and immediately pushed the cock inside.

She screamed immediately and she started trying to take out the cock, but I also did not let her move. I said – Babu, for the first time there will be a pain, later it will be fun. Now I put a pillow under her ass and put my hand on her mouth and hit her with another blow.

This time half of my dick went inside. I had choked his mouth so that the voice would not come out. Then I slowly went back inside. After some time she also started enjoying and now she started supporting me. She was saying- come on baby… fuck me… tear my pussy apart… and pelt sister’s cock loudly… tear my pussy apart.

I was also going to fuck her in full enthusiasm and was saying- Yes baby…Sister, today I will tear your pussy, my whore, sister’s maid. Till now she had left her pussy water twice. After a long time, my juice was about to come out. I asked him – where to take out? He said – emptying it on my nipples. 

Then I started taking out hot pichkari from my cock and left cock juice on her nipples. He licked all that material. We had sex twice and I satisfied her completely. He hugged me and kissed me for giving me so much fun. Seeing blood coming out of her pussy, she started smiling.

After resting for a while, we fixed our clothes and came down. When I came downstairs, I saw that the marriage had already taken place and now it was time for farewell. I said bye to Komal and we came home taking my sister-in-law with us. After this, whenever Komal used to come to stay at our house, we used to enjoy sex for the whole night.

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