I had sex first time with a married girl who met on Instagram

I had sex first time with a married girl who met on Instagram

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story of a boy that’s named “I had sex with a married girl who met on Instagram“. He will tell you his story, I am sure you all will love it.

Dirty girl sex story I had sex with a married girl from social media. Her boobs were very big, I liked them very much. I beat her and fucked her.

Friends, I am 26 years old, my name is Abhishek and I am from Delhi. My height is 5 feet 7 inches and my penis size is average. I was a virgin till a few months ago. Because of such confusion, I had not tried to have sex till now.

Most of the boys have a dilemma regarding the size of their penis that my penis is not small, what will a girl think if she sees it? This is my first story. I will tell you how I fucked the girl I met on Instagram at her house.

So this sex with a married girl who met on Instagram begins about 4 months ago. I used to create fake profiles on Instagram and used to peep into the profiles of my ex-girlfriends. I had a breakup with her a while ago.

Just like that, once while going through the profiles, I found the profile of a girl named Shehnaaz. She had put up an Instagram story, so I commented on it. I didn’t expect to get a reply from there.

But when I woke up in the morning and opened Instagram, his reply was there. This is how our friendship started and we started having light conversations every day. I liked her at first sight.

Let me tell you about Shehnaaz she is 20 years old, and her complexion is a bit dark but her figure is amazing. Her boobs size is 38. What am I, anyone would go crazy just by looking at them.

She was also a resident of Delhi but due to family problems, she was already married a year back. So I was talking to her. After doing her homework, she would come online and we would talk for hours.

Slowly we started opening up. She also started telling about her sex life that today she had sex in this position, today she did it wearing this and so on. In this way, while talking about sex every day, we did not know when we fell in love.

Slowly love talks started happening between us and mobile numbers were also given to each other. I didn’t even realize how a month passed like this. Then she started having some problems in periods due to which she had to come to her home i.e. maternal home.

To date, we talked only on phone calls and video calls. We thought of meeting when she got well. We started waiting for his recovery. Finally, the day arrived when we were to meet for the first time.

We chose the date and place to meet and went to meet at the said place. If we were meeting for the first time, we thought it appropriate to meet at a public place rather than at a hotel etc.

We spent 4-5 hours together there, talked, kissed, I even kissed, ate and drank and came back. The next day she messaged that her mother was going somewhere for work but her brother was at home, whom she would take care of.

He said come if you can. I too did not take long to say yes. Soon I reached the place told by her. She also came to pick me up on the pretext of taking cold drinks. We were going talking on the phone, she was telling me which way to go.

I went to the house told her and stopped in the parking lot. She also came inside from behind. As soon as she came to the parking lot, I started kissing her. She said – wait now, I will come after seeing my brother first.

His brother was in the room. Then after checking she opened the gate comfortably and called me inside. We silently drank cold drinks and then she gestured to come to the washroom. As soon as we entered the washroom, we fell on each other.

While kissing, I was pressing her tits bigger than melons. Then she took off all his clothes; That dirty girl didn’t want to be late. Seeing her in this condition, my condition started deteriorating. I was seeing her naked for the first time in front of me.

Had seen her naked many times in video calls. Her boobs were huge. I was sucking and biting them by holding them with both hands. Then I took one hand down and water was flowing from her pussy.

I sat down and started licking her by touching her pussy. His sigh came out as soon as he touched his face. I was licking someone’s pussy for the first time. Her pussy was burning like a furnace and I was enjoying the taste of salty water.

Then I stood up and opened my pants and let her take my dick in his mouth. She started sucking the dick by taking it in her mouth. Because of the hair on the dick, she could not suck much.

I didn’t clean my hair because I didn’t know that all this could happen here; I had come only thinking about what etc. Then she got up and turned around and stood leaning on the wall.

I did not understand that she has agreed to be fucked because I did not even think of having sex, due to which I did not even bring a condom. Then she said – do it like this, if you are about to leave, then take it out.

It was my first time, I had never had sex before. She was standing with her hand on the wall. I took her ass out a little and asked her to keep one leg on the toilet seat so that the dick could get a proper place.

I grabbed the dick and put it on the pussy and pushed it. Due to the wetness of the pussy, the dick went inside comfortably. For the first time, my dick was getting such fierce heat of pussy, due to which I had reached heaven.

But my dick could not tolerate the heat of the pussy and I was about to come out only after 3-4 thrusts, so I quickly took my dick out and then I fell. At that time I was very angry with myself for ejaculating so soon.

Even before we started the second round, her brother came and rang the washroom gate and said – I have to go, leave soon! We got dressed quickly. He said to his brother – I will take some time now.

So his brother went back to the room and I opened the gate and came out. Shehnaaz also came to see me for a short distance but she was not wearing a bra under her T-shirt, so she went back halfway.

After reaching home, I messaged her – Sorry man, I happened so soon, you remained like this. Then she explained to me – Are you crazy, this happens for the first time! It was so hot outside too, you didn’t even get time to rest after coming and it was getting hot in the washroom too.

The second round could not happen, otherwise, it would have been more fun. Hearing this, my mind became somewhat better. So the first experience was something like this. Then now we used to be on video calls on the phone every day throughout the day.

Even if she had to take a bath, she used to take her phone with her and I would watch her taking a bath on a video call. She would have eaten food too on a video call! A week later we met again outside but this time also in a public place! There we kissed like before.

The same day she told me at night- Tomorrow mother has to go to temple and brother has exam, no one will be at home, tell me if you will come? How could I miss such an opportunity; I said – if some important work does not come out then I will come.

Shehnaaz- This time brings a condom. I said – I will not bring it, I have not bought a condom to date. The next day I cleaned the hair of the dick and bought condoms on the way and reached his house!

She was already waiting for me as her mother and brother had already left. He opened the gate, I went inside the room. She also came after closing the gate. At that time she was wearing a nightie in which her figure was looking amazing.

He brought me water and turned on the AC as it was very hot outside, due to which I was sweating. We sat on the bed talking and looking into each other’s eyes. I started looking at her boobs while talking.

Meanwhile, she got up and sat on my lap. When I started pressing her huge tits, I came to know that she was not wearing a bra. I started kissing her while pressing her nipples. After kissing for a while, I removed her nightie, she was not wearing anything inside.

When we started kissing again, I pushed her and made her lie down on the bed. Seeing her lying like this, good dicks should leave the water. I started sucking and biting her 38’s nipples. I slowly moved one hand to the pussy which had already started flowing.

Putting my finger in pussy, I started taking it out. Leaving the nipples, I came down and started licking the pussy. In the meanwhile she started hissing, she started holding my head and pressing it in her pussy.

Then she started saying – now put the sisterfucker! I took off my pants and stood up. Shehnaaz: If you haven’t brought condoms, what will you do with a foil? Then I took out a packet of condoms from my pocket and caught her.

She took out the condom and put it on me and lay down with a pillow under her ass. Without delay, I set the dick on the pussy and started thrusting. After doing this for a while, we changed the place.

This time I lay down and she was up! She set the pussy on the dick and started moving up and down. Both of us were in full swing at this time. Her sobs were echoing throughout the room.

His thrusts were squeezing my dick well. Thinking about the way she was rubbing her pussy with bumps at that time, the dick still starts saluting. After a while, when she got tired, she said to me – sister-in-law is lying comfortably, how long should I keep doing it!

Hearing this, I started laughing. Then I started pushing from below. The sound of Fach-Fach and his sobs was echoing throughout the whole room. I used to think that people speak in such a way that there is a sound of so much, but then I came to know when only that voice was echoing in the whole room.

Shehnaaz had already fallen once. Mine was about to happen now. I thought I will stop for a while, I will start again when I become normal so that I can last for more time. But being new to this game of sex, I could not control myself and fell while pushing hard.

Then we both started talking lying naked like this and kept kissing in between. After a while, my dick got ready to fight again and we started again wearing condoms. This time I made her a mare and put her from behind.

I liked her ass very much, I was teasing her ass while fucking. She started refusing while putting her hand on the ass. He had not even taken a finger in the ass to date. After doing two rounds, we cleaned up and dressed and then had food.

When it was time for her brother to come, she said – now you go quickly, Brother is about to come, so there will be a problem. But I didn’t want to leave her. I started kissing again and started pressing my nipples.|

While taking out the teats from the neck of the nightie, her nightie was also torn. Then I started pressing her ass. I said – I want to see your ass. When she lifted the nightie, I held her neck and bent her down.

I held her tight and inserted my finger in her ass, then she started abusing me – Ass hole… it’s hurting, till date I did not even let my husband do it, he also tried many times to hit her ass.

But I didn’t listen to her and kept pressing her and started taking out the whole finger. Then I left her as it was time for her brother to come. I told her – this time I am leaving but next time no finger, dick will go in it!

After that, we washed our hands and face and I kissed her and left for home. After 2-4 days, Shehnaaz went to her in-law’s house. I hope we meet again and have more fun this time.
We still chat on video calls.

So friends, how did you like the first sex story of my first fuck, tell me.

Share your opinion on my sex with a married girl who met on Instagram in the comments or sends me your message in the email below. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “wildfantasystory.com

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