Romantic Sex With My Half-Girlfriend – Romantic Sex Story

Romantic Sex With My Half-Girlfriend – Romantic Sex Story

Hello Guys, I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Romantic Sex With My Half-Girlfriend – Romantic Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

I enjoyed romantic sex with my college-time friend. She wasn’t my girlfriend but she liked me. Once I met her…

My name is Arpit, age 25 years, height 5’6″.
I am from Indore.
But right now I am a software engineer in a company in Gurgaon.
I live alone in Gurgaon.

There are 7 people in my family including me.

Uncle and father have a clothes showroom and aunt and mother are housewives.
Younger sister Neha is in the first year of graduation and cousin sister Juhi is a divorcee, she also lives at home with us. (Romantic Sex Story)

Juhi Didi could not give birth to a child so they got divorced a year ago.

Now I come to my Romantic Sex Story…

One day in Gurgaon I met Soniya, my very good friend from my college days.
Her complexion is dark, her height is 5’3″ and she is from Punjab.

She told me that she also works in a software company in Gurgaon.

When we met after a long time, we had lunch together and talked a lot and remembered our college days.

I came to know from Soniya’s friends that she liked me since her college days but she never told me anything about it.

After spending a lot of time together, we left from there to go to our respective rooms.
We had just walked a short distance when it started raining.

There was nothing nearby to stop, so we stopped under a tree on the roadside.

We were quite wet and the rain was also getting heavier. My room was about 5 minutes away from there so I asked her to come with me until the rain stopped. (Romantic Sex Story)

At first, she was a little hesitant but later she agreed and we both came to my room.

Since we were completely drenched, I gave her a towel, my t-shirt and shorts and asked her to change.

She went to the bathroom to change and I went into the room and quickly changed my clothes and made tea for both of us.

When Soniya did not come for a long time, I went to call her, I saw that the door was not closed properly, and the sound of the shower running and Soniya humming was coming from inside.

Suddenly a bad thought came to my mind, so I opened the door a little and looked.
I just kept staring stunned.

Inside, Soniya was standing completely naked under the shower and humming while taking a bath.

Her face was on the other side so I could see her bare back and Big Ass.
For the first time in my life, I had seen a girl naked.

My penis had also tight.
Suddenly I got some courage and quietly entered the bathroom and closed the door from inside.

I took off all my clothes except underwear. Soniya was humming and enjoying the shower, unaware of my presence. (Romantic Sex Story)

I went from behind and held her boobs in my trembling hands.

She screamed in panic and quickly turned off the shower, wrapped herself in the towel and turned towards me.

She shouted at me and said – What are you doing, I did not expect this from you!
Saying this she started crying.

I told her- I like you very much.

After listening to me she did not say anything and started walking away from there with her head down.

Then I stopped her by holding her hand and said – I know you also like me.
After listening to me she stopped there.

I went close to her lifted her face and kissed her forehead, wiping her tears.

She smiled a little shyly.
Now I placed my lips on her wet lips and started kissing.

A wave of excitement ran through my entire body.

Her rose-like soft lips, fragrant strong hot breath were making the first kiss of my life very pleasurable.

I was holding her tightly in my arms and kissing her upper and lower lips alternately.
She was also fully cooperating and was enjoying a lot. (Romantic Sex Story)

After kissing each other for about 5 minutes, we separated, both of our lips were red.

I took off her towel and threw it aside.
She covered her big boobs with one hand and her pussy with the other hand.

I removed both her hands and saw her naked body.
Her boobs were round, tight and in shape like orange, which were moving up and down with her heavy breathing.

Her nipples had also become hard due to excitement.

I took her Big Boobs in my hands and pressed them lightly and started kissing her cheeks, neck and shoulders. She was also giving sensual moans.

I went down a little and started sucking her boobs one by one, which increased her excitement and she started holding my head and pressing it on her boobs.

I was enjoying that moment and playing with her boobs.

Coming down a little further, I started kissing and licking her navel.

Now it was the turn to see her pussy… I sat down and started looking at her pink tight pussy.
Due to excitement, some juice also came out from her pussy due to which Soniya’s pussy became smooth. (Romantic Sex Story)

While kissing her pussy, I placed my nose in the crack of her pussy and started playing with it.

Due to excitement, Soniya was enjoying lifting her pussy while giving erotic sighs. Then I opened her pussy lips and started licking them with my tongue.

In this way, I gave pleasure to Soniya by giving her the first blowjob of my life.

She held my head and started pressing her pussy into my mouth.
I also started kissing her pussy lips with my mouth.

After a few moments, she released a lot of her semen into my mouth with loud moans.

On the other hand, my penis was also fully erect and was waiting for its satisfaction.
I stood up and Soniya bent down and removed my underwear.

My erect penis stood in front of her mouth.

She took my penis in her hand and started moving it back and forth.
My excitement reached its peak due to the touch of her soft hands and my penis suddenly became hard.

Then she licked my penis with her tongue and took it in her soft mouth.

I was enjoying that blowjob with my eyes closed.

She slowly started sucking my penis. This was the first experience for both of us so whatever we were doing was enough to satisfy each other. (Romantic Sex Story)

After a while, I held her head and started moving my penis in and out of her mouth vigorously.

After a few moments, I released all the semen into her mouth at full speed. After that, we both took a bath.

While bathing, we were kissing each other’s lips in between, and both of us were completely naked.

After turning off the shower, I picked her up in my lap and took her to the bed, lay down on her and started playing with her body, kissing her from her forehead to her lips, neck, boobs, and navel till I reached her pussy.

Started inserting one finger in her Tight Pussy, and slowly started inserting two fingers, in all this she was feeling slight pain but due to excitement and pleasure, she was tolerating that pain.

Soniya was enjoying being fucked by my fingers with sensual moans while playing with her boobs.

When my two fingers started entering her pussy easily, I and my dick were ready for pussy fucking.

I spread her legs and placed my penis at the entrance of her pussy and started rubbing it, but she stopped me.

Soniya said- We cannot do this. I feel scared. This would be very painful and certainly not without a condom. (Romantic Sex Story)

Hearing these words from her, all my enthusiasm evaporated.
I didn’t even have a condom at that time.

Disappointed, I moved away from her and lay down.
The first sex of my life kept happening.

There was silence in the room for a long time.
We didn’t say anything to each other.

Suddenly she came between my legs and started sucking my penis in her mouth.

Within a few moments, my penis became as hard as before and was ready for sex.

She sat on me, stuck my penis in the crack of her pussy and started rubbing her pussy on my penis while moving it back and forth.

I was also enjoying a lot, my penis was not going into her pussy but I was enjoying meeting the mouth of her hot pussy. (Romantic Sex Story)

After doing it slowly for some time, she increased her speed and started making loud sounds of pleasure.

Enjoying this action, I also started massaging and pressing her boobs.

After some time, she moaned loudly and released her semen on my penis.
Due to the touch of her hot semen, a stream of semen also came out from my penis.

She fell on me, her pussy touching my penis and her boobs touching my chest.

We kept kissing each other’s lips in this position.

Then Soniya changed her place and turned her face towards my penis and placed her pussy in front of my mouth and came in the 69 position.

She slowly started moving my penis in and out of her mouth while kissing it with her soft and tender lips.

Due to the softness of her mouth and hot breath, my penis became erect again with excitement.

I also took her pussy in my mouth and started sucking and kissing vigorously.
She also started moaning with pleasure and kept moving my penis in and out of her mouth.

The whole room was echoing with the sound of our kissing, licking and moans of pleasure.

After some time, both of us released our semen and tiredly fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The beginning of my sex life was very enjoyable.
Earlier I used to satisfy my excitement only by masturbating.

At the time of breaking Soniya’s virginity, my penis could not enter the vagina due to fear of pain and non-availability of condom.

But both of us had completely satisfied each other through oral sex. The next morning I kissed Soniya’s lips and took leave of her.

Now we were not friends but had become a couple after romance! She also smiled and said thanks for these beautiful moments and went away.

As soon as Soniya left, I bought some condom packets and kept them in my bag. I hoped that soon the day would come when my penis would enter Soniya’s pussy and I would enjoy the first orgasm of my life.

I will also get the experience of sex with a girl. We started talking to each other lovingly on the phone every day, which increased our love even more.

We spent time together during the holidays and started understanding each other better.

Further events will be discussed in another story!
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