Hot Romance With My Virgin Classmate – Romantic Fuck Story

Hot Romance With My Virgin Classmate – Romantic Fuck Story

Hello Guys, I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Hot Romance With My Virgin Classmate – Romantic Fuck Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

The pleasure of romantic sex with my friend was given to me by a girl from my village with whom I was friends. She had never seen an erect penis, so she insisted on seeing my erect penis.

My name is Sunil, I am currently 25 years old.
This happened a few years ago, it was my last year of polytechnic.

There used to be a girl of mine, whose name was Prachi.

She was a 19-year-old girl.

Her lips were pink and there was a mole on her chin.
Her height was five feet. (Romantic Fuck Story)

Prachi had tight boobs and a bulge in her Big Ass. She used to come in a tight salwar suit.
The salwar was loose on her thighs, so in the sunlight, her round tight thighs were visible from inside the salwar.

We both used to go from village to city together on a scooter.
She drove, and I used to sit behind her.

I was taller than her.
When I used to sit behind her on the scooter, I could easily see the cleavage of her Big Boobs.

She used to hang her bag on her waist, due to which my attempts to squeeze her big ass between my thighs were foiled.

She was unaware of this then.
She was full of beauty.

I have a black penis that is seven inches long and four and a half inches thick when wrapped with an inch of circular tape, whose glans is completely pink.

Friends, I like watching porn movies… so I often keep one or the other porn movie on my mobile. Once in class, she borrowed my phone from me to use the calculator.

I forgot to delete the porn movie.
I remembered this later.

As soon as I went to get my phone back, I saw that Prachi’s face was red with embarrassment and she was constantly looking away from her phone.

From that, I understood that she was seeing girls jumping on the penis and getting fucked for the first time.

Friends, the sex film that Prachi had seen, actually had a desi girl lying naked in it; A man was pounding her vigorously.

Although the fucking boy and his weapon were not shown in that film.

I came back to my bench and let her watch.

She now knew that I was thirsty for Tight Pussy and why I kept staring at her boobs, ass and thighs; I keep trying to touch them.

Since that day was Saturday, the college was closed in the afternoon.
We both left for home.

I told her- Give me your bag, it will be easier for you to drive.
Today she also agreed.

The ass and thighs that I used to see in porn, today I was feeling them between my thighs.
The touch of her ass gave a shiver to my penis. (Romantic Fuck Story)

There was tension in my penis.

As soon as Prachi felt my erect penis like a horse on her velvety buttocks, captured inside the salwar, she immediately moved forward and increased the speed of the scooter.
Both of us soon reached the village.

At around 11 in the night, she messaged me – Hi!
Me- Hi Prachi, what’s the matter?

Prachi- Today I saw something on your phone. You’re so dirty, I didn’t know!
Me- Sorry friend Prachi.

Prachi- Friend, I am feeling ashamed to tell you all this.
I gathered courage and asked – By the way, what did you see Prachi?

Prachi- You must know what I am talking about.
Me- I am not smart like you. Mine is like a horse.

Prachi- What did you say…what is yours like a horse?
Me- Hey! What else is the brain?

Prachi- Okay.
Me: Dear Prachi, all this is my matter. If I like it, I’ll see. There is no harm to anyone and you have been with me for so long… Have I ever told you anything or heard anything about me from anyone?

Friends, Prachi liked what I said and her anger calmed down.

Prachi- Okay, I am your friend so I got angry… Sorry, bye.
Me- Friend, you will not break a friendship with me, right?

Prachi- Oh no Baba, go to sleep!

Friends, when a girl sees another girl’s boobs shaking vigorously, her pussy does not feel tight, her ass trembles and the nipples of her boobs do not become hard… this is not possible.

Prachi’s nipples must have become erect after watching that sex video.

The next day on Sunday, Prachi also made this clear.

Prachi’s message came – Hi.
Me- Hello Prachi, sorry about yesterday.

Prachi- It’s okay. I wanted to ask you something.
Me- Yes tell me, Prachi! (Romantic Fuck Story)

Prachi- First promise that you will not get angry… and will tell the truth.
Me- Have I ever spoken to you before? you ask.

I was surprised to read the message that Prachi sent after I told her.

Prachi’s message was that in your phone, a girl was lying naked on the ground in the field. She was shaking vigorously.

A thumping, thumping, thumping sound was coming from somewhere and the girl was saying ‘Ah ah uh uh, it’s very thick brother, don’t put it inside completely…’.

Having said this, Prachi became silent.
I just wrote hmm.

Prachi- Why was she telling her brother that its very big… and what thing was she telling him not put inside?

Me: I mean you watched that video very carefully!
Prachi- Please tell me, friend.

Me: If I tell you clearly, won’t you get angry?
Prachi- I am the one who asked. You just tell.

Me- Friend Prachi, that girl and her brother were doing something in the field.
Prachi- I mean something… what were you doing? Was her brother beating her and why was she naked?

Me: He was not hitting her but he was fucking her.
Prachi- What did you say? What was he hitting her with?

Me: You idiot, both of them were having sex.
Prachi- Oh my God… brother-sister sex, yuck… how can a girl be with her brother?

Me: Prachi, a girl who wants it (penis) cannot get it from anyone.
Prachi- What is that… tell me.

Me: Friend, if I tell you clearly, you will get angry.
Prachi- I won’t, I just want to know what that thing is.
Me: Prachi, that thing is called the male genital organ.

Prachi- Well, your brain is like a horse… and now you are speaking English. Look, tell me.

Me- Man, her brother was inserting his penis into her pussy.
Prachi- Shit: … What dirty things you are saying… Penis is used for urinating.

Me: You idiot, you are just a bookworm. You do not know the ultimate truth of the world. You leave it… I will explain openly, then she will get angry. Prachi- I will not do it, you tell me.

Me- Friend Prachi, penis is useful not only for peeing but also for fucking. Don’t you know anything about sex? (Romantic Fuck Story)

Prachi- You don’t say the word sex. It’s dirty… and I just know that sex is dirty. I did not know that penis is used in this.

Me- Man, I only know such words. If you want to know or understand then tell me.
Prachi: Okay, somehow you tell why her brother was shaking her and why she was making aaah sounds?

Me- Prachi, that girl’s brother was inserting his long and thick horse-like penis into her ass and pushing it, due to which her sister’s shapely boobs were shaking vigorously. Prachi- Shit: …you are so dirty!

I remained silent.

Prachi- Well how did you know that his penis was long and thick?
Friends, in this message Prachi used the word penis, which means Prachi was feeling restless.

I replied – Man, that girl’s boobs were shaking strongly because her brother’s penis would be thick, due to which she had to push hard in her sister’s ass… and she is ah ah uh uh very thick brother… Don’t go inside completely… she was saying this.

Prachi- Uff oh my God…this is also dirty. But my heart is pounding just by listening to it.
Me: Hey crazy girl, this Dhak Dhak means that you too feel like jumping on the long and thick dick like a horse. (Romantic Fuck Story)

Prachi: Shit: What are you saying to your friend?
I sent a winking emoji.

Prachi- By the way, how did you know that the boy was fucking his sister’s ass… and not pussy?
Friends, have you noticed? This was Prachi’s most bold and cock-inducing sentence.

I replied- Now you are becoming dirty, talking about ass fucking?
Prachi- You just answer.

Me- Okay… So listen, he was banging loudly and his sister was screaming… She was stopping the penis from being inserted completely inside. This happens only when a girl’s velvety ass is being worshipped.

Prachi- Friend, from your words I feel that…
Me- Tell me, what about you?

Prachi- That’s what I also want to see standing!
Me: What do you want to see standing, tell me. We are friends, friends.

Prachi- I want to see the erect penis.
Me- Really…but why?

Prachi- Because I want to know what happens in the penis… that a sister did not shy away even once from rubbing her ass on her brother’s penis. That too hiding in the field!

Me- Okay, this is it. Okay then download the sexy movie and watch it. In which an erect penis is shown. Search by typing big cock!

Prachi- I will not do this dirty work.
Me: So should I download it and give it?

Prachi- I want to see it in real, not on the phone!
Me- Friend, this is not an easy task.

Prachi- What do you mean? I can’t even bear a glimpse of a dick?
Me: Oh fool, that’s not the case. What I mean is, how will the arrangement for an erect penis be made?

Prachi- Oh ok…this is it!
Me: Yes, this is true.

Prachi- Why don’t you have it?
Me- Oh my God…do you want to see my dick?

Prachi- Yes, that girl can make her brother climb on her ass for the cock… so I cay see my friend!

Me- Okay, that’s fine. I am ready. But where will we show this dick?

Prachi- Just like that girl was taking cock from her brother in the field, in the same way, I also want to hide in the field and see your cock. Me- Okay, I will show you some of the farms that we find on the way to college.

The next day we left the college at around 2.30.

Prachi was driving.
While leaving, Prachi herself asked – Tell me where to stop?

I said- Friend Prachi, I have not waxed. Below stands a forest of bushes.
Hearing this, she laughed and said – No problem, I just want to see it once.

Prachi stopped the scooter at the edge of a sugarcane field.
I said let’s keep the scooter inside the field too, otherwise, someone will get suspicious.
Prachi- Okay.

We both got down from the scooter.
Prachi took the scooter inside and looking at me said – What now?
I said- Let’s go inside a little.

Prachi was nervous while doing this and was also yearning to know how the penis feels when seen up close. (Romantic Fuck Story)

I held Prachi’s hand and took her to the middle of the field where no one would hear us even speaking.

Prachi stood right in front of me and sometimes she would groom her hair and sometimes her salwar suit secretly.

She mustered courage and said- Now show me.
I took advantage of the opportunity and said – I am standing in front of you, please open my pants yourself and see!

Friends, at that time my penis was a little erect inside the pants.

Prachi moved forward, but first, she held the penis over her pants without taking it out.
Half of my penis was out of her grasp.

I said- Prachi, you sit on your knees and feel the length of the penis with both hands.
Prachi took off her chunni and kept it aside and held the penis with both hands.

After removing the chunni, the roundness of Prachi’s tight boobs and the crack in the middle were clearly visible. Prachi opened my pants and slid them down to my knees.

My underwear was sticking to my penis due to sweat. She looked at the thickness of my penis and started swallowing her spit.

The glans of my penis were sticking out of the underwear due to tension.

Prachi started looking away shyly.
I caught one of her hands and placed it on my buttocks.

Prachi looked at me and immediately removed her hand. I said to Prachi- Remove my underwear. As soon as she slid down the briefs, my black penis dangling came in front of her eyes. (Romantic Fuck Story)

Prachi was continuously staring at the penis. She caught my penis in his hand.
She would lower the penis, but the penis would automatically come up.

She asked- How big will it be?
I said- measure it yourself.

Prachi took out a six-inch scale from her bag and placed it on the penis.
Her scale also fell one inch short. Meaning my penis was seven inches long.

After measuring the length of the penis, Prachi placed her wrist next to my penis and said – Oh my God… it is as thick as my hand. (Romantic Fuck Story)

Hearing this, My penis started hissing.

Meanwhile, Prachi’s phone started ringing.
She picked up the penis in one hand and the phone in the other hand.

The call had come from her house.
She said- Mummy, I am in college right now and will leave the college after half an hour.
She said all this stammering.

Prachi hung up the phone and started asking to leave.
I said- Give me something in return for showing your dick!

Prachi bit her lips and said – What can I give you?
I said- Prachi, please rub your pink, wet lips on my penis!

Hearing this, Prachi started swallowing her spit.
As soon as I gathered courage and brought my erect penis near her lips, she immediately stepped back.

She said- Your hair looks very dirty and the smell of sweat is not good.
I made a sad face.

Prachi said- Let me rub it with my hands.
I said- Okay, but you will have to rub your penis with your spit!

Prachi agreed.

First, she spit on the penis, then spread the spit on the entire penis with her fist. Within no time, the sound of masturbation started intoxicating both Prachi and me. (Romantic Fuck Story)

After some time, Prachi said – I should go home now, I had received a call from my mother.
I said- Prachi, I have to do one more thing, please!

She said- Tell me what to do.
I said- friend. I want to rub my dick between your thighs.

She was shy at first, but I took both her hands in mine and started convincing her.
Prachi agreed. (Romantic Fuck Story)

I said to Prachi – Take off your salwar.
Prachi said – If you want to rub your penis then you should take off your salwar also.

I quickly loosened the string of her salwar. The salwar slid down on its own. The roundness and tightness of Prachi’s thighs were like those of a fitness girl.

The glans of my penis had stretched and reached up to my navel. Prachi said- Now don’t delay, come rub your black python on my thighs!

I spit on Prachi’s thighs and put my penis between her thighs right under Prachi’s panty and took Prachi in my arms and pushed hard and rubbed the penis.

Prachi’s panty had become wet. her breathing had become hot and fast. The thumping sound was resonating. Prachi was clinging tightly to me. (Romantic Fuck Story)

When I took both of Prachi’s buttocks in my hands and squeezed them, sounds of ‘ah ah ah ah uuu’ started coming out of Prachi’s mouth.

Prachi’s panty had become wet.
In this way, by continuously rubbing my thighs on the penis for fifteen minutes, I ejaculated.

Semen had dripped on Prachi’s thighs. It was Prachi’s first time. her legs were trembling. I cleaned Prachi’s thighs. (Romantic Fuck Story)

Meanwhile, a call came again from her house. This time Prachi got scared and started walking towards her scooter standing outside.

I said- Hey whore, please wear a salwar. She smiled and pulled up her salwar tied it and went out of the field. I also came behind, adjusting my clothes. (Romantic Fuck Story)

After half the sex, both of us were drenched in sweat.
She said- I will not be able to ride the scooter… I am feeling nervous.

I drove the scooty and came home.

After this half-sex with my friend, I will write about how Prachi gave me the pleasure of pussy fucking, after knowing your thoughts.

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