My boyfriend fucked me and broke my pussy seal with his 8-inch cock

My boyfriend fucked me and broke my pussy seal with his 8-inch cock

Hello friends, today I Ashika am going to tell you how “my boyfriend fucked me and broke my pussy seal with his 8-inch cock”

I am 21 years old and I am the owner of a full sexy body. My figure size is 30-26-32 and I often wear very tight jeans and tops, due to which I look hot and sexy and everyone gets attracted to me by looking at my body.

Friends, it was a matter of last year which completely changed my way of life, then my brother gifted me a mobile after passing 12th.

Friends, I used to use the net earlier, but since I had my mobile, I started staying online on it for a long time. I had many friends who used to be online every day

and among them my best friend was Ramesh. We used to talk for a long time every night and then one day he told me in words that I love you very much

at first I flatly refused and he agreed, but in a week or two I don’t know What happened? I said yes to him and he was very happy to hear this from my mouth

and now we have started chatting for a long time every night. He gave me his mobile number and told me to call or message whenever I am free.

Then one day I couldn’t sleep at night so I texted him “Hi” but he didn’t reply and after waiting for half an hour I gave him a missed call he called me

and I heard his voice Hey who are you? So I said that now only you can recognize who I am. Then he told me that he did not know, so I said that I was speaking to Ashika

he was very happy to hear that and that day we talked for about an hour and then fell asleep, but now we started talking on the phone every day sometimes. (My boyfriend fucked me)

And one day at night he asked while talking to me, what is your size, my dear? Friends, at first I did not understand anything and then he told me what number bra you wear.

So I was ashamed to hear this from him, but I replied 30, and then he asked me whether I should shave from the bottom or not, I was feeling ashamed and having fun.

Then I replied that unshaven. He laughed and said why don’t you shave? So I sent him an empty message that maybe he understood that I was blushing.

So he told me that Ashika we are now a couple and can share our things with each other and after that night he used to warm me every day

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on some pretext or the other and we used to have sex chats all night and sometimes he would call me. He also gets fingering done.

Now I also had a great desire to kiss him and now every day I used to tell him to come near me, but he used to make some excuse or the other.

One day he messaged and said would you like to meet me? I was already yearning a lot and I quickly said yes

then he messaged me the address of a hotel and asked me to come there in the evening. I fought with everyone at my home, so there was no stopping me from going out anywhere.

Then I picked up my scooty in the evening and went to that hotel and when I reached outside the hotel I called her she asked me to come after telling me the room number

and then I quickly put my scooty in the parking lot and reached outside the room and opened the door When he played, Ramesh was standing in front of him. (My boyfriend fucked me)

I had seen a photo of him on the net. He was wearing a light pink shirt and black pants. He was 6 feet tall and a stout young man.

Seeing him in my body, there was a different kind of intoxication. Now he called me inside and as soon as I entered, he quickly closed the door.

Then we sat down and started talking. Friends forgot to tell all of you that I was wearing a loose yellow top and very tight black jeans.

Then slowly in talks he started caressing my thighs, but I didn’t oppose him, then his courage increased, then his hands came to my waist and he immediately put his lips on my lips

I also started giving full support. Then he put his one hand on my boobs and now started pressing slowly, I was having a lot of fun doing this.

Then he put his hand on my top and started pressing my boobs over the bra. Friends, it was a different kind of fun which I cannot describe in words.

Now I also started pressing his cock from the top of his pant and my sobs were echoing in the whole room ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh Ramesh yes and press hard yes just like that ohh and Ramesh was also enjoying it completely.

Then he took off my top and started sucking and rubbing my boobs from the top of the bra. I was also crying along with sobbing ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh yes

I am in agony without you, yes, and rub hard, squeeze it completely. Then he took off my bra and threw it, then my jeans, and now I am right in front of him.

Was only in pink panties. He took me in his arms and made me lie on the bed and started sucking my pussy from the top of the panty.

By doing this, I reached a different world and started pressing her mouth in my pussy. Then he pulled my panty with his teeth and I also supported him by raising my ass.

Now he was sucking my thick hairy pussy and I was enjoying the moment. Then he took off all his clothes and now in front of me was his erect 8-inch cock. (My boyfriend fucked me)

I was already burning in the fire, I jumped up and started sucking his cock and he started telling me yes Ashika, ahhhh suck like this

yes, very good ohh and eggs yes eat them too, like this I sucked his cock for about five minutes Sucked, and then asked him to fuck, he lifted me in his lap and threw me on the bed.

Then he put his erect cock on the mouth of my hot pussy and gave a hard push and now the top of his cock got inside my pussy and I screamed out loud Ramesh ahhhhhhhhhhhh please take it out ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

Then he put his lips on mine and tears came out of my eyes, but he gave another thrust and now half of his cock was in my pussy.

Maybe he had broken my seal and then blood was coming out of my pussy, but he was not feeling pity on me at all. Then another push and the whole cock entered my pussy

but then after a couple of pushes, I also started enjoying and I also started supporting him by lifting my ass, yes Ramesh uhhhh ahhhh and loud yes like this ohhhhh yeah and loud ohh and the whole room was echoing with the sound of our fuck fuch fuch Was going yes honey pour deeper and push harder ahh yes a lot of fun.

After about half an hour, he fucked me in different positions, sometimes in the doggy style, sometimes sitting on top of me, and I had ejaculated thrice in that time and now he was about to ejaculate too.

Then he asked me where should I take Ashika. I told him to take it out inside I wanted to enjoy it fully and after two or three thrusts his hot cream came out inside my pussy and he fell completely exhausted.

Then we lay like that for a while and then he kissed me and then I sucked his cock and made him stand again. That day he fucked me three times and also sucked my pussy many times and satisfied me completely by sucking and after two hours of sex, I was unable to walk properly, so we both went to the bathroom and started taking a bath.

And he fucked me even while I was taking a bath, then dressed me and left me on the scooty, and in the parking lot he gave me a kiss and sent me away. (My boyfriend fucked me)

I called her after coming to my house, he asked about my well-being, so I told her that this was my first fuck and you have changed the map of my pussy

you have torn it completely, but I am very happy with this fuck of yours and now you always please me by fucking me and I will continue to fuck you and after that, our sex is going on till now.

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