My mom saw me when I Masturbating | Mom sex story

My mom saw me when I Masturbating | Mom sex story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “My mom saw me when I Masturbating | Mom sex story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Read in Mom Sex Story what happened to me when I saw my special friend fucking his mom. I too started thinking the same thing.

Friends, my name is Sahil. I am a resident of Pachmarhi. I am the only son of my parents and I have two sisters. One sister is one year younger than me and the other is two years younger. I am the eldest in the house. Now I am doing B.A. I am a first-year student.

The Mother Sex Story I am going to tell you today is about the sexual affair between my mom and me. My mother’s name is Shehnaaz. He is a teacher. My father’s name is Nusrat, he is a businessman by profession and works in network marketing. Due to his work, Father always stays outside the house.

My perspective changed when I went to my friend Faizal’s house. On the other side, I saw such a sight that the ground slipped from under my feet. My eyes were left torn. I saw that Faizal had made his mother completely naked and he himself was fucking his mother completely naked.

His mother closed her eyes and wrapped her son in her arms, sighing ‘ah…ah…’ His intoxicating voice was coming out. Seeing all this, I got fed up and slowly left from there after seeing the fuck.

I came to my house and started thinking that what kind of boy Faizal is, who is fucking his mother… and his mother was also getting fucked by his son’s cock. I could not get these things out of my mind. I fell asleep thinking all this.

My mother’s school has a holiday every day at 4 o’clock and she comes home in ten minutes. That day my mother came home and saw that I was sleeping. She woke me up and said – what is the time to sleep, come on, come after washing your face.

I went to the bathroom, washed my face and came back to the hall and started watching TV. mom made tea and brought it and sat on the sofa near me. Even now I was feeling strange thinking about Faizal and his mom. Sometimes I felt like telling all the things to mom, but I could not speak thinking that such things should not be spoken to mom.

After finishing the tea, my mother left me. I went to my room and started watching movies on my mobile. It’s been a long time since watching a movie. Then I slept keeping the mobile side. In the morning mom went to school, I got up and started taking bath after brushing my teeth.

mom had gone after cooking. I sat down to eat. At the same time, Faizal came to me and started asking – Sahil, where is Aunty? I said nothing. Faizal broke bread from my plate and started eating it. I scolded him loudly and said – you do not come to my house after today, you are a very dirty person and your mother is dirtier than you.

On hearing this, Faizal got scared and started asking – what happened brother? Why are you saying this? I said abusing him- you bastard… what were you doing with your mother yesterday?

After hearing this, he started requesting me – Please Sahil, please don’t tell anyone. I wanted to know from him how all this happened. He said to me – I will tell you the whole thing, but after listening to it, don’t get angry and keep it a secret.

When I agreed, he told me the whole story that my father was sick in my house, because of which mom had started kissing me. After some time he left my house. The next day he again started coming to my house. He used to talk to my mother for some time, meet me and go away.

He kept doing this for about ten days. Then a wrong feeling started coming into my mind. I thought that Faizal can fuck his mother, so how can the brother-in-law leave my mother. I was sitting in the hall thinking this when Faizal came.

He started asking me – where is aunty? So I said – tell me what’s the matter, mom has gone to school. On being intimidated by me, he started saying – Friend, I like your mother very much. I am pacifying them and want to fuck your mother once.

As soon as I heard this, I abused Faizal and said to him – how dare you say all this? All this will not work at my house. Disappointed, he said – Friend, this has happened after watching porn. I listened to him completely and asked him – since when have you been doing all this?

Faizal said – My four sisters are the mothers of my children. I have been doing all this for almost 3 years. I chased him away and said that after today you should never come to my house. Faizal left.

Friends, now let me tell you a little about my mother. My mother’s height is 5 feet 6 inches. Her body is very curvy. mom is an angel of beauty, very fair, she has long, golden thick hair. His hair comes below mom’s waist till her ass.

What to say about mom’s boobs, she has very prominent tight boobs. When she wears a saree, her fair and flat stomach is clearly visible. mom’s navel is also clearly visible. Seeing her, anyone’s cock will stand erect.

My mother has a black mole on the left side above her upper lip, below her nose, which adds to her beauty. My mother always applies pink lipstick on her lips and kajal in her eyes. One night I was trying to sleep, but could not sleep.

I remembered Faizal’s porn. I immediately got up and started searching on Google. When I wrote a Hindi sex story, I got to see a page full of sensuality. When I opened it, the site opened. There were many options written in it. Like sex in relationships, sister’s sex, and mother’s sex.

I clicked on a story. In it many sex stories were written about mother and son. I started reading many stories one by one. After reading those stories, it came to my mind that why shouldn’t I also fuck my mother by beating her up.

By reading those stories, I got to learn many ways how to pacify mom. Now I started giving time to mom every day, listening to her and listening to her. Now whenever I used to see my mother, strange movements started happening inside me. My whole body started feeling like an electric current. Started looking for new ways to fuck mom.

One day I thought that today I will make my mother emotional and set her to kiss me. I tried but nothing happened. Slowly a month passed. My father had gone to another city for some work. That day was the birthday party of my aunt’s daughter. In that, we all had to go. We all got ready and left.

Both my sisters and my mother were looking very beautiful at the party. All the people there were looking at these three. All three of them were looking like real sisters. Their bodies were similar. The beauty of hair, fair complexion, pink lips, and height all seemed the same.

That day, I started wandering after seeing my mother. I couldn’t bear it so I went to the bathroom and started masturbating. When my semen came out, I got some relief. Then I said to my mother – Come on mother, let’s go home. mom said- Yes, I will come after calling your aunt.

When mom came back, she said – Your aunt is stopping your sisters for today. I said – ok, she will come tomorrow. mom and I both went home. After coming home, I went to sleep in my room. Lying on the bed, he started fisting mom’s name.

I was filled with so much lust that I started saying in my mind, ‘Yalla listen to my call once.’ After this, I opened the door of my room and started fisting. The length of my penis is 7 inches. When I was masturbating, my mother came inside my room by pushing the door of the room. He saw me fisting.

She got shy seeing me masturbating and went to her room without saying anything. I also felt a little uneasy, then wrapped a towel and came to mom. mom was thinking something.
I said to my mother- Mother, I made a big mistake, it will not happen in future, please forgive me.

mom smiled and said – it’s okay. I went to my room. I was not able to sleep. I was feeling numb in my heart. I wanted to go and fuck mom a lot by taking her in my arms. Then I could not bear it, so after some time, I came out of my mother’s room. When I looked through the window, even though mom had not slept, she was thinking something.

Gathering courage, I went to mom’s room. At that time also I was only in a towel and my cock was standing. Seeing me in my room, mom said – since when have you been standing here and what are you doing here with me? At that moment my mother’s eyes fell on my cock.

mom was looking at my cock again and again. Without any fear, I said to mom- mom, I have fallen in love with you, day and night I keep thinking only about you. Please make me yours, She got up and started straightening the saree. I grabbed the saree.

mom said – leave my saree and go to sleep, otherwise I will call your father right now. I didn’t agree and told mom – both of us would be insulted by this. Then slowly after Father, if anyone else comes to know, then the whole family will be defamed.

We both stood next to the bed. I caught mom in my arms, pulled mom’s saree and took it off. He didn’t protest anything. My mother was now only in a petticoat and blouse. I pushed mom to the bed and made her lie down and started opening her petticoat.

Now my mother has understood that today he will not agree. Now he has stopped supporting me. Maybe my mother had liked my cock. After some time my mother was now only in panty and bra.

My mother’s body was very smooth and soft. His body was also smelling very nice. I climbed on top of mom. Today I was going to fuck someone for the first time. Now when I removed my towel, my thick long cock was rubbing mom from the top of the panty.

My mother was looking very cool. There was no fat anywhere on mom’s body. Then without delay, I put my lips on mom’s juicy and pink lips. Caught mom very tightly. I was sucking his lower lip a lot. When I put my one hand on mom’s pussy, my mom got very excited.

Now she was also sucking my lips in between. I was enjoying a lot. Then I removed mom’s bra. I was about to remove her panty when mom herself removed her panty. Seeing my mother’s big and firm breasts, my breath became fast. I started sucking my mother’s breasts.

My mother’s intoxicating voices started coming out – Aa… ah… suck le ah! Now both of our eyes were closed. Kissing mom’s belly, I came on her pussy. When I put my tongue on my mommy’s pussy, mommy shuddered by tightening her body- ai…iss…aa aah…

I was caressing the red part of mom’s pussy with my tongue. My mother spread her full legs and holding my head with both hands started pressing her pussy fast. She started saying- Oh please don’t torture me now… fuck me quickly.

I got up from there and came near mom’s head and kept my cock near mom’s mouth. mom said after seeing my cock – how big is your cock! She started licking cocks in her mouth. When mom took my cock in her mouth, it came out of my mouth.

‘Oh, my lady, you are looking very nice… I will fuck you today and reach heaven.’ mom said- Yes son, don’t delay now… Please fuck me quickly. My mother had become very hot. Something like oil was coming out of her pussy. I lay down on my mother. mom caught my cock with her hands and kept it on her pussy hole.

Now she said – take it easy. I was also waiting for this day. When I hit a blow hard, then a loud voice came out of mom’s mouth ‘Ai… Ai… mom… Died… Please get out.’ Here my cock also hurt very fast. It was my first time. I had no idea what it was like.

The skin under the cap of my cock was torn a bit, due to which my cock started bleeding and burning. My mother also kept her hand on my stomach and started pushing me away, but I did not move.

Stopped for a minute and started taking out his cock little by little. mom had started making sounds of ‘uh….uh…uh…ah…’ by closing her eyes. My cock got wet with the water of mom’s pussy. I pulled out the cock and put a pillow under mom’s waist.

Then put your cock on mother’s pussy and said to your mother – keep both your feet on my waist on top of each other. As soon as he put his feet on my waist, I got enough space to fuck. I hit another hard blow. My whole cock got absorbed in mom’s pussy.

mom started trembling by saying ‘uh… aa h…’. She started speaking – Sahil, I will die today… Please take out your cock quickly. I didn’t listen to mom nor did I stop. I slowly started taking out the cock.

After about 5 minutes, mom also started enjoying. Now my mother was enjoying sex completely. Like a hungry lion, I was also licking mom’s hole. She was also scratching me with her nails and saying again and again- aah I have never been fucked like this… aah I am very lucky… who got a cock like you today.

ah my son is putting out my fire… oui… oui… please son fuck me a lot today ah… unh… intensify it, you put out my pussy fire today. mom was sighing while enjoying extreme happiness. I was also fucking my mother with full force. When mom’s voice was coming out, then my enthusiasm was getting more and more.

I was jerking harder and harder. mom’s screams started coming out more because of this. The voices of ‘thap … thap…’ were echoing in the whole room. There was no one in the house, so there was no fear of anything.

The whole house was echoing with the sighs of the mother and the patting of the pussy. My mother was drenched in sweat. I made them completely red by rubbing their nipples and breasts. After a long fuck all of a sudden my mom shouted out loud- ah… oui… I went.

She had tightened her whole body and started saying ‘uh…iss…ah…’ holding her breath. mom had also started swinging her waist vigorously. His whole body started trembling. The very next moment a fountain of water started coming out of mom’s pussy. Which I was feeling on my cock.

Then mom became completely calm. Here I also started fucking very hard. A few minutes after mom’s pussy water came out, I dropped my semen inside mom’s pussy and fell asleep on top of mom. After some time I asked mom- mom, how did you feel after getting fucked by me?

mom said – Son liked it very much. At first, I felt that you will take my life away, but later you gave me the happiness of heaven. I will always remember today’s fuck. Now I will fuck you every day with your cock. I said to mom – Can’t Father give you the pleasure of fucking well?

mom said- I used to think till date that the way your father used to fuck me, that is the real fuck. But to date, he could not give me the feeling and satisfaction of such a great fuck, as you have given today. It is a far-off thing to extract my water, your father has not done such a fuck with me to date. I don’t want anything from anyone except your cock.

I said to mom- mom I wanted to get you, I got it. Wanted to fuck you… fucked you. Can you and I have sex every day? mom said- Yes, I also want your cock every day. You can fuck my pussy every day. Me- What will happen if my sisters come to know?

mom- I will not let them know. Yes, if it is known, it will be seen. Me- mom if she will speak to someone then? mom- I see. This year I send one to study in a hostel and get the other married. Me- mom, I will break the seal of both sisters before their wedding and honeymoon. You support me and set them to come under my cock.

mom said after thinking a bit – ok I will try. When we can fuck mother and son, then why not brother and sister. But if the seal of both of them is not broken, they will not be able to tolerate your cock. What will happen to both of them when my condition has worsened with your cock?

Me- You don’t take tension, mom… Now I will get the full experience of sex with you. mom laughingly said – yes he is. don’t you have any girlfriend? I said to mom – You are there, there are also sisters. No one except you guys. Now mom and I started having sex again.

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