Jeth ji’s Amazing Dick Taken by Me | Married Girl Sex Story

Jeth ji’s Amazing Dick Taken by Me | Married Girl Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Jeth ji’s Amazing Dick Taken by Me | Married Girl Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Friends, my name is Ridhimajain. I am only 40 years old. My complexion is very fair and my figure is 40-34-38. I have very long hair. You must have understood from my figure that I am fat. Visually I look like Vidya Balan. My husband is no more. Passed away 7 years ago.

You can understand how a woman’s life becomes without sex. I didn’t feel much need for a couple of years because I was trying to get over the grief of my husband’s death. Then when life started becoming normal slowly, the physical desires inside me also started waking up. I started feeling that I would not be able to live without sex.

So now I was looking for a man who could fulfill my need. My eyes fell on my brother-in-law Ansar. He was 7 years older than me and his wife had also passed away. Ansar was good-looking. We used to live in the same house, so no one could even doubt the physical relations between him and me.

Our children also used to leave for work in the morning. Jeth Ji was on a government job and the job was in shifts, so he had a lot of time. I started thinking about how to get them beaten. For this, I started planning. Earlier, I used to live in front of him with a veil.

Now I started roaming in front of him without a veil. I was constantly keeping an eye on him whether he sees me or not. And if they see, what do they see in my body? I found that he was looking at me but I could not see anything that I could understand any gesture from his side. Two weeks passed doing all this.

Then one-day Jethji came after the night shift and the next day he was off. Our children had to go out for two days. There could not have been a better opportunity for me. I had thought that now I have to impress my brother-in-law.

In these two days, I wanted to torture them so that they themselves would be forced to fuck me. The children left at 7 the next morning. Jeth Ji took a bath and started watching TV and waited for breakfast. I wore a saree that day. I was deliberately late that day so that he could come to the kitchen.

As soon as he moved towards the kitchen, I started putting breakfast on the plate. I kept my saree slightly open from behind so that he could see my waist and back. And that’s what happened… He stopped at the kitchen door and started staring at me.

I was feeling this so I was taking time. Then I suddenly turned and said to my brother-in-law – brother, you go, I am just bringing breakfast. When he left then I set the cleavage of my boobs and took breakfast. I put the plate on. I had covered my head but the cleavage of my boobs was visible. He started looking at me.

After two or four seconds, I looked at him and said – Do you want anything else? He immediately hesitated and said – no no. Then I went back to the kitchen kicking my ass. This went on from morning till evening. I kept showing my body in front of Jethji and he kept looking at me.

At eight o’clock in the night, when I was making bread, he came to the kitchen and standing behind me asked – is the food cooked or not? At that time he was standing right behind me. I purposely turned around and bumped into him.

My boobs hit his chest and I quickly left. He also quickly went to the TV room and started watching TV. Then we ate food. I finished my work and went to my room. I had thought that today I have to force my brother-in-law.

I put on my Gajari-colored saree and tied my hair in a bun. Getting ready, I lay down on the bed. I pulled the saree to my knees and unbuttoned one button of the blouse to expose my boobs to him. I knew that my brother-in-law goes to the bathroom before sleeping.

My guess was correct. He came to the bathroom. I had heard his voice. There was a sound of his coming but not of his going. I kept the door open and was lying down with my eyes closed. I understood that my brother-in-law was standing at the door. I kept lying like that. Then he came to my bed and sat down.

After some time he removed the pallu of my saree and started looking at me. My eyes were closed but I could feel everything. Then he put his hand on my waist. As if my pussy has become water. He slowly started moving his hand upwards. Now I could not help it, so I suddenly opened my eyes.

Seeing me awake, he got up and quickly started going out. When I saw my whole game getting spoiled, I also got up and went after them. He was standing in the hall and I went and hugged his back. I said – what happened Ansar Ji? Why did you come? If you have started now, don’t stop! I know you have a love for me too. No one will know about this relationship.

He went a little further and started looking back at me. When I saw myself, the pallu of my saree was falling down. I kept the boots in front of him and kept looking into his eyes. My Brother-in-law was looking at my boobs. Then brother-in-law took off his vest and came towards me and put one hand on my back and bending the other hand put it on my feet and took me in his lap and brought me to the bedroom.

Coming into the room, he made me sit on the bed and himself sitting beside me put his lips on my lips. He started kissing my lips and I put my arms around his neck. Now both of our tongues went into each other’s mouths and started fighting. He was holding my face with both his hands.

Then suddenly he started kissing me on the cheeks. I was also giving him a chance to kiss me all over my face. He took me away from him and separated my saree. Now I was only in a blouse and petticoat.

I lay down on the bed and spread my arms in front of him! He also came on top of me and started kissing my neck after going through my face. Now he went further down and kissed my stomach. Then finally he came to my feet and started sliding the petticoat over my knees.

I turned around and my back was in front of him. He started kissing my back. His kisses made me very hot. After so many days, the touch of a man’s lips was found on my body. Water started coming out of my pussy continuously.

I said to my brother-in-law- Ahh… just kiss now… now quickly quench the thirst of my pussy. I got up and started taking off my remaining clothes. I got naked in front of him and he also started taking off his clothes. Opening the pajama, he also took off his underwear. I lay down on the bed and spread my legs.

Brother-in-law’s cock was already fully erect. I wanted to suck his cock and see, but then I thought that he would consider me a whore. That’s why I stopped myself. He put the cock on my pussy and then started rubbing it up and down. My pussy started itching badly.

I said – just don’t you brother-in-law… now put it too. Then he pushed his cock in my pussy. His thick cock made my pussy cringe. After so many days who was taking cock. He stopped seeing my pain and then started drinking my boobs.

Within no time my pussy started opening. Then I patted him on the back and he understood my signal. He gave another push of cock in the pussy and more than half of the cock entered my pussy. But this time he did not stop but continued his jerks and stopped after giving 8-10 jerks. Then said – how are you feeling?

Pulling her close to me, I kissed her on the lips and said – don’t stop now, keep doing what you want to do. He again started thrusting his cock in my pussy. The force of his thrust was too much and my pussy was getting wide inside. I started enjoying getting fucked by my brother-in-law’s cock.

I would hold his back tightly with each blow and signal him to make his blow harder. He would also understand my gesture and increase the speed of his shaking. He was a real man.
While fucking, he got so excited that holding both my hands, he started banging me hard. I was continuously welcoming his cock in my pussy by lifting my ass.

Then there came a time when they grabbed my hair and started jerking my face. I was having a lot of fun. Then after 20 minutes of vigorous fucking, he started saying that his cargo is about to fall. I also said to drop it inside. Then after two to four jerks, he dropped his material i.e. semen in my pussy. My waters had also broken 3 times and he lay down on me exhausted.

We lay in that position for about 20 minutes during which he pecked my lips several times; Suppressed my milk and turned it red and calmed me down. I fell in love with his style. Then Jeth got up and went to the bathroom to freshen up. I also followed him shaking ass and came back fresh in the bathroom.

Once again I went and lay down in his arms. I started playing with his cock. In no time, his dick was again ready for the second round. I was also ready to kiss. My Brother-in-law turned me around and came on my back. Kissing my whole body from behind, he came on my ass and started kissing my ass as well. I was having fun too.

Now both of us were ready for the second round so I turned and signaled him on which he set his cock in my ass and got ready to fuck my ass. I hadn’t had a cock in my ass for a long time and I was getting a little nervous. I left the ass loose so that I could tolerate his thick cock.

Then he put a cap of cock on my ass and started pushing her inside. When I didn’t go for the first time, he held my ass and with full force inserted the cock into my ass hole. I felt a lot of pain, but I had the desire to kiss, so I tolerated the pain.

Now he started fucking my ass hole. I started having fun After so many days I was getting ass fucked. While fucking my ass, he was holding my hair and pushing me hard. Sometimes, bending over me in between, he used to press my nipples hard. Then they put my hand on the wall.

Now the position of my ass got better and he again started pounding my ass. I was also giving her full support. In between, I was also rubbing my pussy with my fingers. They were going to fuck me fast. In 15 minutes of sex, his semen came out of my ass.

We both lay down exhausted again. Similarly, without clothes, we slept lying on the bed caressing each other. That night when he woke up in the middle of the night, he put his cock in my pussy one more time.

When we woke up in the morning, it was already 5:30, which was our daily time to get up. Then brother-in-law continued to love me. Kept caressing me for about half an hour. Then we both went to bathe together. Together we started teasing each other’s bodies in the bathroom.

While taking bath, he was caressing my body and I was feeling very good. He hit my pussy one more time in the bathroom. After that, we came out. After coming out I put on my clothes and he put on his. Now we were open to each other. There was no shame left between us.

Whenever he found me alone, he would come near me, pick up my saree and start caressing my pussy, and then take off the panty and start fucking her standing like this. I was enjoying too much. I was getting plenty of Jeth’s cock.

Sex is still fierce between the two of us. I am also enjoying it completely and my brother-in-law also leaves no stone unturned to rub my pussy. In this way, I defeated my brother-in-law and took his cock in my name.

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