Classy Home Owner Love to Fuck Me | Landlord Sex Story

Classy Home Owner Love to Fuck Me | Landlord Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Classy Home Owner Love to Fuck Me | Landlord Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

Hello friends, my name is Rachitasen, I am 27 years old. My marriage has completed 3 years, but there is no child yet. It is not that there is anything wrong with my husband or me. Just now both of us did not want to have a child because now we live in a rented house and when we will have our own house, then we will think about the child.

Before proceeding further let me tell you about myself. I am 5 feet 6 inches tall, fair, and have a great figure. My bra size is 36, waist is 30 and ass is 36. In my college time, boys used to kill me. But I had sex with my husband for the first time only after marriage.

We live in a rented house in Dwarka. Only me and my husband live here. Our own house is in a village 160 kilometers away from here. My husband works in a private company. Due to his work, he mostly keeps coming out.

Four people live in the house where we live on rent. The landlord, his wife, and their 2 sons. We live in the back room of the house and the landlords live in front. I always wear a saree at home. But sometimes I wear gowns too. My breasts are quite large, so the line between the breasts is clearly visible from the blouse. Whenever I go out, people’s eyes are fixed on my milk and fair waist.

I often go to my landlord’s place to meet his wife and talk. He is 40 years old, yet we both have a lot in common. Her husband is 45 years old. He always used to look at me with a different eye. He used to find some excuse or the other to talk to me.

I also did not hesitate to talk to him. One of the reasons for this was that I was also not that much happy with my sex life… because my husband was always outside… and he was not that much interested in sex. Sometimes we used to have sex. His penis was also simple. I was very rarely satisfied after marriage.

But as I said above, I had no problem being a child. It is a different thing to have a child and it is a different thing to be satisfied with the body. Because of all these reasons, somewhere in my heart, there used to be a stir for sex. I used to get hot very quickly after watching any erotic scene on TV.

In the absence of her husband, she often used to take support from her fingers. But there was a shortage of a man. My days were passing like this. Little did I know what was written in my destiny. One day my landlady was going to her maternal home for a few days. School holidays were going on for both her children, so she was going to her home for a walk.

That day she left early in the morning, met me while leaving, and told me to pay some attention to the house. Now only her husband was left with her. I too fell asleep after finishing my day’s work. It was a summer day, it was 6 in the evening. After getting rid of the tiredness of the afternoon, I got up and started thinking that my husband must be coming from work… why not take a bath first, then I will do some work.

I went to the bathroom and took off my saree and started taking a bath. At that time I was just in bra panty. I really liked the cool water in the summer. I was slowly pouring cold water on myself. Then suddenly the doorbell rang 3 times. I understood that my husband has come because he always rings the bell only 3 times.

I came out of the bathroom in the same bra panty and opened the door. When I looked in front, my landlord was standing in front. My condition is like if you bite there is no blood, I was standing almost naked in front of them.

Came out of my mouth – Hey you! Saying this, she ran loudly towards the bathroom and immediately wrapped herself in a towel. I was breathing very fast, I shouted from the cover of the door there – Yes tell me, is there any work? He said- Hey, maybe your phone is off… Your husband has called me, take it and talk to him… Maybe he has some important work.

At that time my power of thinking and understanding had completely gone. He didn’t even tell me that I would talk to him in a while. Right now all my clothes were inside the room. I started thinking about what to do now. I tightened the towel tightly and gathered courage and came out.

He said – why is your phone switched off? “Oh yes… that my phone’s battery was dead.” She dialed my husband’s number from her phone and handed over the phone to me. My breathing was fast, so my milk was moving up and down. The landlord’s eyes were not going away from me. He was staring at my wet body with his intoxicated eyes.

I started talking to my husband. Husband said- Suddenly I have to go out… I will come back in 2 or 3 days. This had become a common thing for me, so I disconnected the call by saying OK and returned the phone to him.

There was a different smile on his face. He said – was there any important work? I said that yes he is going out for a day or two… That’s why I called to tell you. He left after saying ‘Ok..’ and immediately turned around and said smiling don’t open the door just like that, wear something.

I said shyly – Hey, I thought I would have a husband, that’s why it happened. Then he left laughing. I closed the door and took a deep breath and started getting dressed. A strange shame was coming on my face thinking the same thing again and again in my mind.

It got dark in no time and I was sitting outside in the courtyard after doing my household chores. It was hot enough, the month of May was going on. I loved sitting there in the cool breeze. Suddenly I saw that my landlord was coming towards my room. I quickly stood up.

He came and said – Hey, I was alone, so I thought that I should have tea at your place today. I thought in my mind does anyone drink tea in this heat? But I said to him – yes, why not… you sit down, I have just made and brought it.

He sat there in the chair kept in the courtyard and I went inside to the kitchen. Even while making tea, I was thinking about the evening. Perhaps the same thing must be going on in his mind as well. After some time I went to him with tea. While drinking tea, his eyes were coming towards me again and again. But both of us don’t know why…we were not saying anything.

After drinking tea, he thanked me and went away. I also came to the room and ate my food and started watching TV. Just like that, it was already 12 o’clock in the night… but don’t know why there was no trace of sleep in my eyes. So I went to the terrace of my room and started walking.

After a minute my eyes fell on the roof of the landlord. He was also walking on his terrace. But he could not see me … because it was dark on my roof … and the street light was coming on his roof. I was watching them to see what they were doing.

I noticed that he was caressing his cock with his hands. It just came to my mind at that time that maybe he is doing this remembering my bra panty image at this time. Then my husband’s call came into my phone and by the sound of the ringtone, he also came to know that I am also on my terrace.

I talked to my husband for some time and went back to the room. I was definitely lying in bed… but sleep was still far away from me. Somehow I lost that night. In the morning I got fresh and was preparing to eat after washing my bath when the landlord came again.

He said- What are you making for food today… whatever you are making, make more… because I am not going to the office today… and I do not feel like cooking. I said in a normal voice – Yes, why not… I will definitely make it.

Food was ready by 12 noon. I thought why not bring the food to his place? As soon as I thought of packing the food, her voice came to listen Rachitasen… bring my and your food here… let’s eat together. He left before I could say anything. Unwillingly, I packed food for both of us… and went to his house.

My heartbeat had become very fast. I had never seen his behavior like this before today. I put food for both of them and both of us started eating while watching TV. He could clearly see my warmth even in the cold air of the AC at his place.

He said – what’s the matter, why are you sweating so much? I said – nothing just like that. To tell the truth… From that day onwards I was feeling something strange inside me. Maybe it was my inner lust, which I could not understand till now.

I had never felt such a thought or longing for any other man to date. I can say with confidence that he was feeling the same. In no time we finished eating and I went inside to wash my hands. When I came from inside, I saw that he was lifting utensils.

I quickly took the utensils from their hands and in this haste, some utensils fell down. I started lifting those utensils… Then my pallu fell down and the roundness of my big boobs came in front of them. I had utensils in both my hands, so I could not understand how to fix the pallu. He himself fixed my pallu and said – keep the utensil here, take it tomorrow.

I said – No, I will take it… I will clean it right now. They took the utensils from my hand and kept them inside. Then holding my hand made me sit on the sofa and said I have to talk to you about something important. I said- yes say no… what is the matter?

“Look whatever I am going to talk about… you promise to keep it only to yourself.” I said keeping my eyes down – it’s okay if you say..! I had already guessed what my landlord would say to me today. But I had the desire to hear from his mouth.

In the next sex story, I will tell you the whole incident… and I will present my Landlord Sex Story in full detail. You can mail your comments.

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