Classy Home Owner Love to Fuck Me | Landlord Sex Story Part-2

Classy Home Owner Love to Fuck Me | Landlord Sex Story Part-2

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Classy Home Owner Love to Fuck Me | Landlord Sex Story Part-2“. I am sure you all will love it. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

In the first part of my sex story till now you have read that my landlord asked me to say something and I started looking at him to listen to him.

Now onwards:

He said- Look Rachitasen, don’t mind my words… because what is in my heart… I just want to say that. I shook my head yes. Taking my hand in his, he started speaking – I like you.
I was absolutely terrified – what are you talking about? That-same… which is in my heart… I wanted to say it for many days… but there was some fear that what would you say… and I was not even getting the chance.

Me- no no this is not all right.
He- why?
Me- We are both married. We both have a family… If someone finds out, we know what will happen… I respect you a lot. I can’t think of you like that.

He- Why… Do I have any deficiency?
Me- no no… not such a thing… but you understand, what I am saying.
He- Don’t be afraid… Our relationship will not come in front of anyone at all… It will remain only till both of us.

I was completely surprised by his speaking like this. But somewhere my hidden lust inside me was showing its effect. I felt good from inside that he was holding my hand like this. He said once again – say something? I was very calm. My lust inside me had given its consent to him. He also realized this very well.

He kissed my hands with his lips. I closed my eyes and in this way, he got my full consent. Was it my consent or my lust… It was beyond comprehension for me. He lifted my face up and said – You are very beautiful Rachitasen. I know a lot about you. Surprised I asked – what do you know?

He- did you ever tell my wife about your sex life?
Me- yes.
He- he told me one day. I know that you do not get what you want and I am also in the same condition. Even my wife is not able to take care of me in this matter. Can we both fulfill each other’s needs?

I felt like an electric current in my whole body. I was in no condition to say anything. Perhaps my consent was clear in this.

He started moving his lips towards me by taking both my cheeks in his hands. I stopped them.
He- what happened?
Me- Nothing… But my phone is at home… His phone can come.
He- ok… no problem go get it. I want to get you only with your consent… I will also feel bad about any kind of coercion.

Don’t know why I felt very happy to hear this from his mouth. Even then I immediately got up from there and came to my room. I took the phone and started leaving. Then stopped for a while and started thinking about whether I am doing right.

Then I felt that if my need is being fulfilled, then there is no harm in it, and anyway, they wanted to have sex with me with my consent. Just because of this talk of his, something started happening in my heart… and my feet just moved toward him.

Today for the first time I was about to fuck with another man. This was going to be a different experience in my life. As soon as I reached his house, he pulled me inside and after closing the door put his hand around my waist and pulled me towards him. I closed my eyes and surrendered myself to him. He lifted me in his lap and went to the bedroom.

Taking me near the bed made me stand and put his lips on my trembling lips. A sensual wave ran through my body. I automatically hugged her. My lips started moving on their own and started supporting them. One of his hands was caressing my fair waist.

Now he was taking off my saree with one hand. I was getting drunk. The fun of getting clothes removed from the hands of a non-man like this is different. I felt as if for the first time someone was going to strip me. At that time there was a different kind of fun in my body.

In no time I was in front of him in just panty and a bra. He also took off his clothes and took me in his arms and made me lie down on the bed. He himself also came and lay down next to me.

Pulling me towards him, he started kissing my lips and started caressing my thick smooth thighs with one hand. By his doing this, my hair stood on end. He started caressing my thighs while pressing my ass over my tights.

Now his hand passing through my waist started caressing my back and he slowly started opening the hook of my bra. In a few moments, my bra got separated from my body and my huge white milk jumped and touched his chest.

After getting the heat of his body, even I could not bear it. I also hugged her. The embrace of both of us had come in full swing. While kissing each other, both of us were falling in depth of love. My shame was gone now. Extremely hungry for lust, I was now eager to quench my thirst.

Then he quickly climbed on top of me and showered kisses on my smooth body. They started sucking my pink nipples alternately by putting them in their mouths. My condition started getting worse. Drunken exclamations started coming out of their mouth on their own “Aaa aahhh oooh ooh…”

I was turning my head loudly. Both my milk was being wildly suppressed. Now due to his pressing, I started getting jealous of the milk. Both my fair white milk had turned red. I said in a very lustful voice – Stop it… It burns now.

He removed his hands from my mom and started kissing my whole face forcefully by bringing his lips to my face. His beard was prickling my cheeks. Then in a few moments, he got up and sat near my feet and slowly started sliding down my tights with his hands. In a few moments, my swollen pussy was in front of him. I shyly started hiding my pussy with my hands.

He bent down and took his face near my pussy and removed my hands from his hands and started looking at my pussy. My bloated pussy started kissing his eyes. There was little hair on my pussy.  Seeing my juicy pussy, he said – Hey dear, your husband didn’t appreciate your youth. Only the lucky ones get such a cool pussy. From today I will take good care of you.

Saying this, he took out his tongue and started moving it on my pussy. As soon as I got the feel of the tongue on my pussy, a strong wave ran through me. I grabbed the sheet with both hands and automatically my ass got up in the air. Both my thighs opened and spread on their own.

He also spread the line of the pussy with his hand and started licking it with his tongue. Both my legs started moving back and forth in fun. I could not bear this much fun and I immediately fell down. A sharp stream of water came out of my pussy. Water kept coming out of the pussy intermittently and without any shame, he went on licking that water with his tongue.

My pussy had become very sticky now. He cleaned my pussy with my tights and then took off his tights as well. His black cock like a snake came in front of me after making fun. I was not expecting this type of cock at all.

Till today I had only seen my husband. The husband’s cock was hardly 4-5 inches. But it was 7 to 8 inches long and very thick. His dick itself was looking so thick and big that I thought in my mind… What the hell is this… Some cocks are even that big.

He spread my thighs further and put the top of the cock on my pussy. After getting the hot feeling of cock, a strange sensation spread inside me. He started rubbing the betel nut up and down on the line of the pussy. I cannot tell you how happy it was for me to do this. That feeling cannot be described.

Like a hot rod, that cock was going up and down on my pussy and I was enjoying it by closing my eyes. I was getting eager to fuck now. My waist was now saluting the cock by going up and down on its own.

This gesture was enough for him. He immediately came on top of me and putting his cock in my pussy, took a strong kiss on my lips and said – Shall I put it?
I said in a lustful voice – yes… hahaha.

He just started putting his cock on the pussy and slowly pushing the cock inside my pussy. But he was finding it difficult to do so. My pussy hole was a little small… So he pushed his waist a little backward with a forceful push.

I was taken aback by this sudden jolt. Widening the cock hole, half had entered inside. A scream came out of my mouth – oooeeee mmmmm… ummh… ahh… hey… yah…

He asked – what happened?
Me- It’s hurting a lot.
He said – bear with it a little dear… it’s over.

Saying this, he pushed the other. This time his entire cock got set in the pussy. Now his kisses started on my cheeks. ‘Aaah Aaah ahh..’ was coming out of my mouth. A sweet pain and the joy I was getting with it, probably I could not get that joy anywhere else in the world.

Slowly he started moving the cock back and forth and my fucking started. I did not get that pleasure of fucking before today. I also started supporting him by shaking my back. His speed also kept increasing. A soft sound coming out of the pussy was spreading in the room ‘fuch fuch…’ His entire cock was going down into the depths of my pussy. Now he started talking to me while fucking – is it fun?

Me- yes coming.
That- how much?
I am very.
That – should I do it louder?
Me- yes Nanan.
That- there will be no pain will it?
Me- no you do more loudly.
That- pussy will explode.
Me- Let it explode.
She- You are looking very thirsty for cocks?
Me- yes I am very thirsty.

He grabbed me in his strong arms and started fucking me with all his might. ‘Aeeeeeeee ooooo aaahh aaah … mummyeeee … noeeeeee … bussss …’

She- Your pussy is so tight dear… It seems… you are having sex for the first time.
Me- Yours is also so big.
That – I will tear it today.
Me – tear it.
Why didn’t she get it earlier?

Me- why didn’t you say?
He – now you have spoken, haven’t you?
Me- yes fuck me….
He- Now I will always quench your thirst.
Me- yes why not… I am ready.

Just like this, the quick fucking went on and after ten minutes my pussy started falling. My hot water started bathing his cock. This made him enjoy himself more and he started biting my cheeks with his teeth. Then he filled his semen inside me.

For the first time in my life, my youth had gotten the pleasure of such sex. My heart was very happy. Today the thirst of my broken body was quenched. We both kept lying on the bare bed like this. He was also very happy with my sex. He liked my company very much. He had become crazy about my smooth body.

Within a short time, his cock started fluttering once again and the embrace of both of us started again. This time he cocked towards my mouth, I fell in love with his cock and I started sucking the landlord’s cock in my mouth.

Moans started coming out of his mouth- Ah Rachitasen… I was not able to get this happiness from my wife. I got high and soon we were both in 69. He was sucking my pussy and I was sucking his cock.

Just after some time… I got fucked once again. This time also I was completely satisfied. In the same way, both of us kept enjoying the whole night. For two days both of us remained alone and fulfilled every desire of our sex.

After that even today wherever we get a chance… we both start making each other happy from the heart.

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