I fucked the personal assistant at my home

I fucked the personal assistant at my home

Hello friends! My name is Aman Today I am going to tell you how “I fucked the personal assistant at my home”

I am from Mumbai. 26 years old simple young man who is busy in his life and working as HR Officer in a good office.

I am the owner of a very good size and shape penis by the above, which is 7 and a half inches in length. My sex life was very boring. One day the interview was to be held in my office for the post of Account Assistant.

The Chief Accounts Officer of the company was to conduct the interview and after that, all the participants had to come to me for the whole process.

Usually, this was a normal process for me every other third day. But the profile was for Account Assistant, so I already knew in my mind that the number of girls for this interview is going to be more. So I was a bit excited too.

By the time of lunch, almost all the participants had been interviewed for the first round. In the afternoon, I had to give information about the company’s policy and salary to all the participants and the formalities they had in this regard.

I was busy with my work. Just then a 22-23 year old simple looking girl on my seat who after clearing the first round came to me for the next round. She was a very simple girl in appearance like common girls are.

And I had no thoughts whatsoever about him. And the girl got selected for the profile. Since the company was not very big and there was not much work in the accounts department, that girl was put in the HR department along with me and she also started working as my assistant.

While working with her, I came to know that she is from another city and lives alone in my city. She also has a boyfriend who is much older than her. While working together, the conversation and acquaintance between him and me also increased. (I fucked the personal assistant)

One day he casually asked me whether I also have a girlfriend. So what was the truth I told him that no I don’t have any girlfriend. He regretted this.

So I told him that if you want to introduce me to any of his friends, then I will also make a girlfriend. Because here I do not get free time due to office work. Because of this, I have not been able to make any girlfriend to date.

So she promised me that within 1 month I will introduce you to any of my friends. He did not fulfill the promise he made to me even after more than 1 month passed.

So one day I told him – Friend, you had promised me one month. But even after so much time has passed, you have not yet introduced me to any of your friends. She said – soon your work will be done.

So this time I almost scared her and said – If you don’t introduce me to any girl, I will give your number only. She was a little scared by this and she told me – I just wanted to help you. You have followed me. As you know I already have a boyfriend.

Though I told him this jokingly because we had become very frank with each other while working together for a long time. Later I quit that company and started a business for my own odd jobs.

One day in the rainy season, I was sitting with my friend at his house. I got a call from the same girl on my phone. He asked me – where are you?
Both of us used to always talk on the phone, so I told him – I am at my friend’s house.

So he said to me – can you come to my house now? I thought maybe he would have some important work, so I told him – ok, I will reach in half an hour.

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I left my friend’s house and reached his house in about 25 minutes and sat in the house and I asked him – what happened that suddenly you called me like this? After what he said… I lost my senses.

She said to me – You had said that if I do not introduce you to any of my friends, then you will give my number only. So today you can put the number.

I was stunned for 2 minutes and could not understand whether this is really true. Because I said that thing to him jokingly. But I didn’t know that it would actually happen. (I fucked the personal assistant)

Now what does the blind want, two eyes? But I could not understand how to start. I grabbed her lightly and pulled her towards me and made her sit beside me.

After that I hugged her holding her with both my hands and after hugging her, I felt her soft breasts on my chest. Then I started drinking juice from her lips by placing my lips on her lips. It was really pleasurable and down in my pants my cock started making a storm.

She was normal looking but she had huge boobs which I always dreamed of sucking and playing with. Without delay, I took off her t-shirt and freed her boobs. She was probably fully dressed that’s why she was not wearing a bra inside.

As soon as the moms were released, I broke down on them and made them red by sucking them down. The simple-looking girl in the office was looking like a complete doom in that closed room today.

She understood my position and untied my pant belt and freed me from my pant. Then took off my underwear and like a hungry tigress, Aashika fell on my cock. She took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it like a lollipop.

It had been a long time since I had sex too, so within 3 to 4 minutes I left my entire load in her mouth. Which she had cleaned by licking like cream.

Now it was time to do the main work. I took off her capri and threw it aside. And I saw that she was not even wearing panties. Her pussy was very smooth and hairless. Because of this, I could not stop myself.

And I opened both her legs and put my mouth between her legs and started licking her pussy. When I did this, she started crying like crazy. After about 2 minutes water started flowing wildly from her pussy, which I cleaned by licking it completely.

After that, she pressed my head very tightly on her pussy and started shouting my name by tossing my head madly here and there to take my cock in my pussy.

Because the condition of my cock was also very bad, I stopped licking her pussy and quickly put my cock in her pussy mouth. In one stroke, I put half of my cock in her pussy.

She was startled by my sudden attack and screamed very loudly. Although she had already been fucked but still could not tolerate my 7-and-a-half-inch long and two-and-a-half-inch thick cock and started screaming badly.

Because the 2 cocks he took earlier were almost half of what I had. He himself later told this to me. As soon as I put my cock inside her pussy, slowly she started enjoying it too. Although he was also in pain. But slowly the fun started dominating the pain. (I fucked the personal assistant)

He started nailing my back with both his hands. I understood that now it has become full of fun. After that, he started biting my shoulders on my neck. I was also in agony due to pain and my cock took revenge by playing with her pussy completely.

She was very master at fucking and was making me excited by screaming just like in English blue films. I was not enjoying fucking in the same position for a long time, so I asked her to become a mare.

After that, I put my full cock in her pussy from behind by making a mare and after that, I started slapping her hips. When I hit her like this, both her thighs turned red because she was as white as milk.

After that, my eyes went to her ass hole which was looking completely packed. I asked him – have you ever got your ass fucked too? So she told me – No… I don’t enjoy getting ass fucked. That’s why never got it done.

My old boyfriend had tried, once tried to put cock in my ass. But due to pain could not do further. I put a lot of spit on her ass hole and slowly put half cock in her ass so that she doesn’t understand.

She could not bear this sudden attack and fell on the bed like a mare. And she started crying. Seeing the matter getting worse, I explained to her with great love and after that slowly put my entire cock in her ass hole as well.(I fucked the personal assistant)

She kept crying in pain for a while. But later she also started enjoying and she again started enjoying her ass fuck by shouting in the same way. Now my cock sometimes goes in her ass and sometimes in her pussy! Just like this, her fuck lasted for about half an hour. After that, i removed all my water from her stomach

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