I fucked my sister when she was fast asleep

I fucked my sister when she was fast asleep

Friends, I am your friend Sourav Today I am going to tell you how “I fucked my sister when she was fast asleep”

from Mumbai.I am a young guy of 22 years old. I am a very cute person. The girl who sees me once, she will agree to fuck me.

My family consists of my parents and a younger brother and 2 sisters. One sister’s name is Aashika, and the other’s name is Kritika.

Kritika is now 19 years old. I am the eldest in the house. Till now I have done B.Sc. I had opened a shop of my own. My younger sister Kritika is currently studying in class XII.

Although I also fuck my girlfriend every week, the truth is that there is a different pleasure in fucking my sister. I sleep in a separate room in my house. (I fucked my sister)

This is about the time when my sister Ashika had taken admission in college. It was only his first year. She used to come to college every day.

One day I thought let’s visit Ashika’s sister’s college today. How is Ashika studying in her college? Thinking of all this, I went to his college.

When I went inside, I saw that boys and girls talk to each other. Some boys and girls were even engaged in having fun on the pretext of conversation.

Seeing all this, I thought that my sister is not like this, she is not going to be of any use. When I went to her class… then Aashika was not there. I asked a girl – where is Ashika?

She told me that today she has not come to college at all. I was completely surprised to hear that she had left home for college in front of me in the morning.

Where did you go? He didn’t know if anything had happened. Now I started racking my brain and different thoughts started coming into my mind.

After some time it was time for college vacation. I came out and stood hiding on one side near the college gate and started watching the students coming out.

Then I saw that my Bholi Bhali came out with a sister and a girl and sat in a car parked outside with some boys inside the same car.

I thought there was something black in the lentils. Within no time, I found out the complete address of Ashika and came home.

Ashika had come home… but I did not say anything to her. When she left home for college again the next day, I started following her.

Her friend was found at a place a short distance away and both the girls went ahead. That girl started talking to someone from her mobile.

After a few moments, a car stopped near both of them and they both started sitting in that car. I saw that it was the same car as yesterday and many boys were sitting in it.

They all started going somewhere sitting in the car. I was on a bike, so I started chasing that car. After going a long distance, I saw that the car had stopped in front of a house.

They all got down from the car and started going to that house. They all went inside. I also went near that house from behind and started trying to see inside.

There was a gallery next to that house. When I went there, there was a window. When I looked through the window, I could clearly see the inside.

I hid there and started looking inside. As soon as my gaze went inside, I became almost mad. All those people very quickly took off all their clothes and sat down only in their trunks.

Then one of the boys brought beer bottles and everyone took one bottle each. After drinking beer, all those boys started smoking cigarettes.

A boy started hugging my sister Aashika. The other boy started hugging that girl. While enjoying the remaining three cigarettes, he started watching the fun of those two girls. (I fucked my sister)

Only then everyone took some pills and all together came close to those two girls. All of them started kissing the girls. Seeing this, I started getting hot.

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While watching this live blue film, I forgot that one of these two girls is also my sister. They started having sex. I thought that now I also have the advantage of fucking my sister.

As soon as the matter of her fuck came to my mind, I made a plan and took out my phone, and started recording the video of my sister’s pussy fuck.

They stripped my sister completely naked and a boy climbed on top of her. The other gave his cock in my sister’s mouth and Ashika started sucking cock.

The first boy spread my sister’s legs and put his cock in her pussy. Ashika’s slight moan came out, but that boy kept on fucking her.

He enjoyed my sister’s fuck for twenty minutes and removed the water of his cock in her mouth. Sister-in-law, my randi sister swallowed the cock’s water completely

and she looked very happy after drinking the cock water. I came out of there after making a video of all this. When she came home in the evening

my elder sister Aashika had a satisfied smile on her face. I looked at her and said- Aashika yaar… I too can give you such a smile every day… why go to college for this.

She said – what do you mean brother? I said – nothing … you go inside … I will tell you later. My sister got scared seeing my attitude. But at that time I did not say anything.

I started waiting for nightfall. I was very happy that now a young college girl’s pussy will be available at home itself… that too for free.

At last, that time has come, when it is ten o’clock in the night. It was winter these days, so everyone went to sleep early. I left my room and went to my sister’s room.

I saw that both the sisters were sleeping. When I went near, he got mad. I saw that my sister’s salwar was open and she was keeping her hand on her pussy.

Ah, what a cool pussy… very clean and lovely. Water was also lying on her salwar. I was happy to see it. Maybe she just slept with her finger in her pussy.

The salwar was still wet with the water from her pussy. First, I slowly lowered the salwar and drank all the water from her pussy.

The taste of her pussy water was great. I was feeling very cool after licking her. Because today I had no fear. The only issue was that the younger sister should not wake up.

After some time, I removed her salwar completely and started moving one hand on her bare legs. Ah ummmm what fun it was man!

After this, I took out my sister’s boobs from the bra and started looking. Really my sister’s boobs were very juicy… very round and full.

My cock started twitching at the sight of such big ball-shaped moms. Her pussy was completely open below. I put my finger in her pussy, so I was not able to know how big it is.

After all, she had got fucked by the cocks of five boys. When I started kissing her on the lips, she woke up and stood up. What a cool whore was looking completely naked. (I fucked my sister)

I was enjoying seeing her tight ass. She said – Brother, what are you doing? I said – Come on, don’t pretend… Take my cock in your mouth. She said – I will speak to my father now.

I said – well dear… first see this also. As soon as I showed him the video of his fuck, he smelled like a snake. She sat down hanging her face and said – It is not my fault in this.

I said – so I am also not saying anything… why is she denying me… I am also not going to show this film to anyone. She started speaking- You are elder brother… I feel ashamed.

I said- listen, you suck cocks thinking that… just like those boys fuck you, so am I. At last, after some time, she agreed. She laughed and said – Come on, one more cock today…

Saying this she very quickly filled my cock in her mouth and started sucking. The melodious sounds of ‘ahh usss ammmm… ooohh..’ started coming out of my mouth.

In the first instance, I made his mouth water. Then after ten minutes I spread her legs and put one finger in her pussy and started licking her pussy.

Now the sounds of ‘ah uuh…sassiee bhaijaan..’ started coming from his mouth as well. Ashika said- Brother… don’t bother anymore… Quickly put cock in your sister’s pussy…

Otherwise, this prostitute will die brother… Quickly enter. He spread the pussy and without thinking I put the whole cock in the pussy.

Oops… yaar what fun it was…just don’t ask anything. I started hitting hard. My sister was also having fun. I had her breasts in my mouth. (I fucked my sister)

I fell in her pussy in twenty minutes and my sister’s water also came out. I took its water in my mouth. I fucked my real sister 4 times that night and also licked her velvety ass.

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