I fucked my school crush in hotel and ripped her pussy

I fucked my school crush in hotel and ripped her pussy

My name is Aman Today I am going to tell you how “I fucked my school crush in hotel and ripped her pussy”

I am from Delhi I was in love with a girl since my school days. The name of that girl was Kritika. I have always liked him. When she did not come to school, I did not feel like it.

It seemed like when the school holiday would be over. To get her support, I changed my subject from Science Maths to Science Bio. One day I even told him about the condition of my heart.

But Kritika scolded me and said – this can never happen. But I didn’t give up either. After finishing school, we parted ways and enrolled in different colleges.

I always followed him on Facebook. Sent a message on Facebook also but it blocked me. I again created another id and prayed that don’t block me. (I fucked my school crush)

I started looking for different ways. Then I read somewhere about Vashikaran that by this we can get our love back. For this, I took the help of an online baba ji but I did not have money to give it to him.

He had said that first give money and then get the work done. Nevertheless, somehow I arranged the money and got them to do my work. He said – in a few days that girl will contact you herself.

The heart is… where does it believe. He just had to get it somehow. Exactly this happened after 15 days. He sent me a message on Facebook – Where are you and what are you doing these days?

Kritika started taunting me and said – you have stopped talking at all. And said- I was missing you a lot for the last 15 days. Don’t know why… maybe I have started loving you too.

Seeing such a message, my happiness knew no bounds. He took my number and then we started talking on the phone. We started dating after college.

Slowly in the night came from romantic to sex chat. Now I started dreaming of her pussy. And he also started having a lot of desire. It seemed that her pussy was on fire more than the cock here.

I told him – let’s go to watch the film. She agreed and said that she would bring one of her friends along with her. I said – it’s okay. Now girls always share everything with their friends.

We reached the theater together at 12 noon. Her friend also came with her boyfriend. We took a balcony seat so that we didn’t face much disturbance from the people around us.

Who goes to watch a movie with girlfriend… everyone goes to have fun. The film had started. There was a lot of darkness around, so it is possible to take advantage of the darkness.

I put my hand on his shoulder. Then he also put his head on my shoulder. I was intoxicated by the fragrance of her body.

Now I wanted to have fun with him. Then I started touching her lips with my hands and started moving my fingers on her neck. My breathing slowly started getting faster.

I started putting my hand inside his shirt. I started moving my hand over her nipples and slowly started pressing her boobs. (I fucked my school crush)

Now there is only a picture hall… where everything can be limited. Then I told him – I want to kiss him. She started refusing, saying – I don’t like that much in the hall, there are many people around.

I told him – all the people around are busy watching the picture. What to take someone from around. don’t you be afraid Still I started kissing her forcefully.

Now I could not hold myself as I wanted her pussy too. Then the intermission happened. We came out to the canteen. We took some food items like popcorn and cold drinks.

We came back to the picture hall and started eating there. Now everyone started talking among themselves. I came to know about her friend’s boyfriend as well as from her friend too!

I told him- I love Kritika since school time. But now I have got this day. It is said that the fruit of patience is sweet.

The film started again. Everyone sat at their respective places. I again started moving my hands on her thighs and started kissing her lightly. The picture is over.

I told him – now I have to meet you in solitude. And this time doesn’t bring any friend or friend! He said – ok, arrange… see you sometime!

Then we made a plan that after a week we have to meet at this place. To meet, we took the help of my friend who works in a hotel.

Now this one week of mine was not passing; Just started dreaming of her pussy day and night. After all, this was my 4-5 year old dream which had almost come true now.

Finally, the day came when we were supposed to meet at the hotel. She came to the hotel wearing salwar kameez; We went to the hotel room.

I told him – after all you have realized my love. You tormented me so much! Kritika said- The atmosphere in my house is different. (I fucked my school crush)

But don’t know what happened when I see you in my dreams. I was always thinking of you. I was getting anxious to meet you.

I said in my heart, ‘You must be restless, Baba ji’s amazing.’ I ordered some food and drink. We started talking. Then after that finished his food.

I told him – please don’t live anymore! She started saying- Hey wait, what is the hurry now? When you have waited for 5 more years, can’t you wait for 5 more minutes?

I switched off the light in the room and only lit the torch of the mobile and kept it upside down on the table so that there was a dim light.

I hugged her and started kissing her neck. My lust started intensifying. I was completely on cloud nine today.

Kissing the neck, I reached her lips and started kissing her lips. I started kissing her very hard. I put my tongue in his mouth. They did a tremendous French kiss for about 5 minutes.

Then I took off his shirt. She was wearing a black bra. The bulge of her boobs from the top of the bra was looking cool. I could not wait so started pressing her boobs from above.

I put my hand inside it. Then slowly opened the hook of the bra from behind. There were big oranges in front of me. I started pressing them hard like a hungry lion.

Started rubbing the teat of one side with one hand and started biting the teat of the other side with his lips and teeth. She started sobbing loudly.

I opened the buttonhole of his pajama and moved it. She was wearing a black pantie. I reached her pussy licking her navel and took off the panty as well.

There was light hair on her pussy which was making me very horny. I started caressing her pussy slowly with my hands.

Now I lie down straight. Now it was the girl’s turn, she came over me and started kissing me. He unbuttoned my shirt and slowly started kissing my chest.

After unbuttoning the entire shirt, he did exactly the same as I did. She started kissing me well all over my body and started slowly moving her hands on my cock, my cock which was already very hard, she started caressing it with light hands.

She opened the button of my jeans and started caressing me by slowly putting her hand inside. He took off my jeans completely and also took off my underwear completely. My 7 inch big black cock was in front of her; She started kissing him lightly. (I fucked my school crush)

I told him – please take it in your mouth.
At first, she started refusing and said – I don’t like it.
I told him – take it once.
But he said – it disgusts.

I got angry.
Then she said – ok ok baba… I do. But first, you close your eyes.
I close my eyes.

She kissed the cap of my cock with her lips. I started taking sobs. Then slowly she put her mouth on my cock and took the cock in her mouth.

She started sucking slowly, then slowly started sucking harder. My cock was completely tight, it seemed that now this cock will burst due to the heat.

She started sucking very slowly very well. At least after 10 minutes, I felt like I would pass out. Then I stopped him. She lay down next to me.

I started playing with Kritika’s boobs again and started fingering her pussy. Then I made her lie straight and came over to her and started kissing her pussy lightly.

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She had become intoxicated. On one hand, I started licking her pussy and on the other hand, I was also pressing her nipples with my hands.

Then I said – I am going to fuck you. That too without condom! she said – without a condom? I said – I love you and will marry. She agreed.

Then I started kissing slowly by keeping my lips on her pussy. My cock was leaving precum. I put my cock on her pussy and pushed but my cock was not going into her pussy.

She had a very tight pussy. I started loosening it a little with my fingers; I put a finger in the pussy. She slowly started shouting- Please… It is hurting a lot.

But where was I going to stop? The fun of licking a tight pussy and that too a virgin pussy! I slowly put my finger in and out of her pussy.

When I felt that yes now the place has been made, then I inserted my cock completely in her pussy in one stroke.

Kritika started crying in pain. But where was I going to stop, I lay on top of her and waited for two-three minutes so that her pussy becomes a little more loose.

Then I started jerking slowly. I came up and started jerking in her pussy. I saw that a lot of blood had come out. Then she started saying – do it slowly.

I started kissing slowly. Now he too was having fun. I fucked her slowly like that for 10 minutes. Then I said – now become a mare! Kritika became a mare. (I fucked my school crush)

In this position, I fucked her for full 5 minutes. Then I sat for some time and I hugged her and lay down next to her. After a minute I started fucking Kritika hard. We both were having a lot of fun. Soon we both fell together.

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