I fucked my girlfriend when my parents were not at home

I fucked my girlfriend when my parents were not at home

Friends, I am Sumit from Delhi. Today I am going to tell you how “I fucked my girlfriend when my parents were not at home”

This is my first sex story of a girl fuck. First, let me tell you about myself. My age is 20 years. I am definitely a bit thin but my penis size is 6 inches and it is four inches thick.

I have always been a cheeky type of young man. I have already fucked many girls. Whatever woman I see, I definitely fuck her in my dreams.

Till then I was not lucky enough to have a pussy. I used to get the job done just by shaking my cock. But for the first time, I got the opportunity to fuck with a prostitute.

I had sex with her, but fucking a whore is nothing more than just draining the cock. I came empty-handed.

Then I got the opportunity to have good sex for the first time when a girl became my girlfriend in college.

Today I am telling you the sex story of that girl’s fuck. My girlfriend’s name is Ashika and she is simple in appearance but I like her very much. His big boobs are very cool.

When I saw him on the first day of college, I was infatuated with him. I wanted to impress her at any cost. I slowly started talking to him.

The response from her side was also very good and she also showed equal interest in talking to me.

Because of this, my work became easy and soon I started taking her on short dates.

We both got very close to each other and started liking being with each other. One day I took him for a ride on my bike. I would repeatedly press the brakes of the bike

so that her breasts would rub against my back. I was having a lot of fun with it and maybe he was too. I took her to a secluded place and we talked for a while.

Then I caught hold of her hand and pulled her towards me and started kissing her lips. She was also supporting me. (I fucked my girlfriend)

Both of us kissed for 5 minutes but did not have the courage to do anything further means to fuck the girl.

Kissed and licked for some time and after enjoying the game of rubbing our breasts or rubbing our cocks, we both started going back.

I dropped her at her house and went to my house. He called me at night and we talked a lot. But today she had become very sensual and was talking sexy.

Maybe she was also looking for a way to kiss. Soon we got our chance too. One day my mother and father were going to the village and were going to come back after 7 days.

I was very happy and I called Ashika and told her all this. She was also very happy to listen to me.

The next day she came to my house on the pretext of college. He and I were alone in my house. We watched TV for some time and chatted here and there.

Then I pulled her towards me and started kissing. She was also giving full support to me. I made her lie there on the sofa and started kissing her neck.

She was moving her hands in my hair and started making sexy sounds. Now I was also getting sensuous after getting a chance to fuck the girl.

I picked it up and put it against the wall. He removed my shirt and I removed his. She was in front of me in a pink-colored bra. I was sucking her breasts from the top of the bra.

I took off her jeans while kissing and sitting down started licking her pussy from the top of the panty. She started making sensual sounds loudly.

It was getting difficult for him to even stand. She started saying – I am not able to stand. I picked him up in my lap and went and laid him on the bed.

I started kissing her whole body. Then I also removed her panty and started licking her pussy. She was pressing me on her pussy with her legs.

I also kept licking her pussy. After some time she fell down and became calm. Now she pulled me over her and started kissing me.

After a moment she came over to me and pulled my pant and knickers together and started sucking my cock in her mouth. (I fucked my girlfriend)

Sensual and intoxicating hisses started coming out of my mouth by sucking his cock. She was sucking very cool cocks, due to which I fell soon.

Both of us were tired of this sucking. After some time I started sucking her boobs, due to which my cock got erect again and that girl got ready for sex.

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I started kissing her again. Now I was putting my tongue in her mouth. She was also enjoying my tongue. Sometimes I was sucking his tongue.

Sometimes she was sucking my tongue. Along with kissing her, I was also pressing her breasts. Then I started sucking her boobs. I was sucking one boobs and rubbing the other.

Her nipples had become hard. Her nipples were of slightly dark colour, which I liked very much. I was sucking her nipples, pulling it by holding them in my teeth.

At the same time, I was rubbing her other nipple with my fingers. She was quite fed up with this and was taking intoxicated hisses loudly ‘ah ooh ui maa..’.

Now I slowly reached her stomach and started sucking her navel. I again asked her to come in 69 pose. We sucked each other for 3 minutes and got ready to fuck.

I put a condom on the cock and kept it on her pussy and started rolling it on her pussy from outside. Due to my doing this, she started suffering like a fish out of water.

She started begging me to fuck her. I also did not think it right to delay much and put my cock in her pussy.

Suddenly she hesitated to enter my cock and a painful sound of ‘ah mamah oh died..’ came out of her mouth.

Since this was his first kiss. She was still a virgin, but she used to masturbate, due to which her pussy was wide open. Because of this, she did not have much problem taking cock.

Well, I started pushing and fucking. She was lying under me and I was going to fuck her. I was kissing her while fucking. I then stuck my fingers in his fingers and raised his hands.

Now her hairy armpits were in front of me. I immediately started licking one of her armpits. Let me tell you that I love to lick the armpits of girls, sisters-in-law, and aunties.

This is called an armpit fetish. Well, it felt great to do so. I licked both her armpits alternately for 5 minutes. During this, our sex was on.

She was trying to take cock inside by lifting her ass very excited by the licking of her armpits.

Then I changed my position. I lay down behind him and pressed his back against my chest.

I inserted my cock in her pussy from behind and started fucking her. While fucking the girl, I was sucking her sweaty neck and was also rubbing her breasts hard.

He was probably having a lot of fun doing this. That’s why she started making loud intoxicating sobs. I was going to push and fuck her from behind. (I fucked my girlfriend)

After 5 minutes of non-stop fucking like this, I was tired.. so I stopped. Ashika understood this. She came on top of me and sat on her putting my cock in her pussy mouth.

Due to this my cock once again rustled and went into the depths of her pussy. Now she started jumping loudly on my cock. By doing this, her nipples started moving up and down.

Then after 4-5 minutes she stopped and remained sitting on my cock. She was staring into my eyes. Then he caught one of his boobs and moved his tongue on his nipple.

Then he spits on his boob and gave that boob in my mouth. This was his very provocative gesture.

I also took that milk in my mouth and licked all the spit and started sucking her boobs.

Then I turned her under me in a missionary position and started fucking again. We both came close to falling. I increased my speed and left all the semen in the condom.

The fuck was so intense that we lay down hugging each other. After that, we both got up, freshened up, and had our food. After some time she went to her house.

This had become our daily routine. The next day when she came, I pinned her against the door as soon as I entered the room and started kissing her.

I was pressing her ass while kissing. She was kissing me hard by holding my hair. He also bit my tongue while sucking it. I understood that today she is in the mood for wild sex.

While kissing, I also pressed her throat lightly. Then I lifted her in my lap and made her sit on the kitchen slab and took off her shirt. He was not wearing anything inside today.

I immediately started sucking her boobs. Then she removed her pant and asked me to lick her pussy. I made her lie there on the floor and started licking her pussy.

Today a strange smell was coming from her pussy. The test of her pussy also seemed different. Perhaps she had come to my house without taking a bath.

But whatever it is, I became more sensual with the smell of urine coming from her pussy and kept licking her pussy for ten minutes. (I fucked my girlfriend)

Then she fell down. I picked her up and took her to the bathroom. I also got completely naked. I started the shower. Ashika immediately hung on my lap.

I put her against the wall and we started kissing again. Shower water was falling on us from above and we were kissing each other in the shower of that water.

We could feel each other’s body heat. My cock was also tanned and was touching her pussy.

Then after kissing for 15 minutes, she got down and sitting on her knees started sucking my cock. It felt great getting cock sucked in the falling water.

After this, I picked her up and started kissing and sucking her neck from behind. She was also making me kiss my neck by keeping her hands behind my head.

While kissing her on the neck, I was pressing her breasts with one hand and caressing her pussy with the other hand. Her pussy was very hot, it was burning like a furnace.

Then she started asking me to insert cock. I lifted one of her legs and set the cocks on her pussy. Seeing the lust in her eyes, I pushed my cock deep inside her pussy.

A small sigh came out of him. And our fucking game started once again. I was brutally fucking that girl. I held both her hands and started inserting cocks from behind.

She was shouting loudly- ah sanam… fuck me… ah like this… ah ohh. Hearing these sensual words of her, I got excited and I increased the speed of sex.

Then I lifted her in my lap and started kissing her from below. While fucking like this, my cock was going very deep in her pussy. (I fucked my girlfriend)

I fucked her in this position for 7-8 minutes and when I was about to ejaculate, I dumped all my material on her stomach.

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