Bhabhi Gave Me Chance to Fuck Her Harder – Hot Bhabhi Story

Bhabhi Gave Me Chance to Fuck Her Harder – Hot Bhabhi Story

Hello Guys, I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Bhabhi Gave Me Chance to Fuck Her Harder – Hot Bhabhi Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Now let me introduce myself, my name is Lalit. I am a resident of Bhilai Chhattisgarh, married. I am 28 years old. I belong to a middle-class family, live with my family and my penis can satisfy anyone.

Today, after a long time, again I am going to tell you a true incident.
Without boring you too much, I will come straight to the story.

One day I was watching something on Facebook when suddenly a friend request came. I started checking it and saw that the photo of a woman aged between 25 to 30 was posted in the profile. She was looking sexy. Her name was written as Ishika. She looked wonderful.

Checking her profile, it was found that she was from near Bhilai. I immediately accepted the request and sent her a hello message. (Hot Bhabhi Story)

She replied- Who are you? Do you know me?
I said- I don’t know! You will know while talking.

She did not give any reply.
I wrote hello a couple of times but she did not respond.

Then I also did not pay much attention and got busy with my work. When I came home in the evening, it was around 7 o’clock. I freshened up and went out for a walk.

Just a little further from home, a message came on messenger. I parked the bike, looked at the message and found it was her message. It was written in it – Say yes?

I said- You didn’t respond to what I said?
She said that she had switched off the net when her husband came, but when he was not there she messaged me.
I said- Okay!

After that Ishika asked- Where are you from?
Me- Bhilai…and where are you from?
Ishika- Read the profile.
Me- Who has a good profile pic?
Ishika- With whom you are talking in the message. It is mine only. Why?
Me- Okay. (Hot Bhabhi Story)
Ishika wrote hmmm and sent it.

I asked- Who is there in the house?
So she said that everyone is there at home, she has a husband and a son.
I asked- How many years have passed since you got married?
So she said- 9

I asked- What is your age?
So she said – Why what to do with age?
I said- just like that!
So she said- 33 years!
I said- Okay!

When she asked my age, I told her – 29.
She said – You don’t look like me.
I said- Where do you also look?
She said- I have maintained myself.
I said- Okay. (Hot Bhabhi Story)

Then when I asked about her husband, she said – He is a teacher in another village, and he comes once a week or whenever there is work. The rest of the time, my son and I live here in Bhilai.

I said- Is there something else written in the profile?
So she told- That is my in-laws’ house.
I said- Oh! (Hot Bhabhi Story)

Then she remembered some work and said bye and went off. I also got engrossed in my wanderings.

I came home around 10 pm. I put my mobile on charge, had food, switched on the TV and started watching TV. While watching TV it was 12 o’clock.

Then again a message came from Ishika – Hello.
I said- Why are you not sleeping?
She said- She is not coming!
And then things started.

Ishika- What are you doing?
I am lying down…and you?
She- I am also lying down.
Me: Tell me more.

She- What can I say… everything is useless. I get bored alone at home all day long!
Me: Should I come? (Hot Bhabhi Story)
She- Why what will you do by coming?
I- I will pass your time by talking.
She said- Okay.

Then she asked me about myself. I told her everything.
She said- OK bye… I am feeling sleepy, you also go to sleep.
I said- Where will you get sleep now?
She said- Why is there anyone else in the line?

I said- There is no one in line… I am alone at home. My mother, wife, bhabhi, brother, father, and children all have gone to my maternal uncle’s house. It’s been 7 days, will come in two to three days. Because Nana Ji is unwell, they have gone to see him. I did not go because I had a lot of work.

She immediately asked – Who cooks the food then?
I said- I eat outside in the hotel. (Hot Bhabhi Story)
She said- If you had told me, I would have made it!

And started laughing.
I said- Now I have told.
She said- Yes! But …

Then I took the opportunity and asked – What is your WhatsApp number?
So she said- why?
So I said- It feels good to chat there.

So She told me- Chat here, I don’t have a WhatsApp number!
I said – Okay, if you don’t want to give then don’t give.
She said – I don’t like to chat too much.
And said bye.

I said- Are you feeling sleepy?
She said- No, the child’s clothes have to be ironed. Will go to school in the morning.
I said ok and it went off. (Hot Bhabhi Story)

I was watching TV when suddenly after 2 to 3 minutes I got a message from her – Didn’t you sleep?
I said- I can’t sleep!

Let me tell you that till now nothing has happened which could be misunderstood.
I told her – You are also awake, that is why I am also awake.
She asked- Tell me one thing. How’s my profile pic?
I said- it’s great.

She said thanks.
I said- If you have any current pic, please send it!
She said- No no…not all this! (Hot Bhabhi Story)

I made a little request and she agreed. She sent a selfie in which she was in a maxi, the selfie was taken with her hands on top, and I could slightly see her boobs!
I replied- So hot!
So she told me – don’t joke.
I said- Really!

Then I said – Give
me your number. Then she said – Okay, give me your number, I will message you when I have time.
I immediately gave my number.

She said- I am feeling sleepy now.
I said- Okay sleep!
It was around 2 o’clock in the night. Then we both said good night and went to sleep.

Woke up at 9 in the morning, freshened up, took a bath, wore clothes and left for the office. As soon as I reached the office, I came to know that everyone had gone to the meeting.
I said to myself – There is no work today.

I had tea and breakfast at a nearby tea stall picked up my bike and came home.
Came home, did some cleaning in the house turned on the TV and started watching TV.

While watching TV, I picked up my mobile and saw that ‘Hello’ was written on WhatsApp from a new number. When I saw the display photo, it was God’s photo.
I wrote- who? (Hot Bhabhi Story)

So the reply came – Forgot so soon?
I understood.

I said- Okay Ishika ji! Tell me what is happening.
She said- Nothing, the child has gone to school. I am cooking for myself.
I said- What are you making?
So she said – Palak Paneer, Chapati and Rice!

I said – Good… what harm have we done, feed us also.
She said – Of course… I am making it for you only.
I said- When should I come to eat?
So she said- wait, let it be made.

After that she said- I will talk to you after some time.
I said- Okay. (Hot Bhabhi Story)

Then I sat and started thinking about it. I felt that she wanted to fuck me now.
After about an hour her message came – What are you doing?

I said- Waiting for your message!
She said- Okay. I had gone to take a bath and also had to wash my clothes. Now I am free.

I said- So the food is ready?
She said- It is being made. Vegetables have now been prepared, rice has been served, and I will make Chapati. It is still 11:30.

I said- Good thing! And when will the baby arrive?
She said- Will come today at 5 p.m. I will go to get him!
I said- Okay.

Meanwhile, I asked – When should I come to eat?
She said- Come there!
I said- Where to come?

So she told me the address without thinking about anything. She said- Calling from outside the house!
I said- Okay.

I left the house and went to her colony. I called from outside her house and she picked up the call.
I said- I am standing outside.

She came, opened the door and I went inside. As soon as she went inside, she closed the door and when I saw her, I just kept looking at her.

Got completely stunned. She wore a blue coloured maxi which was transparent. Her pink bra was visible. Her hair was open.

She asked me- What are you looking at?
I said- You are looking very hot and sexy!
She smiled and went to the kitchen and brought water.

As soon as she bent down to give water, I was shocked to see her Big Boobs, they were very plump and 34″ long. Then after drinking water, I gave the glass to her and she took the glass in her hand.

We talked about this and that.
After some time, she said – It’s not the right time for dinner, would you like to have tea?
I said – Give me whatever you want to drink.

She looked at me and asked – What will you drink?
I said- Whatever you give me to drink!
She immediately said – Do you intend to drink my milk?

I was stunned to hear this but stood up carefully and went towards her and hugged her tightly to my body. She also stuck to me and said – You are very good.
I said- Thanks! (Hot Bhabhi Story)

And started kissing her.
She also started supporting me. Ummahh pooch pooch… ummah ummah!
After kissing for about 5 minutes we separated from each other.

She said- Let’s go to bed… today I will give you a lot of fun.
So now I was filled with lust and she too was hot for the rod.

After going to bed, both of us immediately got naked. I caressed her Big Ass and she moaned in a very sexy manner – Aah a haha haha haha!

My penis was still erect, she held my penis and sucked it without delay. I was standing and holding her hair and getting her penis sucked.

Then I said- Wait!
She took out my penis from her mouth. I laid her down on the bed, looked at her pussy and found it very clean and smooth!

I asked- When did you clean it?
So she said – Today itself… I have cleaned the inside for you.

I spread her legs and placed my tongue in her pussy. As soon as I placed my tongue, she screamed ‘Aaah…huh…

I said- What happened?
She said- I liked it very much.

And I started licking her pussy! She’ and licking Lalit ahahahahahahahaha…enjoying…! And loudly…eat! Meanwhile, she orgasmed, I licked her pussy and cleaned it.

After this, she said – I can’t bear it anymore, insert your cock and fuck me, fuck my pussy. I too did not delay, I told her – make her a little wet!

She took my penis in her mouth and sucked it a little and made it wet.

I got up, set my penis between her legs and pushed. Due to her wet pussy, the pain reduced, she just let out a slight scream ‘Ahh’ (Hot Bhabhi Story)
and raised her legs.

I started fucking her, she was saying – Ummmh… Ahhh… Hay… Yah… Ummmhhh ah ah ah… fuck harder… harder! The sound of fuch fuch fuch was coming in the room.

I fucked her in the same position for ten minutes. Her water came out twice.

Now I too was tired, I too was about to cum. I said- where should I take it out?
She said- Take it out inside, my operation has been done.

I pushed hard with ah ah ah ah and released a squirt of my semen into her pussy and lay down on her.
When I woke up after a minute, she got up and cleaned her pussy and my penis.
I lay there like that for 15 minutes.

She went to make Chapati naked. When she came back, she held my penis and said – Should we do it one more time? I asked her- So what are you waiting for?

So she made my penis erect by shaking and sucking it. She said- Now you lie down.
And she sat on my penis and started fucking me and was making sounds of ah ah ah ah.

I was also enjoying it, I started shaking holding her ass. She was also shaking regularly.
I stopped her, she got off me.

When I asked her to become a mare, she immediately became one. I inserted my penis into her pussy from behind and started fucking her.

She also said with fun ‘Ah ah… ah ah ah… fuck me more… fuck me more… harder….. tear my pussy!’ Was being spoken.

I was also excited and was pushing hard. She was getting fucked by saying aah aah aah aah aah aah aah aah aah. I asked- How did you feel, love?

She said- It was a lot of fun. Your cock is fucking my pussy very well. I went… fuck harder… harder… aahh aahh I went ahh! After speaking she spilled her water.

Mine wasn’t done yet. She straightened up and lay down on the bed.

I again inserted my dick in her wet pussy and started fucking her. She also got into fun again. Once Ishika and I released water together. After that, within 2 minutes we both wore our clothes.

And then she brought food. We both ate food. When I looked at the time after eating, it was 3 o’clock.
I said- Okay, I will leave now.

So she said- I will call you when I get a chance. So come!
I said – Of course… I will be present at your service.

After that, I met Ishika three more times! After that her husband got himself transferred to another place. After that, phone sex or talking happens only on the phone.

Now when I get a chance to meet her or some other true incident happens, I will definitely tell you.

Bye till then! Please mail me and tell me how you liked my Hot Bhabhi Story?

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