My sex wish came true with bhabhi | Hot Bhabhi Sex Story

My sex wish came true with bhabhi | Hot Bhabhi Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story of a boy that’s named “My sex wish came true with bhabhi | Hot Bhabhi Sex Story“. He will tell you his story, I am sure you all will love it.

The hot bhabhi sex story is of a sexy bhabhi living in my neighbourhood. We had to come and go to his house. How did I put my dick in her pussy?

I am Ayush, a resident of Pune and I live here with my parents. My age has become worth fucking. Today I am telling you a hot bhabhi sex story which happened to me a few days back.

Two years back a newly married couple came to our neighbourhood. I used to call him Bhaiya Bhabhi. Manish Bhaiya was 29 years old and used to work in an IT company. Sapna Bhabhi, the heroine of this story, was just 24 years old. His fair-skinned body was very hot.

bhabhi’s height will be some 5 feet 7 inches. Her red ruddy lips were natural, meaning she did not need lipstick. bhabhi’s body was of the right size… Means neither too thin nor too fat, she was very curvy.

bhabhi was so beautiful that she didn’t even need makeup. Her tight breasts on her thin waist were the most amazing. The teats must have been of 34 sizes. bhabhi’s skin was velvety soft like a child’s and she always used to wear a saree.

Her backless and sleeveless blouse accentuated her sexy figure. bhabhi always used to wear a saree below the navel. Since Bhaiya Bhabhi was our neighbour, due to this we developed a very good relationship.

bhabhi was educated, and postgraduate, but she was a housewife. Also, Ashika bhabhi was very playful and cheerful. When those people came to live in our neighbourhood, seeing my bhabhi from the very first day my heart whistled.

Within a few days, bhabhi and I had become good friends because my brother was mostly on tour. I used to study at home only, going to college was also just in name. My mother and father were also on the job throughout the day, so I and bhabhi used to be alone during the day.

On the advice of my mother, bhabhi used to make me study. Then I would be with them in my free time. We would talk, and play games and I would help him with his chores. I was like in heaven because from nine in the morning till seven in the evening we were alone.

I used to enjoy it a lot because I had taken a new step in my youth, and on top of that such hot young bhabhi used to be with me. While reading, many times my hand used to touch here and there.

When I was studying, she would come from behind and look at me, and then my bhabhi’s boobs would touch me. bhabhi used to do this many times. Any times she used to take my hand in her two hands while watching TV.

Above all, the intoxicating fragrance of his body, and his sweet soft voice used to drive me crazy. When she used to stay in the kitchen while doing household chores, I used to watch her behind.

Seeing her fair and buttery waist, I felt like just holding her from behind, kissing her and squeezing her breasts. When she bent down to sweep or clean, I could see her boobs through the deep-neck blouse.

At that time it was difficult for me to handle my dick. I could not understand whether bhabhi does all this intentionally or I only feel so. But I was helpless and did not have the courage to do anything. The days were passing just like this.

One day the news came that my grandmother’s health had suddenly deteriorated, so my parents went to her village. Since my papers were also near, I did not go to see my grandmother. Everything about my food and sleep was decided at my bhabhi’s house.

Brother was already out of town. This was a good opportunity for me because my brother was out for the last month, so I was thinking that bhabhi must be thirsty for dick. Then now even parents were not going to come for at least a week.

Mama Papa left at night itself. I slept at my bhabhi’s place on her bed. I was not able to sleep, but my plan was not for tonight, it was something different. When I woke up in the morning, bhabhi was still in the bedroom and she had just come after taking a bath.

At that time she was wearing only a bra and petticoat. When my eyes opened, this beautiful form of bhabhi appeared in front of me. I quickly half-opened my eyes and started staring at my bhabhi while pretending to sleep.

What a sight it was, man… I thought what a lucky man my brother is. My dick was completely erect. Then the bhabhi wore a saree and went out to make breakfast, asking me to wake up. As soon as bhabhi went out, I got up and got fresh.

I wanted to first at that time but then thought that somehow today I have to do something. Me- bhabhi, I will go out and come. bhabhi, come soon, breakfast is ready. Saying yes to my bhabhi, I went to the medical shop. I came back from there with condoms and sex pills.

When I came home, while having breakfast, I told my bhabhi, today I don’t want to study, let’s watch a movie on my laptop. bhabhi also agreed and went to the kitchen to bring something.

This was the right opportunity, so I mixed medicine in bhabhi’s glass and started having breakfast. After some time bhabhi came and she drank that water. I became happy in my heart.

Then bhabhi cleaned the table and I went to the bedroom to prepare for watching a movie. After fifteen minutes, I called my bhabhi – come quickly. He said ‘Yes Aayee…’. Laddus were bursting here and there in my mind.

I was still thinking that the sound of something falling came from there and along with it the voice of bhabhi also came. When I quickly went and saw, bhabhi had fallen. He had sprained his back.

I picked him up and brought him to the bed and made him lie down. bhabhi… I don’t know how Ayush fell… It is hurting a lot. Will you apply some balm? My mind runs very fast in such situations.

Me- bhabhi, nothing happens with Bam. Wait, let me give you a good massage. bhabhi – Oh no, it will be fine like this… Leave it. Me- bhabhi, what to think so much. Tell me where is the oil, you just lie down. bhabhi- It is kept there on the table.

Perhaps the effect of the bullet was also visible on the bhabhi. His eyes were speaking. I quickly took the oil from the bottle and said to my bhabhi – you get on your stomach. She turned upside down with her ass up.

Then as soon as my hands touched bhabhi’s waist, ‘ah…’ came out of her mouth. I told her while massaging – bhabhi, your blouse should not be spoiled by oil. Before the bhabhi could say anything, my hand reached the hooks of the blouse and in one stroke I opened all three hooks.

bhabhi’s breathing became fast. I then grabbed the hook of bhabhi’s bra to open it, but it was very tight. But with the help of bhabhi, that too got opened. I did the bra on the side. There was a cool smooth back in front.

Then I thought wow what luck man… such a beautiful young bhabhi, topless is lying in front of me. I took oil from the oil bottle and put it on the bare back of the bhabhi. I started running my hand on bhabhi’s bare back.

I started rubbing my hands on the smooth buttery back of the bhabhi. bhabhi had started sobbing and started shivering. Here my Chhotu was also in a very bad condition, so I opened my zip and took out the dick.

My seven-inch dick had become very tight. bhabhi’s eyes were closed. My hand was moving around on the back. I was pulling out all the stops today for so many days. The bullet also affected the bhabhi and it had been a month since she had sex.

She was also wandering. Now it was almost fifteen minutes. My precum came out and two drops fell on bhabhi’s waist. I rubbed her on the back too. I was very lucky that I was getting such pleasure at the beginning of my youth.

bhabhi was also enjoying but she was not showing her fun. I said – bhabhi, now you turn around. I massage you even further. She was mesmerized by me. She was just listening to what I was saying.

Without thinking or saying anything, she just turned away. bhabhi’s half-open blouse was stuck on her boobs in front of me. When I looked into the eyes of bhabhi, she was lying with her eyes closed.

When I removed her blouse with my hand, there were two tight breasts in front of me. For the first time in my life, I was seeing those bare boobs of bhabhi, because of which I had fisted so many times.

bhabhi’s fair flat stomach was also in front of me. I poured oil on my bhabhi’s stomach and her boobs and started looking at them. But his eyes were closed and his lips were dry. I could see the expression of satisfaction on his face.
Seeing them, I was sure that now this week of mine will be spent with a lot of fun. I extended my hands and started pressing both the boobs of bhabhi. I was getting a feeling similar to slicing a mango.

I was pressing my bhabhi’s hard nipples. In the soft voice of bhabhi, ‘Ah ah uyi maa. Hearing their fun-filled sensual voices, I also became very cool and almost broke down on their boobs.

I pressed bhabhi’s mangoes to make them red, then moved my mouth forward and started taking both the nipples in my mouth one by one. Now bhabhi opened her eyes and held my head. I lay down on my bhabhi and started kissing her on the lips.

Along with this, I was also pressing my bhabhi’s boobs, squeezing them. Then bhabhi indicated to suck boobs, so I pressed one nipple of bhabhi in my lips and started sucking. bhabhi was sobbing loudly, I was afraid that no one might hear.

One by one I sucked both the boobs of bhabhi a lot. She was also enjoying sucking her boobs by pressing my head on her boobs. I also sucked both the boobs of bhabhi to the fullest. After about ten minutes, the bhabhi said with a slaying laugh – Ayush, my dear, now wait for a little, I want to drink water.

Saying this, bhabhi removed me from her top and just like that she got up topless and started leaving. bhabhi was wearing a dress below. There were bite marks on my teeth on my bhabhi’s back, nipples, and stomach.

I was having a lot of fun watching this. In no time, bhabhi came completely naked and started sucking my erect dick. Within a minute, she climbed on top of my dick and started knotting the ride of the dick while bending her back.

I started playing with my bhabhi’s pussy by mashing both her mangoes and lifting my ass. After ten minutes, the bhabhi collapsed and fell on my chest. I took them under me and started fucking hard.

After a few minutes, I also fell in bhabhi’s pussy and both of us started controlling our breaths by sticking to each other naked.

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