Erotic Sex Night With My Hot Aunty – Hot Aunty Fuck Story

Erotic Sex Night With My Hot Aunty – Hot Aunty Fuck Story

Hello Guys, I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Erotic Sex Night With My Hot Aunty – Hot Aunty Fuck Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

My name is Amit and I am 26 years old. My father and uncle’s family are there in my house, we all live together.

My family consists of my parents and my elder sister and my uncle’s family consists of my aunt and her 2-year-old daughter.

Aunt’s name is Sangeeta. Aunt is also 26 years old. My aunt is very beautiful as if she is a movie actress.

Aunty’s complexion is very fair, her height is 5 feet 6 inches and she has a very tight body. But she lives like a normal housewife.

I think that whoever sees Aunty will fall in love with her at once. But she doesn’t even put anyone on the grass.

Although she was like a friend to me. I too had no bad feelings about her. This story starts from here.

My uncle is a drunkard and a characterless man. He had friendships with people of a criminal nature.

Aunty and the entire family were always troubled by this tendency of hers. I used to feel sad seeing my aunt’s sorrow because she was close to my heart. (Hot Aunty Fuck Story)

One day, a mountain of troubles fell on my aunt and my family, when my uncle and his friends were sentenced to life imprisonment for murder.

After that my aunt started remaining silent, she was heartbroken.

At that time I could not see her sorrow. I started trying to keep them happy, trying to make them laugh.

At first, it was difficult but after 2 months it became normal. After my job, I started spending a lot of time with my aunt. She had started smiling now.

I would have done anything to see her smiling face like this. But even now I have no bad feelings towards Aunty.

Then gradually, as I stayed close to her, my attraction towards her started increasing and perhaps she too gradually started liking me.

One day in February, a day-night match was being held between South Africa and India. Aunt is also a big fan of cricket. Both of us were sitting close and watching the match.

Then at around noon, the lights went off. My aunt and I were sitting on the sofa under the same blanket. When the lights went off, both the people sat down disappointed.

Then I placed my head in her lap and started talking to her. I said to Aunty – Aunty, you must be a missing uncle.

She said- She does come, but now it has become a habit to live without her.

I said- Aunty, I don’t like seeing the sadness on your face at all. I can do anything for you. You just be happy.

I started caressing her fingers, I became excited while caressing her fingers.

Aunty said – Now only sadness is in my destiny, she is my daughter and you are in my destiny. Otherwise, I would have died.

I said – Aunty, if you ever talk about dying, I will never talk to you in future.
She said that if you will not talk to me, then where will I go?

Then I don’t know what came to my mind I kissed her and started licking her lips. My aunt’s face turned red. Anger appeared on her face. (Hot Aunty Fuck Story)

Aunty said- Amit, what are you doing? I am your aunt, your uncle’s wife.
I said- Which uncle, who never loved you.

She said- This is a sin.

I said- There is no sin, I truly love you and can do anything for you.
She said- This is wrong.

She got up from me and went to her room. After this, I also came to my room. But sleep was far away from my eyes.

There was a knock at my door around 2:30 in the night. When I opened the door, I saw Aunty standing at the door.

She said- It is wrong for you to love me and I do not want to lose you, that is why I have come to explain.

I looked at Aunty’s face, she was saying one thing, but her face was saying something else.

I was looking at her lips. Then I pulled her and kissed her lips and while I was kissing her lips, she was reluctant, but her reluctance was artificial. (Hot Aunty Fuck Story)

Slowly she started cooperating while kissing. She said- Someone will see us like this, your mom and dad are sleeping upstairs.

I pulled her into my room and closed the door. I picked her up in my arms and laid her on my bed.

Then I pounced on her lips and started kissing her lips vigorously. Aunty also started supporting me, caressing my hair.

Our tongues started wrestling with each other.

After breaking the kiss Aunty said again – This doesn’t seem right… we should not do this.
I said, Aunty, nothing can happen now, we have gone too far.

I removed my clothes and removed all of Aunty’s clothes one by one. Aunty’s body was as white as milk, there was not a single stain.

She had a flawless body like moonlight, aunty was like an angel of heaven, she was completely naked in front of me.

I appreciate my luck that I found such a woman today. Then I kissed her feet. While kissing, I came to her thighs.

At this time Aunty’s whole body started trembling. Her breathing started becoming heavy due to excitement.

I kissed her pussy and came and placed my tongue on her pussy. Aunty raises her Big Ass due to excitement. She was feeling bad due to excitement. I was sucking her pussy.

She said in a sensual voice – Amit, do something, now I can’t help myself.

I came over to her and started sucking her lips, sucking her entire face. Her breath was hitting my face loudly and excited me. (Hot Aunty Fuck Story)

I placed my penis on her pussy and said – Are you ready?
Aunty nodded her head yes, she said nothing.

Then I put the tip of my penis inside the pussy. She let out a sigh. Then slowly I started pushing. Aunty was responding to every thrust by bouncing her ass.

Her pussy was thirsty for many months. I was drinking the juices from her face. At the same time, I was pushing my penis with full force. My entire penis was going into the depths of her Tight Pussy.

We were feeling the joy of heaven. There was a noise of our hot breaths in the whole room and the room was filled with hot sounds.

The atmosphere of the room had become very warm with the sound of our kisses and the sound of our breathing.

After pushing for about 15 minutes, Aunty grabbed my waist with her legs and said – I am about to get pregnant. (Hot Aunty Fuck Story)

I said – Yes Aunty, I am also going to cum, where should I release my semen?
She said- Do it inside me, now everything of yours is mine.

Then after pushing for 5 more minutes, I cum into her pussy. We were breathing heavily.

Aunty’s eyes were closed, she was not saying anything. I picked up the blanket and covered both of us. I hugged Aunty and kissed her cheek.

Aunty said softly – I have never got the happiness that you have given me today, from today onwards I have become crazy about you.

I said- I have also become crazy about you and have started loving you very much.
I fucked Aunty three times in that entire night. (Hot Aunty Fuck Story)

In this way, our sex continued for 2 months.

Then one day Aunty said I am pregnant, what should we do now?
I said- Leave this to me, this is my sign, a sign of our love, I will bring it into the world.

So Aunty said – How is this possible?
I said- Aunty, if you support me, everything is possible.

Then after a few days, my mother came to know that Aunty was pregnant and she knew that I was behind it. There was a lot of uproar in the house regarding this matter.

Everyone told Aunty to get an abortion.
But Aunty and I did not budge.

After some more debate, our family agreed. I explained to him that my uncle was not going to come from jail now.

There should be someone to take care of the aunt and there should be someone to take care of her daughter. Aunty and I love each other very much. (Hot Aunty Fuck Story)

Hearing all these arguments, my family agreed and after some reluctance, my aunt’s family also agreed, thinking that their daughter’s house was about to be settled again.

My parents said- You take your aunt and go to some other city and settle down with her there.

This idea appealed to me, my aunt and I came to Delhi and I got a job in a multinational company. Now my aunt and her daughter and I live together.

Everyone here knows us like husband and wife. My aunt, who is now my wife, is 7 months pregnant.

We are a happy family and love each other very much. My aunt loves me very much. I also love Aunty very much and will continue to love her.

So, friends, this was my true Hot Aunty Fuck Story. Thank you all for reading the story.

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