Last Time Sex With My Hot Girlfriend – GF BF Sex Story

Last Time Sex With My Hot Girlfriend – GF BF Sex Story

Hello Guys, I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Last Time Sex With My Hot Girlfriend – GF BF Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Read in GF BF Sex Story that I had fucked my girlfriend, and wanted to marry her but her family did not agree. She wanted to have sex with me before her marriage.

Friends, hello to all of you from my side.

Today’s GF BF Sex Story is about me and my girlfriend.
This is the true story of my life and the story of 2019.

My name is Navdeep and I am 24 years old. My height is 5.6 inches and my penis is 6 inches.

My girlfriend was a big fan of my penis because of my big penis.
Her name was Aarohi and her age was also 24 years.

Aarohi was very sexy and She has Big Ass and boobs.
Whoever sees her once, I guarantee that he will be eager to fuck her.

Till now I had only had sex with her.
I had fucked my girlfriend Aarohi many times and also wanted to marry her, but my girlfriend’s family did not agree and they got her married somewhere else.

Her marriage was fixed.
But before marriage, she wanted to have sex with me for the last time.

I had not fucked her ass till now, so I thought that after this, who knows which girl will be in luck of my dick. I will talk to Aarohi only…

If only she gives pleasure to my dick in her ass, then I will fulfill this wish of life also.

I told her- Honey, this time I want to fuck you from behind also.

At first, she started murmuring and said – No, not from there… you do it from the front.

But I said – Friend, please fulfill my last wish. Then I don’t know whether you will get the pleasure of fucking ass in your life or not. Will your husband fuck your ass or not! (GF BF Sex Story)

After some convincing by me, she agreed to have back-door sex.

I told her – Now that you have agreed, put something in your ass and loosen it and prepare it for my dick. She laughed and said- Okay darling, I will do it.

Then we both made a plan to meet and booked a hotel room to meet next week.
She came to meet me on the appointed day.

I was happy and also felt a little bad that today we would have sex for the last time. After this, we might never be able to have sex. We both came into the room.

I hugged Aarohi tightly and started kissing her passionately.
Aarohi was also supporting me fully.

She got hot very quickly.
I made her lie down on the bed and removed her upper clothes one by one.
Now she was only in a bra and panty.

To be honest, she was looking sexy like a porn star.

After looking at her lovingly for a few moments, I took off her bra and started sucking her Big Boobs like crazy, pressing them hard.

The rod had become very hot. Her panties had become wet with her pussy juice.

Then Aarohi made me lie down on the bed beside her and now she started taking off my clothes. Within a few moments, she made me completely naked and held my penis in her hand.

When I pointed her towards my penis, she took it in her mouth and started sucking it.
Today she was sucking the dick like a whore.

I kept looking at her.
Aarohi was sucking dick like a porn star.
I had reached heaven due to her dick-sucking style.

Now I removed her panty also. (GF BF Sex Story)
Her smooth pussy was completely pink and some strawberry-flavored cream was applied on it. She had come fully prepared, had brought her pussy to shine.

Then both of us came into 69 position. She was sucking my dick and I was sucking her wet pussy. There was a wonderful taste of strawberry in her pussy.

Aarohi kept sucking my penis and she forced my penis to ejaculate.
I tried to remove my penis from her mouth, but she did not agree and she drank all the juice from my penis.

She drank the juice from my penis for the first time.
Then she also ejaculated. I also started drinking all the water from her pussy and started licking her pussy.

Now both of us stopped for a while.
She took my penis in her hand and started caressing it and when my penis started coming to life again, she started masturbating it. (GF BF Sex Story)

Within some time my penis had become completely steel again.
I also started sucking the clit of her pussy again. She got hot very quickly.

Now she was repeatedly saying, extinguish the fire of my pussy quickly, fuck me quickly.
But I was not moving my mouth away from the pussy.
She started begging me to fuck her pussy.

Then I also did not consider it right to torture her too much and made her lie down straight on the bed.

I raised her legs. Due to this, the buds of her pussy had opened, and the pink inside started appearing.

I placed my penis on her pink wet pussy. I started rubbing my penis on her pussy. Aarohi could not wait even for a moment, she started trying to take the penis inside by raising her ass.

I very lovingly slid my penis inside her pussy.
Half the penis went into her pussy.
She woke up sighing in pain.

Within a few moments, my entire penis went into the pussy. I started moving in and out.

She was saying with pleasure ‘Ah aah ee eaa ufff fuck me hard…’. I started fucking her very hard. Soon the sound of ‘fucking’ started coming into the whole room.

Aarohi was in fun and was saying ‘Uff eeeeaa aaaa ooooo…’.

I kept fucking Aarohi for at least 24 minutes, then Aarohi ejaculated.
Her pussy got wet and she became weak. (GF BF Sex Story)

I was still in full enthusiasm and kept fucking her hard.

After a few minutes, I too was about to ejaculate.
I told Aarohi that I was going to get pregnant.

She said – Dear, today you take out your juice in my mouth. I want to take your juice in my mouth.

I took out my penis from her pussy and put it in her mouth.
She took the penis in her mouth and started sucking it.

I released all the juice in her mouth, she also drank all the juice of my penis like a whore.

We both were drenched in sweat due to the vigorous fucking.
We were very tired so both of us remained naked on the bed and were looking at each other.

We told each other ‘I love you…’ and started kissing each other.
Now the atmosphere had become somewhat loving.

While kissing her casually, I started caressing her ass.
She understood that I wanted to fuck her ass.

At first, she started staring at me.
Reading her eyes, I removed my hand from her ass and started caressing her Tight Pussy. Started fingering her pussy.

Soon the silent language of love taught us both the lesson of lust and we both came back to the 69 positions. She started sucking my penis and I started sucking her pussy.

After some time, I started licking her ass hole with my tongue.
She started rubbing her ass on my face.
I started licking her ass vigorously.

She opened her ass and perhaps now she too was enjoying getting her ass licked.
She raised her ass and started putting it in my mouth.
Then she automatically came in doggy style and gave me a signal by shaking her ass.

I got up and started licking her ass again. (GF BF Sex Story)
I understood that today she wants to get her ass fucked by my dick.

I spit on the ass and placed my penis on the ass hole.
She started moaning and feeling the tip of my penis on her ass.

I was waiting for her ass to open. Her ass hole was licking.
As soon as her ass hole became a little loose and opened, I pressed my hard dick into her ass.

The head of the penis went inside, widening the first ring of her ass.
She started shouting – Ouch mummy… I am dead… aah my ass got torn.

I stopped and started caressing her buttocks and dripping my spit into her ass.

She was having terrible pain and she started abusing loudly – Ah motherfucker… take out your dick, you bastard… you tore the hole out of my ass… Ah, it is hurting a lot, dog… sigh, take it out you bastard!

But I did not take out the penis from her ass.
I kept applying it and slowly my entire penis went into her ass.
Tears came out of her eyes and she started crying uncontrollably.

I did not agree. I was feeling great stiffness in my penis and it seemed as if the dog’s penis had got stuck in the bitch’s pussy and was beginning to swell.

On the other hand, she was repeatedly asking to take out the penis.
I didn’t listen to her and started moving my penis in and out of her ass.

After some time, her pain reduced and she also started enjoying ass fucking.
She raised her ass and started getting fucked. (GF BF Sex Story)

Now, in that doggy position, I brought my hands forward, caught hold of her boobs and while pressing them, I started thrusting my penis into her ass.

Now instead of shouting, she started shaking her ass while saying ‘unh aah…’.

I kept fucking her ass like this for a long time. After this, I put one of my hands in her pussy and started fingering her pussy.

Due to this, she started enjoying double sex.
She started making intoxicating sounds.

After some time, I ejaculated into her ass and released all the fluid from my penis into her ass.

She also ejaculated after dripping juice from her pussy.
After Sex we both were tired.

Then after some time both of us came to the bathroom to take a bath.

While bathing, my penis and pussy once again became alive and I again started fucking her vigorously.

I fucked her 4 times that day.
He was no longer able to walk properly. I dropped her a short distance away from her house.

After four months she got married. I loved her very much. After that I never had sex.

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