Fucked My Sexy Junior Girl Colleague in My Office

Fucked My Sexy Junior Girl Colleague in My Office

In today’s English Sex Story titled “Fucked My Sexy Junior Girl Colleague in My Office” I assure you that after reading this story you will not be able to stop shaking your cock. Let’s start today’s desi Sex Story.

Hello friends, My name is Sahil. I am from Marathahalli (Bangalore). I have completed my graduation from here and now looking for a job.

My height is 5 feet 10 inches and I am an average person. My penis is 6.5 inches long and 2.5 inches thick. I have read many stories on Wildfantasy. In many of those stories, I have read that his penis is 10 inches.

They say it as if they were Nigerian.

A maximum size of 7 or 8 inches is mainly seen in India. Don’t know what these people eat, their cocks become 10 or 12 inches! By the way, any woman likes long sex only and she can be happy with that. Cock may be small or big but time matters more.

I can satisfy any woman with my sex and I take pride in the fact that I can have at least 35 minutes of sex comfortably without any drugs. After taking the medicine, the fuck will go a long way.

Let me come to my story without wasting much of your time. I hope you guys will like my today’s story too.

It is about that time when I talked to an acquaintance and found a job for myself, which was a Manger’s job. People from outside also used to come to that company and it was our job to teach the workers there. Some girls used to come to learn as well as to teach.

I was working there for 2 months but was not having any fun. Then a girl came there whose name was Kritika and she had come from Goa.

She had come to teach in the company. She was the owner of a very beautiful body. She had dyed her hair but always had a smile on her face. Round glasses on eyes and always smiling face.

She was such that everyone fell in love with her upon seeing her and became crazy about her. I too fell in love with her from a young age. Rather it would be better to say that wanted to fuck her.

On the first day, we both met each other. We were lightly introduced and both got busy in our respective work. (Fucked My Sexy Junior)

One day she was having some problem so she asked me how to approach that subject. I explained everything to her very well and told her to let me know if she has any problem and for his convenience, I also gave her my phone number.

When we were talking, my attention was repeatedly going towards her Boobs and she was also seeing where my eyes were going. But still, she didn’t say anything.

After that, we both started talking almost every day. Earlier there was only hi-hello. Then after that jokes and other messages also started going and coming from her side.

I started feeling that she has also started taking more interest in me. Everything I said had a deep impact on her.

I liked her way of talking, giving respect to everyone, and smiling to everyone. She used to tell me all this by messaging. Sometimes she would even tell me which girls in our class like you. She had heard and seen those girls talking about me many times.

Similarly, my faith in her also started increasing. Then one day something happened that I never expected.

One day everyone in the class wanted to go, so everyone took leave. I had some office work left so I went to class. I was doing my work when Kritika came. Although she was looking amazing but I did not pay attention to her and I got back to my work.

After some time she came to me and started asking – how did you come to the office today?

There was some fun in the way she asked, so I also replied in fun – I just wanted to see you, so I came.

Hearing this she smiled and sat in front of me. Seeing her, I also passed the smile. Similar things kept happening here and there for some time. (Fucked My Sexy Junior)

Then she said – I want something from you.

I asked – what do you want?

She directly grabbed my hand and pressed it hard and said – have you understood now or not, idiot?

I just needed a sign from her. At the same time, I grabbed her and pulled her towards me and started kissing her on the lips. Now she was kissing me like crazy and I was pressing her ass.

In no time, she separated my clothes from my body and she became naked. My eyes widened in surprise as soon as I saw her without clothes. By the way, till date, I have fucked 3-4 women and 2 girls but till date, I have not found anyone like her.

I made her sit there on a table and started kissing her. While kissing, she was caressing my cock and I was rubbing her pussy and tits. I rubbed her breasts so hard that they got red marks.

Then I started licking her pussy and both of us began to enjoy the 69 position. Kritika collapsed in no time. My whole face was filled with its water.

I licked all the juice that came out of her pussy. Due to her mouth sucking my cock, I also could not last long for the first time and fell in her mouth.

I felt that there is nothing left in me now.

Then she again started sucking my cock. Due to her sucking style, my cock got erect very quickly for the second time. This time I put her legs on my shoulders and slowly started inserting my cock in her pussy.

With her sigh… my cock used to get even more inside. My jerks started increasing as soon as the whole cock went inside and I started making her scream.

She was just shouting- fuck… fuck my king, tear my pussy apart today! Fuck me today in such a way that after this my pussy is not worth fucking… and fuck, ummh… ahh… hi… yah…

all these things of her to me 

Started getting more excited. That’s why I got excited and turned her upside down so she vomited in the air. She was stunned by this attack of mine and started looking back. As she turned, I caught sight of her smiling face. (Fucked My Sexy Junior)

As soon as she turned, her ass got up in front of me. Still, keeping control over myself, I pushed my cock into her pussy again.

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This time my cock completely entered inside her and that too in one stroke. While cursing, she started jerking on my cock with her ass. Both of us were having a lot of fun and both of us wanted to remain in this bliss forever.

Just like that 20 minutes passed while tearing her pussy. During this, she fell down. When it was time to ejaculate, I put all my semen in her mouth and on her tits, which she licked and drank.

The condition of both of us was as if we had just bathed in water. When I looked at her again, she had love and a smile on her face for me.

After resting for some time, I started sucking her breasts again.

Then she asked me – why my life? Are you still not satisfied after all this fucking?

I said – when I have the most beautiful girl in the world lying naked, then how will my heart be filled dear? I just want to fuck you.

she replied in such a way that I fell in love with her more. She said – dear, if you want, you can fuck me for the rest of my life, my king. I am ready to leave all the shame and be your mistress for the rest of my life my dear!

I fell in love with her and kissed her lips. She also started supporting me. I started pressing her boobs again and started fingering her pussy with one hand.

Then after a while, she pushed me and separated. I thought she was teasing me.

But on the contrary, in her wild nature, she climbed on top of me herself and came and sat on my chest. Then she herself moved forward sitting on my chest so that her pussy came on my face.

After giving her pussy in my mouth, Kritika started rubbing her pussy vigorously in my mouth. To date, I had never felt that a girl licks her own pussy so mercilessly. (Fucked My Sexy Junior)

I went mad with this action of her and again started pressing her breasts with my hands. When my cock started working on its own, I stopped licking her pussy and said to her- Honey, my cock is ready again to maintain our friendship.

She understood my gesture very well and started sucking my cock. This time she was sucking so well that I felt that I would not be able to last long in her mouth. My cock was now feeling her throat too.

Now the atmosphere was such that she was sucking my cock and was taking sobs. There I was licking her pussy and ass as well as fingering her pussy and ass.

As soon as I put my 2 fingers in her pussy and started taking them out, in no time all the water in her pussy came out, which I licked well. Even after falling so much, she became like a wild lioness and quickly stood up and became a mare.

spitting out spit from his own mouth, she spits lots in his ass and spread his ass hole with his hands and started to say to me – know this… you wanted to fuck my ass, didn’t you?

Now this ass of your mistress is completely ready. Now trample me and my ass as you wish. I have also spit.

On her saying, without delay, I also came behind her by opening both her legs a little more and slapped her butts tightly, due to which her butts turned red and Kritika screamed.

It seemed that now only blood would come out of his buttocks. Maybe she didn’t expect a slap from me.

As Kritika looked back angrily, I gave her another slap on the ass.

With this slap, she spread on the table and said- Yes dear, hit more… hit harder.

Make my ass happy with such slaps. Now just insert and fuck me with your cock. Have no mercy on me, my king!

All these things of her were filling me with more enthusiasm. I placed my cock on the pink hole of her ass and once looked at Kritika’s face, she closed her eyes. (Fucked My Sexy Junior)

I put cock in her ass hole which made her scream and she fell again. Only the top of my cock was able to penetrate and a few drops of blood came out from her ass.

Now I was slowly inserting the cock inside and with that Kritika’s screams were also increasing. As soon as the cocks went inside, Kritika was enjoying getting fucked with pleasure.

I was also enjoying and I was slapping her ass, as well as I was pressing her tits and sometimes the whole cock would enter inside and kiss her on the back.

I had been doing this for more than half an hour now. Meanwhile, I had made

Wrecked her ass completely. Kritika had fallen 4 times till now. When I got tired after fucking, I left my pipe in her ass and fell on her.

We both fell asleep in that condition. I fell asleep after this tiring fucking and I don’t know how long we lay there naked. When we got up it was about 9 in the night.

After getting up, there was a feeling of very strong hunger in my stomach. It was the same situation with Kritika so we went out and had a hearty meal and while coming back I dropped Kritika at her hostel and I came back to my hostel.

So friends, how did you like this story of mine, do tell.

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