Sex With Busty Big Ass Girl | Desi Girl Sex Story

Sex With Busty Big Ass Girl | Desi Girl Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Sex With Busty Big Ass girl | Desi Girl Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

This is sometime back when I came to Tilak Nagar for studies. In Tilak Nagar, I started living in a house by renting a room. This house was a house built in a low area of ​​4 floors. A family lived on its first floor, which was an average family of five people. I lived alone on the second floor. The landlord lived with his family on the third floor.

The landlord’s name was Gopal, and his wife’s name was Juhi. They had four daughters Doli, Pooja, Sonia, and Shalu living with them. Among those girls, Doli’s age was 22 years, Pooja was 20, Sonia was 19, and Shalu was 18. The four Chokris were very cool and sexy items, but this story of mine is related to a family living on the first floor.

A family from Uttar Pradesh lived on the first floor. In this family, his two sons and a girl Sana lived with his parents. Initially, I had nothing to do with anyone, but gradually I got acquainted with everyone. Whenever I saw Sana, I could see a special glow for myself in her eyes. Although she was not very beautiful, her body was very tight and intoxicating. His chicks of size 36 were as if desperate to come out of his clothes. Seeing Sana’s mummies, it seemed as if they were tied up with great difficulty.

She often used to come in front of me and stare at me as if she wanted to say something. Her thin waist and her buttocks under it made her body even more beautiful. Whenever she moved, her buttocks would tremble on sight. My heart was also desperate to fuck him, but I was not getting any chance. Because the house was small and the talk could not be done openly.

In such a situation, one day a call came to his house that his father had an accident. At that time she was alone at home and I too had come after leaving office. I was just about to go to the room when he called me and said – will you be able to walk with me to the hospital. My father is injured. Mother has gone to the village with both brothers.

I understood the whole thing from him and immediately left for the hospital with him on my bike. She sat down with both feet on one side, placing her hand on my shoulder. When I had to hit the brakes on the way, his chickens would stick to my back. When this happened two or three times, she stopped the bike and smiled, and sat down with her feet on both sides.

I had just gone a little further when suddenly a dog appeared. Suddenly hitting the brakes, his entire weight came on me. His big chicks were badly pressed to my back and both his hands came on my thighs. This incident stirred both of us even more. Though she didn’t say anything, now she sat down a little tighter and held me tight.

One of his hands was on my stomach on the belt of my jeans and the other was on my chest. His cheeks were rubbing on my back, which was affecting my dick. My dick started coming in its rough form and I was having trouble because of the jeans.

After some time both of us came close to the hospital. Before reaching the hospital, I saw a deserted place and I stood up to urinate. Due to not getting any oats anywhere, I had to do Susu there in the open. Sana started laughing seeing all this. His eyes fell on my dick too. After that, as soon as she sat on the bike behind me, she rubbed her chest against my back and sat down, and placed her head on my shoulder.

After a few minutes, both of us reached the hospital and inquired about his father’s condition. The doctor asked them to stay in the hospital for the night, due to which both of us had to stay in the same hospital for the night. The next day I left. I had given him my phone number while leaving if there is any problem or need of me, then feel free to call and tell me.
He did yes.

His call came in the afternoon – father will have to stay here even today, if you can bring something to eat, then bring it. I asked – what happened to the food during the day? He told that he had taken it from outside, but the quality of the food was not good. I asked – what will you eat? He laughed and said – whatever you like.

I asked – for father? He said- Bring something light for father. I asked him for chicken for both of us to eat, and he said yes. I went straight to him from the office in the evening and I got food for the night from Zomato.

In this way, his father got to leave the next day and both of them came home. His father had broken both his legs, but during this time Sana and I had come closer. Now she used to come to my room without any hesitation and both of us kept talking.

One day I was in my room. It was raining that day and all three of my underwear were wet, so I lay without underwear wearing a loose neckerchief. Then Sana came to my room. At that time she was doing doom. She was wearing tight jeans and a sleek sleeveless lone top, which made her breasts look sexier. Today his expressions were also seen to have changed quite a bit. She was repeatedly caressing the open part of her cheeks as if she was itching.

I stood up. She came and started asking me – how am I looking? At first, I kept staring at him. My gaze passed through her neck and nipples, went up to her jeans, and came back and fixed on the open part of her nipples. Wow, what a beautiful scene. The milky crack that was forming between her two nipples was about three inches.

Reading the eyes, Sana asked – what happened… where did you get lost? Suddenly it came out of my mouth – in your cheeks! She immediately said – what!? She was standing right next to me. Without answering, I grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him towards me. He didn’t object either.

Taking this as his consent, I put my lips on his lips. He closed his eyes. I started sucking on his lips. His breathing also started getting faster and he wrapped his hands around my waist. Sometimes I would suck on his lower lip, sometimes the upper one. We both had a very long kiss. In the meantime, my hands reached his boobs and I began to caress, pressing him with both hands. We both were wrapped up in each other badly. Sometimes my hands were on his buttocks, sometimes on his waist.

I started to lift her top, then she supported me by raising her hands and she herself started taking off my sando vest. At the same time, she started sucking and kissing my chest full of hair. I took off her bra by separating the top. My dick was completely erect, which he had not even touched yet.

I held his hand and put it on my dick, which he removed and started kissing me. Now both of us were bare from above. I put her on the bed and started sucking on her nipples. If I would suck on one teat, I would start enjoying by pressing on the other. His breathing started getting faster. After sucking both the teats well, I started mashing them. She got hot, so I started moving my tongue on her stomach.

I reached from their stomach to his navel. But the way ahead of my tongue was blocked by his jeans, which had to be removed. When I opened the hook of his jeans, he closed his eyes… and helped me by lifting the ass. She was completely naked as soon as she took off her jeans. She was not wearing panties inside her jeans.

Once I glanced at the pussy. His pussy was very clean. It was as if he had cleaned the hair today. Her fair smooth pussy was as beautiful as if made of marble. I also took off my neckerchief and got completely naked. Now I lay by his side and started sucking on his lips. Her hand was touching my dick, but she was not holding it. Then I started caressing his pussy with my hand. The sound of ah uh started coming from his mouth.

As soon as I teased the clit of his pussy, he held my dick tightly in his hand. His grip on my dick was so tight that even my mouth sighed. Now I changed my pose and I came in pose 69. My face was towards his pussy and his face was towards my dick. I did a kiss on her pussy, then he spread both his legs, due to which the pussy came out completely. The red color in her pussy was spreading sensuality from inside.

Her pussy looked like a rose, which I started caressing with my tongue. He also filled my dick in his mouth. She was cooperating with me by sucking dicks like an experienced person. I understood from her dick-sucking style that she had already been kissed. He later told how he had got his seal broken by his brother. I will tell that sex story later.

She was taking my dick inside as much as she could. Sometimes she would take out and lick the betel nut of the dick, and sometimes she would start sucking the dick like a lollipop. Sometimes all of a sudden it starts going inside out with a lot of speed. My dick had also come in its full form. Here I too was engaged in the service of his pussy with my tongue. It was really cool. Sometimes my tongue would measure the depth of his pussy, sometimes I would pull the grain of the pussy by filling it in the lips.

We were both about to reach our peak. I started running my waist and licking his face. My dick would go up to his cleavage many times, but he continued to bear it all with pleasure. She was also rubbing her pussy on my face, due to which the juice of her pussy was spread all over my mouth.

Then his pussy opened his mouth, from which a lot of secrets started coming out. Here I had also reached my peak and my atomizer started in his mouth. He did not let a drop fall out, drank all the semen, and cleaned my dick by sucking it. We both lay on our feet while gasping. Till now both of us had not said anything to each other.

I asked him – how did you feel? In return, he kissed my lips and wrapped me, and said – I love you. I also squeezed him and said ‘Love you to Jaan. Then we both got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned each other. When he cleaned my dick with water and soap, my dick stood up again, and he kissed me. She said – Take your devil has awakened again.

I picked him up in my lap and brought him onto the bed and laid him down. I said – now this devil will deal with your witch. She said while mashing her boobs in a sexy-filled voice – so what is the matter of delay… I have been wanting to kiss you for a long… but you did not understand.

We both started kissing each other. My dick and his pussy were ready again. I came in between his legs and put my dick on his pussy and started putting it inside. He stopped and said – to put the whole thing in one go. I said – okay. I put his legs on my shoulders and set him on the dick chut and put a loud bang on his pussy. In one go, my dick got entangled in his pussy. Her scream went out ‘Umh…ahhhhhh…yah…’ because my dick went straight and hit her uterus.

But this scream was mixed with joy. I started kissing him slowly. She said- My brother is smaller than your dick… He doesn’t go so far inside. From today onwards this chut is yours, whenever you want, you can fuck me.

She picked up her pussy from below and started kissing and I also increased my speed. The whole bed was shaking due to the fierce sex of both of us. She did not know what she was saying during the constant ruckus.

During some twenty minutes of sex, she lashed me three times, then I had to fall, so I asked her – where should I remove it? She said – take it out in my pussy … I will take the tablet. I jerked without any hesitation and fell in his own pussy. After some time she left. After that, I fucked her many times.

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