My Wild And Horny Bhabhi | Desi Bhabhi Sex Story Part-2

My Wild And Horny Bhabhi | Desi Bhabhi Sex Story Part-2

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “My Wild And Horny Bhabhi | Desi Bhabhi Sex Story Part-2“. I am sure you all will love it.

Brother-in-law fucks Bhabhi in this story! My Brother was stuck in lockdown, so I supported Bhabhi’s pussy with my hot dick. Bhabhi used to get them fucked with full pleasure.

Hello friends, I am Tanish from Aerocity, once again I have come to write about my experience. you all read the first part of my story sister in law quenched my thirst in lockdown I read how my brother-in-law fucked Bhabhi and liked it very much, thanks for that.

I had fucked my Bhabhi. We both looked at each other after the kiss and smiled. Then Bhabhi got up and started wearing clothes. After some time she went downstairs. Now further brother-in-law fucks Bhabhi:

It was evening, both mother and father were in their room and Bhabhi was cooking in the kitchen. When I went to my parents to take stock of the situation, I saw that both of them were watching TV in their room. I went to the kitchen and grabbed my Bhabhi from behind. Bhabhi turned back and gave a smile.

Then she kissed me while looking here and there and said – Now someone will see, you go upstairs, and I will bring tea. I went upstairs to my room and waited for my Bhabhi to come. Bhabhi came into the room in ten minutes. As soon as he came inside, I took tea from Bhabhi and kept it on the side, and started kissing him. Bhabhi also clung to me desperately.

For about ten minutes both of us were lost in kissing. Just then the phone rang. We parted and Bhabhi saw that it was my brother’s phone. Bhabhi started talking to brother and was drinking tea along with it. I was enjoying them. Sometimes I would go after him and kiss him on the ear, sometimes on the neck.

Bhabhi was talking to her brother with great difficulty suppressing her pride. After talking for ten minutes, the Bhabhi got up and pushed me onto the bed, and climbed on top of me. My Bhabhi said – I am having a lot of fun, I will tell you now! She started kissing me again.

Kissing my lips desperately, my Bhabhi Ridhimajain came downstairs and started kissing and sucking on my neck. The sounds of ‘CCE ah…’ were coming out of my mouth. But my Bhabhi was kissing me just by climbing on top of me. She was not even letting me move.

After some time, my Bhabhi put my T-shirt up and started licking my chest with her lips. His hand was groping my dick from the top of the lower. Then Bhabhi came down further and started kissing my dick from the top of my lower. My dick came in its formidable form due to the antics of my Bhabhi. I started lowering down.

So Bhabhi said – not now, at night. I agreed and we both kissed and loved each other for ten minutes. Then Bhabhi went down to the kitchen. I could not tolerate it, so I fisted and went out of the house. When I came back home after about two hours, the food was ready. After eating food, I started going to my room.

Then the brother’s call came and Bhabhi started talking to the brother on the phone. Bhabhi asked their mother- is there any work, I am going to my room. While talking to their brother, the Bhabhi signaled her mother to leave and the mother went to the room.

I also came inside after closing the main gate. After half an hour the light in my mother’s room went off, so I stopped outside my Bhabhi’s room. The atmosphere inside was heated. Bhabhi was having phone sex with their brother and caressing her boobs. I was enjoying standing at the gate. On the other side, maybe the brother had quarreled, so the Bhabhi hung up the phone. I got on the side.

Bhabhi was hot, so I peeped inside again. I saw that my Bhabhi was caressing her pussy. I went inside and said – my Bhabhi would have called me, I was waiting for a long. My Bhabhi was shocked to see me at first… then stood up saw me and hugged me.

She pushed me and made me fall on the bed and came straight on top of me and said – now put the dick inside immediately, otherwise I will die. Mine was standing like that. My Bhabhi took off my lower and after taking off her lower also started shaking my ass by taking my erect dick inside the pussy.

There was a push for ten minutes and my Bhabhi fell down on me once. I was still left, so I came on top of them. Once I had fisted, I was not going to leave soon. Coming over to Bhabhi, I started putting shots in her pussy. After ten minutes Bhabhi’s body started stiff again, so my work was done with her and we kept lying on each other.

After about twenty minutes, the Bhabhi got up and went to the washroom. After some time Bhabhi came inside the room and she was very happy. I also stood up and came fresh. Lying next to my Bhabhi, I said – Bhabhi, brother was having phone sex, weren’t they?

When I said this while pulling his leg, my Bhabhi said- Yes man… those poor people are stuck there, so they also have to be kept happy. So I said – yes it is also, the first right is theirs only. Till now Bhabhi and I were wearing only T-shirts. We were both naked from below. The AC was on, and both of us were covered with a sheet.

Both of us were looking at each other, then my Bhabhi again touched my lips and started smooching for a long time. This time Bhabhi was smooching in a very different way. Sometimes she was putting her tongue in my mouth, and sometimes I was in hers.

After some time the Bhabhi separated from me and wrapped me in her arms and started kissing my neck. I was enjoying rubbing my chest with her boobs. My Bhabhi took off my T-shirt while kissing me. I took off his T-shirt. My Bhabhi did not wear a bra.

Kissing me, she reached down to my dick. My Bhabhi started kissing around my dick and started licking my dick. I was flying on the seventh sky after getting my dick licked and sucked.
She was sucking dicks so well that she was like a professional prostitute. I was just enjoying with my hand on his head.

Till my juice did not come out, the Bhabhi was sucking the dick in a wonderful way. When my goods came out, I tried to remove my Bhabhi. But she drank my semen too. I was surprised that the Bhabhi had gone mad to this extent. My work was done and I looked satisfied. My Bhabhi was licking her lips.

I happily said – Bhabhi, I enjoyed it. Bhabhi said- Yes man, your brother had made it so hot that leave alone sucking, I would have gone to eat it. I caught the Bhabhi and started pressing her boobs. Si sounds were coming out of my Bhabhi’s mouth.

I was pressing one nipple with one hand and sucking the other. My Bhabhi running her hand through my hair was feeding me milk. I kept sucking both the tight nipples of my Bhabhi alternately and my Bhabhi kept sucking milk thinking of me as her child.

Then I came down a little and started kissing my Bhabhi’s stomach. When I sharpened my tongue and put it in the navel of the Bhabhi, the Bhabhi got agitated and started shaking hands and feet. I kept giving fun with my Bhabhi.

Then I came down a little and started moving my tongue a little above the pussy. I was kissing them there. My Bhabhi put her hand in my hair and made my head till the joint of both her legs and rested my mouth on her pussy. I started licking my Bhabhi’s pussy.

I wanted to give them more fun than they had given me. Sometimes I was running my tongue on both the clefts of my Bhabhi’s pussy, sometimes I would pull the grain of the pussy by holding it with my lips, and sometimes I would tease it with the tip of the tongue.

Due to this, my Bhabhi’s fun was at its peak and she was provoking me to suck her pussy faster by lifting her ass. Then I put my tongue inside Bhabhi’s pussy and started fucking Bhabhi’s pussy with my tongue. She was lifting her ass by fully opening both her legs giving way for me to lick her pussy.

The only sound coming out of his mouth was ‘Si Si and Aah…’ which was making me more excited. I was licking my pussy continuously. Meanwhile, the Bhabhi stiffened her body and started lifting a one-foot-high ass. So I understood that the work of my Bhabhi is going to be done.

I kept moving my tongue continuously and as far as I could hit my tongue, I was fucking with my tongue. As soon as my Bhabhi started ejaculating, she pressed my head on her pussy with her hand. I started drinking their goods. At first, I started feeling disgusting, but later I started feeling good. I licked it all.

In a few moments, the Bhabhi had become exhausted and I was hot with hard dicks. I immediately came on top of the Bhabhi and pushed my dick into the hot pussy of the Bhabhi. My Bhabhi was not yet ready to fuck, but in one stroke I put the whole dick inside the pussy.

Bhabhi’s sigh came out and started abusing me- Ah sister fucker… don’t put it comfortably! I said – Bhabhi, I am not Bhabhi. Just by saying this, I started fucking hard.

My Bhabhi was ah ah and was enjoyed fully. She was given full support by jumping along with him. In about 20-25 jerks, when the Bhabhi started heating again, she also started enjoying it. I dicked and said – come up Bhabhi! My Bhabhi caught me while holding my dick and while turning me upside down, she rode on my dick.

Pushing fuck started going on. My Bhabhi said giving the teat in my mouth – suck the mango, my dear. I started sucking both the nipples of my Bhabhi while mashing them. My Bhabhi’s ass was continuously shaking while getting sharper.

My dick was stumbling inside my Bhabhi’s pussy till my uterus, due to which my Bhabhi was enjoying it very much. After some time Bhabhi held me tight and fell down. I also quarreled with my Bhabhi. We both clung to each other and did not know when we fell asleep.

The fun of Sex with Bhabhi is yet to come. I will tell that sometime in the next story. Thank you for now. 

Friends, my desi bhabhi sex story in which brother-in-law fucked Bhabhi, how did you like it, definitely mail and comment. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

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