My Sex Life With Virgin Girl | Hot Girl Sex Story

My Sex Life With Virgin Girl | Hot Girl Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “My Sex Life With Virgin Girl | Hot Girl Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Eight months after my elder brother’s marriage, he died in a road accident. Himanshi Bhabhi was pregnant at that time, so we got married in a simple program with the wishes of both the families and my and Himanshi’s consent.

A month later, our son Kartik was born. Two months after the birth of Kartik, Karwachauth fast was observed and on that day we celebrated the honeymoon. After this, I, Himanshi, and Kartik went to Himanshi’s parents’ house.

Himanshi’s elder brother’s name is Ritik, he has two daughters, twenty-one-year-old Rachitasen and nineteen-year-old Ridhimajain. Rachitasen was doing B.Com and Ridhimajain was in class XII.

After staying there for a week, we returned but Rachitasen and Ridhimajain had cast a spell on me. The face and bodies of both would keep coming in front of my eyes. Where Rachitasen was thin, Ridhimajain was strong and athletic.

Finally, my heart decided that I have to make an arrangement to fuck Ridhimajain. One night while having dinner, Himanshi asked for some unknown reason – Are you happy marrying me?

“Yeah… but why are you asking that?” “Just like this, I was thinking for many days that you could have got more than one girl, but you adopted me.”

“Are you less than anyone?”

“No matter what happens, a virgin girl is a virgin.”

I was thinking that my wife is also sad that I got old fucked pussy. I also thought of taking advantage of his feelings. I showed it in front of him that I was deprived of the big thing which I deserved in my life because of him. So it is. I have been deprived of the pleasure of adopting you and taking a virgin girl in my arms, but if you want, you can make up for it.

“Next month Ridhimajain’s exams will be over, call her here for fifteen days.”

“What will happen to him?”

“If I am lucky, my dream of touching and fucking a virgin girl will come true.”

How will it happen? Is there any laughing game?

“If you call him, it is okay, he will be happy.”

After many days of conversation, finally my wife Himanshi agreed to invite her niece Ridhimajain to our house. One day after Ridhimajain’s exam was over, Ritik made Ridhimajain sit on the flight and I reached the airport to receive her. As soon as Ridhimajain came out of the airport in jeans and a red top, my dick started jumping and saluting her.

I went ahead and took her in my arms. She also hugged me laughing happily. I pressed her on my chest and her young firm breasts pressed into my chest. I swear it was fun! My heart has become a garden.

I stood holding her in my arms like this for 3-4 minutes. I was enjoying the young hot body. My dick was in full swing with the smell of young body and I was sure that Ridhimajain too must have felt my dick in the middle of her thighs.

When I felt that it was getting too much, I freed my brother-in-law’s daughter from the grip of my arms. We both reached home, had food, and went to sleep. In the evening we went for a walk, had dinner outside and went to sleep. I lay on the edge of the bed, then Kartik, Himanshi, and Ridhimajain were on the edge.

According to the plan, at about twelve o’clock in the night, in the light of the night lamp burning in the room, I moved my wife Himanshi’s gown up and took off her panty, and caressed her pussy a little. My wife started getting hot and her little sobs started coming out.

I took off my lower, then took off my underwear and climbed on my brother-in-law’s daughter’s aunt…ie on my wife, and put my dick in her pussy. I started fucking my wife in a hurry and at the same time, I deliberately hit Ridhimajain with my foot so that she would wake up and see our fuck.

After this, according to our plan, Himanshi said- Do it slowly, otherwise Ridhimajain will wake up. “yaar…you enjoy yourself, Ridhimajain is sleeping, don’t worry about her waking up.” “What is the different fun in this, this fun is everyday work.”

“Well tell me, how does it feel when my dick goes inside your pussy?” “It feels great, it feels like the whole of heaven has come close to me. But speak slowly, if Ridhimajain wakes up, there will be a mess. “What will go wrong? If she will also get married after two years, she will also get her pussy fucked, and enjoy dicks.

Ridhimajain was listening to all these conversations and we were doing this only to narrate to her. Simultaneously my dick was coming out inside Himanshi’s pussy. After a while of sex, I fell and we lay down comfortably.

The next day morning Himanshi said- I have to go to school for two hours, Principal ma’am called all the teachers. I was determined with Himanshi that she will return only when I call. After Himanshi left, Ridhimajain entered the bathroom to take a bath. There was such a slit in the bathroom from where the inside view was visible. While Ridhimajain was applying shampoo to her hair, I turned off the water from outside.

Ridhimajain’s voice came in a while – Uncle, the water has gone away.

“Isn’t it coming?”

“Not coming at all.”

“Wait, I’ll get a bucket of water from the kitchen.”

Having said this, took a bucket of water from the kitchen and knocked on the bathroom door. Ridhimajain opened the door a little and she became behind the door. She was thinking that I should keep the bucket inside while standing outside. But when I entered inside with the bucket, she got scared and hid her pussy by folding both her legs and hiding her nipples with both hands.

I said – don’t worry daughter, you sit with your back towards me, I pour water from the mug, and you take a bath comfortably! She was helpless and what would she do? Ridhimajain sat down and I gave her a bath by pouring water from the mug she started taking bath after removing the soap from her naked body. When she had taken bath, I came out holding her towel.

As Ridhimajain came out wrapped in a towel, I wrapped her in my arms. He definitely tried unsuccessfully to leave but said nothing. I put my lips on Ridhimajain’s lips and started pressing her butt which made her faint. But Ridhimajain said shyly – Uncle, what are you doing? I am feeling shy.

I asked Ridhimajain – Are you feeling good? She didn’t say anything and started laughing. I lifted her in my lap and brought her to the bedroom and laid her on the bed. When I separated the towel from Ridhimajain’s body, my dick started to flutter after seeing the naked Ridhimajain.

But I didn’t want to be in such a hurry, so I took off my T-shirt and lay down next to Ridhimajain and took one of her nipples in my mouth, and started rubbing the other.
Ridhimajain was having fun swearing. Now I started moving my fingers on her pussy. My dick was shaking. There were small hairs on her pussy as if she had shaved 4-5 days back or had cleaned it with cream.

I asked her, Ridhimajain, when did you clean your hair here? She shyly said – I and a friend of mine had cleaned each other’s hair with cream only last week. After listening to my friend’s pussy, my dick hit another blow. When I came between Ridhimajain’s legs and started licking her little pussy, Ridhimajain got intoxicated.

I was not going to live anymore. I took off my lower and applied oil on the dick. Keeping a pillow under Ridhimajain’s butt, I started moving my dick on her pussy. I put the top of the dick at the door of Ridhimajain’s pussy and said to Ridhimajain – Ridhimajain, my dick is eager to go into your pussy, if allowed, should I put it? “Put it down fufu… now I am in your shelter.”

When I pushed the dick inside, with the sound of a tap, the top of the dick went inside the pussy. I lay down on Ridhimajain and started sucking her nipples. Slowly, by making pressure, I pushed half the dick into her pussy. It seemed as if there was a barrier ahead. I got up and started taking out half of the dick inside.

Ridhimajain’s pussy was virgin as per my expectation. Otherwise, today’s girls do not know when to break the seal of their anger. Ridhimajain was having fun with the slow fuck, then once I pushed while pushing the dick inside, then the whole dick went into Ridhimajain’s pussy, she was about to scream when I put my lips on her lips and started fucking Gave.

Ridhimajain became normal after a while, so I increased the speed. As soon as the speed was increased, the thickness of the penis started increasing, due to which it started walking stick. “Ah fufu! Ummh… ahh… hi… yah…” Ridhimajain was increasing my enthusiasm by saying.

While fucking Ridhimajain, the time has come that my betel nut swelled up like an orange and I left a fountain of my dick in Ridhimajain’s pussy. I had already arranged for the birth control pill. In this way, my dream of fucking a virgin pussy was fulfilled with the help of my wife by fucking her own virgin niece.

From that day till today Ridhimajain takes my dick in her pussy whenever she gets a chance. My wife also cooperates with us in this. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

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