Sex Encounter With My Friend’s Wife: Cheating Wife Fuck Story

Sex Encounter With My Friend’s Wife: Cheating Wife Fuck Story

Hello Guys, I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Sex Encounter With My Friend’s Wife: Cheating Wife Fuck Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

I fucked my friend’s wife in his house… Bhabhi used to joke with me. She was like a very sexy object. Read how she came under my penis.

Hello friends, I am Dinesh from Hathras. At the time when this incident took place, I was 25 years old. I have been a football player of my time. At that time I was at my peak.
My weight is 92 kg and my height is 5 feet 10 inches.

I used to visit my friend Kamal’s house often. Then he got married to a very beautiful girl, her name was Sikha.

Till now everything was fine, but after marriage, I started joking with Bhabhi Sikha. She also started joking with me.

Once I had to take Sikha Bhabhi to the doctor on a motorcycle in Kamal’s absence.

kamal had gone out and Sikha Bhabhi had to go to see the doctor as she had an appointment with the doctor.
So she called me and asked me to come along.

I said yes and got ready to leave with the bike. (Cheating Wife Fuck Story)

This journey was quite long. Had to go about 75 kilometers. It was about going to the doctor, so I had to go.

Now let me tell you something about Sikha Bhabhi.

Bhabhi was very beautiful, fair-skinned and had a height of 5 feet 5 inches, like a very sexy woman.
Sexy Bhabhi’s figure was 34-28-36 and she spoke in a sweet voice. She had big eyes, big buttocks and a beautiful beauty.

This journey was quite long, so both of us were talking while going.
I was deliberately walking slowly and after hitting the brakes I felt the touch of Bhabhi’s breasts on my back. Because there were potholes on the road, this became even easier.

The fragrance of that lady’s beautiful Bhabhi Sikha’s body was exciting me and the touch of her sensual body was igniting my fire.
My penis was erect. (Cheating Wife Fuck Story)

Sikha Bhabhi’s hand was on my thigh, which is common on a bike.

I said- Bhabhi, you are sitting comfortably, aren’t you?
She said- Yes, I am just feeling a little more pushiness.

I said- Yes, they do seem to be there.
Bhabhi said- He doesn’t like it with your friend.

I was a little surprised to hear that Bhabhi was getting in a mood.

Acting ignorant, I said – Why don’t you thrust with her, Bhabhi?
Bhabhi: Now how can I tell this… maybe you have your own style of driving!

To check once again, I asked – Bhabhi, you are not facing any problem, are you?
Bhabhi laughed and said – Oh man, I am enjoying… Unless you feel the shock, how will you know that it is a long journey? I said- Okay, so do you like long journeys?

Bhabhi pinched my waist and said – Yes, now understand… Your friend gets tan even after covering a small distance. I said- Bhabhi, it seems that you will agree by calling me too.

Bhabhi laughed again and said – And I think you will hard fucker. (Cheating Wife Fuck Story)

I said – How will I know, Bhabhi, that I will fuck hard or that you will fuck me hard.

Bhabhi: We will have to check that.
I said- Okay, let’s go back home and see.
Bhabhi said- Okay, till then I will talk to your friend about whether he will return by night or not.

After some time Bhabhi said that he was asking to come in the morning. Do one thing, get food packed on return. There will be no hassle of going home and making it.

I said okay and started the bike.

Now my matter with my Bhabhi had started getting settled.
Now she was also deliberately rubbing her breasts on my back while saying ‘Devar ji…Devar ji..’

From time to time she would bite my neck.
Sikha Bhabhi had fanned my fire and turned it into a whirlwind.

Both of us reached the doctor in about 90 minutes.
We kept laughing and joking throughout the way.

After taking the medicine, when I started walking again after about an hour, my penis had become tense again.

On the way, I stopped to pee. When I urinated, the penis became wet due to saliva coming out of it.

Sikha Bhabhi had also seen the protruding zip.
She was blushing with a killer smile. (Cheating Wife Fuck Story)
Now I did not see her intentions as good.

This time Sikha Bhabhi sat on the bike with her legs on either side.
Now both her breasts were touching my back and Sikha was sitting tightly holding the front of my stomach with both her hands.
She was also putting pressure on my penis. The penis had become hard like a stone.

We got dinner packed on the way, it was getting dark so we were in a hurry to go home.
There was laughter and dirty jokes throughout the way.

We reached the flat around 7 o’clock.
As soon as I reached the flat, I drank water and Bhabhi Sikha went to take a shower.

I also changed my clothes into a T-shirt and shorts.
When I mischievously went near the bathroom, I saw that Bhabhi had not closed the bathroom door.

When I went inside, Sikha Bhabhi started pretending to be shy.

I said – Stop it you whore… don’t torment your dick anymore.

As soon as I said this, Bhabhi, like a lustful lioness, clung tightly to my chest and started lip-kissing me with her legs crossed. (Cheating Wife Fuck Story)

Bhabhi started saying in an intoxicating voice – You bastard sister’s dick… where were you till now?
I said – Bhabhi, it is your penis, I was doing the work by masturbating in your name.
Sikha Bhabhi said – From now on I don’t want to call her Bhabhi… just call me Sikha.

I also started calling her Sikha, Sona, Randi, Gandamari… I don’t know what other names.
Bhabhi was burning in the fire of sex.

We both could clearly feel each other’s heartbeat.
Within 30 seconds I took off her shirt and also removed her salwar.

That sexy beauty of Bhabhi was smelling in front of me only in bra and panty. Her white breasts were half peeking out of her bra. (Cheating Wife Fuck Story)

Due to excitement, I could not even open Bhabhi’s bra, so I broke the hooks of the bra with one stroke.

Bhabhi had become completely naked like an angel. The phase of squeezing and sucking Bhabhi’s breasts had begun.

She started making intoxicating sounds like a whore – Ah ah ah ah maar gayi jaan… ah mummy maar gayi.

Bhabhi was making loud noises. Her hands were massaging my penis from the outside, it was as hard as a stone.

Then Bhabhi said – Bhainchod… where were you till now, where were you roaming with this 8-inch penis. Does this dick have any right to your gold?

I was moaning due to sex saying ‘Sikha..’
I took off Bhabhi’s panty…her pussy also became wet. After washing my pussy with water, I picked up Sikha Bhabhi in my lap and brought her to the bedroom.

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I started licking Bhabhi’s pussy.
Bhabhi must have also cut her pussy hair a week ago, so the hair was still coming out.

Her pussy was long, pink in colour like an orange slice, and had a distinct fragrance.

I started sucking the pussy lightly.
Bhabhi started writhing in agony and started sobbing in intoxication – Ah my king… quench the thirst of your queen today. (Cheating Wife Fuck Story)

Salty water was continuously flowing from Sikha Bhabhi’s pussy. Both my hands were tightly pressing both her breasts.

When I bit a bite on Bhabhi’s pussy, Sikha Bhabhi jumped up saying ‘Oui mummy..’.

I started lip-kissing her, sucking her Big Boobs and licking her ass.
She started burning in the fire of lust.
She immediately stripped me naked and started sucking my penis like a porn star and moaning.

If I would have inserted my penis deep into Bhabhi’s throat, she would have started coughing and vomiting.

Bhabhi kept sucking the penis for some time, then got up and said – Now put it inside me darling, I can no longer hold it.

I made Bhabhi lie on her back, spread both her legs and placed my penis in the cracks of her pussy.
When Bhabhi’s pussy touched the penis, she started raising her ass.

I also started enjoying by rubbing betel nut in her pussy.
She would repeatedly raise her waist and try to take the penis into her vagina and I would remove the penis.
Bhabhi was getting irritated and was insisting that the penis should go inside the pussy.

Doing this in the same manner, I inserted my penis into the vagina with one stroke.
Bhabhi’s mother got fucked. She had no idea that I would immediately insert my penis into her pussy.

My long penis had gone inside Bhabhi’s wet pussy rustling.

She screamed in pain and said – Ah… I am dead mummy… Ah, will you kill your sister’s dick… you bastard, you could have told me. Bhabhi hugged me tightly. (Cheating Wife Fuck Story)

I also started sucking her lips and kept kissing her saying ‘my gold…my pussy..’ Kept pressing her breasts.
My penis was stuck in the root of the pussy.

After a few moments, Sikha Bhabhi became normal and started shaking her Big Ass from below.
I started shaking harder.

Bhabhi started crying out of pain and excitement – Ah ah mummy isss… mummy!

Both her legs were tightly held behind my buttocks, even then I was pushing hard into her pussy.

Sikha Bhabhi said – Ah, I have never enjoyed this much till date,  Ah bastard….
I said – Bhabhi, I am also fucking someone for the first time today.

Bhabhi became happy after hearing this.
She started raising her ass while abusing and whining.

After vigorous pussy fucking, both of us were about to ejaculate.
First the Bhabhi released her pussy juice and fell down exhausted.

When I was about to ejaculate, Bhabhi asked me to put it in my mouth.

I pulled my penis out of her Tight Pussy and put it in her mouth.
Bhabhi took my thick lava in her mouth and drank it like a whore.

Then we both took a bath together and ate food. (Cheating Wife Fuck Story)

That night, I fucked my friend’s wife twice… and kept sleeping naked.

kamal arrived the next day at 8 am. He had the key to the flat. He caught us sleeping naked.

Sikha Bhabhi got scared and started crying.

This is how I fucked my friend’s wife but we got caught.
What happened then… To know this, please mail me.

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