Love Making With my Cousin | Brother Sister Sex Story Part-3

Love Making With my Cousin | Brother Sister Sex Story Part-3

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Love Making With my Cousin | Brother Sister Sex Story Part-3“. I am sure you all will love it.

Friends, I am your Ridhimajain once again with the next part of my Brother Sister Sex Story. other parts of the story, Brother Sister Sex Story!

Till now you had read that I was sucking my cousin Kapil’s dick. Now further Brother Sister Sex Story:

After a few moments, waves started rising in his dick. I understood that now it is about to fall. I immediately took it out of my mouth, but Kapil said ‘ahh… didi aaah… aahh… and holding my head pressed it completely on his dick. At the same moment, his semen started falling into my mouth, I could feel his sharp squirts in my mouth, and in a few moments semen started seeping from the edge of my lips.

With this, Kapil got a little cold and took the dick out of his mouth, and sat on the side cot. I also rinsed my mouth with water and sat next to him. We both sat on the bare cot like this for some time, but no one had anything to say. Kapil and I both were happy and smiling softly.

I said in a serious voice – what have we done, sorry I could not stop myself and all this happened. He didn’t say anything. I said again – now whatever happened is done, understand that nothing happened and we both forget this incident. Kapil said – what happened, sister, nothing has happened yet. What is missing in this?

I said – why, what is left to do now. Kapil said a little teasingly – you are joking, sister, sex did not happen at all. I said- Oh… so now you have to do that too. Kapil said – yes sister, please sister, agree! I said – No man, not here… If someone comes there will be trouble. Kapil said – No one will come here. Everyone is busy at home. And both of us have come after telling, haven’t we?

I deliberately kept on throwing fake tantrums to annoy him and avoided him just like that. After about 20-25 minutes, I said – they do not take permission for everything, they do what they have to do. I winked at him smiling. Kapil stood up after hearing this and I also stood up.

Then just for a moment, we looked into each other’s eyes, and the next moment we both started kissing each other’s lips loudly. Opening our lips, our tongues started fighting with each other. Slowly our bodies started heating up again. Now both of us were kissing while touching each other’s bodies up and down with our hands.

While kissing, I caught hold of Kapil’s dick again and started caressing him up and down with my hand. Due to this, the dick started getting hard slowly. The sound of our kisses could be heard in the room. Now there was no such thing left as to what was to happen.

Moving forward, I told Kapil – to sit on the cot. He immediately sat down. I knelt down in front of him and smiled looking at him. Then filled his dick in his hand and caressed it once from top to bottom. I kissed her lightly and without saying anything, took her inside my mouth and started sucking it up and down.

Kapil rested his hands on the cot behind him and closed his eyes and started enjoying the moment while smiling ‘Umm… Umm…’ His dick started getting hard in my mouth, while sucking I was caressing him with my tongue as well, which was making him more excited.

In about a minute he was completely ready after hardening. I stopped sucking dicks and stood up. I said – I will have to tell further or will you also do something? Kapil smiled and said – No sister, now I will do it myself. You sit… now my turn.

I sat in his place and he stood in my place. I opened my legs wide and gestured to him. Now Kapil got down on his knees and started looking at my pussy. Then he slowly passed his mouth and kissed her pussy. I enjoyed it a lot.

Then I could not stop, so I caught her head by the hair and pressed it on my pussy. I said in a drunken mood – Don’t lick your pussy. As soon as I pressed, Kapil started showing the wonder of his tongue. He started licking my thirsty pussy while moving his tongue up and down like a dog and I started enjoying it a lot.

I was holding his head and my eyes were closed. I held my head up. Now intoxicated moans started coming out of my mouth ‘ummahh … ummahh … lick ssi … ssi …’ My pussy was completely wet from the inside and had become smooth and I was eager for sex as if ants were biting in it.

Then all of a sudden I stopped him and said – no more, just fuck me now… I can’t stop anymore. I immediately lay straight on the cot and said – now start quickly Kapil. My pussy is on fire. Kapil said – take it now sister. He came over to my legs and sat on his knees. After that, he went on bending over me and climbed on top of me on my knees and elbows.

Most of his weight was not on me, but on the cot, although our bodies were completely glued. First, he kissed my lips and then took his hand down and holding his dick started looking for a way to my pussy. As soon as his dick touched the door of my pussy, a slight ‘Ssi…’ sound came out of my mouth.

I said – yes just here… sigh quickly. His dick was slightly bigger than normal and the mouth of the dick was outside the skin. Slowly she rubbed the mouth of her pussy up and down a couple of times and started sliding up lightly by sticking to her door.

Slowly his dick opened my pussy and started getting into it. I also felt a little pain, so looking into his eyes, I opened my lips and started saying ‘ahh… ahh… ssi… ssi…’. Because my pussy was smooth, his dick was slowly opening my pussy and entering it. Kapil was also saying ‘ahh… ahh…’ lightly because he too was having to exert a little force to insert it. Eventually, his entire dick went inside and a smile appeared on both of our faces.

I nodded in yes and indicated to him that he should start fucking his sister’s pussy. Then he just started fucking me while moving back and forth on his knees. Sensual sobs of ‘ahh… ahh… aa… aa… ahh… ssi…’ were coming out of my mouth.

With every thrust of hers, there was a sound of patt patt and the dick was moving back and forth while pulsating inside the pussy. Due to this, his entire dick would come out more than half and then go inside till the end and collide. We both kept fucking in this position for 5 minutes.

Then when he got a little tired, he took out his dick and both of us started relaxing a bit by lying on the side. When he got to rest, he said, sister, how did you like my dick? I said – good, but why are you doing so comfortably, show a little wildness… It is not my first time, so don’t be afraid, speed up a bit. It’s more fun.

Kapil said – then it is okay, now you stand up and lean towards the wall. I thought it would be fun now, this bastard knows how to fuck even after being a bitch. I stood up immediately. Kapil came from behind caressing his dick. He said – Now see my wildness. He put his dick on my pussy and held my shoulders.

My pussy was ready to bear the attack of the dick. He said – are you ready? Looking back, I said- Yes, fuck me. He just said – so here you go. And with a big jerk, he inserted his dick completely in my pussy till the end. I did not expect that the brother-in-law would give the whole pail in one go. ‘Ahh… Motherfucker… will you tear?’ came out of my mouth.

Kapil started laughing and said – how well does the pussy get torn now… the dick has just entered inside… now you see my wild sister. Now Kapil started fucking me while pushing me back and forth and my screams of ‘ahh… ahh… aayi… mummy aayi… slow aahh… ssi…’ started coming out loudly. His blows were shaking my whole body.

As soon as he inserted his dick quickly, my boobs started shaking with those jerks. After four or five jerks, I got excited and started saying- aahh fuck me harder ahh… ahh… it is a lot of fun! Kapil was also fucking me with full force while saying ‘ahh… ahh…’.

Both of us were sweating, but the fuck was on at full speed. When my breath became very bad, I only said – stop, please… I am out of breath. Kapil was also tired, so he stopped while fucking slowly. This time we did not stay for long and after resting for a minute were ready to fuck again.

I was sitting on the cot, Kapil immediately came near me and lifted my legs in the air, so that I lay down on the cot on my back. Kapil attached his dick to my pussy. I said – don’t stop now until I fall! Kapil inserted his dick in one stroke and started fucking hard.

He would take out the whole dick and then put the whole inside. I was also enjoying the fuck openly. I was shouting- Aahh… Aahh… Umm… tear my pussy ah… Ssi… fuck me  motherfucker Kapil fuck me harder… Ahh don’t stop… I am having a lot of fun.

In a short while, Kapil said that sister is going to be mine. I said – you keep fucking… I am also about to fall. He had put all his strength into fucking me. We were both drenched in sweat. Waves of joy were rising in my whole body. I was filled with joy in my veins. I was like ‘ahh… ahh… bass… bass… yes faster … faster …’.

The flood was just about to come. I stopped her by holding her in my arms and while raising her ass, she started ejaculating with dicks inside. My water also started coming out from the edge of the dick and I loosened my grip. Kapil was still thrusting hard and fast in my full pussy and after a few moments he suddenly stopped and while saying ‘ahh…’ loudly, fell into my pussy.

His dick filled my pussy with a pichkari and he too fell on top of me. We both were panting loudly. We remained like this for some time. When the breath came under control, then he took out his withered penis and stood on the side. Kapil said – Hey sister, my milk is coming out of your pussy. I jokingly said – Okay, now I will become the mother of your child.

Due to this Kapil’s face lost color and he said – what are you saying, sister? I laughed and said – Hey don’t be afraid, I was joking. I will go home and take the contraceptive pill. Kapil said – Friend, you have torn my ass. I said – you have torn mine apart.

Kapil said – so what happened… you enjoyed it too, didn’t you? I said – yes bro, it was a lot of fun. Then I cleaned myself with tubewell water. Friends, how did you feel after reading Brother Sister Sex Story? please send mail!

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