Got Orgasm By Fucking My Cousin Sister – Bro Sis Fuck Story

Got Orgasm By Fucking My Cousin Sister – Bro Sis Fuck Story

Hello Guys, I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Got Orgasm By Fucking My Cousin Sister – Bro Sis Fuck Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Bro Fuck Sis, the story is about fucking my cousin sister. She came to stay at our house. During our conversation, we started talking about sex and one day we both went to the hotel to have sex.

Friends, I am Divyansh!

You know that I am from Lucknow and I know a lot about sex. I have also fucked my real sister and my cousin sister “Cousin XXX Story” who lives in the neighbourhood.

I hope that you guys will enjoy reading my Bro Sis Fuck Story like before.
This sex story started two years ago.

My cousin sister Dolly is 19 years old and I am 25 years old.
Dolly has no real brother. For her, I am the only brother who gets Rakhi tied to her.

My sister is very beautiful and sexy.
She is still very innocent and does not know much about love, sex etc.

My real sister and cousin had recently gone to Gurgaon to take coaching for their CA. Both of them were going to stay there for three months.

In her absence, the condition of my penis had become worse and these days I was just managing my work by masturbating. (Bro Sis Fuck Story)

In those days, my maternal uncle’s daughter Dolly had come to live in Lucknow and my mother tell her to stay with us.

At first, I didn’t think anything about it.
But one day when she was changing her clothes, I saw her in a bra and panty.

Seeing her intoxicating youth, my penis started to get aroused.
Now my goal was fixed to break the seal of my sister and fuck her.

Once upon a time, my sister Dolly was preparing to go to college in a hurry.
My sister also had a touch mobile and I also had it.

When Dolly got ready to go to school, she hurriedly left her room and started going downstairs.

As soon as she passed in front of my room, I too was leaving my room and was going towards her room to see her.

At that very moment, she suddenly collided with me.
Her Big Boobs hit my chest and she was about to fall.

At that very moment, I held her with the support of my hand and because of that my lips collided with her lips.

She said ‘Sorry brother.’ After speaking, she separated from my hands and went down, shaking her ass. This delicate touch of hers had set my penis on fire.

Now the same scene was coming to my mind again and again. Perhaps my sister would also be remembering this moment. (Bro Sis Fuck Story)

Because young bodies catch fire very quickly and once the fire starts, there is no rest until it is extinguished.

I thought that maybe it was overthinking.
But when she came home in the evening, she was not making eye contact with me.

By that time mother had not returned from her job and father used to return only late at night.
I asked her – Dolly, what happened to you, why are you so silent?

My sister looked into my eyes and said a little shyly – Brother, don’t you remember anything? How we both collided with each other in the morning!

I said- Yes, I remember it very well… but there is nothing in it Dolly, it keeps happening.
Dolly said – It happens, but it rarely happens that lips touch.

She said this in a very low voice but I heard it.
I looked at her and tried to understand her mood and what she wanted.

I asked her to grope me – no problem friend, all this is normal these days. Ishika keeps hitting me deliberately. Saying this I became silent and started looking at her attitude.

I had also tried to provoke Dolly by discussing my real sister Ishika with her. She started looking at me and said – Okay, Ishika did collide with you deliberately?

I said- Yes, so what? She doesn’t even leave me in bed. She kept fighting and at that time there was no conflict between us!

\She felt shy and said softly – Okay, does Didi make you fight with her even in bed?

I said- Yes… and to tell you the truth, she also shares with me all her stories about what her boyfriend does with her. (Bro Sis Fuck Story)

Now the matter was quite clear.
Dolly ran away to her room feeling shy.

Then at night, I messaged my sister – Hi!
The reply came from there also – Hi!

‘I Not feeling sleepy!’

‘Remembering what happened in the morning!’
Sister said- I don’t even know what is happening!

I said- Dolly, can I say something?
‘Yes tell me, brother?’

‘Can we both be friends?
So Dolly said- Yes, we both can become friends.

I said- Okay, so from today we both are friends first and then something else!
Sister said- Okay, but brother why have we become friends?

I said- If we stay as friends then we will not feel bad that we have kissed each other. Sister said- Okay, so are you going to kiss me every day as a friend? (Bro Sis Fuck Story)

I said – No, but if this ever happens then at least both of us will not feel bad… and no one will feel ashamed either.
She said- Yes it is.

In this way, we both kept talking for some time and agreed to be friends.
Now I started chatting with my sister the whole night.

Even when she went to school, we kept chatting with each other.
I didn’t even know when our friendship turned into love.

We both started sending veg non-veg jokes to each other also.
Sometimes she also used to send me sexy jokes.

One day, both of us became so open in the messages and started talking about sex that we were left talking only about cock and pussy.

That day I told her – Friend, today it was too much.
She started laughing.

I said- My pants got wet.
She said- Why?

I said- The curd came outside so my pants got wet.
She said- My cream also dripped. (Bro Sis Fuck Story)

I said- lick it with your finger.
After some time she said – the cream is sour.

I said- My curd is already sour. Would you like to lick?
She said – Yes after I lick my cream, I will eat your curd also.

I said- For that, you will have to suck my Ice-Cream!
She laughed and said – Does your ice cream yield curd or Cream?
I said- Try sucking it once… then you will know yourself what comes out.

She said – Yes yes, I will suck it friend… what is this? I am not afraid of anyone!

The conversation that day had exposed all the curtains between us. Bro Sis Fuck Story was ready. Now all that was left was to use the words like cock, pussy, fuck etc. openly.

Now both of us used to send only non-vegetarian messages to each other all the time.

My cousin and sister also started enjoying all this.
I used to think how much fun it would have been if I had heard ‘I love you…’ once from my sister.
Then it would be fun to fuck my younger sister.

My sister probably also thought that if my brother told her I love you, she too would take her elder brother’s big cock. (Bro Sis Fuck Story)

One day I downloaded a photo of a penis from Google and sent it to my sister.

Sister said- What is this?
I said- It is a penis, but it is also called kulfi.

She said- Okay… but whose penis is this?
When she openly said cock, I turned around and said, I don’t know whose cock it is, but it looks perfect for your pussy!

My sister said – Go away… why are you sending me someone else’s penis?
I said- So should I cut mine and send it? Hey friend, it came on WhatsApp on my mobile, so I sent it to you. If you feel bad then refuse, I will not send you any dick in future?

She started laughing and said- Okay, what will you send next?
I said- Next is only the penis. If I send the back item, I don’t know if you will like it or not.

The sister laughed and said – Hey friend, I don’t mean why I sent it. I am saying why someone else’s dick was sent to me. What should I do after seeing someone else? But yes, it would be nice if it was this big.

I said- Who has such a big dick, would you like it? Well, this happens to everyone. Sister asked- How big is yours? I said- It is so much that you will not be able to bear it.

Sister said- Why… I can take a bigger cock than the one in the photo.
I said- how?

Sister said- Girls’ pussy has a lot of flexibility and depth. That’s why a human baby comes out of a two-inch vagina. (Bro Sis Fuck Story)

I said- Oh wow, you are talking about great knowledge. Come to my room for a day or two. Sister said- Make a program somewhere outside, not at home.

I said- should we go to the hotel?
Sister said- Yes, it will be fine in the hotel.

I booked a room in a hotel and brought my sister.

Coming into the room, I said to my sister – Show me your pussy!
Sister said- Yes yes why not, I have come to get fucked… you show me your cock!

I quickly took out my penis.
The sister was already naked, she was frightened after seeing the penis and said – Oh, what is this of yours? I said- It is a penis.

She got scared and said – No, I will not be able to do it. Yours is very big!
I said- That day there were big talks about fucking that the pussy is very flexible. The child also comes out of it. Now what happened?

After such things, she started having fun with me.
She also sucked my penis and lay down on her back to get fucked.

I spread her legs and started licking her Tight Pussy.
Then I raised both her legs and inserted my penis into her pussy.

My penis had entered her pussy so tightly that it started causing pain.
Without worrying about her pain, I started fucking her vigorously.

She also started enjoying sex.

Within some time my first round was completed.
After sex, She was not able to walk.

I gave her a painkiller and after some time I nursed her again for a long time.
Then we both came home.

Now Dolly’s pussy has started loving my cock.
She has started making my penis intoxicated with her youth every night.

I have fucked her Big Ass also.

Now she takes cock from any direction. Even the thick penis of an African can enter
her pussy.

I have turned my cousin’s sister’s pussy into a cunt.

Now the next plan is to fuck her pussy and ass with two cocks simultaneously.
As soon as I find a partner, I will fuck her sandwich and write her sex story to you.

You can mail me and tell me how you liked the Bro Sis Fuck Story.

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